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Fandom Code Geass: Lelouch of the Insurrection Interest Check!

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Dystopian, Mystery, Romance


Shadow Prince
Code Geass:
Lelouch of the Insurrection
"It wasn't me who was wrong, it was the world."

There are four main factions within this world. There is the United Federation of Nations and their Black Knights, The Geass Order, The Insurrection, and The Tranquillam Pacem; all with varying personal beliefs and goals. The setting takes place right after the events of Zero Requiem in R2 of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, five years afterward. Because of the differing opinions of each side, there is a current power struggle leading to another fight for world dominance. Each faction has their own idea of peace and how the world should be structured, creating chaos as their continual clash has a residual effect on the entire planet.

The UFN and the Black Knights believe their charter is the most liberating and peace inducing form of governance that will allow for everyone in every nation to experience life to its fullest.

The Geass Order believes that the handful of people offered the Geass Code were needed to help shape humanity through their extreme means. They felt that those selected for the Geass already possessed the ability and will far above the average and had ambitions that would reflect upon society and help determine its structure.

The Insurrection feels that the UFN and the Black Knights are inept in maintaining order and peace among these times of The Geass Order’s uprising. Due to past experience of the Geass from a third party’s perspective, The Insurrection determined that a fresh approach is needed in handling the situation, as well as to form a more complex system of government to replace the current charter.

The Tranquillam Pacem desires to have absolute peace, and do not see Geass as a threat to their humanity; but rather simply an aspect of life. They are a religious organization determined to unite the ordinary people with Geass users to prove that both could coexist and that the code did not create an inequality.

◙ Rules:

Please read through everything.

1. No Mary Sues.

2. No God Modding (overriding other characters’ actions by having ridiculously powerful abilities or making your character extremely lucky; constantly being able to avoid damage or drama).

3. No one liners. Posts must have at least a paragraph and contribute towards the development and world building of the role play.

4. Quality of writing is required for this role play. Try to avoid too many grammatical errors and be sure to include punctuation. It can be difficult to catch every mistake when it comes to grammar, but run-on sentences can be hard to follow… so please focus on punctuation.

5. Plan your interactions with others. To avoid conflicting interests, if you want to have an interaction with someone else’s character that involves fighting, private message them ahead of time and plan the outcome.

6. For any other interaction that two or more parties cannot agree on the outcome, the use of the dice system in the Discord is required.

7. Stay in-character. Any out of character chat will be kept in either #general or #out-of-character-chat within the Discord.

8. Canon characters must first be auditioned and accepted before role playing.

9. Original Characters (OC’s) are also required for auditions and can be created any time. Auditions will consist of testing your writing ability as well as ensuring your character is reasonable and not overpowered. They must also fit in with the plot and not be storybreaking.

10. There is no limit to how many characters you can have at a time, but you must ensure you do not lose track of them all, and kill them off if you no longer want to use them.

11. Have fun!

◙ Plot:

It is the year 2023. The events of Zero Requiem have resulted in a united and universal government overseeing the nations in attempts to establish world peace. After the astounding yet short-lived tyrannical rule of Lelouch vi Britannia, many sought after the quality of life above all else; abolishing societal norms such as status or favoritism. For the first few years, time simply moved forward as the day by day continued in normalcy. Like all good things however, the transient must eventually reach its conclusion.

Because of Lelouch vi Britannia’s previous actions against them, The Geass Order seeks to bring their reprimanding upon the world. V.V. has been slain, and C.C. has abandoned them. Yet despite losing their well tenured directors, The Order has roots deeper than those within the remnants of Britannia; and are not solely dependent upon their mere late additions. The longstanding history and power of The Order far surpasses the modernization of man, and they will not allow for simple advancements to make light of their authority. With the tradition of the contract desecrated, and mankind imposing their own wills to create a new and accursed world, The Order feels that judgement must be cast. The peace that mankind claims to have created is nothing short of perversion. Much like Charles’ projection, society has functioned under the guise of hope and happiness while at the core continuing down their path toward devastation. It would not be for long until the world reverted back to its fundamental tendencies: to segregate the strong from the weak. The world needed a correcting, a re-alignment. Man was meant to be ruled by those with wisdom, not to be left liberated from structure. This was why The Order agreed to finally reveal their entirety to all the Earth, announcing their reclamation of the planet and all of its inhabitants. It was then, henceforth that The Order began its own righteous conquests… opposing the unified nations and its government in attempts to seize power.

