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Samantha Rae Dawson

The beginning of Samantha's new life involved a busy intersection, a speeding truck, a text message, and time stopping. It happened so fast, in the blink of an eye, actually with the blink of an eye.

While she was walking across 12th and High Streets near that deli with the really strong coffee, a text message on her phone drew her attention. She looked up to a green light and diverted her gaze right back to her phone's screen. As she passed midway through the intersection, a large object filled the corner of her vision. She heard brakes lock and squeal. Looking up, she spotted the massive front grille of a truck and large letters reading BakeTown Delivery. Samantha closed her eyes as the truck barrelled down, but it only takes a second, maybe less.

The world went silent: the noise of cars, the truck's horn, the hum of people talking, the clamour of the city. She felt her body tense, and when she peeked her eyes open, everything was stopped.

And now she stood in the middle of the street, but the truck towered beside her, not three inches from her face. The grille of the massive vehicle leaned forward at an odd angle, and a billow of smoke rose from its front tires, hanging in air as if painted on an invisible canvas. On the corner, a woman pointed at Samantha, her mouth open to shout, but no sound emitted. A bird flew high above her, stuck in the foreground of the sky, hanging in flight with its wings mid-flap. Somehow, it remained suspended.

Everything in Samantha's field of vision stood still, stuck in limbo, locked in the middle of motion. On the corner she left minutes ago a tall businesswoman in a trench coat tripped on a crack in the sidewalk but didn't fall. A waiter at an outdoor cafe reached for money on a table and poured coffee from an urn, the stream of hot liquid seeming never to end. A bus barrelled down High Street, its wheels spinning, though it went nowhere. A cyclist perched next to a parked car - he was balanced upright, though gravity should knock him over. And somehow, Samantha perceived that she was the cause of it. She stopped time.

In the back of her head, she sensed a tickle now, like ants crawling over her flesh. An energy bubbled inside her brain. She was in control but for how long? She didn't know how she knew, but time will start again soon.

Perhaps she would like to interact with the frozen city?

- Help the businesswoman up so she doesn't trip.
- Steal the money from the table of the cafe.
- Open a car door in front of the cyclist.
- Just walk to the corner and try to restart time.
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Everything had happened so fast. She recalled the scent of strong coffee from her favorite cafe, a text from what could have become a potential client and then...

Well, what surrounded her was hard to explain. Not in that anything changed, but rather everything had come to an abrupt halt. Widened, tear-filled eyes stared at the truck that nearly ended it all as she too felt frozen in place. All that could move was her gaze which managed to pick up on events in mid-transition like a woman falling and coffee being poured. Something was wrong. She knew it and yet it was hard to wrap her mind around. There was some nagging sensation, trying to admit responsibility for what happened but that wasn’t possible.

She couldn’t have done all this, right?

In a desperate surge of adrenaline and the desire to live, Sam managed to break free of her fear and get off of the road. The driver of that poor truck must have been scared, or will be rather for he will have thought there was contact. Unfortunately an apology wouldn’t really work so she tried to keep her back to the potential disaster.

Instead, she thought it best despite her inability to understand anything, to save the woman who had tripped. It was the least she could do seeing as at the moment, Sam had the ‘power’ to do so.


Samantha saw the businesswoman, her long body graceful in its descent, her heel snagged on a crack in the concrete. A flap of her coat folded outward, caught in the midst of action. Her back bent at an awkward angle, and mouth curls in an O. In her hand, a styrofoam cup tilted to the side, lid popped off and suspended above it, flecks of liquid in mid-rain.

When Samantha started to move her, she glided with little effort, seemingly along an invisible track, like somehow the world allowed her to make such a change. It reminded her of swiping across a tablet, smooth and simple. She tilted the cup and recapped the lid. Refolded her coat. Straightened her right leg and swivelled her arm.

The itch in the back of Samantha's head grew to a sharp pain. Her ears buzzed, eyes blurred, and a metallic taste rose in her throat. There was a pop as she blinked.

