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Fantasy [CLOSED] [OC Fandoms + Originals] Nine's Search Thread

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Nine of Swords

Hi all, Nine here.
I'll introduce myself, list a few requirements I have, and show you fandoms/pairings I like.

About me:
Over 18
Mostly writes male characters (with few female characters in between)
Ghost-friendly (heads-up is still appreciated, but no need to stress out over it)
OK with short replies as well as semi-lit / lit ones (want one liners? ask, I may or may not be up for it)
OK with short term RP as well as long term RP
Not too picky about grammar/spelling, but please be legible and coherent
Prefers to provide descriptions instead of faceclaims, but can draw one if requested
I can do either with or without OOC chatter, let me know your preference
My goals are Consistency > Quality > Quantity, meaning I sometimes send replies I consider less than great in order to reply in a timely manner
Sometimes I post once a week, sometimes I post multiple times a day
I have an illness and may need to be hospitalized unexpectedly, but will try my best to notify you beforehand
I want to hear about your plot ideas too! Feel free to send them to PMs, the worst that'll happen is that I'll say no, right?

About you:
Over 18, please.
Contributes to plot

Some fandoms I'm interested in (OC x OC only, please).
(The one with * next to it are only fandoms I'm willing to canon with)
Harry Potter
Madoka Magica
Day Break Illusion
Cat School
The Legend of Hei
Now You See Me
Watch Dogs / Watch Dogs 2 (Possibly Legion as well, though I haven't played it yet)
The Swedish Cavalier*
Genshin Impact* (needs to be convinced for this one, can OCxCC for this one.)
Strangerville (That one town in Sims 4...)

Sample in case you're interested
Aldion was a city prized on many things. Nestled just on the outskirts of the Capital, it had a military fort, as well as a thriving market that brought sizable income to the empire. Its historic cathedrals attracted thousands of pilgrims each year. Its roads connected the Capital to the more remote part of the kingdom, and brought in travelers from all kinds of places. It served as a military stronghold as well a comfortable restplace for travelers, a holy place as well as a secular trading town. It was, with all things considered, a jewel of the empress’s crown.

But Aldion had its shadows. This shadow was never spoken of, certainly not in the official halls and ballrooms, but it was always there, located behind the towering statue of Empress Cinthra. Behind the impressive stone statue stood a world of its own, the world of prostitutes and hired knives, of cutthroats and smugglers. The poor and the wicked mingled together there, in the maze of sewers and the winding alleyways; it was harder here to tell who was just and who was not, and indeed the prevailing sentiment, even among the dwellers there, was that everybody who lived in that rut were sinners to a greater or lesser extent.

This was the part of the city that the imperial guards usually steered clear of. But that wasn't always the case. The imperial guards did venture here, occasionally. Sometimes, once in a blue moon, there were businesses considered important enough for someone high up in the throne. Sometimes it was the guards who did the bloodshed, not the dwellers.

Sarael had to believe today was not one of them.

She was walking through one of the shadowy alleyways, thinking about the important business that awaited her today, while making sure she stayed hidden in the shadows. She walked alongside the sewers for a while, then turned into one of the alleyways, past a homeless man sleeping on the street, and darted through the narrow streets like a nervous mouse. Soon she was in front of the empty moonlit clearing, and here she stopped, as if afraid that someone would get a good look at her. It was an exposed space, something she was not familiar with. She hesitated for a bit, but soon steeled herself and walked into the pale light.

As she expected, the place revealed her in detail. Her straight hair was black as moonless night, creeping down just below her shoulders; her eyes were silver-gray like two coins shining just above her small hill of a nose. Her face was small, but the sharpness was still there, and the overall expression was one who have lived through many things despite her young age. The moonlight above illuminated her hands and face; the whiteness of her skin was almost deathly pale, as if she had been buried underground for a long time. Her tattered black robe billowed with the night wind. Conscious of the empty space around her, she nervously reached inside the robe to feel the weight of the parcel inside, as if to assure herself that she was still doing this right.

She hurried her steps and turned a corner onto another alley, this time onto the more populated street, and she was invisible again, blending into the crowds. She walked close to the walls, and then, sensing her destination was nearby, she lifted her head and saw it; a sign depicting a raven taking flight from the tankard. Beneath it sat the Drunken Raven, the tavern that was renowned for meeting places among unsavory individuals. Its location, too, served its purpose; it was nestled just before the Smugglers’ Alley, a part of town that was notorious as a place where you can get your hands on anything.

