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Claymore: Warmongers



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Melody scratched the back of her head, looking up at the sky. It was day now, but no average person in their right mind was going outside today. Melody noticed this, and decided it was time to part ways again.

“Well, It’s time for us to part ways once again it seems.” She smiled warmly at her comrades. Fighting with them by her side was comforting. They knew what they were doing, and were quite good at it too from what she had seen so far. They didn’t hesitate to strike an opening. Hell, they even managed to impress Heele!

Melody turned to begin walking away, but was met by the sight of a familiar face. Well, cloaked face. One of the Organization’s hooded messangers had arrived.

“It looks like you lot were successful here... no casualties either... hmmm...” the man said suspiciously, before continuing. “There’s no time to rest now. You have an urgent assignment. Head to the Capital of Vigallo, Retalli. Your assignment will be to eliminate a Voracious Eater impersonating as the Vigallan Princess. Further details await you outside the city. Now make haste, there is no time to waste.”

“Oh yes, Heele, this is not your assignment. Head to Grimillin for your next assignment.”

Heele rolled her eyes. “Sheesh what a long ass walk. I’d better get a fat promotion for all this crap.” Before the grumpy witch left however, she flashed Amelia a mean look before heading off away from the runts. She didn’t say goodbye.

The hooded man stood in place, waiting to see the warriors off or answer any foolish questions they would ask. He didn’t think they should allow this group of low ranked warriors to partake on this assignment, but the higher ups were taking a liking to the group. Apparently their numbers would be needed for the mission as well.

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Alexandria rolled her eyes at Amelia's actions; she was trying to get Nellia in trouble with the organization now. At the very least, teach her the bad habits she has developed. She sighed, it wasn't her job to keep discipline and therefore left the matter be. "Hey, Melody." She spoke when the veteran waked up to the warriors. Melody didn't speak any real words of encouragement but a half-fast goodbye to them. "Wait... Melody... Alexandria softly cried out for their mentor, but in plain sight of her and Melody was a man in black. The organization was quick to show up this time. Alexandria paused just like Melody did and waited for the man to speak.

The capitol? Retalli? Eliminate the Vigallan princess? They wanted them to take the life of a nation's figurehead, this didn't seem right with Alexandria. The consequences for this mission was extremely high for the stability of the nation and the already bleak opinion of the organization. Either the figure head is unknown to the people to be a voracious eater, or they knew and did not act. This mission would not bod well for the organization if they were wrong. Fortunately, he gave them each a question.

"What proof do you have to order an assassination of a head figure of a nation?" Alexandria asked with crossed arms and tried to imagine how they would have discovered this fact.


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#37 Asteria
"The Capital... Retalli..." Asteria mumbled in dispair. She could barely handle human villages! Now she had to go to a whole city of humans!? With the princess herself being a voracious eater there would be little chance this would be an easy mission. Who knew how much human interaction would be required!? The task would be impossible if she was told to complete it alone.

Thankful it seemed most the group was going. Sadly even that thought did little to raise her spirits. The whole mission just seemed like a nightmare in the making. Asteria, her mood somber, didn't see the need to ask any questions. She waited for the others to finish their business with the handler. Her face rigid and stance tense, one would think she was heading towards an executioner's axe.
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Nellia #??

"OOOOOH!!!!! THE CAPITAL!!! Oh i've always wanted to go there! ol' nellia just loves the place, all the pretty sights and sounds and the fancy clothes oooh! Why'd it have to be an assassination.... OOOH! Maybe I can disguise myself for a party or or or maybe we can sneak in all sexy rogue like eh!?" nellia was already rattling on about her ideas, she was already excited about the prospect of the capital. "Oh maybe the princess would have nice dresses! Wouldn't mind snagging me one, maybe it would even make ME look like a girl for once eh?"

she laughed, but it still hurt.

"So come on ladies let's go! Goddesses above I just CAN'T WAIT!!!! mhmhmhmhhm~!" she practically was wiggling out of her armor with all of her energy inside. She paused and waved to Heele as she left however, she didn't midn the grumpy woman at least. "See yea Heele! have a fun time! gosh shes a mean one, nasty little nipper. Don'tchyea think eh fellah?'[ she regarded the hooded man, but continued talking figuring she was gonna be ignored.

"Yea know, it's no rest for the wicked witches, ere I was wondering if yea would give us galls some quiet time? if we're witches, when do we get our flying broomsticks eh? hehehe~!"


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Amelia didn't make it far before the masked man appeared with new instructions. Amelia nearly jumped. She didn't expect to have to deal with any consequences in her lifetime, but if the man had seen the claymore... what was her name? Well, if he'd seen her running, Amelia would have several things to respond to. Then again, what were the odds? Afterall, he was only human. Humans couldn't even slay yoma. Why were they even incharge of the organization? Then again... who cared?

