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Dear Reader,
Welcome to the beginning of 2018, can’t even imagine that it’s officially here!

What I’m willing to give you;
Fast replies.
Replies that match your post length.
Usually semi good grammar. (Haa.)
Female oc’s!
A long term partner.
Ditch friendly, just tell me the truth.
No limits, I follow the site rules. Other than that it’s pretty much fair game.
What I want in return;
Fast replies? (I know life gets in the way, I understand completely work, kids, and anything else comes before any story.)
Male/female oc’s.
Willingness to be a long term partner.
Details, challenge my writing skills!
Semi good grammar.
Dominate, oc’s with lots of layers, someone to put my oc’s life upside down.

Anything Realistic
Dealing with mental illness, soldiers coming home, gang violence, drug usage, 10+ year age gaps, hookers

(Sooo, darkier grittier themes. Keep in mind, I love a happy ending as much as I love to make my oc’s hurt, I also love a good ending. <3 )

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