She walked inside the decrepit building. The stench of sweat and ale seemed to drift up from the floorboards, but she was used to this kind of smell of decay, having ventured into this section of the city many times. A single lamp hung from the ceiling, its flickering lights casting more shadows than lights across the small room. Tables were scattered here and there, and the chairs creaked and groaned as the people shifted in the chair.

She walked up to the bar owner tending the counter, and said without greeting, “Ale for two.” The bar owner, a hulking man who had the muscles of a bear’s, reached down the counter, took out the tankards, and filled the them, all without saying a word. She took the ale and slid four bronze coins across the counter, and went to the table by the window.

Sitting right next to the window, she sat down one of the ale on a seat across from her, and sipped on her own nervously, her eyes never leaving the window. She slid her hands inside her ragged robe – not the safest thing to do, inside this tavern – and checked that yes, the parcel was still there.

The dogs of Cinthra would not come here tonight, she thought as she rubbed the tankard’s handle to calm her shaking hand. They will not be here… certainly not in this tavern. Now calm down…
The Seventy-Seventh Lotus simply cackled at Claire's threat.

"By all means! It would be an honor for me to die to a great Oni such as you!"

Haruki stared at him in disbelief. The man certainly was persistent, sticking to his agenda all the while he's getting choked to death. Still, he had a point of doing what he was doing. He had an advantage over them, one that Haruki could see he would not let go of easily. If anything, the Seventy-Seventh looked like he was in the top of the world, laughing maniacally all the while he struggled to gasp for air.

Haruki shut his eyes. Think, Haruki. Where could the antidote be?

He looked around the room once more, looking for any place where the antidote might be hidden. But the room was unremarkable, other than the long table in the middle, the floating candles above, and the fallen townspeople strewn around the floor.

Desperation began to climb up to his throat. He rushed over to the table, hoping for the slightest chance that the antidote might be there. He began to flip over the poisoned dishes, carelessly tossing the salads and the turkeys to the floor along with the dinnerware. They fell to the ground, the china shattering into a thousand pieces, the cracking sound ringing across the room like tiny screams.

He only realized that it was all futile when he was midway through. Of course it's not here. It's ridiculous to have the antidote right by the poison.

Then, something came into his eyesight. The door. Leading deeper into the temple.

He had to try.

"Claire," he said, "I'm going to take a look, see what's beyond there." He smiled weakly. "Maybe the antidote is there, yes?"

With that, he rushed to the door and threw it open. He saw a spiral staircase, leading down into a very deep darkness. He snatched one of the floating candles and, taking a deep breath, ventured down into the abyss.

He walked down and down, counting each step, afraid to break into a run in case the wind would blow away the precious light. When he got to step 240th, a steel door revealed itself in the candlelight. He reached out to push the handle, but just before he touched it, the door opened on its own, groaning loudly.

Trembling, he took his first step into the icy place beyond the door. The darkness was stifling, and it almost seemed to be alive too, slithering around his arms and legs like serpents. He could hardly see half a meter in front of him with his feeble light.

He was about to take another step when a whimper crawled out of the darkness.

"Just kill me..."

Specific Fandom Plots
(I'm open to doing any of these in a non-fandom settings as well)
Two Aurors, Character 1 and Character 2, were wizards who fought on the side of good, and were one of those who battled against a newly forming group of Dark Arts practitioners. But one day they were betrayed by their fellow Aurors, and were left for dead. Having barely survived with their life, Character 1 swore vengeance, and decided to join the Dark Arts practitioners; Character 2 joined alongside him, swearing that he will save Character 1 from himself and will stay by his side until that day comes.

