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Fantasy City Of Evil Lore Page



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Here is where a bunch of Lore related posts will be made by myself as well as some other users to help with world building.

To start:
A list of Races:
Vampires (various variants)
Witches, Wizards, Mages, Magic Weilders
Night Elves
Angels (variants)
Demons (variants)
Phantoms, Spirits

***Not a definitive list, but a gist.These are common races but not the only ones so don't feel limited to these***


Depressed Optimist

A more detailed map of Demera
The Feral Forest: Where many feral beasts and demons reside. This part of Demera is completely uninhabited by Black Knights or Maxwell's troops.

Poor Villages: After Maxwell's arrival many of the villages on the outskirts were walled off and neglected. Those who were also cast out by his laws or feared living within the walls also moved to the outskirts. Black Knight presence in these villages is minimal unless Raids occur so it is safer on most days, especially for lawbreakers. As a result though crime is much higher in the villages outside the walls and poverty is at an all time high.

Inner Wall Housing: Those who are not cast out or can afford it, live within the walls. Black Knight presence is much higher in this area, usually patrols, but sometimes standing guard looking for signs of lawbreaking. The closer to the castle you live the more wealthy you probably are, or you are a higher ranking Black Knight. Most who oppose the King live further from the castle in order to more easily avoid punishment for law breaking

Shops District: The shops district has many taverns and grocery sales. Meats. Blood for vampires. Clothing. Potion or magical ingredients. The Shops District has high Black Knight presence as many items and wares were banned under Maxwell's reign. Black Knights usually look for signs of illegal sales.

Business District: The business district is similar to the shops district although rather than clothes and ingredients, usually there are more Inns, Taverns, Smiths (blacksmiths, armorsmiths, etc.), permits, passes, etc. Black Knight presence is a medium level here usually, which is why a lot of underground business and rebel talks go on here.

Marketplace: Usually for cheaper purchases of herbs or fish, or meats, perhaps jewlery of lower quality, the marketplace is the spot. These are an abundance of stands with various items for sale, usually poor villagers trying to make enough to move into the city or make ends meat. Black Knight Presence here is low to medium depending on the day

Harbor: Only authorized personnel can access the harbor. These include fishermen/women, traders, or more wealthy inhabitants. Black Knight presence is high here

Execution Square: Quite simply, where the hangings, burnings, beheadings, or other forms of public execution occur. It is a very open space. Black Knight presence is always high here due to many citizens trying to stop executions or escape.

Royal Guard Manors: Each Royal Guard of Maxwell's has their own manor, fir with a large portion of land and black knight guards. The Royal Guards have free reign and access to this area and can bring in and out whoever they see fit

Castle: A massive fortress at the center of Demera. This is where Maxwell Amadeus resides. The castle and Royal Manor grounds have the highest number of Black Knight troops. Rebel spies have reported that new Black Knight pawns often march out of the Castle but mysteriously, no one ever goes in to get recruited. Strange shipments have also often been delivered to the Castle. Only Royal Guards, higher ranking Black Knights, and Maxwell are allowed to roam the castle.


Depressed Optimist
Information about the world at large:
-For centuries most kingdoms are tolerant of all races. Very few kingdoms have a majority race. Two notable kingdoms that have a majority are Khorenwall, to the far west, which is predominantly vampires, and to the North, Noorsgard, which has a predominantly Dwarven, and Dark Elf population.

-There were 12 kingdoms to begin with before the war. The kingdoms all circled around the continent, and one single kingdom is located in the middle, which serves as a meeting point for all the other kingdoms (think United Nations), to discuss politics, war, truces, trade, or other important matters.

-The war has been suspended in a truce. Three eastern kingdoms were destroyed, but not as a result of war, but another unknown entity. Rumors claim that the three eastern kingdoms were destroyed by Demera's new king Maxwell Amadeus

-There are feral demons/beasts throughout the entire continent outside of almost all of the kingdoms.

