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Realistic or Modern Cities Never Sleep: Character Sheets


Chimney Swift

i am confusion
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Welcome to the Character Sheet Submission thread for Cities Never Sleep.

You're welcome to use any sort of coding format you like, if that's your thing! But make sure you include the following at the very least:

Age/DOB (14 minimum)
Occupation (Including school grade if applicable)
Personality (Likes/Dislikes, etc.)
Biography (At least 2 paragraphs)

This is not first come first serve and not everyone who submits a character is guaranteed acceptance. Characters will be judged on creativity, writing quality, and appropriateness to the setting. If your character isn't accepted, you're always welcome to make edits and try again.



  • filler




    • ashley.

      break my heart

      song name

      artist name

      character name

      Ashley Elizabeth Park


      Ash, Dodo


      14(October 9)



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  • 1UJ-qqPu-ufA9fMrkWqnVZ3NiqJ2-fquFlpuiEHdFTZ2n1lTXuFUE4B94EvEMlJ2c16mznybZ0L4cKYYPHR3Rq_l_qlLv9x2cGvJFvxDwCClTlpmm8bLc77UgyD7Kj1nH9reTBLN0Y7hDOKqwwE

    ★ ! ⌗ FULL NAME : charlotte yanina vodianova

    ★ ! ⌗ NICKNAMES : charlie

    ★ ! ⌗ AGE : 14 (student)

    ★ ! ⌗ GENDER : cis female

    ★ ! ⌗ PRONOUNS : she/her

    ★ ! ⌗ SEXUALITY : bisexual

    ★ ! ⌗ NATIONALITY : russian american

    ★ ! ⌗ ETHNICITY : russian, german, american


    𔘓 -⠀᪤ APPEARANCE : - ★

    ★ ! ⌗ HEIGHT : 5’5

    ★ ! ⌗ PHYSIQUE : thin, boyish, lanky

    ★ ! ⌗ EYE COLOR : blue w/ specks of hazel

    ★ ! ⌗ HAIR COLOR : naturally light brown almost blonde

    ★ ! ⌗ HAIR STYLES : usually down plastered over her face

    ★ ! ⌗ OTHER FEATURES : dirty blonde eyelashes she hates, as she feels they drown out her face. a knick on her left ear–a bad haircut her older brother gave her as kids.

    ★ ! ⌗ BODY MODIFICATIONS : pierced earlobes for now.

    ★ ! ⌗ WARDROBE STYLE : awkward boyish style as she’s not very knowledgable in fashion. big hoodies & jackets. baggy jeans–sometimes cargo pants. scuffed black or blue converse–the only shoes she has as of now. button-up short-sleeves with vests over & very rarely her one pleated skirt to match ( most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from her brother). big t-shirts & knee socks.


    𔘓 -⠀᪤ PERSONALITY : - 𖥦 ★

    ★ ! ⌗ HISTORY :
    *see drew’s history prior* her perception of growing up was almost ghost-like. she was never as gutsy and sporadic as her brother, drew, so most of her days growing up were spent shadowing him around until he got annoyed. to her mother though, she was the favorite child–mostly due to her mother’s obsession with outer beauty and she loved to please her more than anything. when their mom left without a word, she was entirely broken and never the same–initially holding onto the hope that maybe someone did abduct her and that she didn’t go by her own will. her relationship with her father has always been strange. as a young kid she was afraid of him often which made her a lot closer to her mother and brother. dealing with her mother’s abscense took a toll on charlie, prompting her to get into bad habits like stealing and smoking cigarettes.
    beginning highschool as a freshman, she’s tried to undergo a bit of a mental and physical transformation. a big part of her longs to branch out at experience life without being so attached to her brother as she constantly daydreams of having friends or possibly a relationship.

    ★ ! ⌗ PERSONALITY : at first glance, she’s eremitic and withdrawn, especially at school as well as soft-spoken–although she’s trying to change that. naturally shy and spacey. always day dreaming. hates school because of pressure and anxiety, however is appreciative of the hectic nature that allows her to indulge in bad habits that won't be noticed as easily as the others–like smoking cigarettes in the bathroom or stealing random things she sees unnattended. very good at hiding her feelings, except to people who may get close enough to know the differences. is truly sweet when she gets past the barrier of acquaintanceship. and though she’s never really had a friend so close before, when she gets really comfortable she can become very bold and a bit goofy–sometimes not knowing where to draw the line between work and too much fun. she’s pretty curious and often wonders upon the why's and how's in life thus making her sporadic and impulsive–something most likely contributed from having drew as an older brother. however very fun to hang out with if you don’t mind some trouble.

    generally feels unnoticed, lonely and lost. this can be attributed to her upbringing. can occasionally get into episodes where she spirals into deep depression, skipping school and and aimlessly existing. she aches for friendships or relationships even though it’s so hard for her to make first moves. however, with good friends and love she's extremely loyal to the point where she'd do anything for them. could be very overprotective and jealous, but would have a hard time expressing it healthily. would fall in love too hard.