Opening her eyes, the world moved all at once. The truck's tires squealed as it passed the intersection where she used to be. The bird fluttered across the sky. The woman next to her shuffled and staggered but stood upright, and a look of confusion crossed her face. She glanced at the crack in the sidewalk before her eyes crossed Samantha's gaze, and she flashed a brief smile as she sauntered away as if nothing happened.

Had that delivery truck not stalled in time, Samantha would be seriously injured or even dead. But how did she do it?

- You are excited.
- You are curious.
- You are scared.
- You are hesitant.


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There was something terrifying about how fluid her movements were. It felt as if they weren’t her own, but that of someone who actually understood what was going on.

Or a robot. That made more sense, oddly enough.

Straighten the leg. Readjust the coffee. Retold the coat. With everything complete, the woman would be free to-

Samantha cried out, raising her hands up to try and help with the sharp pain that surged out of nowhere. Her vision began to blur and she thought that everything would fade to black. Which it did, but for a simple blink and everything was back to normal.

The woman flashed her unknown savior, unaware of what had just happened. The truck stopped and the bird started to take flight once more. Everything was as it had been, but she knew that was wrong. If that was the case, then she would have been dead.

Sam trembled on the sidewalk, feeling her heart pound out of her chest. What was going on? What happened? Why her? She was scared out of her mind and desperate to escape somewhere quiet where she could think. Her gaze scanned the area in search of a temporary sanctuary.


Looking around she spotted only a playground and recreation centre taking up space on the edge of the neighbourhood past a highway bordering the river. Her apartment was in one of the buildings nearby, a ten minute walk from there. But she couldn't help herself. Her mind seemed awakened, something calling from inside, a voice telling her to try again - to stop time. Nervous energy built in her limbs. It's an itch she couldn't scratch.

How was she able to stop time? Why now? Were people across the world developing powers or just her? So many questions came to mind, and yet she couldn't know where to begin to have them answered.

Teenagers played a pickup basketball game outside the rec centre, and a few preschoolers chased each other on the grass while parents watched and gossiped. A pair of toddlers played on the monkey bars, each one precariously close to falling. Barrelling down the highway off-ramp, a double-wide pick-up truck squealed as its brakes strained to slow the heavy load in its cargo bed.

- Step in front of the pick up and try stopping time again.
- Ask to join the basketball game and practise stopping time there.
- Go to the playground to see if anyone needs help.
- Go home.


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Right. If Sam were to think logically, her apartment was about ten minutes away which was easily the best place to hide. Asking questions like ‘why me’ and ‘are there others’ would do nothing but spike her anxiety and make things worse. Yet logic didn’t seem to hold much grounds for her mind preferred to focus on trying to stop time again. The horrid itch from before grew in its intensity, forcing herself to lose control and search for a means to try again. She didn’t want to, but it felt as if she had little choice in the matter anymore.

The pick-up truck was out. No point in trying to cheat death twice for there was every chance that she could lose. It had to be something a bit more simple. Less risky. A basketball game? She was never good at sports, but that wouldn’t be the main reason of joining in. Hm....

Sam forced herself to take a few deep breaths before walking over to the playground. Time to give this bullshit another, safer whirl.



As Samantha crossed the street and walked across the shallow grass field she approached the playground. A mix of toddlers ran and skipped and danced and played, while adults stood idly on the sidelines or sat on benches. A trio of children piled numbered blocks so the stack stood taller than them. A sand pit held four kids who built huge tan dunes and giggled with each scoop of their tiny plastic shovels.

When Samantha soaked in the scenes of children playing, the two who caught her eye hung upside down from a six-foot-tall jungle gym while a man, whom one could assume to be their father, focused on his laptop. The boy slid his arms around a bar and laughed as he swung, and the girl manoeuvred her legs in the shape of a triangle around a loop. And then it happened - the girl slipped.

- Help her.
- Don't help her.