"♪Finally, some reeeeeal work. ♪ I could always go for slaying a yoma, afterall, that is why I'm a warrior. I will slay each.and.every.♫one♫. I wonder if I can slay enough in my lifetime to even make a dent on their population? Well, you don't know until you try. Probably will be a pretty short life, but I am A-okay with that."

Listening to her comrades, Amelia's smile grew and grew. This was going to be fun infact. Messing with humans AND slaying yoma? Screw Nellia's birthday, was it Amelia's?

"So, illustrious leader, how are we going to handle this? We claymore are not permitted to kill humans, and if we march up and stab her, if we fail, we might look a tad bit bad on the organization. And a voracious eater too? My, my. I prefer small fry, but count me in, even if I had a choice not to. Playing princess might be fun."

Alexandria also raised a good point. Not having proof could be awful. IF they messed up and killed a body double, they would all be up for execution.

"An even better point. A good ambush is the best solution to a voracious eater, but if we have to verify the target, we lose that ambush. Forgive my curiosity, but how do we know?"


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The hooded man had little to no reaction to the two questions, but each were the same. The warriors wanted to know why they were fighting. Perhaps this group had not been trained well enough as trainees. Melody was as dutiful as ever, and Nellia was sleays reliable. The small one... she did not appear delighted to be sent on this mission. She must share his own belief that they were too weak for the task. Amelia and Alexandria on the other hand, seemed to be a bit out of line.

“I struggle to remember when warriors of the organization required justification for completing their assigned tasks. Were you two not prooerly disciplined as trainees perhaps?” The man grunted, before letting out a quick breath of air.

“One of our ‘eyes’ was able to observe the princess be slain by the voracious eater in question several months ago. The monster has done well to always surround theirself with guards, or simply the public eye. The organization risked having to kill humans in order to get to the target. Now, the stage has been set for you all to have an opprotunity to expose the creature. Even if you all fail and die, the monster will still be exposed... I’d hope. However, we would rather avoid a massacre. As I said before, the details of your mission aesit you outside of Retalli. Someone will be there to explain everything in far more detail. Now, get moving.”


Melody was never one to ask questions, but Illia’s desperate attempts to pollute her brain with lies left her thinking too much. This mission would be a great chance for her to take her mind off of it. The caretaker’s explanation was more than enough for Melody to want to get moving.

“Do not bother the man with questions. We just need to do what is asked of us,” Melody stated firmly. She turned to Nellia and smiled. “I’m sure the captial also has padding if you feel you are not lady-like enough. Thought they may be shocked to see us browsing their stores after their beloved princess was ‘slain’.”

Melody smiled to herself and then to Nellia.

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Nellia #whatever at this point

Nellia smirked "heheh, maybe they'll give us a five finger discount or five? I'll have the biggest badonkadonks this side of the continent~! I wonder how it feels with padding? Don't really wear much but a wrap these days with these ladies of mine.

Wonder why I turned so small..." she eyed Melody, then got abit of a devious smile on. "My Melody you really fill out that uniform girrl~.” coming up behind her Nellia started to... get abit handsy, a cat-like grin on her face. " You'd "fill out" a dress rather nicely love~! Ooooh! Seras~! Come here lovely!" She began to descend on Seras with an evil glint in her eyes.


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The handler of the Claymores did nothing to really assure Alexandria about their mission. He gave a half ass answered and tried to admonished her loyalty and discipline to the organization. Though she really didn't care about his attempt at verbally chastising her, since he was just a messenger.

Alexandria just nodded and went along with what Melody said.

The conversation turned towards each of their bodily assets, and Nellia took the cake in being a bit creepy. A worried look appeared on the warrior when Nellia got a bit handsy with their Mentor. "Um... I don't think that's appropriate..." Nellia's eyes turned towards her and a shiver ran down her spine. She never had been fondled like Nellia did with Melody. "Please no, Nellia... I don't want Amelia to get jealous." She backed away from the handsy claymore and tried to shift her gaze towards the smallest woman there.

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Nellia #seriously whos counting?

"Eh?!? Whaaaa? Nah she'll be fiiiine..." Nellia only continued her approach, eyes full of devious glee. "Hmmm, but I guess we should give some love to our brave little friend..." she stopped to muse... Making a note to ambush Alex later.

However, her sights were now on Asteria, he wouldn't start compairing with her, girl was to small to really say anything. "She has no reason to be jealous, unlike me she has youth on her side! Easy to dress up all cute and nicely when your a tiny thing." She seemed to be closing the distance between them, that devious glint not leaving her eye...

What was one hug right? She was adorable! Just a little one~!

...Or maybe see just how much smaller Amelia was?


Who to go bother... "...Or maybe I should go back to melody hmm~! Didn't seem to mind to much did yea love? or did yea wnat me there all along eh? naughty naughty~!"
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Melody was by all means surprised by Nellia’s sudden strike, but didn’t make much of an effort to stop her. She didn’t really care for her fellow warriors to fool around like so, but blowing off pent off stress was necessary for even the most hardened warriors. Nellia’s method was sinply a bit more unusual than most.

