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The Dossier that was pulled up on his terminal did not say much. The next potential team member had actively sought out a place on his crew, until recently. She was in contact with Cerberus and then through them with Shepard, sending updates on her location periodically through secure transmissions, tracing a path that would eventually lead to Omega, though it was a very roundabout way of getting there. The Illusive Man had assured Shepard that the recruit had quite a baggage behind her, forcing her to always having to take the most complicated route to reach something.

Well, either the secure channels were not as secure as they thought, or she was not as good at hiding her footprints as she thought, since her transmissions stopped arriving five days ago and were not showing sign of continuing. The last location Shepard had for Dynis Arden was the asteroid belt of the Hourglass Nebula, in the Terminus Systems, at the edge of the unknown. What kind of a purpose did she have there, he did not know, but he knew well that it was expected of him to go and find her. Apparently, every new team member either needed to be rescued, or needed a favour to be done for them. So far, it looked like Shepard's mission would be far easier if he soloed the Collector homeworld.


The longer she stayed on that damn space station, the less limbs she had in her disposal. Some top of the line tech she had, it kept fricking breaking down on her in the past couple of days. Of course, that might have been due to constant disruptor rounds those persistent merc kept hitting her with. And why would they bring a whole damn army down on her! One would think that they wanted the equipment returned to them undamaged.

Standing in what remained of the shuttle repair station, Dynis was starting to panic. This was no usual for her. Usually, the mercs sent for her would be panicking just about now, but this time the fight was too unfair. A pair of operatives, fine, a squad was okay too, even two small squads she could deal with, but these Eclipse bastards had emptied out one of their bases. It didn't help that they all so loved overloading every piece of tech she had on her.

She was holding well for a while, managed to jump ships a couple of times, managed to dispose of the assassins. But, when they boarded the spaceship she was one and crushed her escape shuttle to the desolate space station on top of that, well, that's when she knew she was in a mess. Hopefully Cerberus will come trough, eh? They had a thing for humans turned into super weapons, they had to appreciate her interest in joining whatever mission they said they had. She wasn't really paying attention when she RSVPd to it, she really only wanted to have some semblance of a stable life, for at least one god damn month.

Well, the space station was once a research station, which had to be good. It meant that she had found some forgotten mechanical tools, blowtorches that actually worked and a couple of unused screws and she started to weld and screw back on her leg, and oh look that pretty artifical skin was ruined, it would cost so much to get the treatment again and she was already more than broke. And the mercenaries were knocking on the doors again.
Garrus and Shepard sat in the front of the shuttle flying from the Normandy. Just looking at the old refinery made Garrus more than a little anxious.

"Shepard I'm glad you recognize my talent, but you do know that I don't so well in tight quarters right?" The Turian asked.

"That's why I brought Grunt and a shotgun. Besides, didn't you just spend the past year aboard a space station?" Shepard also asked.

"Omega's a lot of things, dirty, corrupt, smelly, dark, Hellish, but at least you can stretch your arms without hitting the sides. And did I mention the smell?"

"According to scans, a lot of it's been hollowed out by scavengers looking for a score. You'll have room, trust me."

"Looks like I'm going to need it. Look." Garrus pointed out the window. Shepard looked up from the console to see another ship already docked with the Eclipse logo painted on the side. Shepard looked to Garrus and the both of them nodded. Garrus got up from his seat and made his way to the back, ready to drop as soon as those doors open as Shepard flew them in.
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"Why don't you leave me alone already, you bastards!" Dynis yelled out as she ducked for cover.

Concussive rounds blasted a crate near her, rattling her hearing implant. It took a moment for her to get her bearing back - at least she managed to weld the damn leg back on, otherwise she would have looked very silly right about now. She peeked out of the cover, sending a few good shots at the first of the mercs that burst in through one of the only rooms that still had all of its walls. Another crate burst beside her, forcing her to roll out of the cover and to the next one.

Among the ricocheting of rounds and the endless orders droned by the merc captain, Dynis recognised one sound. Docking of another shuttle. That was just great, like she didn't have enough of them to handle already. With an enraged growl she engaged her biotics to pull the assault rifle out of the nearest merc's hands, and then great him with a bullet of her own. She could feel the disruptor ammo being loaded and sent her way with a buzz that only meant trouble. Quickly ducking behind some damaged equipment, she checked her omni tool. She recognised that new frequency. So it wasn't merc backup after all.

"Normandy? Commander Shepard?" She asked, in between firing her pistol. "If you are on this frequency, some help would be appreciated." Then, louder. "Oh, screw you and your drones! That's just not fair!" And she continued firing.
The Eclipse Asari took offense to that pathetic display of biotics. One lit up and sent a shockwave to the target while her compatriot sent the newly damage and jagged polymer crates hurtling at the cyborg.

Shepard got the message in his helmet comm just as he was stepping out of the shuttle, Avenger rifle at the ready.