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The most important thing was to try and stay calm. If Sam were to walk into a playground and appear an utter mess, someone might call the cops or outright kick her ass. When it came to moms and their children, one could never be too careful. She had seen it happen on photo shoots where she would ask for the child to be placed somewhere and they would lose their minds.

She’s too exposed! Put her under an umbrella!

My baby is allergic to grass! Put a blanket under him!

Too cold! Need more layers!

Overprotective, much? It was all she could do at those times to keep on smiling and accommodate their needs as best she could. In this situation, a smile wasn’t required. Just a calm demeanor. Hands in pockets. Gaze wandering. Yup, looking like a woman who is simply on a stroll and passing through.

In life, however, nothing was ever that simple. Especially this day in particular. Her emerald gaze caught a glimpse of two kids playing on the most dangerous playset known to man. The monkey bars. Sam was honestly surprised that they hadn’t been removed on account of how many injuries they caused. For example, the young girl who was trying to maneuver herself but slipped.

She had planned on trying her powers again in a controlled, simple situation. However, it wasn’t time to think of trying that again. There was an impulse hidden inside of all women to try and save children in need. So powers activated or no, she barreled forward to try and save the little girl.


When she ran forward she felt sweat break over her forehead, heart pumping faster. The back of her head itched, and the pain swelled like she had been hit with a hammer. Samantha blinked and time stopped.

The little girl hung in midair, arms and legs extended toward the monkey bars. Samantha was able to move closer and cradle the little girl in her arms. She could feel her hair tickle her forearms, but she was weightless. She didn't breathe. Her face read terror as the last thing she knew was falling.

With a blink time restarted.

The girl sunk into Samantha's waiting arms. She squirmed in the air and flashed a sweet, innocent smile as she jumped down. Immediately, she ran back to the bottom ladder and climbed the first few rungs, laughter filling the air around her.

"Hey! Lady. What do you think you're doing?" The man with the laptop rose from his bench and strode over, his face as red as his polo shirt. "Who are you to put your hands on my daughter?" he said as he stepped right next to Samantha, close enough that she could smell his coffee breath. He clenched his fist and scowled.

- Get angry.
- Be friendly.
- Back off.
- Be reasonable.


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As she ran, Samantha began to wonder what drove her to torture herself even more? Yes, the itch wouldn’t go away but it seemed as though the pain was going to be a consistent thing - for now, at least. Plus there was still a horrid itch so why suffer?

The answer was dangling in mid-air, her small face stricken with fear as the outfit she wore froze with a ripple from the initial wind from the fall. Sam thought it best to simply catch her rather than give the poor kid a complex as to how she was falling and then somehow back up there.

When time began once more, she was met with another innocent smile. Was this what most people did in a rescue situation? The trench coat woman from before had done it as well. She watched with mild exasperation for the girl went right back to what had nearly hurt her to begin with. Kids never learned, huh?

As she rose to her feet, a voice bellowed from behind. There was a good chance that would happen, but it still startled her a bit. She swiveled around to meet the man’s gaze, offering up a sheepish chuckle. “Hey there. I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to-“ Sam froze in mid thought, fumbling through her words trying to come up with the best response, “-your, um, daughter was falling. Fell! Um, so I saved her. From falling. Or hurting herself, rather.” She lowered her gaze in defeat, feeling her cheeks burn with embarrassment. “S-Sorry.”


The father's scowl faded, and he took a deep breath, sighing. "Sorry, my temper gets out of whack sometimes. I'm overprotective. Sorry." He lifted the girl back up to the bars. "Go ahead and play. Daddy will watch you."

After a moment, they said their goodbyes and Samantha could continue on her way to her apartment.

Reaching the steps leading into her building, she felt a sudden jab in her stomach, and her head throbbed in quick pulses. Once she was through the door, sweat poured from her scalp and the stairs ahead of her spun. Her feet felt like barbells and she had to lug each leg up the next step. As she eventually reached the centre of the staircase, a blurry figure appeared at the top of the landing followed, as always, by a trail of cigarette smoke.

