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Multiple Settings [Closed] Looking for partners! [mainly original + m/m, but there's wiggle room]


peach prince
About me:
  • My Name is Oliver
  • I'm 17 & a senior in high school
  • I have ~6+ years of rp experience
  • I tend to write 3+ paragraphs
  • I am very new to this site and hardly know what I'm doing so please bear with me
  • I prefer multi-para (3+ paragraphs) but as long as you give me something to work with, I don't mind! Quality over quantity.
  • I mainly roleplay original characters, but I am open to some fandoms (In order of preference: OFF (game), Overwatch, Banana Fish, BNHA)
  • I prefer m/m, but will do f/f pairings. M/f pairings are a fat hit or miss, it depends...
  • I love OOC chat/discussion! Please talk to me about ideas and gush about characters to me! <3<3<3
  • I am also down for multichara!
  • I enjoy plot w/ romance on the side but I don't mind if it is the focus for slice of life rps
Keep in mind these are just shells of ideas and need ooc discussion!
  • Apocalypse
    • Zombies
    • Nuclear (fallout-esque)
  • Slice of Life
    • High school
    • College
    • Summer camp
    • Teen supernatural investigators hobbyists
  • Other (Could play around with time setting w/ these)
    • Gangs/Mafia
    • Traveling circus
  • Fantasy
    • Medieval based and nothing high fantasy. Low fantasy preferred
    • Demons
PM me if you're interested! I will only rp through PMs or discord, lmk your preference. Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day! <3

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