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Fantasy Circle Within a Circle- A Demon's Quest


Dumb, gay, and ready to play
It happens, one day.
You float from the Aether to Nether and back again, a blot of ink sharpening slowly into a curl of a letter, a word. You are a living thing, you're sure of it. Not only that, you sense you were something of some importance at a time. It must've been awfully long ago for your memories to be as hazy as they are, but then again time is no great thing, you've found. Just another annal for you to drift through, albeit one more obscurely, rising above the stars and then dropping down again like an autumn leaf on the breeze. Eventually all of it gets boring. Space and time, Heaven and Hell, light and shade, madness and memory.
Sometimes someone calls for you, and you are entertained for a time before forgetting again and going back to your usual meandering. This time, three people have called for you. How lucky! One moment you are riding the lazy currents of infinite space in the incomprehensible vacuum some know as "Hell", and the next, you are hovering before three interesting doors.


The three shapes stand before you, warping and flickering. It's not uncommon for an interested human to call upon a servant of Hell from time to time, nor is it a terribly difficult task despite common belief. The thing is that the process as you understand it seems to take a lot of concentration and will. More important than any special words or blood sacrifices is a clarity of intent and desire that most do not possess. For your part, if you don't act quickly the summoners' concentration might break at any second and the connection will be severed. You must choose now.

Go through:
[A: The pale pink bedroom door]
[B: The creaky garden gate]
[C: The ornate mahogany door]

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