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Multiple Settings [Closed] 2 RP Scenarios [Realistic Pokemon] [Shadow of the Colossus Inspired] [Exploration] [Light Romance]

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Yo! Neoglorian here. I’ve got two scenarios I’m interested in doing, and I’m wondering if anyone else would care to play them out with me.

About me:
  1. I’m a 22 year old Guy (23 as of tomorrow), and I go by Pacific Standard Time.​
  2. I’ve been RPing for a long time, though my writing isn’t the best. I still try though! I use RPNation to try and improve my writing skills.​
  3. 1-2 paragraphs is what I’m most comfortable with, though I try to mirror my partner’s skill and quantity.​
  4. I’m okay with writing darker and more mature stuff when it comes to violence/gore and themes, though I prefer to keep it more wholesome when it comes to romance.​
  5. My favorite writing style is First person present tense, though I also do third person. I will do third person present tense unless you ask me to do something else.​
  6. You can expect at least one response a day from me. There may be occasions where I miss a day because of business, though.​
  7. I have a ‘No Ghosting Guaranteed’ Policy, so you won’t have to worry about me dipping without a word. If I don’t want to continue I will let you know, and I hope you would extend the same respect to me.​
  8. I prefer to play males, though I've played my fair share of females and have no issues doing so.​

What I'm looking for:
  1. 18+, preferably in twenties or older.​
  2. Someone with decent literacy. I'm not expecting an English major or a thespian, but I at least want someone whose had some experience.​
  3. 1-2 paragraphs as an average. It's okay to go half a paragraph during fast-paced action scenes or dialogue scenes, but don't write single sentences unless it's absolutely called for.​
  4. Romance is optional, though I would like our characters to grow together and perhaps feel a little more than friends.​

This position has been filled
1. Realistic Pokémon
[Adventure] [Realistic][Slice of Life/Traveling] [Light Romance] [Doubles]

An RP set in the world of pokemon, but it's realistic instead of cartoony. For example, Pokémon are far more dangerous (fire moves can ACTUALLY seriously burn, and poison/venomous moves can actually corrode or kill you in less than a minute), and the dangers found in the Pokedex entries are real (within reason) and not just ignored because of game logic. As a result of the risks, trainers must be 18+ instead of 10 in order to get a trainer’s license because the prfession runs the risk of death or serious injury. The people in general only keep the more benign/safe Pokémon as pets, and trainers are a bit less common. Getting a trainers license also means you need to have gone through trainer school. I would also like it if the Pokémon themselves were more realistic and life-like (even more so than how Detective Pikachu portrays them). Trainers would only carry a maximum of six Pokémon because they’re realistically difficult to care for, and 2-4 is a more common number for a trainer to have.

Whether the region is a canonical region or a custom one is up for suggestion. I would prefer for us to do two characters each, though I could be persuaded to do singles instead. I have nothing in mind for the plot or the evil team, though I would kinda prefer a new evil team instead of one that already exists.

2. Shadow of the Colossus inspired RP [Exploration] [Slice of life] [Light Romance] [Adventure] [Ancient World]

Eldara is a world at the end of history. The wilderness and wildlife that once flourished in abundance is now reduced to open grasslands, deserts, small lizards, birds, rodents, and fish. Great civilizations once spanned the land, rising and falling with the ages. Now, the stone towers are but ruins, a sorry reminder of a history long forgotten. The last vestige of humanity exists in a small farming and fishing town at the mouth of a river, awaiting the day when the Eldara whispers her last breath of life. Life magic once saturated the world, but it has since been depleted, causing the fertility of the land, animals, and people to fall. The only hope of the world is found in the myth of The Garden of Life, which is said to exist at the edge of the world and can rejuvenate the land. It is no more than a tale, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to seek it out. However, because of the fragile population, any would-be adventurers are forbidden from leaving the village on threat of banishment. This is to discourage people from leaving the already dwindling population.

Our characters (MxF) are two of these would-be adventurers; a couple of hopeful youths who see the sad state of humanity and wish to restore the world. They are banished from the village for stepping out to explore, and with nowhere to go but forward they travel to the ruined cities, finding there the forgotten history of civilization and getting more than they bargained for.

The world itself is inspired by the Forbidden Lands/ Dormin’s Domain from Shadow of the Colossus. The RP would also focus on the relationship of the two characters as they travel and seek out the Garden of Life.

*Whispers* and there may or may not be colossal beings hiding in the world *Cough Cough*
So if either of those Scenarios interest you, send me a DM with whichever one you want to do. I will only be taking one each, so it's first come first serve.
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