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Fantasy Claire: The last Dragon Morpher (FULL)


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Skeleton Boi
Ok.... well I am planning to be a Bounty Hunter, who wanders the land seeking either wanted people, or those who break the law

Akkun no Baka

Sweet, am I free to choose what my dragon form looks like. I am partial to Eastern Dragons. Think Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Dragons


Allah is the Greatest
So as a dragon morph, will I have to pick a side in the conflict?
No, I'm going for having a team be formed by the characters. Not necessarily on either side. The conflict is such that the dragon kingdoms don't even know they're being targeted by the human kingdoms in the beginning.


Allah is the Greatest
Next question, how do the dragons and humans feel about dragon morphs?
Just the same as they'd feel about another human or dragon, they're treated with the same respect, abide by the same rules, and any sane human or dragon has the same sense of common morality towards each other.
I got one question. So, you said there's no magic but the dragon shifters have elemental powers. What a point of reference of how you want that to look in universe? so I can have a more clear idea.


Allah is the Greatest
There is a type of beetle that can produce fire from its abdomen. Also, vipers and snakes have fangs that can inject and dispense poisons. Like those animals dragons have natural chemicals in their bodies that fuse together and create elements that can be shot at powerful speeds, creating the illusions of fire breathing and/or other various abilities.

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