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Fandom COLLIDING TIMELINES (A Harry Potter RP) (open!!!)


Hello hello!

Welcome to my interest check for Colliding Timelines!!!

Ever wonder what it would like if the maruaders era and the golden era collided in the harry potter universe?!

Well here that rp is!!!

The golden trio find a mysterious old book just laying on the table in the Great hall! What happens when they open it!.

Come join and find out!!!!!

- 1 canon character from each time line is able to be claimed by everyone!!!! ( 2 canons total)

-ocs always aloud!

- all i ask is too please be using realistic faceclaims and try to post more than a few sentence so people have to work with! If enough interest happens I will make an ooc discord but the rp will happen on site

Stay magical!
Im Ready Lets Go GIF by Leroy Patterson

let me in
My copy of hogwarts legacy arrived a few minutes ago so count me in- also happy birthday

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