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Fantasy Comfort RP Starters (Medieval/Royalty, Slice of Life, Fantasy, and More!)


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Hello~~~ I've been feeling very stressed and emotional lately, so I thought I'd try my hand at beginning a RP again! I worry that part of why I've been struggling to start a RP this year has been because I began writing too much in my interest checks, so let's just jump right into it! In all of these cases, I prefer platonic pairings. If you're really desperate for romance, we can talk about it, but I'm only really comfortable with F/F or F/NB, and I don't write sex.

Medieval/Royalty/Renaissance Themed
This has really been tickling my fancy these past few months. I went to Ireland for an experimental Archaeology field school focused on the middle ages and I've been performing in a Medieval Faire, so all my thought have bent upon castles and quests for valour and kings and queens. Here's a list of a few specific possible starters:

-Princess/Prince runs away from their wedding, bonds with Bounty Hunter tasked with bringing them back. This one seems pretty standard, but I thought it'd be cool if instead of doing the classic "and they fall in love," we do a story where it's, like, an older bounty hunter who bonds with the Princess/Prince in an almost paternal/familial way. Maybe the end game is convincing the Prince/Princess to go back and get married (maybe they do really like their betrothed, but got cold feet) or maybe the end game is helping the Princess/Prince escape and start a new life. Maybe the Bounty Hunter had been employed by the Kingdom for all of the Princess/Prince's life, maybe they always interacted, maybe they never did.

-Servants in a Castle just trying to live their lives. I'm always a big fan of stories about coworkers just trying to make it work, and I think it'd be cool to do a story about peasantry trying to serve royalty and the emotions they have in that. It could be cool to have a few royal/noble characters interacting. For a story like this, it'd be cool to have an ensemble cast where we each play, like, at least two characters.

-Idk something Arthurian Inspired. So, here's the thing about me: I love Arthurian Legend. I straight up stan Arthurian Legend. Don't even talk to me about King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Sir Launcelot, Sir Tristan, Lady Isoult, Merlin, Sir Gawain, or any of them, because I love literally every character except for King Mark with my entire heart. I would die for each and everyone one of them except for King Mark. I mean, yes, Sir Galahad is a narc, but I love that little boy. But here's the other thing about me: I cannot do a RP about Arthurian Legend, because it literally means so much to me, that trying to work with someone else with these characters would probably harm my soul, because I've devoted so much emotional energy into these characters, I get frightened of facing negative reactions towards any of them, because Arthurian Legend has been, like, my emotional support stories since I was a kid. SO since I love them so much but can't do a RP with the actual characters and locations, I would LOVE to do a rp with the same ENERGY, but with OCs and original locations! Do I know what this would look like? No I do not. But I have faith in my soul that there is someone else there who has read this suggestion and has gone, "actually, same," and completely understand how I feel.

Fantasy Themed Starters
=Mermaid washes up on the shore of a Lighthouse ~or~ an Amnesiac washes up on the shore of a Lighthouse I suppose the latter variant of this starter isn't necessarily magical, but in either case, it could be fun. This one seems pretty self-explanatory.

-Character accidentally wanders into the realm of a Forest Witch I have a witchy character who takes on a sort of Merlin/Galadriel/Morgana Le Fay role when used in Fantasy plots. They wouldn't have to remain in the forest, but it's a fun idea.

Modern/Slice of Life/Realism (Although I am okay with incorporating magic into them)
-Coworkers I love plots about coworkers. I don't know why, I just think it's really enjoyable. High/Middle/Elementary school teachers, office workers, I don't really care, I just think it's fun.
-Club This is similar to the above plot. It's another one where the characters gather for a specific reason, you know? It's wholesome. Any club works!

A few things:
1.) In most situations, I prefer to write multiple characters. You don't have to write more than one, but please allow me to do so.
2.) Please be 18+. I'm 22, it feels inappropriate for me to be working with a minor.
3.) My goal with this is to be wholesome and comforting. A little bit of angst is welcome, but please do not be exceptionally brooding and rough. Excess violence, sexual assault, self harm, and other topics of that nature are not allowed in these RPs. I'm looking for something positive and bonding.
4.) I enjoy but do not require a popping OOC chat.
5.) I'm ghost friendly, but will try not to ghost you. That said, I am a college student who is supposed to graduate in December, so sometimes I will get busy.
6.) I'm open to new ideas not listed in this starter, or combinations of ideas listed in this starter.

If you are interested, please shoot me a DM!


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Hi! I thought coworkers would be super fun! I've been looking for a more wholesome and comforting rp for a little bit anyway!

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