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Lealan would keep the hordes of dolls back with swings of Hokucide, the water shock waves throwing tens of dozens of the small figures back with each swing. Deploying her Matter Manipulator, she would craft domes and spheres of Obsidian around groups of the Dolls, and then flood the inside with Magma drawn from a planet's core, the molten material would quickly incinerate the Dolls trapped inside. Lealan would reabsorb the Liquid and blow more of the Enemies back. "There are a CRAPTON of these things. Any plan to deal with them en mass? Or are we just stuck picking them off like this?" She would continue to keep the rush at bay, forming more Domes and Spheres of death for the hordes.
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I'm not a bad guy, I swear!
Kyou simply gasped in disbelief as Killua literally already forgot his name. He just said it a few seconds ago?! The adult half-demon seemed to turn into stone for a moment as Killua said those words, either out of embarrassment or broken pride, before he quickly slapped himself in the face. Whatever! Focus, focus! "It's Kyou! Kyou Tana, desu yo! And kid, if ya can manipulate electricity, can't ya use it to knock him out, like some manner of stun gun or whatever?" Kyou reintroduced himself, before looking over at Lealan. Ah, right, they still have to worry about the dolls. Eeeeerh...

"One second!"

Kyou then proceeded to place a hand over his bare chest. Suddenly, something shimmered there, as the previous tattoos that appeared on his skin when he synched up with Yamata appeared on his skin once more. They seemed however to be mildly moving wherever he moved his fingers... "Oi, Yamata! I think it's time for yer big debut! Ya think you can-- Sheesh! Sheesh, I get it! Of course ya can, of course ya can!"

With a twist of his hands as if he was opening a bottle of sorts, a shard of something monstrous exited from Kyou's body.

From the tattoo of the eight-headed dragon on his chest, only seven heads remaining on it, as from Kyou's chest- a large serpent exited.

It floated on the air with red skin and scales. A large maw capable of eating anything across its way- it truly seems like some sort of black hole. White fur was going across its back and two large horns on top of its head with multiple rows of teeth. The beast that was the electric head of Yamata No Orochi, Endless Hunger!

With a low growl and a toothy grin, the beast flew across the room, eating dolls whole with no issues, their knifes simply causing sparks to fly across its skin, as more electric shots came from his mouth, and Kyou just sighed. "Don't get too cocky now, Yamata! I don't wanna say how one of the heads of my gramps died to a doll to Hibiki!" Kyou spoke, before slapping his hands together and looking back to the group.

"Aight, everyone?! Yamata No Orochi! Don't worry, he's scary but he won't hurt ya! Now, is that enuff of a plan?!"


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"Wha-" Ben was shocked as he turned towards Megumin. "I thought I heard you. And then I thought my worst fear had come true and- wait, where are we?"

Ben walks towards the walls.

"What are these sorry excuses for obstacles? Is this supposed to scare us? All we need is a baseball bat and they'll be down in an instant."

"Ooooone baseball bat, coming right up!" Agent Penguin exclaims as he prepares to smack the walls of dolls with a baseball bat. "Or would you prefer the jackhammer?"

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Megumin stopped to turn around and lightly embrace Ben. "You did hear me. Don't worry, you were great. And, more importantly, you're okay. Now let's find our way out."

Ben would be the first to nudge the idea of destroying the dolls into the center of her mind. "I'm not too sure. What if these are just normal toys? We could end up breaking several childs' hearts."
View attachment 763498"Don't say I didn't warn you about this."
"Hello Jett. I'm Killua. Killua Zoldyck. I'm not entirely sure how you found me, but I need to find a way out of this maze. Any luck?"
"Oh, hello!" Megumin politely waved to Killua. "My name is Megumin, an arch wizard who controls Explosion magic!"

Soma Cruz & Shanoa

The whole world change in a single flash. Everyone is in some kind of warehouse full of Good Guy Dolls...not good. "Orbeck, what just happened? What in the world are we?" Shanoa asked "And...where is Soma?" Her confused tone dropped into horror. Wesker and Scarecrow may be gone, but Soma is still on the loose. AND THE OTHERS, SAVE FOR LEALAN, ORBECK, AND KYOU, HAVE YET TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT. So where is Soma? He's near the group unfortunately, reacting to what happened in the most fitting way possible.


Enraged by what has transpired, Soma begins to use the Aguni soul to burn the entire supply of dolls, or rather, set the entire place in flames.

"Oh God no..."

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...And then Soma went in to burn the whole place down, causing Lucky to fall from his box stack, and Megumin to cower. The latter found herself ducking for cover, to no avail.

As Megumin tried to traverse through the boxed up Good Guy Dolls, she found that everywhere she turned simply housed more boxes. Every time she thought she found an opening, it was simply a dead end, closed up by more dolls. Rex's goggles, however, would actually be successful in finding not one, but two possible exits. The first was a large shutter door that was just past the field of boxes that was behind him. The second was all the way across the factory, behind a moving machine of some sort. It was a small door, though it presumably lead to the outside. Though, the boxes of dolls did fall over with ease, so that was good.

Also, there was no metal door. Turns out that Killua had been fear gassed too, and for some reason, the hallucinations made you all see a room that did not exist.

