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Name: Grace Hills

Appearance: A 5'9 woman with brown hair and eyes. Her hair is parted to the left side, but held out of her eye with a clip.

Age: 29

Skills/Abilities: Highly trained in Stealth Infiltration and Close Quarters combat. Excelled in high school classes related to engineering

Personality: A tough, to the point person that doesn't joke around. Likes to get the job done fast, and doesn't take kindly to anyone slacking off

Backstory: At a young age, Grace was fascinated with heights. Giraffes, huge water slides, and especially buildings. Her favorite toys were Legos and other related or similar toys. She once made a tower that reached her ceiling, but it didn't satisfy her. In 5th grade, they hosted a Builder's Competition. Due to her hard work, she built a building. Although it lacked creativity points, it excelled in detail and structure, breaking the school record for highest construction. It couldn't fit in the room, so it had to be out in the hall. She almost didn't win first place. After getting through high school, she lost her father to a rare disease. After a while, she got a new one, and not a great one at that. Her new father was mentally abusive, and crushed her dreams of building the world's tallest building, not allowing her to go to college to pursue it, and instead forcing her to get into the military to "do better than just build pointless places". Throughout her time, she was eventually shown to be good with sneaking and making quick, precise actions. This made her basic training switch to being more of an assassin. Her training made her extremely proficient with PDWs, Handguns and Short Blades

Misc: Allergic to Peanuts, enjoys winter weather

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