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Fantasy City of Blackmore RP

Arch Mage

The Master of all Arcane Arts
This was an idea I began back in 2008-2009, basically encompassing several ideas from the world of fantasy/mythology, I am looking for 3+ players for this idea.

This is one of those "Modern Fantasy" RPs, and it takes place in and around the city of Blackmore, which is essentially any big city, I leave it to the player(s) to add anything that's familiar to them such as fast food chains and shopping areas.

So as far as the story goes, there are two realms the human world and the divine world, all the stories and mythology that have been recorded are real, and now an important artifact from the divine plane has been stolen and threatens to destroy the human world. In order to preserve the balance a sorcerer has been sent to Blackmore to ensure the artifact doesn't reek havoc or the human world fall under the power of the artifact that was stolen, he cannot do this alone and he may know who the culprit is that stole the artifact, someone from his own past.

This takes place in the current year, as far as the time of year and things like that can be discussed. I only ask that you don't god-mod, bring your own villains or you can use anything from the mythological or storybook type villains either way. Pop culture references are always welcome as I feel it presents realism. I highly encourage character romances, but I only ask you let me know if you're going to do them. On that note my character (the sorcerer) is available for a female character to romance. I am always open for discussion on story lines, angles, and the like.


Queen Narwhal
*raises hand* I'd like to reserve a spot in this rp :3 
Also you mentioned storybooks, what if the divine world is like..the REAL stories. Slightly like 'The wolf among us" game but different, if that makes since heh.

and have way more then just the Disney stories.

Arch Mage

The Master of all Arcane Arts
Alright well that was more than I was expecting:smiled:

To answer the question above, yes the storybooks, myths, and famous tales people think they knew are not all they seem. You are free to put your own twists on certain tales, I plan to show an example of this in the opening post.

Oh, I forgot to mention, if anyone is interested in playing my Sorcerer's apprentice, please let me know, same goes if you want to be the romantic interest.

Arch Mage

The Master of all Arcane Arts
You can be if you want, but as with everything you can't be over powerful and you'd have show some weaknesses.

Obviously I don't allow you to play like the pantheon (meaning gods or goddesses) however, if you want to be like a human with divine blood that's except able.

Arch Mage

The Master of all Arcane Arts
If there's any other questions I am happy to answer, I intend to put the intro post up.

Now if anyone has any ideas, I am happy to hear them, I've got a plot in mind but I'd love to see each of the characters and the villains you bring!

Arch Mage

The Master of all Arcane Arts
And it's open for RP, so post your characters and make note that you'll be apprentice.

There's other character spots open, so just let me know if you want a role with my character :-)


Just a Turtle. 50% Hitler.
(Where is the character creation? This is just roleplay recruitment, and you never gave us the link.)

Arch Mage

The Master of all Arcane Arts
Oh dear...you may end up being the romantic interest of the sorcerer xD as he's supposed to be based on a Scottish myth.

Uncle ShortyB

Oh noooooooooo
Is it too late to get in on this? I've got an idea for a halfling (Human/Dwergaz. None of those tree dwelling ninnies who think nature is the best).

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