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Futuristic (CLOSED, AGAIN) Train to Nowhere

(Choose CAREFULLY) What kind of setting would you prefer for an RP such as this?

  • Sci-Fantasy - Science fiction with a generous dollop of fantastical elements!

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • Realistic Dystopia - Grim and dark to the max, with limited character powers.

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • True Fantasy - Goblins and Wizards and Dragons - Oh, my! (If you believe in Magic Trains, of course)

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • True Sci-Fi - Anywhere from 50 to a couple hundred years in the future, lasers and aliens galore!

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • Abomination - A little bit of everything, thrown into a genre blender with a half cup of honey.

    Votes: 4 23.5%

  • Total voters
Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Mystery, Supernatural

Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style

Are you worth enough to be saved?

What sets you apart from the others? Is it the fact that you were among the youngest, the ones with potential? You had the capacity to do things differently than the world you left behind, but would you? Or would you simply perpetuate the cycle that led to your exodus in the first place? Are you exempt from the greed of man, or are you a lost cause? Were you worth anything, when weighed against the others? Look at the people around you, deathly silent on the emergency train system. Unlike traditional engines, this experimental prototype was much faster though lacking a suitable storage capacity for human transport. This was a gross oversight in the underground construction of the railway system, as even a portion of the large population of the surrounding city was too much for it to handle without overcrowding. When the time came to actually use the transport, this problem came to light for the first time. People regretted letting the train become dusty and unused, comfortable in blissful ignorance of coming threats. But, they were not at fault. Life had become dull as of late, without joy or color. Most people simply sat in their homes, dazed and confused.

When the sirens started wailing, the citizens did not panic or scream. Families did not push and shove to put their kin in the front of the line, and selfish men gave their spot in line to sickly old grandmothers. Slimy salesmen and kind hearted folk all in a heap, slowly walking down the streets towards Main Station. Even with the motivation of imminent demise, people had lost their will to live long before such an occurrence. What did it matter how they died, when they were already sitting dead in their homes? It was a real question for the ages. Of the 36,059 citizens of Emille's Cove, only 200 were allowed to board and escape. The rest were left in their homes, going along with normal everyday life. They were swept away mercilessly, without thought or hesitation. In an instant, the port city no longer existed.

The train ride was uneventful. Of the two hundred passengers aboard you recognize none of them. Most likely, to distribute the chances more evenly, the ones organizing this entire exodus had hand selected a candidate from each section of the city. Each portion of the city, each with it's own unique twists and turns, had a chance at redemption in the life of a refugee. Would you carry the torch of those who didn't make it onto this sick joke of a savior?

Or are you just another broken man riding the Train to Nowhere?

Caught up in thought, you carelessly nod off. The emotional trauma of being permanently separated from your hometown weighs terribly. Before long, you find the dim orange sun peeking over the horizon had long since moved on, replaced by a cold and quiet night sky. The rest of them had likely already made their stops, but you were still aboard. There were no stops after this one, so you decided that wherever you might be, it would be your new home.

As you take a step onto the platform, you hesitate taking your other foot off the train. Would it be a nice home, or would you spend the rest of your life aching in memorial to your true home? Would you wallow in the past or move on to confront the future? Whatever your decision or conclusion, the other foot came off the train with none of the previous hesitation.

This isn't the welcome you were anticipating. Looks like you weren't the only one without a destination in mind, as some stragglers akin to yourself come stumbling off the bus, in much the same tired delusion as you. The scene outside served to wake them up, however. They seemed to be sailing along the same waters as you, on the same boat in the middle of a grim, orange ocean that spanned miles in every direction. To the right, however, were trees. Pale and dusty, but still a forest in it's own right. Not another human in sight, not even the driver of the train. Come to think of it, you never heard any commotion or break time, though you were sat right at the front of the transport for who knows how many hours.

Checking quickly, you confirm your fears. There is, or was, no conductor at all. The cockpit was dusty and seemingly untouched for years.

Welcome to Nowhere, home of the vast expanse of nothingness and those who have Nowhere left to go.
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Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
Interested? Why not drop a post below, for passing by at least. I don't have high expectations for this, but I'm willing to put more effort into it.
Question? Remarks? Critique? All perfectly valid post reasons. Don't be shy!


Legend of Melting
I'd like to join, if that's alright. I like the desolate feeling and I want to see how it develops over time.

Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
got a bit more traction here than I was anticipating, glad to see people like the setting. However, it'll be very improvisational, as I don't really have a set story yet. I was hoping that would sort of fall into place once we started, like a choose your own adventure book or an open-world RPG. Granted, they all have underlying stories, and I do have some ideas for places and people.

It'll be up to everyone participating to build the world, essentially.

Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
Here's a link to the Character Sheets

I made it a little oddly, instead of just "put facts about your character: here", it's more like you're asking your character questions about their past.


I try
I'm interested! Feel like this story has endless possibilities. Should I just already go to the CS and fill it out?


How right they were.
Did someone way... worldbuilding? also trains
Not sure how to go about a CS without knowing the genre/where this is headed or what the goals are. As in... exploration, fighting, mutation, old futuristic tech, straight-up base-building survival... why this place? Did the train just break down? Following a half-completed and outdated program? Is there something here to find? Was there once something here to find?
I am very sober posting this which is why it makes complete sense

Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
Well the way the vote is looking, with twice as many votes as any other option, Realistic Dystopia is the way to go. It'll be a Fallout sort of vibe, with a much less friendly world waiting out there. I'm not implying Fallout is a friendly world, but in comparison it'll look like Disneyland. Also, just going to say that these questions are giving me some hope for this setting. If someone has a question, they're likely to look for the answer, and that gives them motivation to move forwards.

Anyways, I'm planning on having a mixed bag of locations out there. Anything from a deep and cavernous ruin, to hostile encampments and maybe even a ramshackle town or razed city. Lots of exploring and surviving to do, and lots of mysteries to uncover, so let's get to it.

Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
well we only have one character sheet so far, but the metaphorical night is still young. If you're still interested, get those sheets in soon. If there's any reason for delay, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm rather anxious to get this off the ground, and I hope you all share my anticipation.

Off topic, I'm thinking we'll cap off the players at three or four, likely three to keep the story diverse and equal to all parties involved. Any objections?

Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
we're still accepting players, yeah, we have about two more slots open and ready to go.


New Member
Brand new here, literally signed up minutes ago and was immediately drawn to this. I'd love a chance to join in!

Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style

Alright fellas, showtime! Hope you're ready because I'm throwing the group directly into the thick of it, thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire as it were.​

Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
We lost a sheet, one of our posters had life get in his way. This means we've got an open slot, and while I think a three character RP could work given the right conditions I really don't want to risk having this one fall apart on me. So I'm re-opening this interest check.

If you still want in, NOW is your chance! Don't hesitate, the next guy definitely will not.

This is a link to the Character Sheets.

OOC is linked in the main thread, posted a few comments above. Feel free to pop in for a question or a quick chat.​


New Member
Seems interesting, and if there’s a spot I might as well try. I’ll try to make an interesting character, because why not?

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