However, as she watched Nellia eye her next targets, and eventually settle on Asteria. Of course she didn’t settle for long and Melody found herself locking eyes with her aggressor once again. She didn’t have time for this, despite enjoying seeing a new side to Nellia.

“Or, you can put those sweaty grabbers away and follow us to our assignment. We have much mental preparation to do, as we won’t have the luxury of a high rank warrior to assist us,” Melody stated, pushing Nellia’s hands away as she approached.

“Follow. We have a long journey ahead of us.”


Neverbefore had five claymores traveled so far in one group before. Any travelers the group passed by in carriages and the like were quick to duck their heads and hurry on by. Melody, however, managed to stop one and procure a ride for the group on their way to Vigallo. For the man, it was uncomfortable, but the warriors chatted from time to time. Nellia and Amelia being the main voices.

The main road from Ikar to Vigallo wasn’t well traveled unless you were going from Ikar to Vigallo. Whispers of war between Ikar and Chervertia drive out many of the folks near the border, hoping to stay safe in the haven known as Vigallo. The rush had been going on for a month, now, and hadn’t shown signs of stopping, but nonetheless, the organization continued their work.

When they crossed the border, Melody had her and her conrades exit the carriage. She couldn’t let word of five Claymores coming to town spread to the capitol. The rest if the trip was once again, by foot. Melody ignored any complaints. After a venturing around a couple of villages, and avoiding main roads, the claymore’s arrived outside the capitol.

The capitol was an enormous rectangle smack dab in the center of a lush sprawling grassland. The inner city was filled with tall buildings with the blue-ish gray palace stabding tall above it all. Surround the inner city, was the general population’s realm, where modt every building was either a regular wooden home, or a store of some sort. The streets were paved with stone, and the architecture was far more sophisticated than that of Grimillin or Ikar.

The group stopped about one hundred meters out from the capitol as the sun began to set. An orange glow washed over the grassland like a blanket. An abandoned house lie there, the roof caved in and the windows shattered. Empty alocohol containers were left inside.

Melody entered first, and leaned against one of the still stable walls. She let out a deep breath. They had arrived just in time, despite making an effort to reduce their travel time.

“Let’s take a moment to rest our legs before our next messenger arrives with the final details, shall we?”

Melody paused, watching everyone enter. The house was large enogh that they could all enter without feeling cramped. “Now, I’m sure we’ll hear this again, but this city isn’t found of our kind. If we are found, we’ll be faced with as many men as they can muster. As you know, if this happens, we must retreat immediately and report the mission as a failure.

Suddenly, a higher pitched voice spoke up right next to Melody.

“Exactly right. Now I’m very surprised the Organization sent me you all for this job. However, I’ll assume they know what they’re doing. Get comfortable, and take these yoki suppressors.”

Standing next to Nellia was a small figure, barely taller than Asteria wearing all black. A black hood as pulled over their head, helping to obscure their face. By their frame, they were feminine. By the claymore on their back, they were a witch. They stood holding a small box filled with round red pills.

Melody hopped back in alarm, unable to believe how the warrior had appeared so suddenly. An individual skilled in sensing yoki would find that the girl’s yoki was... shaky... as if it wasn’t exactly where the girl actually was. Would this girl be fighting with them, or was she just a messenger?

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#37 Asteria
It was the first time Asteria had ever travel with a group before. Despite the dread of marching towards a city of humans, the travel itself was enjoyable. No humans bothered them on the roads, having been intimated by such a large group of Warriors. Even the normal harassment of curious children passing by in pulled wagons was absent; all of them cowering in their carts as the Warriors marched by. It was a welcomed change to Asteria's normal travels. They had even managed to secure a ride from a passing human; a luxury Asteria had never experienced before.

Upon crossing the border the travel was once again by foot as the group discreetly made their way towards the Capital. The avoidance of humans and villages was a boon to Asteria's sober mood. If the coming mission primarliy involved stealth, perhaps this wouldn't be as impossible a task as it seemed. Better yet they were now taking refuge in an abandoned hovel; once Melody gave her orders and expectations for the mission, a new voice and figure suddenly appeared. Another Warrior, however she was cloaked in black and abnormally small for a Warrior (not that Asteria could talk much about abnormal heights.)

The new Warrior's Yoki was strange and extremely difficult to read even with her standing before Asteria's eyes. Perhaps she was a Warrior in charge of the Capital itself; operating in the shadows without the humans ever knowing they had a Warrior in their presence. It would certainly explain the Warrior's apparent skills; most of Asteria's senses were still telling her the Warrior wasn't here in the room with them. Walking over to her fellow mini-Warrior, Asteria gave a polite hello and her ranking before she took and swallowed one of the offered pills without hesitation.
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