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[Closed]Losa: The Land of Shadows & Aberrations

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Title: Losa, The Dread Domain of Shadows and Aberrations
Game: 5e, forum posts preferably
Player Count: 4-5
Starting Level: 12
Story: "You have been transported to the land of Losa, a realm of almost perpetual darkness. Light can usually only be found in the small settlements that are dotted around the snowy and forest filled expanse. Shadows and wraiths patrol the dark for people who would break the status quo that has been established by the domain lord. Said domain lord is a mysterious entity that has never left the dark castle, which is protected on all sides by impenetrable blackness and inky tentacles. The settlements themselves aren't even fully safe, as shadows flit between the light sources and watch all the inhabitants discreetly. You would be a fool to even trust your own shadow at times. Alien creatures known as aberrations have also spawned into this domain, and they have tried their best to make it their home. You will find that they tend to not be as evil as you remember them being. After all, we are all prisoners of this dark and cold land." -Dimitri Kezkov, bartender of the Fleeting Respite Inn.

Additional: This is essentially a test run, or short game, of the domain of dread I've been working on. Expect messiness, as I'm still sorting the world out. Since it's also a test run, you will only go on one or two missions, and then I'll probably end it. But I am considering making this a prequel to the actual campaign that would take place in this domain. As such, your actions could have effects on the future of the world. Lastly, if more people respond to this then I have room for, know that some of you might not get picked. I will already harbor massive amounts of self imposed guilt from the decision of who I pick and don't pick, so please don't be mad at me and add onto that. :p


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Gonna put my name down and say I'm interested in the premise but if you need to make room for people with less games I completely understand :D


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Hello! I'd be more than happy to sign up, albeit if there are too many people, feel free to cross my name out, I'm in quite a few games as is.

Now as for my character, I would like to make a human named Ivan Ivanovich who wields a heavy crossbow and likes to remind people that winter is coming. If you are okay with that, I'd try out Matt Mercer's Blood Hunter. If not, I'd make a Hexblade Warlock.


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Why not, I put down my name as well. Pretty new to all this anyway so it would serve as experience for me.


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you know what, i’ll put my name down. i’ve got quite a few games though so if you don’t have space for me i get it


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Alright, I've picked the people who will be in the game. Huge apologies to the people that were not chosen. Know that this is just a precursor to the main campaign though, so you will have another chance to take part in this world at some point down the line. I will probably run a couple main campaigns when it happens, so there will be multiple spots. Thank you for your time.
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