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[Closed] [5e] A Day at the Opera - Cancelled


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Title: A Day at the Opera
Game: 5e
Player Count: 4-6

The story begins as a group of skilled adventurers who have caught they eye of a Loxodon ex-pirate named Omar gather together in Omar's office after receiving a mysterious summons to join his agency. Omar's Talent Agency is renown for taking high price, high profile contracts and having a near flawless success rate. The job he's hired you for is as security for Lady Dimente D'Ayre, a unbelievably talented Dwarven opera singer who has been planning for close to a decade on the delivery of her magnum opus: La luce e l'oscurità who believes that people are out to try and stop her show.

The Opera is a one time event, hosted at the Voice of the World - a magically enchanted opera house on the day of a lunar eclipse. The grand finale will be during the eclipse itself, as the glass-topped opera house goes dark for the final song. Most of the rich and powerful people in the world will be there, and the opera house has had additional seating put into it to accommodate up to 5,000 guests with more expected to be listening from outside via the theaters magical amplification.

You will have a few days to prepare, scout the venue, talk to people, learn more about what threats the lady might be worried about. Then on the day of the event itself the party can approach this however they want. The Lady does not have a solid grasp on money and her father is one of the richest in the world, so there are tiered rewards based on how successful the the event is. The job is to ensure the Opera goes off without a hitch, with Dimente able to sing during the grand finale during the eclipse. If something does go wrong, the goal is to ensure she does not lose face to the other nobles - Either stop it before it happens, or make it seem like it's part of the show.

There are a few outcomes from this I've got outlined which could lead to a campaign, or continuation of more odd-jobs and I'd be keen to explore backstories and the like too. Won't say much more past the Night itself, but there's more going on here than meets the eye. I am starting a new job in the new year so this may end up wrapping up as a 1 shot until I get a handle on that.

World: Intalosa
I've generated a worldmap with a ton of places, so encourage backstories to flesh those out a bit incase we go there. Bolsa is developed and the description is below and in general the main continent is largely the home of good/neutral races, with the islands NW of Bolsa being a bit wilder & and the lands to the west being the home of Orcs and other more evil races. (The map generated appropriately spooky names)

Religion: Homebrew loosely based on The Rose of the Prophet pantheon for inspiration, with the world containing 20 /21gods. You can take one from that list and flavor it if you're creating a holy character - or invent one (there's only about 16 gods on the article). The over arching concept that the universe is Jewel, with each god managing one facet of it will stay the same. Sul sits in the centre of the d20 gem, 5 gods of evil touch one point, and the 5 gods of good touch the opposite - with the remaining 10 spread out between, with some facets of both good and evil.

Initial City: Bolsa
Known as The city of Song, roughly in the middle of the map and NW of the mountain ranges.

One of the oldest cities in Intalosoa it is renowned as a centre of art, study, magic and culture. Sitting northwest of Ernest Pass, its the central crossroads and an established trade hub with routes to the cities north of the Sapphire River, the lands south and east of the Khathurukth mountains and the nations and island tribes all around the Black sea. The city is ancient, and has been rebuilt several times. As sediment grew too high, rather than excavate the citizens have simply built more Bolsa on top of the existing Bolsa. This has resulted in two things: First, many people own basements and have no idea they do. Second, there is a "cave network" below the streets in places - made up of old streets and abandoned sewers .

The City is ruled by one Lord Cargath. Morgenes Cargath is a sharp Human in his late 40’s, who heads up a senate of elected representatives from the major factions, guilds and universities in the city - as well as several legendary adventurers. The city thrives due to its melting pot of cultures, bustling trade from all corners of the world, the regulated thieves guild and the and safety generated by the sheer power of the denizens in the cities famous schools. The central city is surrounded by a massive wall, with long imbued magic defenses, in the centre city is a number of training facilities and colleges for some of the worlds finest military and martial professions, as well as being home to the Ilgolch’s University - the world’s foremost school of Magic. The outer city grew beyond the walls when they couldn’t contain the population, and while at times raiding parties of Orcs have attacked the outer city (damaging the outer settlements) the inner city has never fallen. The inner city walls are protected by powerful enchantments, with the main gates housing anti-magic shields

Character Creation:
No evil alignments. Any official WOTC race/class is ok (with caveats below). No mystics. I will review any UA case by case. This race is available if anyone wants to live their dream of being a sloth. The world is home to many diverse races, and Bolsa being the hub it's not uncommon to see any race there.

Note that this is a highish magic setting. Magic is established and known in the world and this city is a hub for it. Expect there to be measures measures in place to protect the public and nobility from evil magical threats... There is an inquisition in place to deal with issues like dopplegangers or mental assaults like a cult trying to cast Geas on a king. Things like necromancy, evil races etc may have RP challenges to deal with from other NPCs or the city itself - and with the Opera being a high security event (with the party being not the only measure of security) a character like a changeling may even be evicted from the event itself if discovered for instance - so make what you want but plan accordingly.

Starting level will be 4 or 5, milestone experience, party size 4-6. Start with 1 uncommon magic item.

House Rules/Game Style:
This is a mix of full homebrew and improv off random generators. Aim is to have a fun adventure with a focus on roleplay and mystery. Combat may be challenging, and I will likely homebrew a few monsters.

I have DM'd a few games and follow the core rules as much as possible, but I'm still learning and will probably make mistakes. I like improvised solutions for problems, creative uses of mechanics and interesting outcomes for situations and prefer minimal metagaming.

I am pretty active, but I am based in New Zealand so my core availability for combat etc is weighted towards the evenings in my time zone, so while this is a play-by-post via discord and I'm happy to accommodate anyone, I'd be keen to gather as many people who are active in that time range so things like combat doesn't grind us to a halt when it does occur (if every turn of combat requires a day day waiting for me to get out of bed and make a ruling, it might drag a bit!)

I'll leave this up until Thursday and see who's keen. Happy to answer any questions!
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I'll leave this up a bit longer and see if some more players are keen, will need a minimum of 4 :)


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Would you guys be keen on getting started, as there's a few days leading up to the Opera for recon etc - but leave the post open in case some other people want to jump in before we get into the meat of it?

Keen to get rolling but would prefer a 4th or 5th player


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I’m fine with either option honestly. We could at least get characters together while we wait, and maybe someone else will join before we even get started?
But if the others would rather wait I’m fine with that too.


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Actually, I just had a look at my schedule - if we don't get a 4th for another week or so then its likely to hit the holidays (and things get real busy my end right after that as im starting a new job).

I think it might be wise for me to park this idea until the new year - sorry to waste your time guys.

I have everything prepped and I'll contact you to see if you're interested when I do run it!

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