The Order’s military was vast; its recruitment kept secret from those outside of The Order. While it mainly consists of men and women simply with innate ability, the armies are led by Generals that contain the power of the Geass. Due to their reproductive plant being destroyed from Lelouch’s earlier assault, their production of Geass users had stagnated. Though with the expansion of their Order through conquering territories, their operations have resumed and more Geass users are currently being created. With this in mind The United Federation of Nations dedicated research to the Geass Canceller, to counteract the effects of The Geass Order. This team was led by none other than Jeremiah Gottwald, the original prototype for such a device. Being assigned as a special forces unit for the Black Knights, the Anti-Geass Force (AGF) were deployed among the many regions of the UFN to hinder the increasing threat of The Order. The battle between the UFN’s Black Knights and The Geass Order rages on, waiting for the final factor that would change the course of the war.

Outside of the seemingly unavoidable war, are those who disagree with the UFN’s handling of the Geass uprising. The misuse and mistreatment of the Geass were the primary causes of Lelouch the Demon usurping Britannia’s throne, as well as his eventual control of the entire world. In their mind, such an ability should not be addressed in a primitive fashion; and many feel that the UFN does not comprehend the full extent of the Geass. Thus, a handful of individuals have formed a revolutionary organization known as The Insurrection. The Insurrectionists comprise of people from a variety of demographics… including those who were former and current Black Knights, UFN ambassadors, and even angel investors. This third party faction continues to gather an increasing volume of followers, with small missions being carried out periodically to obtain the additional resources needed to legitimize their movement. Many bystanders have begun to compare The Insurrection to the early stages of The Black Knights, where their ideologies reach a commonality. The single goal of The Insurrection is to overthrow the UFN and change their very simplistic system of government; a goal that has critics convinced of The Insurrection’s resemblance to The Black Knights.

In the midst of both the war, as well as the infighting lie those who believe in absolute unity. These individuals have an unequivocal resolve to establish “true peace”, which they feel will only be accomplished if the existence of Geass was accepted rather than despised. The practice of inclusion and harmony with both the Geass and Non-Geass users became more prominent as some people began leaving The Order and Black Knights… even going as far as developing relationships and marriages between the two for the sake of political statement. Such a group formed a religion, with its practices emphasizing the possibility of this true peace and coexistence. This group is known as The Tranquillam Pacem.

With the clashing of these beliefs, values, and factions, the world was in for its biggest alteration known to man. Its future and direction has become unclear; left at the hands of those who lead these now divided powers.

What will become of it all?

◙ Character Info:

Listed here will be the availability of the canon character roles. In addition to canon character roles will be the key factional roles. Majority of these roles will be held by OC’s.

Canon Character Roles:

Lelouch vi Britannia – Taken

C.C. – Taken

Suzaku Kururugi – Taken

Kallen Kozuki – Taken

Jeremiah Gottwald – Open

Villeta Nu – Open

Kaname Ohgi – Open

Nunnally vi Britannia – Taken

Kyoshiro Tohdoh – Open

Kaguya Sumeragi – Open

Empress Tianzi – Open

Li Xingke – Open

(If there is any canon character you wish to role play as who is not listed, please private message the GM)

Key Factional Roles:

The Geass Order Director – Open

The Geass Order General (Currently no limit to how many needed) – Open

The Geass Order Prime Minister – Open

Black Knight General (Limited to 4; due to canon characters already with the title) – Open

Black Knight Anti-Geass Force Unit (Currently no limit to how many needed) - Open

The Insurrection Supreme Commander – Open

The Insurrection General (Currently no limit to how many needed) – Open

The Insurrection Spymaster – Open

The Insurrection Weaponmaster – Open

The Tranquillam Pacem Forerunner – Open

The Tranquillam Pacem Priest/Priestess (Currently no limit to how many needed) – Open

The Tranquillam Pacem Publicist (Propaganda and all) – Open

(Other roles, such as “soldier” or “guard” or anything that is not in a position of high power is always welcome and does not need to be listed here. We can make up more roles as we go along, so if you want to be a Lieutenant in the Black Knights or something more simple like a teacher at a school, be my guest! As long as it is not listed as a key role, you can make your character be anything you want! Yes, even royalty or part of the UFN.)

◙ Character Sheet Form:


Nickname or Codename (If applicable):



Appearance (Picture preferred. Obviously in anime style for the aesthetic):

Faction (If applicable. If you want your character to be independent or non-affiliated, just put N/A):


Geass (If applicable):

Abilities (If applicable):



Weaknesses (Make sure to balance out your character with good weaknesses):


Other Important Details (Such as weapons of choice or current bio):


Code By Nano

Hello all!

So with a lot going on, this RP temporarily came to a halt. We are looking to ramp things back up again, so it's time to see if there would be new interest! Some parts of the thread is currently under construction, as the removal of BBCode+ caused for some posts to look a bit wonky. Other than that, please feel free to take a look! There are some key canon roles that are open, and OC's are welcome and encouraged (just make sure to read the rules)!

So without further ado: anyone interested in roleplaying some Code Geass?

Main thread: Fandom - Code Geass: Lelouch of The Insurrection (Open)
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