    ★ ! ⌗ LIKES : rainy days. climbing trees. school, in a way, as she naturally gets by. stuffed toys. fixating on girls she admires, drawing, skateboarding (though she’s nowhere near as good as her brother), thrifting although she never knows what to look for exactly–walking out with another sweater and baggy boys jeans almost every attempt,
    feeling like she’s included in a group setting, big windows

    ★ ! ⌗ DISLIKES : pickles, straws that don’t bend, getting catcalled, love-hate relationship with cigarettes as she thinks they’re sort of gross but they aid her in times of need, overall picky with food, her height though she’s not super tall she’s still growing and wishes she’d stop, has a fear of being tossed aside in a friendship or relationship

    ★ ! ⌗ HOBBIES : brings sharpies everywhere to doodle whenever and wherever she pleases. secretly an avid tumblr user. reads fictional or graphic novels in her spare time. shoplifting, isn’t entirely proud of it but enjoys the small rush.

    ★ ! ⌗ MANNERISMS : bites her nails down until they bleed, a bit of a kleptomaniac, headphones in her ears constantly, picking at her skin, doodling in class or anywhere–sort of a tick she has to carry out anyway when she’s anxious,

    ★ ! ⌗ MORE : she's a bit on the spectrum of asperger's, but was never evaluated.

    her older brother wip
    a friend she's made recently wip



placeholder for now :] !
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To live would be an awfully big adventure

  • filler




    • Emmy

      I was raised by a con-artist
      so i know one when i see one

      Running up that Hill

      Kate Bush

      character name

      Emily Gallagher






      Waitress but takes any job she can get.

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jigsaw please brush ur teeth adn go to bed ok
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      176lbs (79kg)

      hair c.

      Bottle Blonde

      eye c.

      olive Green


      Chemicals have paled tawny fawn into ash blonde, often becoming the victim of boredom-induced trims. Choppy with lacklustre upkeep, pronounced roots are a common feature.


      Unlike feathers of a chatty parakeet or skin of a fresh lime, Rat's eyes take a hue of dark olive; muted, nothing to romanticise, and often tracking others with an intrusive disposition. Watching without turning his head gives a sense of zero urgency, a satiated vulture in unnerving observation.


      Always mistaken for track marks of an addict, scar-tissue spots the back of his hand and inner arm. Against heavy belief, they’re from repetitive hospital IV lines and not recreational drug-use.


      Pierced ears and whimsical tattoos, some nonsensical. 1 + 2 + 3


      Hyena's laugh and a smile to match, he possesses a grin that makes seraphs hiss and spit.

      Their entire manner is difficult to forget. Flairs for the dramatic in voice and movement, waved hands, swoons, and a passion for all things theatrical are quick to get on people's nerves. Everything from his words to countenance, bleeds flippancy.

      When not sporting a chunk of hard candy between teeth, he has a mindless habit of chewing the inside of his mouth.

      At a lanky 6’3, Rat is proud to use most people as an arm-rest. He has mastered the elbow-to-ribs avoidance strategy.


      Wyatt/Fletcher Shears

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  • joshua jones.


    twelfth grade


    the wallflower.



    Hair Natural medium dark brown hair, cut to a medium length.

    Eyes Light brown eyes with a slight hint of green.

    Skin color A light warm ivory skin tone.

    Height 1.78 m (5’10”)

    Weight 62 kgs (136 lbs)

    Build Mesomorph body type with an inverted triangle body type (broad shoulders, thin waist).

    Face claim Hansol Vernon Chwe

    He's sort of just... there. Plain as an arrowroot biscuit.

    & ready for change

    What’s there to say about Joshua Jones? Not much to be honest.

