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Realistic or Modern Chrysanthemum Heights (College RP)

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Call Me Rhys

tick...tick...Andrew Garfield can sing!
Covered in autumn leaves and small town charm, it’s easy to miss Chrysanthemum Heights. A medium-ish town where everyone knows everyone and every middle-aged housewife knows everything. Every visitor is noticed, and no traveler escapes without a couple of “bless your heart”s and home cooked meals. Chrysanthemum Heights is home to a wide variety of people, and a wide variety of subjects. Oh, right! The college. Chrysanthemum Heights University, where -once again- everyone knows everyone. And everyone knows the gossip.

So welcome to your newfound home! Whether you grew up here, are just here for the school year, or haven’t planned on staying, here’s to hoping you’ll have a good time!


Cool. Since lots of people seem to be all over the college rps, I decided to make one myself. And I thought: “what better than to make it a nice medium-ish town in Minnesota?”. So I did. Here it be, my little rp. Honestly, my rps never do well, so I have high hopes and low expectations. Good luck, I hope this catches your eye!

Here’s the Discord: Join the Chrysanthemum Heights Discord Server!

IC will go here-

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