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Fandom Code Vein/God Eater Inspired RP? (Actual info now inside!)

Which would you prefer?

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Mythy The Dragonwolf

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Hello! My name is Mythy! I've been thinking about two games I hat gotten for Christmas that I have played through somewhat and feel like using them as inspiration for an RP or two!
Code Vein, and God Eater (3)

I have not yet finished either game. Therefore, I am leaning more towards using similar worlds but with original characters and plot. Also that's just my personal preference.

Code Vein: The Player Characters will be Revenants who all share a home base and a mission. In-game, revenants are humans who were implanted with a parasite in their heart which gives them special abilities and greater strength (as well as immortality - you die, you turn to dust and reform - as long as your heart survives) in exchange for bloodlust. Humans are rare and carefully protected, so the main source of blood to sate this thirst are called blood beads, which sprout from bloodsprings.

The RP will differ from the game in the fact that bloodbeads will sprout regularly, so the need for fighting and the amount of the Lost (Revenants who succumbed to bloodlust) is generally less. However, a destructive faction of revenants has sprouted up, and opposes the current (loose as it may be) government. Not to mention there may be a bigger threat hiding in the shadows....

God Eater: In God Eater, the world has been destroyed by the Aragami. These creatures are made of single-cells called Oracle Cells, that work together to create the form and allow them to function. They have no real weak points, and they are functionally immortal unless a core of Oracle Cells is removed.

How to fight these 'gods' that have Decimated humanity? Enter the God Eater. Implanted with the same Oracle Cells, they gain a substantial power boost and are able to use God Arcs: Weapons with a melee, gun, and shield form that can also devour Aragami for extra power and, when dead, materials.

Since God Eater has three games, there is more to draw on. However, I would like to draw the most from GE3, so players would be AGEs (Adaptive God Eaters) who hold resistance to a substance known as the Ash. They must utilize a pair of the bracelets God Eaters wear (what they are currently escape me) and have a number of other powers,

In this one, the player characters will be crew of an Ash Crawler, working to find and patrol routes between human ports - bastions against the Ash.

If you are interested please post below and vote. Feel free to ask questions and I will answer to the best of my ability.
Thank you for your time!​
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