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Command & Conquer: Warlords

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Happy Necromancer
The end of the Second Tiberium War showed a drastic change in the landscape, especially after the Firestorm incident. The Rogue A.I. CABAL caused millions of deaths, almost as much as the entirety of the main conflict between GDI and NOD, sowing a deep distrust of cybernetics throughout most of NOD. Both GDI and NOD suffered casualties from the war and the ensuing conflict. Some deeper than others. NOD had lost not only its glorious leader Kane, but also the entire inner circle of Generals due to CABAL and his cyborgs while GDI didn't suffer as harshly, having their main Commander incapacitated throughout the Firestorm Incident but losing the leadership of their allies, The Forgotten; Tratos the visionary and Umagon.

The end result being that GDI pulled back mainly to its military strongholds, protecting locations that were mostly pristine from Tiberium, known as Blue Zones. While NOD leadership fractured with Slavic holding on to the lion's share of the Brotherhood until Brother Marcian had Slavic assassinated and took the majority of the Black Hand into the Australian outback. These changes have also caused The Forgotten to better organize as they search for a new leader that could unify them as much as Tratos had been, while even Civilian outfits have tried to rise up and protect the people from the dangerous world that Earth has become between the wars and Tiberium infestations.

For this thread, you will be crafting your own Command choosing from being a a GDI Commander, A Nod Warlord, A Forgotten Leader, or a Civilian Captain. You will get to build up your base and troops, dealing with issues in your regions and possibly combating each other as well as fighting the hostile nature of the planet.




The Global Defense Initiative

It all began as part of an United Nations Military Arm designed to fight Global Terrorism, in this case The Brotherhood of Nod in 1995. They fought a full scale war that led to the destruction of the main forces of the Brotherhood when their main base in Sarajevo was destroyed by the GDO superweapon, The Ion Cannon, killing their charismatic leader Kane. Over time, GDI branched out by giving its forces mechanized warfare. They started using Large mechs such as the Titan and smaller mini mecha called Wolverines to suppliment their high technology forces. These came in handy during the second Tiberium War in 2030 when the Brotherhood and its leader Kane fully resurfaced. GDI prides itself on having a strong and flexible military force, capable of beating most NOD forces on the field in direct conflict.

As a member of GDI, you will be a fresh Commander given the task of expanding a base and curtailing and Nod activities in the region as well as garnering good will with the civilians.

Strengths: Powerful Units, High Technology
Weakness: Costly Units, Slow units


The Brotherhood of Nod

Part Terrorist organization, part group of religious zealots and part NGO superpower. The Brotherhood operated mostly underground during the first Tiberium War, favoring smaller hit and run tactics while hiding among the populace and using the media to attempt to paint GDI as responsible for reprehensible acts. They studied tiberium and embraced its power as a philosophy, following their Messiah, Kane. Even though they lost the first War, that did not stop the Brotherhood from existing, allowing them to become stronger than ever before, expanding into cybernetics and some very advanced technology (kept in small numbers for the elites) that even GDI did not possess. The loss of the Second Tiberium War had lightened their numbers, but NOD will always have more of the downtrodden as they take care of people in the Yellow Zones, places that most GDI have abandoned.

As a Nod Warlord, your goal is to grab as much power as you can, cementing your place within NOD as a powerful Warlord such as that Nod should reform under your power instead of any other warlord.

Strengths: High Numbers of troops, Advanced Technology
Weakness: Advanced Technology only for the Elites, Units more fragile than GDI


The Forgotten

The Forgotten are those that have been infected with Tiberium, but are still alive. They often have crystals of tiberium growing on their person and have been shunned by The Brotherhood as being unclean mutants and barely tolerated by GDI, being called Shiners. It has been their lot in life to be Forgotten, those that have been left behind by the conflicts between GDI and Nod and left to fend for themselves. The Forgotten often use whatever has been left behind like themselves in order to survive and even some have managed to domesticate some of the dangerous Tiberium wildlife. Most of the Forgotten Arsenal comes from recovered Tiberium War 1 tech or repurposed vehicles armored up and outfitted with any weapons they can find.

As a Forgotten Leader, you wish to unite the people under your banner as Tratos had done, while protecting them from the evil machinations of both GDI and Nod. Nod kills your people outright, while GDI delivers false platitudes that lead only to death.

Strengths: Can Heal in Tiberium, Can domesticate Tiberium Wildlife
Weakness: Disliked by other factions, Low level of Available technology


Always caught in the crossfire during the wars, whether being targeted by Nod or being rescued by GDI, they have had to deal with living in isolated townships that have to deal with all the dangers of the Tiberian landscape. With the withdrawal of GDI and the reckless warlord expansion of NOD, the civilians have taken it upon themselves to fight back with what they have. They might not have the toughest or the strongest equipment, but they have fortified cities that can take a pounding. Building off of that, they have that can do attitude that will allow them to do anything.

As a Civilian Captain, it is your job to secure your city and the surrounding lands to make it as secure as possible. The encroachment of the surrounding tiberium and tiberium life forms makes life difficult in the wasteland of a yellow zone.

Strengths: Start with Fortified Cityscape, Greater Starting Resources
Weakness: Weak troops, Low tech tree

CS PAGE: Nation Building - Command & Conquer: Warlords CS
Rules: Nation Building - Command & Conquer: Warlords Ruleset

Cosmo Cosmo : The León Barony [Civilian]
Karcen Karcen : The GDI 1st Autonomous War Division (GDI A.I.)
ThatGuyWithSouvlaki ThatGuyWithSouvlaki : Revenant (Nod A.I.)
Scatterbrain Scatterbrain : Machine Baptists (Nod Cyborgs)
Maeteris Maeteris : Zaragoza Remnants (Civilian)
Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 : Solice of the Choir( NOD)
SAIGO-NO-HEATS SAIGO-NO-HEATS : Venom Cell (Forgotten)
Arzee Arzee : Matterhorn Division (GDI)
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Ten Thousand Club
interesting will need to think which i would do given the extra terrestrials were my final interest


Happy Necromancer
interesting will need to think which i would do given the extra terrestrials were my final interest
Valid. If I do further acts that take place once the Scrin show up, You can definitely play as a faction of them. :D


Happy Necromancer
Monday morning I'll be posting up the Command Section for creating your group and the rules for submitting actions, etc.

So think hard about if you want to play as GDI, Nod, Forgotten, or Civilian factions. :-D


Lucky Laki Malakis
Tough choice... Tank muscle of GDI, the technology and style of nod, or the plucky underdogs of forgotten and civilian... Everyone has something to love...


Trying really hard to stay focused
I'd like to express my interest as well. I've been working on a character sheet but I'm struggling with unit abilities and buildings at the moment. Is there any chance you can go into a bit more depth in regards to the game mechanics? I think it might really help me to come up with some suitable ideas.
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