"Samantha, are you okay?" came the voice of her roommate Oliver. He rushed downstairs, skipping a step at a time, and latched his arms around her waist to support her. From the top of the steps, excited barks echoed through the hallway. Oliver's Bull Terrier pounded down the steps. "Lobo, back inside," he yelled. The dog bounced and spun, its nails like tap shoes on the hardwood floor.

"Should I call an ambulance?" He spoke to Samantha in a slow, even tone, but his body tensed as he must have been holding back panic. The two of them moved in together last year and were friends ever since. Going anywhere with Oliver meant complimentary dinners or drinks. Everyone was his friend.

- Say that you were exercising.
- Say that you had an extreme party last night.
- Say that you've been working hard.
- Say something else.


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She could feel the tension leave her body as the situation seemed to die down a bit. There was a chance to make a jab at him, asking if he played both roles since mostly mothers were overprotective. However, it seemed best to try and say their goodbyes and head off to her apartment. Sam’s mind was still racing with questions and they only intensified now that she had done it a second time.

They exchanged a small, awkward wave and the photographer made her way back to her apartment complex. She craved a soft bed and a good beer-

Sam cried out, fumbling as a surge of pain and disorientation slammed into her. Everything was spinning, causing a great deal of effort to even try to make it up to her room. Had she done too much? God, this was the last thing she needed after all of the bullshit that had happened today. Maybe no one would notice if she just laid down in the middle of the staircase for a bit. Just until she could catch her breath.

A blurred figure rushed toward her, calling out as he made his descent. It was a combination of his voice and the trail of smoke that helped her mind piece together who he even was. She slumped into him, forcing out deep breaths to try and keep herself - and her roommate - calm.

An ambulance was out of the question, despite her initial desires to accept. There was something going on and she had no idea if testing would show any of it. The last thing she needed was to become an experimental dog for some crazy scientist or something. “N-no, I’m okay. I think I just p-pushed myself too hard at the gym.” She flashed him an attempt at a reassuring smile. “C-can you help me up to my room? I-I think I just need to l-lay down for a m-minute...”


Truthfully, Samantha had been pushing her body, and though it was not the real reason for her recent physical woes, she could certainly use some rest. Oliver nodded quickly and led her into her room, helping her climb on the bed.

"I heard a noise on the first floor and wondered who was banging, and then I saw you struggling to walk. Your eyes looked all far away, but now they look better." He pulled back, watching Samantha closely with his inquisitive blue eyes. "There's no need to strain yourself that much, you look good."

Oliver shook his head, before heading into the kitchen. Samantha's wooziness slowly faded, and her vision cleared when he came back. She could smell the rich aroma of fresh-brewed coffee and Oliver had brought a mug for her. Lobo jumped up on the bed to sit at her feet, eyes following her as she rat up.

"My mum called today." Oliver said, sitting on an armchair. "My sister is planning her wedding. I can't believe I'm not there. If I can raise enough cash, I can take a trip back home, finally." He sighed. "But enough about me. Sorry, Samantha. How was your day?"

- Answer.


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With the help of her good friend, Sam was able to take some of the stress off of her body and melt into the mattress. Her bed always felt the best after a long day and boy had it been one so far. She flashed Oliver a small smile, hoping the relief of tension in her posture was enough to put her friend at ease. “Thanks, Ollie. You’re way too kind, but I appreciate the compliment.”

As he disappeared into the other room, Sam laid her arm across her forehead and closed her eyes. His word choice was interesting, adding further confusion to the situation at hand. Her gaze looked far away? It certainly felt like that, but why did it happen at all? Where did this all come from? Why her? All of the questions that had kept themselves bottled up in her mind began to overflow, but it came to an abrupt halt as a familiar scent floated her way. Mm. Coffee.

