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Hey I saw you didn't add marvel because of the amount of ghosting/drops that occurred, but I'm a huge marvel nerd and would love to do a marvel rp if you are down for that?


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Hi! Welcome to my humble partner search. I'm not good with coding so if you expected a nice or cute, search post allow me to disappoint you. You may find this search on the Off-site forum too, because I also roleplay outside RPNation. This search is for the most part to those who prefer roleplaying on the site.

Now, about some rules I want to make clear here:

- I prefer to roleplay with +18 people, even if we don't get to touch anything +18 like descriptive gore and such. I'm over 18 and while in my younger years I roleplayed with both minors and adults, I'm not comfortable enough now that I am myself a legal adult.

- Quantity. I've been told that I'm on the literate side, or semi-lit, or lazy lit (at this point I don't even know what all of those mean exactly ;u; ) but I know that sometimes one doesn't have the energy or just not enough to work to make a +1000 words post. So Quality> Quantity but please give me something to work with (my "lazy/small" usual is around 600 words per character I guess). You get stuck? Lets talk about it. I'm also here for the long term.

- Doubling is required. I like to play both Canon and OC (CanonxOC trash here) and I intend to keep doing it. Do you want to play a canon for me? Please tell me you have a canon you want me to play against your OC. I get easily bored when I don't get to play more than one main character, and I like to build different kind of relationships (friendships, rivalries...) on my RPs, so I expect you to like playing multiple characters (it can be as I said like having two mains and then the others being like NPCs to build the scenes). And I prefer to double with a male canon character. Why? I don't know to be honest but that is how it works for me. Note: There may be exceptions to this rule, like fandoms where I prefer OcxOC pairings, but the doubling rule still applies and I'd like to play a female and a male OC -- again there may be some exceptions, if there are you'll see it on the fandom list.

- About OCs.... I used to accept any kind of OC but I've gotten tired of Mary Sues and all angst kind of characters. I know, it doesn't mean your OC is bad, but bear with me, I've had enough with those characters. This doesn't mean that your character can't have a sad story or that they need to have a friendly personality. The problem is when the only thing they do is a constant monologue about their tragic past and they never move the story forward. It gets boring. I want to be hyped about your OC! Choose songs, pinterest boards...

-MxF is what I'm looking for in mains right now (playing both male - most of the time the canon - and female). I don't have anything against MxM, FxF, and I may have them as side pairings too, so if you're against the LGTB+ community I'm not your partner either. Apparently this can be misunderstood so I'll make it more clear. My females and males are only available for MxF pairings. The only exceptions will be mentioned in the fandoms part of this post.

- Let's both contribute to the story. Maybe one has more ideas one day, or one suffers writers block, but lets work together yeah? I also prefer if we use both 3rd person, it can be present or past, as you prefer, but 1st is a bit difficult to me.

-When it comes to romance, love at first sight isn't my thing, I usually go with the slow burn/ "organic" path. Maybe you're more impatient, it's ok, I don't mind speeding up things, but not just saying hi to each other and wanting to marry instantly. I like to keep the main genre of the series and focus on our character's development more than having romance as the only and main focus too.

- Because this in a site search, I prefer PMs to both OOC chat and roleplay. But if there is a way to make our threads private, I'll be ok with using threads too, maybe even coding or putting up some gifs to decorate (as you see I haven't even tried threads, so please be patient with me if you want me to use them).

- Don't feel forced to answer everyday. I can't stress this enough. This a hobby, not a job. Even if I answer at the speed of light I'm not expecting that from you. There will be times that I won't be able to answer for days, life comes first. And I like OOC, share all your memes, silly headcanons, and feel free to chat with me even if you haven't replied to the RP. I've seen some people hiding that they are online to not be pressured about their RPs. I won't pressure you.

- Ghost friendly. We've done that before, it's ok, maybe because we didn't want conflict or because we forgot about the other person.

I think that those are the basic rules. I have triggerings and so but I think I prefer to talk about those matters with someone already interesting in roleplaying.