    Joshua came into this world just like any other child. Forced from the womb of his mother, ripped away from the comfort he had only known and thrashed into the dark world. Unlike most infants when born, he didn’t come out displaying his pair of lungs. The doctors feared that he may have been stillborn from how calmly he came out. But, no, he was alive and well. It just seemed that Joshua Jones was just a child who barely made a sound.

    As a baby, he rarely cried. Even when he was hungry, scared, or tired. He had his cues, but he barely made a sound. Other parents would often comment on how it must’ve been a dream to have such a quiet, calm, and placid baby. Andrew and Grace Jones would often exclaim their praises to Jehovah, thanking him for blessing them with such a child. However, the joy of having such a quiet son was overcast by the upcoming new addition to the family.

    When Joshua was two, his sister, Mary, was born. She was the opposite of Joshua. She screamed at everything. Grace was often left in tears, unsure of what to do with her child who used her lungs for all it was worth. There was a burning sensation in her chest that could never be relieved, and Mary was just so curious as to why her parents couldn’t understand the amount of pain she was in. Their eldest, Simon, was left to keep the brothers in line while Grace and Andrew spent their time praying to Jehovah, ministering, and searching for answers on how to help Mary. So, Simon, 12 years old, was left to care for Matthew, who was eight, Aaron, who was six, and Joshua.

    Now, we established before that Joshua only ever used his lungs for breathing. It was the same throughout his childhood. He had been taught from a young age to be present before others, but not to be known. To observe the things around him but not to add to the conversation or disrupt the vibe of the room. Especially while they were at the Kingdom Hall. His parents had been so caught up with caring for Mary and their mission on this Earth, that they didn’t even realise that at the age of four, Joshua was still struggling to get a single sentence out. They had only been notified of this after the school called them in for a meeting.

    With their sixth child on their way into the world, they had to rally up those who attended the Kingdom Hall, asking for their prayers and donations so they could help their son with his speech. As they were Elders, they had their whole life dedicated to their teachings. They lived from whatever offerings came through the others at their Hall. At the age of five, just after his sister Martha was born, Joshua finally started to show some progress in his speech after seeing a speech therapist. But just because he had the means to use his voice now in such a way, didn’t mean he was sold on the fact of using it. He had liked the little bubble he had created for himself. No one expected anything from him because they tend to forget he was even there. There were such high expectations on his brothers who were all in the process of graduating and studying. And on his sisters, his parents wanted to keep them safe from the prying eyes of the man in this world. For Josh? Well, he was just… there.

    He somehow managed to create a safe, secure friendship circle with some of the children at school. Maybe it was because children took pity on him, or maybe it was because they knew that he wouldn’t fight back if they tried to cuss him out for anything. He just seemed like one of those children you could easily manipulate. But those friendships were crushed by the heel of his parents, explaining to him that he was not of this world, and he wasn’t supposed to be making friends with people of this world. Is that why he felt this way? Like he felt like he was just meant to sit back and observe the world around him rather than participate? Children are school were going to birthday parties, hanging out on the weekends, and creating their own inside jokes and messages. Was he destined to live a life where he was to simply watch others enjoy the dark, filthy world they lived in before perishing?

    Throughout his high school years, Joshua remained a wallflower. Observing others, and never really making a name for himself. At the mention of his name, people were often left with a dry, unsatisfactory taste on their tongue, along with the response of yeah, I know him. He’s that guy who sits in the middle row in class. There was nothing exciting about Joshua Jones. He got satisfactory grades, did satisfactory work, and dressed satisfactorily.

    He was never compared to anyone else because, honestly, who would want to aim for the middle bar?

    whats his personality like?

    Although sensitive, Joshua has excellent analytical abilities; he can be quite reserved, but when placed into a situation, he displays well-developed people skills. He is a conservative type, but also often receptive to change and new ideas. Joshua believes in combining the best of tradition and the desire to do good. He is a true altruist, meeting kindness with kindness-in-excess and engaging the work and people he believes in with enthusiasm and generosity. However, he is often meticulous to the point of perfectionism, but can be relied on to get the job done on time. He takes his responsibilities personally, consistently going above and beyond, doing everything he can to exceed the expectations others may have on him.

    The challenge for Josh is ensuring that what he does is noticed. He often tends to underplay his accomplishments, and while his kindness is often respected, more cynical and selfish people are likely to take advantage of his dedication and humbleness by pushing work onto him and then taking the credit. Another struggle Joshua faces is the ability to say no and to stand up for himself. He is never truly comfortable in the spotlight, and feels guilty taking due credit for any team efforts.

    what are his personality strengths?