She pat the bed beside her, offering Lobo to come closer so he could get some love while her other hand accepted the mug. The smile that she had worn before faded a bit in hearing what her friend was going through. She took a few sips before setting it down on the nightstand so she could extend a free hand toward Ollie. “I have some possible job offers coming up. Tell me how much you need and we can make something work. Okay? I’ll make sure you can be there to help walk your sis down the aisle.”

With that set in place, Sam let out a sigh of her own. It felt wrong to lie to him, but how could she even start to explain? “Fine, minus overdoing it at the gym. I’ve been trying to take some random shots so I can update my portfolio.” She took another sip of the delicious black velvet tucked into a mug. “Other than talking to your mom and killing your lungs,” she briefly pointed to the cigarette, “how’s your day been?”


"That's nice of you to say," Oliver said, his eyebrows arched and blue eyes wide in a look of surprise. "But I can't ask you for money. You have your own bills to worry about."

"My day has been average. Sometimes average days are just fine," He continued with a shrug.

- Talk to Oliver more.
- Get some rest.


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Sam shook her head, deciding that this was as good a moment as any to show off her stubborn nature. “You didn’t ask. I offered.” She flashed him a playful smirk, revealing that he likely won’t be able to win this match with her.

Unfortunately, she was known to be a bit of an introvert so the conversation began to fall off of a cliff. Sam lowered her gaze, reaching up to free the raven locks that had been forced into a ponytail so they could fall against her shoulders. “Sorry. I think I’m going to try and get some rest. I want to try and set up some meetings tomorrow so I need to not be a noodle.” A sheepish smile played across her pale features as she wiggled her way under the covers. At this point, she didn’t even care about changing. A small part of her hoped that she might even wake up to find that everything that happened was a dream.

Not likely, but a girl could wish right?

“Thanks for the coffee and your help, Ollie. Slip the amount you need under my door when you have a chance and I’ll see what I can do to help. Okay?”


"Thank you, Sam, but I hope I'll be able to collect it on my own if I take double shifts this week," Oliver said. He was a prideful young man, who wanted to do everything on his own. He stood up to leave, but then remembered something and turned to Sam.

"Oh, you know it's my birthday in a few days, right? Of course you do." He smiled. "Since you are my one and only friend, I'm taking you out. Let's hit a club or a casino or something." With a wink, he walked out of the room, leaving Sam alone.


Samantha's alarm blared out, forcing her awake at 6:31am. In a flash of painful realisations, she had to remember the importance of today: she had a job interview for a very prestigious company. Luckily, the pain in her head has subsided, and the dizziness was gone. But she had twenty-four minutes to get to the location with a shower, suit, and breakfast to go. Oh, and a thirty minute bus ride.

- You are excited about the opportunity.
- You are excited but keep thinking about your ability.
- You can't stop thinking about things that happened yesterday.


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Sam playfully rolled her eyes, but offered her prideful companion a small nod. She certainly didn’t want to wound him by any means, but this was important to him. The least she could do was keep a small amount on standby should it come to that. If he didn’t end up needing it, he wouldn’t be any wiser of her ingenious plot.

Problem solved.

Well, so she thought. With everything going on today, she had almost forgotten his birthday was coming up! Did she even have a gift ready? Sam did her best to hide the internal panic behind an exasperated sigh. “If it’s your birthday, shouldn’t I be taking you out? You’re too kind for your own good, Ollie.”

The wink brought their conversation to an end and Sam soon found herself at the mercy of sleep.


Usually, Sam was known to be an early riser. One that could get up at a decent hour, have a lovely breakfast and even get some gentle yoga stretches in before having to take a shower and catch the bus. With everything that happened yesterday, however, her morning became a bit more hectic.

“Fuck!” She swore aloud, managing to get a good smack in on her alarm which had gone off way too late. Had she hit the snooze button and not realized it? Whatever! Didn’t matter! Long, slender legs bolted across the room to her closet as a desperate gaze began its search. What should she wear? Not her usual attire, this was huge. Beyond huge. Suit? Ugh, she didn’t like wearing them but at this point there wasn’t much choice.