Now, the fandoms (AU/ Aged up friendly). I'll include what canons I'm interested in (usually a list, so don't worry if we have one or two in common) and then those who I feel [more confident playing as] (your canon isn't there? Talk with me, I may want to give it a try if you're patient with me). If you see a character or more bolded it means that I'm craving playing against them or playing them (yeah, you can crave playing as one character, I do it all the time). THAT YOU DON'T CHOOSE A CRAVING DOESN'T MEAN THAT I'LL REJECT YOU INSTANTLY!

Haikyuu!! (Caught up with the manga, never touched the anime)
- Iwaizumi, Hinata, Sugawara
[Tanaka, Nishinoya, Hinata, Sugawara, Asahi, Kenma, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, Tsukishima, Daichi, Lev, Bokuto -I'll probably add more?-] NOTE: For now I can't really play someone like Oikawa. I know he's a fan favorite but I don't understand him yet.

PERSONA 5 (Played the game, cried the game, loved the game)
- Ryuji, Akira (sorry he's not Ren, I haven't touched the anime and he'll always be Akira for me)

[Ryuji, Akira, Mishima]

BNHA/ MY HERO ACADEMIA(Caught up with the manga, haven't touched the anime/ film)
-Kirishima, Bakugou, Shinsou, Tamaki, Sero

[Mirio, Deku, Iida, Todoroki, Kirishima, Sero.... Most of the student cast to be honest, from 1-A and when it comes to 1-B those we know more about like Monoma and TetsuTetsu. Just one exception, I'm still trying to get better at Bakugou, he's not on the same level as the others] - Closed until I finish planning [Sometimes I'll have more than one rp of the same fandom, so I'll start searching again if I see myself able to do so]

POKÉMON (I'm picky with this one, so if you come with some ideas instead of just "want to rp?" that would be awesome) (Knowledge comes from games and some TV show seasons and manga)
Human OCxHuman OC (No pokémon x Human, pokémon X pokémon could be mentioned, like the starters liking each other -- like something cute like giving each other berries and so, but not "romance" like humans --)

PERCY JACKSON(This nerd right here loves the concept but hasn't read the books or watched the movies. I used to have a roleplay based on it and I loved it)

In this particular fandom I'm searching for something out of the canon story. Something based around the MEKA high schooler skins. Like a MEKA academy or something like that. I can use as fc DVa's teammates if necessary. CanonxOC, OCxOC, I don't have a preference.

- Shinjiro, Akihiko
[ Shinjiro, Akihiko, Junpei]

THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU (an old fandom of mine that got a remake for the switch)
- Beat
[Neku, I'll need to play it again to remember the others]

SOUL EATER(Read the manga like 5 times, watched the anime, don't talk to me about Soul Eater Not, I tried but it's not my thing). In this one I'm open to play two females if you want two MxF or FxF for your side. Remember that I'm always going to ask for MxF for my side (me playing female).
-OcxOc (I have a female weapon and a male/female that can be a weapon or a Meister depending on your OC. Note: that my second OC is flexible in terms of Weapon/Meister and gender doesn't mean that it is rushed. All of my Ocs are basically my children)
-CanonxOc? (Not so sure about this, I think I can play a decent enough Kid, Black Star and Kilik maybe, and some of the girls too? I never roleplayed canons besides from being secondary characters)
I may be picky with this one since it is a manga that I love so much and I had such an amazing roleplay about it back in the day. Mostly I may require a sample, and I'll give you one of my own (I'm not super picky, I just want to know your style before planning, while in the others I'm up to jump blindly into roleplaying).

Ah! Feel free to ask for fandoms that I don't have listed here, but I may not know them. You can also ask for originals but be aware that I'm more of a fandom roleplayer because I've had also weird/bad experiences with originals.

Important: I'm finally free from my exams, so if you ever contacted me and I just suddenly ghosted you, don't be afraid of talking to me again. Sometimes I'm a bit scared of talking again to people I've accidentally ghosted so I understand where you're coming from ^^U
I love soul eater!


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But I’m looking for a duararara rp I’ve wanted one so bad if that’s not your thing then we can do soul eater


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But I’m looking for a duararara rp I’ve wanted one so bad if that’s not your thing then we can do soul eater
I'm afraid that I'm not familiar with duararara, but if you fill the requirements, don't be afraid of shooting me a PM about Soul Eater!

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