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The Sleepy One
Unfortunately not. Alternatively, you can do something like this:

Astrid gritted her teeth. In its current state, Fort Black will fall because of Albion's politics. Should the trollkins1 manage to make their way here, they would surely destroy the guild. She stopped spinning her vial and took a sip of her ale. "Having the ingredients to make the Drink of the Gods is one thing, knowing how to make it is another." She believed that the Drink of the Gods2 doesn't exist, and is actually a name given to the most powerful of potions. It was a ludicrous idea, one that defies the dogma of magic and alchemy, but the only reasonable one considering no two records of the drink described it similarly. She felt conflicted inside. In the past, she clung onto the idea that achieving the drink would help her find her parents, but much thought and research led to that conclusion, that it simply doesn't exist. No potion could help her find her parents. Astrid resolved herself to that years ago. And yet, here stood a man saying that she can obtain the drink of the gods. She began to draw plans, schemes, ideas on how to get the ingredients and still keep the guild alive. After much thought, she exhaled. "You shouldn't have told me your intentions. I will draft you 100 bottles of any potion, and I will obtain the Scathia as payment, but I will not aid you any further."

Footnote[1] Trollkins: A race of barbarian giants that lies to the north of the Realm of Albion. Long considered the true enemy of the civilized lands, the Fortress City of Fairfax acts as the bulwark against it's aggression.
[2] Drink of the Gods: A mythical potion, said to be the holy grail of all alchemists. Many tales exist about it's supernatural power, but none properly describe it's ingredients nor method of procurement.

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