With a solid grey suit and a bold red tie laid out on the bed, she scrambled over to start up some toast in the kitchen. That could heat up and be ready by the time she came out of the shower. Perfect.

As she attempted to get clean in the fastest way possible, her mind began to reel in opposite directions. On one hand, she was truly excited for this amazing opportunity and she definitely didn’t want to screw it up. On the other, she continued to poke and prod at questions that had no answers in sight.

Oh. And she was also internally panicking at how little time she had. That was a big one.


Samantha rushed out of the building, nearly tripping over her own feet as she jumped down the front steps. Her wristwatch read 7:03am, and heavy Friday traffic filled the streets. Running down the street, she turned the corner - the city bus loomed at the stop packed with riders, doors unfolding.

But just as she bolted toward the bus, the doors started to shut and brakes released a heavy hiss. The driver ignored her waving arms. Her heart pounded again. Sweat coated her body, and the autumn air couldn't cool her fast enough.

The bus pulled away from the curb. And then, time stopped.

Nothing moved on the corner of High Street and Melrose Avenue, not cars, nor pedestrians, and certainly not the bus suspended before Samantha.

She had twelve minutes to get there in time. With time stopped, she could stroll to the meeting place, even arriving early and impressing her potential new boss. But she still didn't know the limits of the ability. Could she stop time for that long?

- Keep the time stopped and walk there.
- Restart the time and take a cab.
- Take the bus and restart the time.


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As she fumbled and practically fell down the staircase, Sam could only think of the fastest way to get there. Would the bus be the fastest way or should she try and run for it? No, a mode of transportation would have to suffice for even the autumn breeze couldn't keep her from sweating bullets. She did yoga for fun, not running! But fate didn't seem to care for despite her desperate attempts of getting the bus to stop - the doors to her potential future closed and began to drive off.

Her heart began to pound. She could feel herself already breaking out into a sweat that couldn't be sated. Not again! I don't have time for this! Her internal aggravation wasn't enough to prevent it from happening as everything around her simply...stopped. Did she truly have no control over this damned thing? The rage from her current predicament engulfed her, turning her hands into a white-knuckled fist.

No. Now wasn't the time to get angry or panic. She had to take advantage of the situation as best she could which opened up two possibilities for her: get on the bus and hope the driver doesn't recognize her or run for it. After all, she had no idea how long this would last nor the aftereffects. Unfortunately, making a run for it was the safest option so off she went - hoping that everything would end up working out in the end. Or, at the very least, she would get there in enough time to shake off the aftermath.


The busy street was not so busy now. Traffic crowded the two-lane road, though a garbage truck blocked a lane and collectors threw trash bags into the belly of the smelly green monster. A school bus stood silent as twenty faces peered through tinted windows. Everything was silent and still, eerily so.

Travelling by bus takes thirty minutes if the transfer lines up at just the right time. Walking takes an hour. Of course, time doesn't exist when it's stopped.

Striding across town, Samantha couldn't help but feel alone in the crowded city. People, locked in surreal poses, seemed doll-like and soulless. Cars lined up bumper to bumper in the streets, which now resembled parking lots. The lack of sound would put anyone on edge, like in a horror movie when everything quiets before the monster pops out.The city didn't pulse - it had no heartbeat. By stopping time, Sam had created a void in which nothing seemed to exist, and though she ruled that domain, it felt too empty to matter.

As she got close the building of the company, the time continued.

It didn't take long for her to enter the building and take the elevator up, where a secretary let her into the office.

"Glad you made it on time, Samantha, and not a moment too soon." She was greeted by the man inside, the man who about to interview her. Benjamin was his name, but she couldn't remember his last name.

- Be confident.
- Be charming.
- Be flirty.
- Something else.


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Everything felt wrong.

