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Fantasy Cognitious RP

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Lord of all things unholy
"Welcome class of 2023 and welcome back to our returning students to Cognitionis High! I can already tell that this year is going to be a good one with many great experiences and full of meeting new people. That is all for today’s announcements and remember to have a great day! ” The principal would say over the speaker system, in the near empty hallway a black cloud would emerge from several of the lockers and form together to create three figures.

“Is this the location?” One of them asked, the tallest of the trio with skin as pale as snow, his hair was an onyx black and a greasy goatee lay on his face. He wore a black and deep purple robe and was carrying a scepter of sorts. Another one of them would nod his words coming out like a hiss

“Yes, I can sense it buried deep within.” The man would say, he wore a green vest and had blonde hair falling over his face hiding any unique features he may have. He was the shortest of them all but he had an odd aura to him, it was as if he commanded a presence of fear. The third and final member of the party would step forward. He wore simple trousers and a ragged coat, his hair of silver was spiked and wild and a smirk seemed to be permanently placed in his face. He was leanest of them all looking like a natural sprinter, folding his arms he spoke in an incredibly thick accent

“A high school of all places, are you sure?” He asked, but before he could answer a kid who seemed to overhear them talking walked forward and asked the question

“Ты из России?” The third member stared at the child for a moment before blinking and suddenly the child would collapse, blood seeping from his ears and his skin hugged the bone. Sighing he would say

“Let’s make this quick, dispose of him will you?” He said to the second before starting to walk down the hall.


Now that the little introduction is over let me give you an explanation on what this is about. You (the players) start off as normal students at Cognitionis High School (Junior year), after a freak accident you will be put into the realm of Gods and the hidden war between them. Pick sides, gain allies, and potentially develop the skills and powers to become a demigod or perhaps even a lesser god. You’ll experience a fun adventure, cool battles, a patient DM, and of course a totally unique storyline. Now, some of you may be thinking “Death this sounds like Percy Jackson” and I’d agree with you looking in, however Percy Jackson is with the children of the gods realizing their birthright and dealing with the consequences of it. This RP is based on pure coincidence that you came into contact with such a world and will be able to actively interact with the gods you meet, perhaps if you even befriend them you’ll be able to RP alongside that God or Goddess for the majority of the RP. If you are interested please DM me and I’ll help you get all sorted out

I would like today this once more: THIS IS NOT A PERCY JACKSON RP, It is a custom world with custom Gods

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Lord of all things unholy
Like how would this work interactions with others wise like they were all chosen?
Some of you may have the same classes so through that way you might or might not have a direct interaction with a godly power. But as everyone is specifically introduced I won’t spoil that part


ECR was a simpler time
Howdy howdy, oddly enough I just finished Midnight Occult Civil Servants and was itching to do something supernatural.

Least to say, I’m interested !

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