    Supportive: Joshua is a universal helper; sharing his knowledge, experience, time and energy with anyone who may need it, and all the more so with family and friends. He strives for win-win situations, choosing empathy over judgment whenever possible.

    Reliable and patient: Rather than offering sporadic, excited rushes that leave things half-finished, Joshua is meticulous and careful. He takes a steady approach and bending with the needs of the situation just enough to accomplish his end goals. Not only does he ensure things are done, but that they often go well beyond what is required.

    Imaginative and observant: Joshua is very imaginative, and uses this quality as an accessory to empathy, observing others’ emotional states and seeing things from their perspective. With his feet firmly planted on the ground, it is a very practical imagination, though they do find things quite fascinating and inspiring.

    Enthusiastic: When the goal is right, Joshua take all this support, reliability, and imagination and apply it to something they believe will make a difference in people’s lives – whether fighting poverty with a global initiative or simply making someone’s day.

    Loyal and Hardworking: While it may not be evident at first, Joshua’s enthusiasm does grow into loyalty. He often forms an emotional attachment to the ideas and organizations he’s dedicated himself to. Anything short of meeting his obligations with good, hard work fails his own expectations.

    Good practical skills: The best part is, Joshua has the practical sense to actually do something with his altruism. If mundane, routine tasks are what need to be done, he often sees the beauty and harmony that they create, knowing that it helps them to care for their friends, family, and anyone else who needs it.

    what are his weaknesses?

    Humble and Shy – One of Josh’s biggest challenges is being humble and shy. He’s so concerned with others’ feelings that he refuses to make his own thoughts known, or to take any duly earned credit for any contributions. His standards for himself are so high that, knowing that he could have done some minor aspect of a task better, will often downplay his success entirely.

    Takes things too personally – He has trouble separating personal and impersonal situations. Any situation is still an interaction between two people, after all. And any negativity from conflict or criticism can carry over from his professional to his personal life, and back again.

    Represses his feelings – Joshua is very private and sensitive, internalizing his feelings a great deal. Much in the way that he protects others’ feelings, he must protect his own, and this lack of healthy emotional expression can lead to a lot of stress and frustration.

    Overloads himself – His strong sense of duty and perfectionism combine with the aversion to the emotional conflict to create a situation where it is far too easy for him to overload himself – or to be overloaded by others – as he struggles silently to meet everyone’s expectations. Especially his own.

    Reluctant to change – These challenges can be particularly hard to address since Josh values traditions and history highly in his decision-making process. A situation sometimes needs to reach a breaking point before he can be persuaded by circumstance, or the strong personality of a loved one, to alter his course.

    Too altruistic – Being such a warm, good-natured person, Joshua is willing to let things slide, to believe that things will get better soon, to not burden others by accepting their offers of help, while their troubles mount unassisted.

/* ------ credit -- do not remove ------ */

© weldherwings.

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the bartender

bubblegum bitch

NAME: Katherine Zielinski
NICKNAMES: Kat, Kitty-kat
D.O.B: 1979-05-17
AGE: 34 years old
GENDER: Female
ROLE: Bartender at the Bridgeport Tavern

FACECLAIM: (optional)

  • Kat is willing to overlook a lot of things and not let it stir her up too much. She's dealt with so much in her life that not much surprises or offends her, and she's more likely to laugh in your face than anything else if you were to insult her. But there's always an limit, and treading too close to it for even a second is dangerous. Truly getting under Kat's skin is a bad idea, and if that happens, well… you shouldn’t be surprised if you end up getting pulled in the undertow as a result.
  • It’s always the quiet ones; Katherine has a quiet manner about her. She's not loud or boisterous, though she is prone to smiling and is generally friendly. She has a laid-back, nonchalant attitude with a sweet tone of voice, soft and soothing and very feminine, which has a tendency to make her seem far less threatening than she can be. The troublesome part is that she tends to smile right before she puts someone in their place. Regulars at the Tavern know when someone’s about to get the boot when Kat stops smiling with her eyes, and people who don’t know learn very quickly.
  • Running a bar in Joplin's beating heart means that you get all manner of people in. Running a bar that specifically caters to a certain breed of people means you have to deal with the shadier, shittier dregs of humanity. The Tavern serves them all regardless, and is often a good place to pick up new contacts or conduct new business deals. Kat doesn’t bat a single eye -- she'll even pass off tips or job opportunities to some of her regulars, or if she thinks a person would be right for a venture.