-To the east there is a large stretch of wasteland. No villages, towns, or kingdoms are found here.

- After Maxwell Amadeus' self coronation in Demera, the war was put to a truce. All the nations are now debating how to approach Demera. Some kingdoms side with Maxwell, while others think he is a threat to the continent as a whole. Nation leaders are debating whether to go and meet the new King, or whether to meet in private with each other to discuss how to attack Demera.

-The continent is surrounded by water on each side, with only rivers and large lakes scattered throughout. Demera, Khorenwall, Noorsgard, and the now destroyed Zhangshi are the four kingdoms that have the most direct access to the ocean.

~More information to come~
The Black Knights


Depressed Optimist
The Black Knights were first seen in the East, attacking one of the Eastern Kingdoms. The Black Knights have a hierarchy arranged by their leader Maxwell Amadeus. The hierarchy goes as follows:

  • Pawns: The most common of the Black Knights. For every pawn that is killed, more seem to replace them. Pawns are known to not speak often, or at all. They all wear plain black armor, wield a sword, or spear, sometimes a shield. There are many claims to what is under the helmet of pawns. Some say that upon removing Pawns' helmets they discover there is no body. Some claim they see spirits leave the armor upon defeat. Others claim that there are simply zombies underneath. The truth of the matter is that the Black Knight Pawns are in fact souls inhabiting a dead body under the armor. All pawns are absolutely and entirely loyal and under the control of higher Black Knights, the Royal Guard, and the King
  • Rooks: Rooks are usually people who volunteer and undergo intense training to serve under the King. They are the lowest ranking of the non-zombie/"free will" Black Knights. Rooks are usually in charge of patrols, and scouting. Rooks are also commonly picked to be executioners.
  • Knights: Knights are above Rooks. They are in charge of routinely placing a certain amount of Black Knights in a certain area each day. Knights are also in charge of raids, and training Rooks. Knights are known to be very well powered and are picked by Elites or Royal Guards.
  • Bishops: Bishops are usually very powerful, handpicked individuals (by the Royal Guard or Maxwell), who are usually also highly intelligent. Bishops are in charge of the Census Bureau, analyzing newcomers, studying the population's income, race percentage, and living conditions. Bishops also study Demera, and Black Knight reports to see if any new laws need to be added, or if old laws need further strengthening.
  • Elites: Elites could be thought of as Generals. They are usually in charge of bigger raids, larger battles, strategic placement or enforcement within Demera, and also scouting the outskirts of Demera/the continent. Elites are also in charge of searching the Black Knight ranks for defective members, and crushing signs of rebellion. Elites are usually stronger individuals, and also highly intelligent, with a very good background of loyalty to the King
  • Royal Guard: The Royal Guard could be thought of as the princes and princesses of the Amadeus Army. Maxwell is always sure that there are eight Royal Guards. They all are usually equal to Maxwell in strength, power, or intelligence. These are individuals hand picked by Maxwell to be his most loyal and dangerous protectors. Royal Guards have free reign on the kingdom as long as it doesn't hurt Maxwell's plans. Royal Guards have their own manors within the Castle Grounds. They have full authority over every Black Knight and are allowed to bend most of the rules, do as they wish, wherever they wish, however they wish.
The Black Knights excluding Pawns, and the Royal Guard, are regularly tested for loyalty or defects. Many of them have been with Maxwell since before Demera but there have been many new additions and loyal followers. Besides the Royal Guard all Black Knights are known to greet his Majesty with respect and formality. Spies for the rebellion report that Pawns seem to never sleep, and new ones emerge from the Castle even though no recruits ever seem to go in.

The Black Knights also are all branded with a magical symbol that designates what rank they are (color based), and that allows them to have control over Pawns. Pawns orders can be overwritten. If a Knight for example orders five Pawns to perform a task, a Bishop can cancel the order and the Pawns will obey the higher ranking Black Knight's orders.

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