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Superheroes and villians have been a threat to society for a long time, but most people don't think of it that way. That is, until internet sensation Mari Larks teams up with a group of people to put a stop to them. She works undercover with a group of fans and workers to create a building in the middle of nowehere, far, far away from the city. Then, with her rising popularity, she starts a rumor. The villians have teamed up to kill her! All of her fans who aren't in on it go wild. The government try to regain control and figure out what happened as villians are getting picked on even more than usual, for something they didn't do (this time, anyway). With all the chaos, Mari and her team capture villians right under everyone's noses. They lock them up in the buiding that is pretty much superpower-proof. Each villian captured is put in a plain white room, with only a locked door, a camera, and a stool in the middle.
Mari livestreams each villian's room, claiming that someone in the hero organization who captured some villians contacted her about "bringing justice" and she had no choice but to comply to their demands, or die. All eyes are on the captured villians, as they slowly starve, go insane, or both. Society is in chaos. Heroes and villians that aren't captured are getting death threats.
What will the remaining heroes and villians do? Take advantage of the chaos? Hide? Help the captured?


Character Form:

Hero/villian name:
Hero/Villian Costume:
Rank (hero/villian/citizen/captured villian):
How long have they been captured (if applicable)?:
Power (2 powers max, none too OP. Heroes/villians don't need a power):
History (can RP out):
Enemies (all villains must have a hero enemy, and vice versa):


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My characters:

Name: Gyvin Calden
Hero/villian name: Epochal
Gender: male
Age: 18
Appearance: He has hazel colored eyes and brown hair to match. He wears a black shirt coupled with a red-brown vest, his pants and shoes are a matching dark brown. Most notably, he has a bronze rib-cage shaped thing tied with black string onto his back. It functions like a backpack, and is filled to the brim with an assortment of all different types of clocks that all work and tick loudly. The only other thing worth mentioning are his goggles, which don't really serve too much of a purpose. He also has a black tattoo on his cheek and a handgun at his side at all times.
Hero/Villian Costume: Wears a black mask over his face. Other than that, what he normally wears, with the addition of a handgun at his side.
Rank (hero/villian/citizen/captured villian): captured villian
How long have they been captured (if applicable)?: 2 days
Power (2 powers max, none too OP. Heroes/villians don't need a power): To learn how an object works by taking it apart and putting it back together. Anything he does this to will stop working if he loses concentration on it. Also can manipulate electricity.
Personality: Gyvin is an attention seeker, to the point he can easily annoy people because he's just... there. Well, it's probably also the constant ticking of all the clocks he has contained in the bronze appendage on his back that annoys people. And how he's always messing with citizens and heroes alike. Ok, there's a lot of reasons why people would be annoyed with him. If you get to know him though, he can be pretty clingy, talkative, and loyal.
History (can RP out): RP out
Sexuality: Homosexual
Crush: None yet
Friends: None yet
Enemies (all villains must have a hero enemy, and vice versa): None yet, let me know if interested
Other: He was one of the first few villians captured. He doesn't remember much since he was knocked unconscious, but he does remember some sort of forest and people in black bodysuits and gas masks covering their faces. He'd put up quite a fight when they first tried capturing him, to the point they had to find a way to hold him down to sedate him. His arm was broken in the scuffle. The only thing he finds amusing about this whole situation is his new friend, Betty. "Betty" the camera, that is.


Hero/villian name: Heist (no one knows his real name)
Gender: male
Age: 18
Appearance: He has black hair and green eyes. His hair is rather messy and he generally looks ruffled, despite his personality being the opposite. He always has a knife or two... or three on him. He wears long pants to conceal his prosthetic leg, as it is very obvious who he is if someone saw it since it was fitted to him and has the villian colors - black and red - on it.
Hero/Villian Costume: Casual clothing
Rank (hero/villian/citizen/captured villian): Villian Leader
How long have they been captured (if applicable)?: N/A
Power (2 powers max, none too OP. Heroes/villians don't need a power): Light Manipulation, Sound Manipulation (can create very loud sounds that can disorient opponents. However, he's suceptible to being snuck up on and he can't hear low talking or whispering.)
Personality: He isn't one to show it, but he does care about his fellow villians. Just not when they're being bumbling idiots. Heist has a group of people that he trusts with the things he knows others will blab about. Now with all the chaos happening, he very rarely meets up with even his closest colleagues, instead telling everyone to keep a very low profile so no one else is caught. Though when he does meet up with people, whatever you do, don't whisper around him where he can see you, or expect an annoyed punch to the face. There have been a lot of broken jaws over that one.
History (can RP out): RP out
Sexuality: Straight
Crush: None yet
Friends: Most of the villians he leads. He isn't the type to show you're his friend, so the line there is a bit unclear.
Family: Kana is his sister, though she's unaware of it.
Enemies (all villains must have a hero enemy, and vice versa):

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