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Claymore: Warmongers



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Melody scratched the back of her head, looking up at the sky. It was day now, but no average person in their right mind was going outside today. Melody noticed this, and decided it was time to part ways again.

“Well, It’s time for us to part ways once again it seems.” She smiled warmly at her comrades. Fighting with them by her side was comforting. They knew what they were doing, and were quite good at it too from what she had seen so far. They didn’t hesitate to strike an opening. Hell, they even managed to impress Heele!

Melody turned to begin walking away, but was met by the sight of a familiar face. Well, cloaked face. One of the Organization’s hooded messangers had arrived.

“It looks like you lot were successful here... no casualties either... hmmm...” the man said suspiciously, before continuing. “There’s no time to rest now. You have an urgent assignment. Head to the Capital of Vigallo, Retalli. Your assignment will be to eliminate a Voracious Eater impersonating as the Vigallan Princess. Further details await you outside the city. Now make haste, there is no time to waste.”

“Oh yes, Heele, this is not your assignment. Head to Grimillin for your next assignment.”

Heele rolled her eyes. “Sheesh what a long ass walk. I’d better get a fat promotion for all this crap.” Before the grumpy witch left however, she flashed Amelia a mean look before heading off away from the runts. She didn’t say goodbye.

The hooded man stood in place, waiting to see the warriors off or answer any foolish questions they would ask. He didn’t think they should allow this group of low ranked warriors to partake on this assignment, but the higher ups were taking a liking to the group. Apparently their numbers would be needed for the mission as well.

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