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Doctor Llamabean

Junior Member
Welcome to my interest check! So far, we have filled out four of the six roles and are looking for two more wonderful writers to fill our remaining male roles!

Male 1 - Taken
Male 2 - Taken
Male 3 - Taken

Female 1- Taken
Female 2 - Taken
Female 3 - Open

The general idea of this story is that there are two groups of three friends that all end up falling in-love with each other throughout the course of friends 1 and 2 from each group trying to get their 3rd friends to pursue a relationship together! Male 3 and Female 3 have had distant crushes on each other that neither of the other is aware of! Their friends know, so it's up to them to play Cupid. Little are they expecting that these are their love stories too!

Edan Myres x Scarlett Lee
Male 2 x Female 2
Male 3 x Female 3

This is essentially a RP of three 1x1s combined. I want the world to feel real and active and full of life! Please join us! PM me for Discord invitations, even if you aren't intending to participate!

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Doctor Llamabean

Junior Member
Aw this seems really sweet! I'm interested!
Your character is so wonderful!

I would wait until all of the guys have been made if you'd like to hold off on your role-of-choice! Girl 3 is the center of attention between her friends, as is Guy 3.
The pairings are:
Guy 1 x Girl 1
Guy 1 x Girl 2
Guy 3 x Girl 3
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The Broken Princess
Prince of Corruption Prince of Corruption Cracker Cracker Sm00chys Sm00chys Chiebie101 Chiebie101 zuneboo zuneboo and me!

Is everyone still interested in this romantic adventure!? All of the roles are filled, we now just need everyone to publish their characters!
I’m still interested! Just have to get my CS uploaded. :)

Doctor Llamabean

Junior Member
Alright people! Due to some inactivity, we're looking for one more female character to join our story!

Some details if you haven't read!

Guy1, Guy2, and Guy3 are all friends!
Girl1, Girl2, and Girl3 are all friends!

Guy3 likes Girl3 and his friends want to help him get the girl!
Girl3 likes Guy3 and her friends want to help her get the guy!

Guy3 and Girl3 don't know that their feelings are mutual!

Guy1 and Guy2, and Girl1 and Girl2 find out that they all share the common goal of Guy3 and Girl3 getting together, but they only want to help from the sidelines! Little do Guy1 and Girl1 expect that this is their love story, too, as well as Guy2 and Girl2!

We need Girl3!

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