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Clover Hills Wolf Pack [Seeking Members!!]


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In Clover Hills Montana there is a pack of werewolves run by Gabriel Haven. Another pack moved in moons ago, leading to the death of the former alpha male. This pack was also run by a pure blood named Azarias Winslow but he wanted to kill the other alpha and take over Clover Hills for himself, hating all pure bloods despite being one. He lost his life at the hands of a loner and the former alpha female, Hannah, leading to a divide between Winslow Pack into two and the former good pack leaderless. A she-wolf from British Columbia came and joined the pack, taking over its leadership position; the former leader and her son thought dead in the fire...or were they?

Something moves beyond the scenes and within the shadows. The two warring females of Winslow that were divided once more united into one pack though had lost much of their number. The Winslow Pack has been weakened by internal fighting and the battle lost, Haven Pack attempting to put the pieces back together after the apparent death or maybe it was abandonment of Hannah and her son. Is Haven Pack safe from Winslow? Will Winslow recover and its dominant females get along? What is it that is lurking within the shadows of Clover Hills and all wolf packs? Can this foretelling of dread and death be stopped and at what cost?

Essentially in a small town in the outskirts of an American state is a place called clover hills, the area is quiet and rather peaceful within the main area but people have been known to disappear and the forrest is filled with howls come night. For truely this place is inhabited by a pair of wolf packs lead separately by leaders with completely different states of mind, one longstanding and the other having come in to try and take control. It's a battle between them for dominance between the werwolves daily lives within the packs, wether wanting to join them or lead a normal life.

Please read the Lore page (link below) before creating a character.

GM: @scorpiodragon
Runs the thread, main person to ask questions or inquires, approves characters
Helps run the thread and answers questions, can approve characters, takes over GM duties when GM is unable
Undersecretary: @Veltsu VI
Helps maintain lore page, good for asking questions


Haven Pack:
Alpha Female:
Gabriel @scorpiodragon

Alpha Male:

Beta Male:

Beta Female:

Lead Guard:

Astiel @WolfOfProphecys
Tobias @VeiledPariah

Healers (2):
Suzu @Veltsu VI

Amanda @Veltsu VI
Eliza @SpiritualShrub



William @scorpiodragon
Red @Veltsu VI
Amaryllis @SavannahSmiles
Jack & Julie @Veltsu VI (future)
Apollo, Hekate & Phyllis @scorpiodragon (future)

Azrael @scorpiodragon
Ash @WolfOfProphecys
Angelica @scorpiodragon -slave of Bellatrix & Matthew
Rose @xXSunnyXx (Also sort of a pup still)

Winslow Pack:
Alpha Female:
Bella @Veltsu VI

Alpha Mate:

Beta Male:
Matthew @scorpiodragon

Beta Female:

Lead Guard:




Healers (2):


Artemis @WolfOfProphecys
Justin @Veltsu VI -slave of Matthew
Michi @TheHappyPikachu
Amelia @SadSnake

Levi @WolfOfProphecys
Raphael, Citrine & Kathrine @Veltsu VI (future)
Sukodo, Raitoningu, Sanda & Chikara @TheHappyPikachu

Amora @TheHappyPikachu

Council (12):
Jack @Veltsu VI
Jasper @scorpiodragon
Sky @scorpiodragon
Andrew Ross and Amelia Altman under control of Tobias for council, Klinge Cohen under Scorpiodragons control.

If you have any questions, please contact myself ( @TheHappyPikachu ) or the GM, ( @scorpiodragon )

-Do not reply if you cannot be active in the role play.
-One liners and text chat are forbidden. We expected detailed five-sentence paragraph for each post.
-No Mary Sues.
-Do not join and then not make a character sheet. This applies to rule #1.
-There is a 2 character limit (1 male & 1 female) for all newcomers to the role play. This allows us to see if you are going to be active and how well you role play. After a week of active participation, the character limit will be removed.

We have room for the making of 1 more pureblood family.
The other 11 Pureblood families are: Altmans, Ross, Cohens, Havens, Kyzer, Lavenza, Barnes, Marshadows, Winslows, Mori, and Goldbacks

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