"That's our recruit people. Let's move." Shepard, Garrus, and Grunt proceeded down the hall to an open area. The bare skeleton of a refinery, with robotic arms and conveyor belts stripped of their parts. Eclipse had yet to notice them, the Normandy's stealth tech kept them from being detected and the shuttle was so small they weren't even looking for it. You would need outright superhuman (for lack of a better term) hearing to know a shuttle had docked. Shepard ordered Garrus up a ladder to a perch and Grunt to charge down the line while Shepard himself went around to flank them. "Go!" He gave the order.

Just like that, both Asari dropped, the report of Garrus' rifle following both shots. The mechs immediately turned around and open fired on the new threats but Grunt rushed them, what he didn't blast with his shotgun, he ran over and crushed. Shepard meanwhile engaged with the shielded Salarin soldiers.
Not only did they insist on messing her augmentations up, they also had to bring biotics into this. Dynis was now completely pissed. Those people wanted her back her badly. Or, at least, they wanted her parts. With or without her attached to them. Well, she would not let them have them. She had worked hard to get where she was, to get the advantage over the regular humans, to become something more. She spent years training, refining her biotics as much as she could with the powers she had, choosing a proper weapon, something of adequate size for her, that she would be able to wield without tipping over with every shot, and practising her hand to hand combat should she ever need it. But she was always so average. A decent shot, a decent mercenary, but never exceptional. And she could not settle for that.

They would not get back her hard earned, or well... stolen, upgrades. She'd rather take her own arm off and beat the mercs to death with it. Clenching her teeth, with her last rounds in the heavy pistol, she stood up, dismissed the tears and gashes in her armour caused by all that debris sent her way, and went into the fray once more.

Then she finally heard the shots from the other side. The mercenaries were getting distracted by someone, for once, having a jump on them. She grinned, disposing of the closest Salarian, with a shot to the gut and an elbow in the face for good measure. Her robotic arm burst through his helmet leaving him gasping.

"Boy, am I glad you brought a Krogan with you!" Dynis exclaimed, taking a moment to admire the mess that the big guy was making of the mercs' mechanised friends. Not to lag behind them, she offered some covering fire as the last of the mechs and mercenaries at abandoned station were getting scattered. "There will be more. There are always more." She sighed. then her mechanical knee buckled and she was forced to the ground. That would need to get fixed properly.
“I am not merely a krogan. I am the epitome of my kind,” Grunt said with a wide grin.

“Forgive him. He has a bad habit of getting poetic,” Garrus remarked. When she buckled, Shepard reached out to help her up.

“Are you all right?” He asked.
"I'm fine, Commander." Dynis put a hand up to keep Shepard from getting closer. She had some dignity, dammit. "Just a minor malfunction." She forced on a confident smile and used her human leg to stand up, dragging the cybernetic one slightly behind. Just a few loosened screws, hopefully that was all.

"Uh, I'm Dynis, as you might already know." She nodded in greeting to the other companions. "I'd prefer if we got out of here before more in depth introductions." She did not doubt that the Eclipse would be on their tail soon.
Commander Shepard nodded. He lead the group ahead, Garrus scooping Dynis up.
"Sorry, time's of the essence. You can call me rude later."

While on the shuttle back to the Normandy, they had a moment to breath and get things sorted.
Dynis let out a surprised sound as she was picked up. That had not happened to her in quite a while, since she was a little kid to be precise. Besides with all that metal now being a part of her, she was not the lightest person around. Though, Turians had to be stronger than humans, right? Must be those weird bending legs. Perhaps she should have invested in a pair of those instead of sticking to regular human ones.

Back on the shuttle and on her legs again, Dynis took a deep breath, though she stuck close to the window, watching for any sign of the mercs. Perhaps they gave up once they saw the Normandy was near.

"So, I wasn't fully briefed about the mission details, but I heard that you have quite a task underhand. Going through a relay that no one had gone before? Sounds fun." She said, though it really didn't sound fun. It sounded like it would be a mess, but it was also her best choice of staying alive for the moment. No merc would try to snatch her with Commander Shepard around. And if she could sneak off right before the mission, well, that would be a bonus.
"Oh yeah, cleared my schedule of seeing the next Blasto movie and that theme park on the Citadel. This is much more fun," Garrus said.

"You are aware of the stakes of the mission right? There's a good chance that it's a one way trip," Shepard informed.

The shuttle was in sight of the Normandy. To Eclipse, it will have looked like their target and her rescuers just disappeared off the station. After all, they couldn't detect the Normandy.
"Yes, I was aware of that. I hoped it wasn't the case, though." Dynis answered.

The shuttle bay doors opened and the shuttle docked. Shepard and his companions jumped out of it, while Dynis was forced to hobble on. Not her proudest moment.

"I'm going to need a medic and a mechanic." She said with an awkward smile. "I can do most of the repairs on my cybernetic parts, just point me in the direction of the right tools."