  • Has a chalkboard behind the bar full of tally marks. It’s unlabeled, but every now and again she adds one while she’s working, and seems to take great amusement when she does.
  • Only keeps a small amount of alcohol for herself in her apartment. She’s a massive lightweight, and a little goes a long way with her. It’s quite a marker if she allows herself to be intoxicated around someone.
  • Spends an inordinate amount of her free time playing Candy Crush. She doesn’t have a problem, shut up, she can quit any time he wants.


hello ailments here

HISTORY: Born to parents who barely knew each other before conceiving, Katherine didn’t have the most spectacular childhood. Her father inevitably left her mother and left them both when Kat was still too young to remember. Neither her mother or her grandmother ever actually talked about why, and Kat -- feeling no attachment to the man -- never pressed the issue after a short spurt of youthful curiosity.

Her mother died in a work accident when she was close to eight years old, and from then on it was her and her grandma against the world. As Kat grew up, she spent a lot of time with neighborhood kids and got into plenty of scraps along the way. When she wasn’t doing that, she was helping her grandma do her work, removing and replacing upholstery from old furniture, and moving the heavier pieces around when her grandma couldn’t do it alone anymore. She didn’t have the passion for it that her grandma did, but she still put all her effort into mastering what she could. Passion or not, she had to learn some kind of skill to make money once she was out on her own.

Eventually, in her later teens, she was able to use her wits to earn some money on the side.


Katherine Zielinski.

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the libertine

Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare)
Kid Cudi

NAME: Connor Lang
D.O.B: 1994-11-03
AGE: 18 years old
ORIENTATION: "Straight" but would have a crisis after one "Am I gay?" quiz
ROLE: the libertine

FACECLAIM: Zach Farache

  • Struggles to register his emotions and often doesn’t quite know how he feels. As such, he’s learned to just roll with the punches and take each moment as he can, and if something is too hard to figure out in the moment, he puts it on the backburner in the like, most absolutely not horribly unhealthy way possible. Right? Right.
  • Adventurous, coordinated, and a thrill seeker. He likes trying new things, and if you mention something off-handedly you can expect him with a plan the very next day to do whatever incredibly fucking impulsive thing had been just a joke yesterday. The best way to get him to do something is to somehow imply he couldn’t do it. Spite is an amazing motivator.
  • A bit of a hedonist; if he’s not drinking, he’s smoking, and if he’s not smoking, he’s popping a pill or two, and if he’s not popping pills he’s making out with someone pretty. He very rarely goes further than that, though, and more often than not goes home alone.


  • Has a serious substance habit. It depends on his mood and how much money he has to spare, but he tends to favor anything that can help him relax and forget the world for a little while. Weed is always a good time.
  • Puts A1 steak sauce on everything. Meat, mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn, it genuinely does not matter, it’s getting doused in sauce.
  • Is like, crazy ticklish.
  • Can fall asleep literally anywhere, and will often sneak in tiny powernaps when he can.


hello ailments here

HISTORY: can be as short or long as you’d like.


connor lang.

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  • lost.

    The room around
    us is gone,
    and the stars feel close
    enough to touch

    Hey Little Girl


    character name

    Raevlyn Darrow


    Raven, Rave, Rae




    June 1st | Gemini




    Demi-girl | she/they








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  • ai
    • not
      purely romantic,
      but rather
      agony, emotional disturbance
      that develops into happiness
    code by valen t.
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𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐥𝐮𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐲 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞

Fallin Off.

Duke Duece





Serenity Dawn Bishop.


Ren | It might at well be her real name because it’s the only thing that she answers to. Anyone who calls her by her government name is met with a dirty look and a swift cursing out. That is is she doesn’t walk clean past first.


Twenty (19th April).






Black American.


Ren is currently working as a freelance hair stylist who specializes in protective styles and nail tech. She works from hom.


Currently studying to obtain her cosmology license and a license in barbering as well.




Naturally dark brown, it stops just below her shoulders and is a mess of soft yet wild curls. Ren’s hair is currently dyed burnt orange. Her hair is seems to have a life of its own and doesn’t comply with her often. So she rarely does anything special to it.


The color of roasted coffee beans or sweet milk chocolate. They’re almond shaped and usually winged with her favorite liner. She enjoys experimenting with different type of shadows and eye looks.


