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Hello! I'm new to this website since my regular RP website recently closed down. I've been really wanting to join some RPs, but everything is so packed full there isn't anything to truly join. Most of the threads already have hundreds of replies and it seems like all of the 1 x 1 aren't available since the spot has been taken and again a bunch of replies. This seems like a great website and is similar to my old one, but I can't stay if there isn't anything to join without being extremely late to the party to a point where no one is interested in adding another because they already have plenty or they are so deep into their thread it would just be weird having someone else join in at that point. I checked the least replied things within a reasonable amount of time and if thee wasn't any replies in a certain amount of time the owner seems to abandon them or there is little to no information. So when I message them and ask for more information they always inform me they ditched it so there isn't a point in more information. Is there something I'm missing or any advise on getting into some type of thread? I was unable to log into it for to my first account for some reason and this is my second so I have more seniority than it says on my page but I have been unable to join a single thread and I don't have interest in roleplaying as a warrior cat.

Any type of advise or help would be MUCH appreciated..


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Take a look at the interest checks section. Thats where people looking to start new RPs typically reside. But a lot of new RPs tend to get ditched/abandoned/ghosted so brace yourself for that.


For existing Group roleplays there are different rules and joining requirements for each of them. So don't try to join existing roleplays without contacting its GM first, it is considered rude and your post will likely get deleted (unless roleplay explicitly states that it's free for all or something like that). But some of them still accept new players, so don't let the length of the thread discourage you!

To find roleplays that are still accepting people or new 1x1 roleplays you should start in Recruitment section.

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