Sam made her way through the streets, her emerald gaze wandering at the lifeless forms that surrounded her. They appeared to be like mannequins, frozen in a pose that they couldn't break on their own. She could feel the tension throughout her frame, as if anticipating an attack from some creature. With her current 'abilities' unexplained, anything could happen - even stuff from horror flicks. It had to stop, or rather it needed to keep going. The impending doom that followed her around like a storm cloud had to be shattered. Despite her personal feelings, however, her potential career change was a bit more important so she held out until it dissipated on its own.

As she ascended in the elevator, Sam took deep breaths. Despite everything, she had to keep a level head. This was important so she needed to put her all into this interview. Keep her back straight and tall, readjust her tie and make sure her hair wasn't all over the place and in she went.

"A pleasure to meet you, sir," Sam replied with a smile as she extended her hand out to shake his. "Thank you for this opportunity."


The interview went great, and at her surprise, Benjamin asked her to start working straight away. It was not a glamorous job at first. She would work in a cubicle for a little while, and have an occasional photoshoot outside, but it was a huge company that would provide an opportunity for advancement should she prove to be a good worker.

"Kate, come in here, please." Benjamin pressed a button on the phone and called. Kate entered the room a moment after, smiling at Samantha. "This is your new coworker, Samantha. Please show her to her desk and explain her duties."

Kate seemed like a kind person and a good coworker. She showed Samantha to her desk and kept talking about the company, all the while smiling kindly.

"Don't worry. I know it might be intimidating at first, but we are all nice here, I promise." She said. "I'll always be here to help you in any way I can."

From around the back of the cubicle, a guy slides up wearing a bold red tie and matching pocket square. No hair on his head seems out of place: eyebrows perfectly plucked, hair poking up in perfect spikes.

He shot his left hand forward, and an expensive watch poked out, a beautiful gold bracelet with a shiny timepiece that probably cost as much as she would make in a month. "Good morning, fellow Eternity International co-workers." He said with a smile that was a bit cold.

"Oh, this is Kyle." Kate introduced. "Kyle, this is Samantha. She's our new colleague."

- Talk to Kyle.
- Talk to Kate.


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I got it. I got the job. I got the job!

Despite her calm smile, Sam's mind was racing with excitement. There wasn't any wait. No need for another interview or a phone call AND they wanted her to start today! The cubicle wasn't ideal, but she didn't mind! Everything seemed to be moving in the right direction, for once since the last few crazy days. She perhaps thanked Benjamin one too many times, maybe even shook it a bit too much but she managed to eventually show self-restraint.

That was, of course, until Kate walked in. Flowing blonde locks danced across her shoulders, shaping a smile that could strike into the heart of any and make them swoon. It wasn't odd for Sam to find women attractive, some men weren't too bad either. No, her problem was actually talking to them or attempting any sort of friendship or beyond. In a private setting, of course. Professionally, she managed to switch that part of her brain off for a moment and shake Kate's hand. "A pleasure to meet you, Kate."

The two walked along the hallways, making casual small talk as Sam was lead to her new desk. The piercing smile wouldn't leave her ivory expression which made it a bit hard to make continual eye contact. "Thanks, I really appreciate that. I try and get along with everyone to some degree, but it helps that everyone here is kind."

Enter contradiction number one. A gentleman shot out from behind his cubicle, offering a handshake tied with a cold smile as he introduced himself. Based on that and the rather expensive accessories, Sam thought it best to not interact too much with him. She accepted his hand shake and introduced herself, but turned back to Kate afterward. "How long have you been with the company, Kate?"


Kyle left the two women alone after the initial greeting, wandering off to stop and chat to a different colleague.

"I've been here for two years. The benefits are top-notch, and the bonuses are more than fair. I used to work at a smaller firm that barely paid us beyond base salary... It was retail," Kate said and wrinkled her lips. "I don't like to talk about it around here. Everyone looks down on you if you don't have a lengthy resume and lots of education." She smiled at Samantha then, "Well, some people more than others."

- Ask about her.
- Ask about Benjamin.
- Ask about Kyle.
- Stop talking.

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