Meanwhile, the Dark Arts practitioners continues to grow bigger and bigger, while the Wizarding World becomes more and more entangled in a web of corruption...
One fifth-year pure-blood student goes on a bet with a muggle-born student whether he can best his OWL grades or not. Both are fully intent on cheating... but they may have to eventually band together to fight against one honest student, who may sabotage both of their plans.
So this plot could involve two friends (or rivals!) egging each other toward the extremes of their house ideals, which would lead them into some dangerous waters. So two Slytherins getting involved in some supremacist cults, or two Ravenclaws seeking forbidden knowledge, etc.
A Harry Potter plot where two first years enroll in Hogwarts and work their way from there. Fairly simple. I would prefer if this take on a parallel world where the plot of the book didn't happen.
Character 1 and Character 2 are Tuatha de Dannans who work at Dunbarton's Lost Items Retrieval Squad, which retrieves items for fallen Milletians. One day they enter the dungeon to retrieve an item as usual... and come across a room full of Milletian corpses.
(Note: This is not my original idea, it's a mishmash of two different fancomics)
Pretty simple plot. Character 1 and character 2 realizes their perfect life is actually a limbo and someone is intentionally keeping them there for some reason. Now they must plot to escape together - but they realize that there is a third person here in this dream, who may not let them out so easily.
Wizarding World is losing its magic. The muggle world is in danger. Now the Ministry of Magic and the The Eye must collaborate together in a grand heist that will save the world... with only some magical knowledge here and some sleight of hand there.
Rhodes Island is called to investigate a strange new "disease" that is happening in the rural seaside town of Iberia. They quickly discover that this new "disease" that turns people into Terror Fish is related to a cult that is tied deeply with the sea, and the primeval evil down below.
In Siracusa, violent fights between families are the norm. But this time, for factors yet unknown, the fights are more vicious and violent, to the point where several Siracusan towns have completely been pushed to the brink of street warfare. Eventually, the Contingency Contract puts out a bounty to solve the problem once and for all - "Everything for the greater good" - and Rhodes Island accepts the bounty. Their goal: to save as many lives as possible. But in this lawless place where families run everything, even that simple goal might be difficult.
A fire ravages the slums of Lungmen, and Rhodes Island intervenes to provide relief aid to the Infected who lives there. But after a little chat with slum-dwellers here and a little investigation there, it becomes apparent that the fires were deliberately started. And whoever's behind it is determined to wipe out the rest of the surviving Infected from Lungmen.

Specific Original Plots
(don't mind the pronoun - simplified for writing convenience - you are welcome to play as any gender you wish)
(I'm willing to play as either role for most of these)
(I also want to hear your own plots if you have any!)
100 years ago, beings of great destruction, of what could only be termed as "dragons", ravaged the world and left it in ruins. After the costly victory against these destructive creatures, humanity does its best to recover from the trauma of the war in its own ways.

Character 1 belongs to those who have sworn to remember how the days were back then; belonging to the fringes of society, they protect the archives of memories that describe nothing but terror and carnage. They insist that if they forget, another tragedy will beset them again; that without memory, there will be nothing they can do without those memories of pain and sorrow.

Character 2 belongs to those who have sworn to forget those terrible days. Belonging to the mainstream society, they look toward the future and believe that the victory they have achieved is absolute. These are a broad spectrum of people; some of them acknowledge it, some turn away from the memories of suffering, while some destroy it. Character 2 is the latter; belonging to the imperial army, he is one with those who persecute the remembering ones and destroys the last of memories of the war.

But whatever the humans think, or do, the dragons have been long coming. And they are almost here, ready to unleash carnage once more.
Character 1, a god deep in grief and sorely disappointed in the world, spends his last divine power creating a beast that will end the world in 1 year. The god, now a mere mortal, decides to travel the world that is now thrown in chaos; what he sees around him only affirms his belief that what he did was ultimately a correct decision.

Then, one fateful mid-summer day, six months after the creation of the Beast, Character 2 (can be a hermit, a wizard, a knight, or whatever) finds Character 1, saying that he had traveled a long way to find Character 1 and knows Character 1 to be someone who can help save the world. But after everything Character 1 had seen, will he be willing to do it? And how will they manage that impossible task, even if Character 2 succeeds in convincing him?
This is just a half-baked idea, but I thought it'd be cool if we play in a setting where humanity is on its last stand against an Eldritch threat and the characters are kind of like field medics on front lines who's responsible for caring for those who're fighting against an Eldritch threat. I see multiple pairing possibilities with this, like soldier x medic, mentor x trainee, etc.
Welcome to hell's version of Hollywood, where highways are paved with good intentions, and where the only screenings within miles are Oscar rejects. This is where propaganda for hell is primarily made, as per Lucifer's orders. The war for human souls is raging in the realm of the living, and the need for propaganda for evil deeds is at an all-time high; the stakes are higher than ever now, if they are to win the impending battle that will happen on the Final Day.