Some couple of hours later, Dynis's bruises and scratches were already healing and he was getting drowsy from the pain killers that the doc handed to her. Still, she felt her hand would be steady enough for the time it took her to take a look at the faulty mechanisms in her right leg. She had occupied a cabin near the drive core, the buzzing of it calming her down as she tweaked her mechanic leg.

Doctor Chakwas had not found any fault with her less visible augmentations, vision and hearing, though she claimed she was no expert in the field. Dynis had to agree with her, since her sense of balance was intact and her senses were not impaired. She also heard that Shepard had invested in a procedure to heal his scarring and she wondered when it would be the right time to ask him to use the fancy machine to reconstruct the fake skin on her cybernetic leg.
Shepard was already requesting aid from both Tali and Chakwas before they even docked. Over the course of repair, Tali had come to like Dynis. Seeing some relation in how both of their lives depended on technological aid.

In the days that followed, Garrus had remained where he was most comfortable, in the Normandy's main gun. While Garrus didn't love a fight to the same level of Grunt, even if he did enjoy it more than he liked to admit, what he loved even more were the tools one fights with. Garrus was a man who loved his guns. "Weapons," he chided himself in the head with his drilled in Turian training but the double "g" rolled off the beak better. So it would only be fitting that he'd get comfortable around the biggest weapon he could claim. Still, even his calibrations needed to wait for him to eat. Luckily the kitchen and dining area was just outside. He took a quick stroll down the ramp and turned the corner.

"Gardner. Got anything I can eat without going into shock?"

"Yeah, I washed my hands after cleanup duty this time Vakarian. You can relax," Gardner said.

"I meant the biochemical barrier, but good to know," Garrus said.

"Oh, yeah. I got the stuff the Commander was kind enough to get from the Citadel. Can whip something up for you and Tali. If she ever leaves the engine room." The Mess Sargent went to his work while Garrus flipped on his omni-tool.

"Tali. If you can put your baby down for a nap. Gardner's making something the both of us can eat. And I'm not just referring to quality of taste."

"Screw you, bird brain," Gardner whined from behind.
"Did he just call me a baby?" Dynis huffed, giving Tali a sideways glance, as the Quarian finished changing the faulty wire in her arm.

"No, not you." Tali gave a short laugh. "Garrus was talking about the Normandy." Then, she answered the call and responded. "Coming up, Garrus, though he made that promise the last time too and I spent a full day running detox programs on my suit." She switched off the omni tool and patted Dynis on the arm. "All set, you should have more mobility now."

Dynis grew close to the Quarian over a short period of time simply due to having to ask for help with all the maintenance on her augmentations. The engineers had pointed her to Tali right away and the Quarian was a bit too eager to take a look at her cybernetics, saying that they reminded her of the way the Geth were built. Dynis did not appreciate the comparison, but she did appreciate the help.

"I'm coming too." She announced, following Tali up to the mess room. "I have never seen a Quarian eat and I can't say I am not intrigued."

"Well, thanks. I don't feel like a zoo animal at all." Tali quipped.

"Oh, I don't mean anything by it." Dynis smiled.

They took the elevator up to the dining hall. Tali waved a greeting to Garrus and plopped down onto a chair opposite him, where their quite specific dinners were served. Dynis strolled over to the cook slash janitor, taking her serving which did not look appetizing at all, even if he claimed that he was now using improved rations. Even criminals on a death row got a decent last meal, shouldn't the same logic apply for a suicide squad?

"Don't mind me." She said, sitting next to Tali and wrinkling her nose at her plate. Then she looked curiously to the serving the two aliens had. "So, what does that stuff taste like, anyway?"
"Dry, crunchy, and not half bad," Garrus said. "Of course, how can I compare? The phrase, 'taste like chicken?' Well how would you know if you've never even seen a chicken, much less eaten one."
"Uh, wouldn't that be cannibalism?" Dynis looked at the Turian opposite of her. "Your kind is sort of bird like, after all."

Tali's omni tool started blaring, interrupting the conversation. The Quarian had just started eating, or rather, sipping her mushy green stuff with a straw. She looked down at it and hissed.

"A girl can't get a free moment. I am asking for a raise next time I see Shepard." She said, shaking her head, and picking up her rations to go. "Sorry, have to go back to the engine room, can't rely on humans to keep it stable for ten minutes."

"I'll come by later." Dynis waved goodbye, turning to Garrus. "I have a question. Why doesn't anyone in this crew ever leave their cabins? I've never seen more than two people together here for a meal. What do you do cramped up in there the whole day?"
"Calibrations mainly," Garrus answered as he sipped from his cylinder. "If we're really going after the Collectors, who already destroyed the Normandy once, this ship's main gun needs to be honed to perfection. I just happen to be obsessive enough on my own weapon that calibrating the cannon suits me just fine. Sorry, where are my manners? Garrus Vakarian." He gave a lazy wave.

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