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Futuristic [CLOSED] Dies Irae: Astral Fulcrum (Mecha RP)


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Astral Fulcrum OP1 -「CRY」
Dies Irae
Liber Scriptus
Ludex Sedebit
    Destiny awaits beyond the decayed stars.
    A distant place in a galaxy far away, thoroughly groomed by the ingenuity of mankind’s greatest and worst creations, is plunged into chaos. Contenders for the crown of the stars rose like the inevitable dawn and fell like the passing seasons. From the ashes of conflicts and strife, identities aligned with the interest of inspiring and tyrannical leaders. The corrupted knowledge of the Precursors became a tool for the inhabitants of these spherical isles to strive for the stars. While blessed planets, teeming with life and histories, are their cradles, these folks could no longer remain in it. As homely resources dwindled, many looked to the stars. Space became the new frontier and the proving ground of the brave and ambitious. The brilliant arcanists that founded the Farbanian Empire, and the ambitious technomancers United Kingdoms of Sorento would emerge as the two largest superpowers of the galaxy. Intermittent differences between these two forces for the last three centuries were settled by blood and toil.

    The Precursors, a remnant of the distant past, have left behind a mysterious structure that has been the subject of grand research projects and the source of inspiration for both the Farbanian Empire and the United Kingdoms of Sorento. For some, however, the Precursor’s Nexus became a bloody grail for the ambitious. While the mages, long praised for their contributions to the advancement of technology and society as a whole, were ultimately responsible for the partial restoration of the Precursor’s Nexus. However, in the Sorenti eyes, their predominantly-Farbanian backgrounds insinuate something far more dubious than simply a vested venture in the pursuit of knowledge. Cultural friction and unkempt politics culminated in increasing animosity between Farbania and Sorento, as the Sorenti saw the Nexus as Farbania’s way of gaining strategic and economic control over their home. Having been robbed of their honor and brethren in the recent Yakaban War of Independence, radical movements within the Kingdom gained immense support in the spiraling years leading up to the Pelican Incident. Stirred by the prominence of the magically-superior Farbanians during the previous conflicts, the bitter Sorenti sought to revise the status quo of the galaxy - by reviving their war machine.
    The Halation War
    Following the Pelican Incident in 4030, the United Kingdoms of Sorento declared war on the Farbanian Empire. As one of the bloodiest conflict of the galaxy since the Vysta War, the Halation War kicked off with the invasion of several key Farbanian planets by the combined armed forces of the United Kingdoms of Sorento. The Sorenti, armed with the surgical edge over the Farbanians with their revolutionary armored collosi known as Titans, began to overwhelm the Empire’s combined fleets. Developed in secret by the radical military personnel, the Titans' effectiveness on the field quickly dismissed any grievances among the ranks of their upper echelon. With nationalism at its peak, many conservatives quickly lost support while the radicals gained popularity.

    Within months of the outbreak of the war, the Farbanian’s encounters with the Titans were fatal. As casualties began to mount, the Imperial High Command resorted to emulate the Sorenti’s works but to no avail. It was not until 4037 that the MOBIUS Program finally emerged with great success, but not without its terrible costs of funding and lives. Eager for deployment or perhaps desperate for an opportunity to stem the enemy advances, the first generation of MOBIUS pilots scrambled off. The war would drag on for more than a decade, resulting in the accumulating loss of lives and resources for either side of the conflict. Negotiation attempts were brokered by the United Republics of Meropis, but neither belligerent of the conflict were keen on giving grounds to the other.

    The conflict would escalate in 4045 when the Sorenti and Farbanian forces inadvertently damaged the Nexus, of which was seen as a symbol of respect to the Precursors by the mages, resulting in ensuing accusations and boiling acrimony. Unbenownst to the contenders, a force far more sinister lurks beneath the surface, poised on the ripe opportunity to strike.
    Songs of the Void
    After more than fifteen years of war, the Farbania and the UKS is locked in a stalemate. Rather than bringing the might of their prized forces to bear down upon one another, both powers have adapted to a war of strategic exploits - in terms of intelligence and planned skirmishes. While they both does their best to conserve their forces, Farbania and Sorento are poised to unveil their trump cards to turn the tide of the deadly conflict. On Velika, the capital planet of the Farbanian Empire, the birthplace of the MOBIUS Program eventually became the Aerospace Initiative Combat Academy (AICA) for the second generation of MOBIUS candidates. In a desperate attempt to end the costly and unjust war, the new candidates for the MOBIUS program were given a more-refined augmentation procedure to ensure their overall success and compatibility. As the songs of the void lure the fallen to their final destination, the living must seek to make amends for the wrongdoings of their predecessors. They would become the instruments to bring back the peace stolen from their youth, the young candidates of AICA begin their rigorous training and studies in Aarau. As the commander in charge of the training program at the time put it: “Yesterday’s fairytales are today’s hope.”
Code by Nano
Before anyone freak out about the Manual! 🤯
We will be going through the school arc and cover the relevant materials together
The Manual serves as your open textbook for the In-Character exams and in later chapters - your fall-back guide.
You don't have to memorize everything.
No paniccc! >:
Count me in with Erode, eyes on this, I'll try deciding soon if I want to take part in it, maybe talk to a couple others see what they say. Regardless of that outcome I do like the fact you put effort into the interest check, so many don't do this and leave a single paragraph as the selling point.
Count me in with Erode, eyes on this, I'll try deciding soon if I want to take part in it, maybe talk to a couple others see what they say. Regardless of that outcome I do like the fact you put effort into the interest check, so many don't do this and leave a single paragraph as the selling point.
Okie dokie.
And thank you!

Keen to join - mecha and magic sounds like a fun time.
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