Character 1 is one of the demons who make the propaganda. Character 2 is one of the damned souls who used to be an actor, and is subsequently recruited to help make the flim as part of his punishment. It does not take them long to decide that they both want out, and together they try to plot their way out of this flimmaking hell...
In the ancient times, dragons have been a cause for many calamities. That all changed when one Arch-wizard invented a magic that can control a dragon's mind; this allowed humans to tame them, and thus came a time of dragon riders. But with the invention of magic, a new calamity has begun; the dragon riders were so powerful that they became a spearhead for terrible wars that raged across the kingdoms.

The Arch-wizard, through a series of defeat and corruption in his soul, becomes the general-king tyrant amassing hundreds of magically-enslaved dragons. Character 1 and Character 2 are one of the last feral dragons left, free from the tyranny of magic. They dream of the ancient world where the others of their kind were free; and so, against all odds, they decide to embark on a quest that will return the world to an old order, where dragons rule supreme above all other creatures. And so their quest to bring on a new kind of annihilation begins...

I realize this is wordy, but the plot is basically two evil dragons wreaking havoc on evil empire.
In a world where music can be deadly weapons of mass destruction, a composer is on the run from the kingdom. He goes to one of the only person he can trust, a bard, and tells him that the kingdom has secretly recruited hundreds of talented composers and is currently writing "The Four Seasons", which is a complicated work capable of world domination if it is completed. The bard is skeptical of this wild conspiracy theory... until the composer shows him "Season of Spring", the first part in the four-part work.
Two Apocalypse survivors try to survive in a world where literally everybody else thinks they caused the apocalypse. Unfortunately for both of them, neither has any idea what has happened, and everybody else is A) either not telling or B) have completely different accounts of it. It's up to them to figure out what has really happened before they become prey to the bigger forces.

Would love if there's some magical girl elements here, or fantasy stuff, like magic or magical disaster. I think both of them each having some kind of trinkets that provides hints of their past memory would be fun too. But that's optional. We can discuss further if you're interested.
Character 1, a newly turned supernatural (either a vampire or a werewolf) is committed to a mental hospital for claiming to be a said supernatural. Everybody thinks he is delusional and needs treatment... except Character 2, who is a supernatural himself. In this human world where supernatural beings are hunted by secret cults and hunters alike, no supernaturals are safe - that's why Character 2 decides then and there to guide Character 1 to the Other Realm, the only place where supernaturals are truly welcome. But the journey there will be treacherous.

Would love to play as Character 2 for this one, as vampire psychiatrist.
A couple of VR game developers go for a test dive in an unfinished fully-immersive VR game they are developing... only to find out that they can't log out through usual means. The only chance? To beat the game, as the game is programmed to shut down once it is beaten. Now they must fight through this buggy and unfinished game and exploit every feature they can to save their life.

For the purpose of the RP we can say that the immersive VR slows down their perception of time, and that 1 minute of real-life time is equivalent to 10000 years of VR time - meaning they have to escape, no matter what, to preserve their sanity.

I think Roguelike/Roguelite genre would work well, but we can also do other genres, like MMORPG.
Think of this as something like SAO abridged.
The cult successfully summons a powerful demon without his memories. Character 1, the cultist, is tasked with keeping the demon from finding his old memory, so that the cult can indoctrinate the demon to their own taste and exploit his power. But Character 2, a demon, is curious by nature and tries to find the memory at every chance he gets.

Alternate plot: The cultist is tasked with finding the demon's old memory, as the demon's true power is sealed behind his memories. Together they set on a journey that will change their understanding of the cult, themselves, and the world.

(If you have your own feel free to ask)

Archdemon x Archangel (or just Demon x Angel)
Angel x Fallen Angel (or Demon x Redeemed Demon)
Warlock x Patron
Timekeeper x Time thief
Mage x Apprentice
A sea captain x A mermaid
Scientist x Experiment
Dragon x Dragon Rider
Nordic Deity x Viking
Dream Giver x Dream Eater
Lightkeeper x Lord of Darkness
Bard x Muse
Also chill with viking / samurai / angel / demon / elf / dragon / urban fantasy stuff... feel free to ask anything and we can discuss

I suppose that is all. Feel free to ask me any questions, whether through PM or on the thread. I will eagerly await your reply.
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