On the lighter side of brown, almost honey-like in tone. Her face is covered in freckles and birthmarks of different sizes.


5’8” & 144lbs.

dist. features.

Her many freckles & her every changing hair:


Ren’s style is a mix of things, ranging from edgy to urban to cyber ghetto. She’s always mixing and matching, changing her aesthetic in the blink of an eye.

face claim.





Bitch, thug, degenerate, delinquent, are just some of the things that she’s been called, both to her face and behind her back. Serenity, or Ren as she prefers to be called, takes it all in stride. She merely grins and agrees with those labels, wearing them with pride. ren’s a wild card with a knack for getting into trouble in some shape or form, even when she doesn’t mean to. Ren is the type to try anything twice. she can get pretty wild, especially when she’s under the influence. She’s the wrong crowd that people warn their kids about. She’s a profanity using, fight starting, lawbreaking young woman who tends to do as she pleases without a care in the world. Consequences and feelings be damned. Her level of fucks to give stays at 0% most of the time and she doesn’t care who has a problem with it. She isn’t friendly and has a mean mug that keeps strangers at a distance, just the way she likes it.

Ren is no shrinking violet, she isn’t easily cowed and one to let others walk all over her yes, ren is all bite and bark. She’s someone who rather blunt and loud about how she feels. ren isn’t scared of confrontation, in fact, she welcomes it with a grin and fists ready even if it ends with a bloody mouth and bruised hands. She looks forward to it even, using it as a way to release all her negative emotions, the sadness, the anger, and hopelessness inside of her. Her temper is something to watch out for. Her mouth can be reckless due to her bluntness, it has gotten her into a lot of trouble over the years.

There is no secret soft side to her, or at least that’s what she tells herself, Ren is how she is and doesn’t plan on changing for anyone. She’s a firm believer in looking out for herself. because that’s the only one who has her back. Due to her behavior many people believe that ren is just a brash and unintelligent girl, which is far from the truth. When she’s actually interested in something that she's learning ren thrives and is a fast learner at that. She has plenty of street smarts as well ren isn’t someone who can be played for a dummy or easily tricked. Being forced to grow up fast means that she’s independent and doesn’t really rely on others, she’s a crafty young woman.

positive traits.

Bold, Enthusiastic, Adventurous, Adaptable, Independent.

negative traits

Blunt, Quick-Tempered, Impatient, Confrontational, Impulsive.


Parties, Joyriding, Horror Movies, Stiletto Nails, Gossip, Fighting, Chocolate Haze


Cops, Snitches, Boredom, Mornings, Killjoys, Pushy People



Ren is a prom night baby, having been conceived during her parent’s senior prom. Their relationship was strained after her mother, Rochelle, discovered that she was pregnant. Ren's father was in and out of her life, oftentimes only seeing her a few times a month and after a while, even less than that. Ren's mother spent her time working and caring for her daughter. though their relationship was also strained as she secretly blamed Ren for how things went down between her and her baby daddy. Rochelle was bitter about losing her youth, wasting it on caring for a child all by herself. She would often leave her daughter with her sitters in order to go out and party or do whatever she pleased. As a result Ren was left alone, which caused her to become independent. It wasn't long before she became a street rat, staying out late at night for a few days even, as her mother would often “forget” to pick her up.

Things changed when her father suddenly became more involved in her life, spending time with her and dropping her off to school. Life was bliss. She never complained about the strange people who approached her after school or when they approached them when they were spending time together. Didn’t take note of her father reaching into her backpack for the little bags of white stuff or in her pockets to give to the people. She was only told that she was helping take care of the house, of her and her mother. So when one day she was pulled aside by police and her backpack confiscated, she broke down. She had been used as a drug mule the entire time and her father was sent to prison, never to be seen again.

Ren became quiet for a while, still in shock and dealing with emotions she never had to before. The community she lived in was a harsh one, looking down on signs of weakness. Her own mother did little to comfort her. and the authorities viewed her as a criminal like many other children in her community. She wasn’t viewed as a little girl who had been through something traumatic. As she grew older Ren donned the title like a cape, a shield to use against others.the world already viewed girls like her as aggressive, saw them as adults far before they actually were.



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There will be light

    • Good evening ladies and gentlemen, bring out the actors. You better keep quiet and be good.
      River Malkav
    coded by natasha.