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Multiple Settings ~*closed.*~ | (a f// search thread, 20+)

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lover / leaver


"The ex of my ex is my girlfriend"
––ancient lesbian proverb probs from Sappho

I'll keep this brief, I'm looking for one (1) new long term f// rp! I feel far too lazy to write out my wishlist, so you need to be 20+, into lesbian romance, are able to reply once per week, and in terms of length? I don't give a shit. Sometimes it's nice to have a shorter posts and sometimes we'll get carried away and write novellas. What I care most about is writing style. I've been in this biz way too long (10+ years) and at this point I know that there are quality writers at every level of "literacy" (what an inappropriate misuse of a word for a community that seemingly cares about words). If you do a search of my threads––you'll need to manually search my user because my profile is priv––you'll get a taste of what you can expect in terms of types of charas, plots, writing style, etc. If you like what you see, like my plot suggestions (or have your own), and love writing lesbian fantasies, send me a PM *<:^) If you are new to RPN or don't have public threads available, I would like to see a writing sample of some sort.

(I don't believe in "genres" so we can mish-mash as we please.)

enemies to friends to lovers / begrudging partners (stuck together) / angst / drama / dark themes / magic / sci-fi / swords / whoopsie daisy'd our way into this and we will whoopsie daisy ourselves out of this / our memories got wiped/tampered w so now i think you (my former bff) are the scum of the earth / betrayal / past lives and reincarnation / written in the stars / dumbass x dumbass / high fantasy / modern fantasy / space opera / dystopian / cyberpunk / dragons / mythology / ice queen x lovable weirdo / betrayal / corruption / gay revenge / slow burn that's so slow ur worried the ship won't sail / betrayal / prophecies /

(All of these ideas can be tweaked!)
TIRED GRAD STUDENTS ACCIDENTALLY OPEN A PORTAL TO HELL: Two graduate students who are way too tired and underpaid work in the lab of some big-shot asshole researcher at their very pretentious/prestigious university. They worked way too hard to get there, however, so they just deal. What's six years of their life, right? Anyway, while working in the lab late one night, they accidentally open a portal to Hell and, in a desperate attempt to save their own lives, they make a deal with the (sexy) Devil who is now using them to wreak havoc upon humanity. Her larger goals remain mysterious, but she seems to like putting the two tired grad students in increasingly fucked up situations. Maybe she's just messing with them? Maybe she's got a plot for world domination? Who knows! Certainly not the grad students who are just trying to stay alive and justify their increasingly fucked up actions : D Is it really worth it to stay alive if it means burning down the Upper East Side? Fighting the guardians at Eden to steal the Forbidden Fruit? Forsaking their own guardian angels? Acquiring access to a supply of demonic magic that will help (?) them defend their dissertations while the world burns? Only time will tell.

The characters will probably be a little bit morally reprehensible and I suspect they'll get worse as the plot thickens. Maybe they'll try to fight the Devil. Maybe they will fight God. Or maybe they'll just try to find a way to escape to another dimension? The possibilities are endless!

I WOULD TRADE YOU FOR A CORNCHIP. As it would turn out, a post-apocalyptic world is a great stage for harnessing energy from death and discovering necromancy! Muse A and Muse B are both talented necromancers in their fast growing queendom and they hate each other. It has been this way since they were children and has only gotten worse as they have gotten older. They fight, sabotage each other, and are excellent wordsmiths when it comes to tearing each other down. However, it's also their tempestuous rivalry that is the reason for their magic accolades––not that either would ever admit it. Like ever. Anyway, being the best in the land means that when their Queen summons them, they answer her call. When she tasks them with a stealth mission to overthrow a neighboring nation and install a puppet government? Of course they say yes! Now, it's just a matter of whether or not they'll kill each other before even starting their mission : D

This is super loosely based on The Locked Tomb trilogy by Tamsyn Muir.

plots involving cops (i.e., MC or YC is a cop) / fandoms / exotification / slice of life / realistic / honestly i'm also not a fan of doing a lot of research for a rp. im a believer in winging it and having fun / tragic endings


Different timezone, who dis
Uhhh I don't know if I should post here or pm but ahem YAAAAAAS finally found some good old fxf rp yaasssss, I would definetly be interested in selling my soul to a devil

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    2. Romance
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  • Sub Genres:
    1. Adventure
    2. LGTBQ
    3. Romance
    4. School
    5. Slice of Life
  • Sub Genres:
    1. AU
    2. Harry Potter
    3. Romance
    4. Slice of Life
    5. Super Powers
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