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Clara Tyrrell


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Clara Quinn Tyrrell

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Profession: Engineer and Mechanic

Wish: For her parents to get out of jail and to meet them.


Clara, by most can be seen as rude due to her sarcastic and somewhat sassy attitude along with her witty, fast-moving mind. Truly, she isn't very responsible and isn't the most trustworthy since Clara is quite manipulative and is very cunning in making things go her way. This is because she knows people are cynical, always looking for themselves. The only way she can live in the world along with them is playing their game, being selfish. Her headstrong ways in combination with her high intelligence also plays a part in how Clara is manipulative and occasionally a liar

The female is also quite outspoken with her opinions on nearly everything, and can also be un-accepting of others' opinion. Sometimes if she has an idea, she will rush into completing it or will go into action without thinking her actions through as she is rash.  Overtime, Clara has developed adaptable traits both due to her work and her rash actions, and she is quite flexible in any situation. Although when it comes to emotions, Clara has quite a difficult time in displaying them, or being sympathetic if someone is upset. This could be accountable to her trouble in trusting people and tendency to not get close with people, which makes her more distant in the realm of emotions. Expanding on her trouble trusting others, Clara has this sense of mind stemming from her cynical point of view but when she does trust someone, Clara becomes overly loyal and protective of them. She'd do almost anything to keep them safe. Of course, it takes a while for her to reach this stage with anyone.


Unfortunately, Clara only knew the names of her parents and that they were criminals. Somehow, they'd managed to conceive the girl in prison, and the guards chose to confiscate the baby and put her in an area where help was needed. This area was with the mechanics and engineers of all the machines that the humans used. These people worked on both creating new pieces of tech, as well as repairing others all around the ship. Clara was given to them and raised in the workforce by everyone, though mainly a woman by the name of Jane Tyrrell -- the equivalent of an adoptive mother. 

It was found the young girl had a great mind and a knack for machines, she became one of the best engineers and mechanics upon HSS Avalon at a young age. Many felt her talent and mind could be used in better places as it was seen she could come up with creative solutions, think critically and was quite decent with numbers and figures as well. All in all, people found her as a gifted girl who had untapped potential. But authorities didn't want word of her existence getting out for security reasons. This also caused her to lack a higher education, dulling her future more so. Her life continued and Clara's skills and intelligence have only grown. But she also found out about her real parents from Jane slipping up, creating a void in her heart she'd never felt before. This caused her to want to meet them, but of course due to their reputation which she has tried to research, she can't.


She smokes cigarettes, though she's limited her use of the product.

Of course, she has a lighter and stores it with a pack of cigarettes in her pocket.

There is a mouse tattoo on her back, just below Clara's neck.


World Title:  HSS Avalon - The Space Hub

World Description: 

There are many ships that are now roam the stars, though the most important ship HSS Avalon (Human Star Ship Avalon) which consists of a center and eight other regions connected around it. More commonly known as The Space Hub, the ship is pivotal in humanity's survival in space due to its constant technological advancements, and since it hosts majority of the people. Humans began to abandon their original planet once they had the chance, as it was rapidly being infected by a strange disease which killed or corrupted all life in it's path. Some called it the Beset and believed it stemmed from some form of life that landed on the planet from an asteroid impact not all that long ago. Overall, the cause of the death of the planet it unknown and most people alive today have never seen their planet and know little about it. 

Although, humans did come across a planet which had many resources but was uninhabitable. The Space Hub set it's position near to the planet, and set up a mining branch upon it so humanity could continuously grow without material restrictions. Only the people which work in the industry have ever stood on the surface, and they have to wear space suits unless they are in the chambers built on the planet. Using this, the Hub expanded along with humanity's reaches in space, and now there are multiple star ship carriers and more than one planet is used for mining materials -- no one lives on these planets for extended periods of time, only temporarily.

As mentioned HSS Avalon had eight "regions" connected to the central part of the ship. Each of these areas has a different purpose, for instance, one is agriculturally focused, producing and growing fresh food. Another is designed to process the materials that the miners collect from the planets etc. Perhaps the most important is the mechanics and engineers working area, where all the technology is created. This is also where people who repair the ship come from.
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