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Realistic or Modern Close Encounters

Sub Genres
Adventure, Mystery, Realistic, Super Powers




Each of you has a mother who experienced a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind - an alien abduction. This left the possibility of a Seventh Kind result - an alien hybrid. But the doctors never found anything out of the ordinary. (This may have changed recently.)

The effects of the abduction on your family is up to you. Maybe it drove your parents apart. If so, you may have ended up with either parent - but justify the decision. You may have even ended up in foster care. Or you may have never even known your mother or that she was abducted. (She may have been a single mom.)

You may also be twins. It is possible to be the twins of a pair of Moms, possibly born at the same time, each by each mom. That is, look identical, born simultaneously, but have separate mothers.

Each of you should be in the 19-25 age range. Spoiler alert, you are indeed alien hybrids. The point at which your alien attributes begin to show up will vary. Mental and sensory variations will show up first.

Blank CS
All characters will be assumed to be US residents.

Powers of All Hybrids
Telepathy with other hybrids will not become apparent until you encounter one.
Twin Telepathy will occur as soon as they are able to think, if raised together. If raised apart then it will depend on environments.

***Reading the minds of normal humans won’t be possible. However, all alien hybrids will be able to learn how to read microexpressions and body language, making them excellent lie detectors.

Biofeedback Healing - allows the hybrid to enter a healing trance that can simulate death or greatly speed healing. Or they can hold their breath for an extended period.

Heightened Senses. All hybrids have excellent senses. These are still within human ranges though.

Maternal Genetic Memories - you can enter a trance to dredge up part of the memories of your maternal ancestral line. It will NOT follow the male line at all. The memories passed down are all those memories until the daughter was born and parted from her mother.

Physical - Choose Two:
Heightened IQ - All hybrids have an above average IQ of around 140+. But a very few will have an IQ in the 180-250 range.

Heightened Speed: Able to run at twice human speeds.

Heightened Strength: Twice the physical strength of a human of your sex and size.

Sentinel: A very few have a superhuman sense that reaches levels exhibited by animals, but without the flaws. For example bat hearing or eagle sight. There are 5 senses, so one could use both Physical abilities to have sentinel levels of two senses.

Temperature Tolerance - able to withstand a very wide range of temperatures with less protection.

*May trade the two Physical for one Mental.

Mental - Choose Two:
Telekinesis - varies in strength, but nothing spectacular - the ability to move several pounds, and not at anything like bullet velocities. Exhausting.

Cyberkinesis - vastly more useful in the modern era. Proficiency will require a lot of practice.

Electrokinesis - a more blunt instrument version of electrical manipulation. Not strong enough to be used like a taser. However, this ability also allows sensing EMF and even understanding it. In other words, the ability to hear radio.

Pyrokinesis - NOT fire. Temperature. Again, you won’t be Firestarter, but you could heat up food or drinks, set off a fire alarm, etc.

Astral Projection - astral form may fly or levitate and travel up to 300 meters from one’s body. Electrical fields may impede movement or appear foggy.

Energy Healing - using one’s own energy to heal others. This ability also allows the user to sense the medical condition of a subject that can make direct skin contact with.


Remote Viewing

Retrocognition - Location dependent. You must be standing in the location where the events happened (unless you also have Remote Viewing)

*May trade the two Mental for one Physical.

Literate, 3rd person, past tense.
Decent spelling and grammar
My usual RP calls for a bit of content. I will be relaxing that a little bit. 2-3 good paragraphs is acceptable. But do not be surprised if I write 2-4 pages at times.

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