Back to more pressing matters, the room had been successfully set on fire by Not-Soma, and before long, a good number of the Good Guy Doll boxes were burning! Of course, this didn't spread to all of them, because the room was pretty massive. Though, as each doll spilled out of the box, as some of you had already predicted, they began to stand up on their own, one by one. And then, as they did so, they all smiled in unison, before letting out a familiar laugh.

Suddenly, a good number of the dolls produced knives that they'd had stored in their boxes, before slowly turning their heads to face the source of the fires. With wicked laughs, they made their way over to Soma. Although he may have been able to fight a few of them off, eventually, they were too much for him, and overpowered even the great Dracula. The knives cut past every inch of his body, and by the time the Chucky dolls were finished, Soma was already dead, having severely bled out.

The dolls then proceeded to turn to the rest of you, lecherous looks in their eyes.

Looks like you were in for a fight.

(OOC: Feel free to GM your own fights with the Chucky Dolls!)

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...Oh, no...Yes, the dolls were alive, and they did NOT appreciate their warehouse being attacked. The good news was, all bets were off, and this was Megumin's favorite kind of attack. "Oh, boy! Small fry monsters!" She waved her staff high in the air, and shouted, "EX-PLOOOOOOO-Oh, yeah, dungeon..." She let the magic dissipate as she rubbed her chin. "Uh, are any of you able to shield the others from my Explosion?-AAAAAGH!" In the spur of the moment, these dastardly dolls had stolen her staff!

"Oh, no you don't! That staff is too important to me to let it go!" She growled, chucking Chuckies away with all her arm strength. Though they nicked at her body, she refused to let a little blood loss stop her, and she countered with spinning kicks.

Meanwhile, Lucky found himself cornered by several dolls, but found it in him to smile. "Scarecrow?" He chimed hopefully, wagging his tail. Maybe Scarecrow wouldn't get away with what he did to this rabbit after all! And shooting them in the battery packs was a breeze.

Take-Over: Toayî, the Entity of Fire
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-Art Credits--

Chiaki Morisawa Fanart [スタろぐ④] by ますぎ, heavily edited by me

Fire Flames Texture by arundel
Dark Vintage Pattern from WallpaperBetter

Divider Set #02 by NorasFed, edited by me​

"If your flames go completely blue, you faint?"

At the little Missy's question, the pyromancer had almost immediately glanced back at her, in a mix of shock and confusion. He was... unsure of how to exactly explain it. It wasn't exactly something that was easy to grasp unless you were to experience or see it in occur in person.

"Well, not... exactly.", he had sighed, glancing down with a rather unfocused gaze, "It's more like, my Soul gets forcefully put into a dormant state. Like, I'm still awake and yet not, really...", his gaze darted around the room as if looking for the answer somewhere in it. Eventually though, Sage seemed to come up with something, "If you think of my body as a car, it's like having two people ready to drive it. At one point, while they're still switching there's well, no one sat on that seat and the car is stopped. I've seen it being referred to as the lock-down before, it functions like a transition. I'm basically left like an empty husk for a while until the Take-Over occurs proper..."

Did Megumin even know what a car was? He had no idea... Her attire kinda reminded him of Hershel's in a way and he, wasn't sure if the cleric knew what a car was either. Maybe if he had read about it somewhere? Oh well, there was a chance that his little metaphor would make no sense to her but, at least there had been an attempt. Again, this wasn't exactly an easy thing to explain!

The Descendant had returned the mage's wave, by turning around for a bit and reciprocating it with an added smile. He had made it as if everything was okay which was, the opposite of the truth. Though it was true that he didn't feel as scared as usual, there was still no saying what was about to happen. Maybe he'd get knocked out again and everyone would be safe but, there was always the possibility that it wouldn't be the case. And that was always terrifying, even more with the threat of the Goddess of The Flames lurking underneath.

From high up in the air, Sage could only watch both the Black Kitsune and the ongoing fight against Wesker, unable to fully engage with the latter as that'd both force the strain even further and leave him open for Kagutsuchi's attacks. He was forced to watch it all with exasperation hoping that would be over soon and having no idea that Orbeck and Shanoa were enacting some kind of plan while invisible.
Unfortunately, however, Wesker had a backup plan and suddenly the whole environment had been engulfed in a bright white light. The young man had raised an arm trying to shield his eyes from the ridiculous amount of illumination and only glanced at his environment again once it had been gone and well...

They had been swapped from locations yet again. He sighed, this was getting a bit old, maaan!

Now hovering merely a feet off the ground, the pyromancer allowed himself to slowly descent by having his wings half-folded and acting like a parachute. As soon as he had lowered himself into the new floor, the constructs had all broken down into little embers in the air behind him and dissipated into nothing. There was no reason to remain flying when there wasn't enough height to truly get away from everything. In fact, they seemed to have been transported into a warehouse of sorts... Stock pilled with more of those creepy dolls.

He didn't like this one bit.

As he had stopped to assess the new environment though, this had been when Sage had noticed something wrong by immediate. He could still feel the high level strain picking up!! Releasing a shocked gasp with a high pitched startled noise, the wall just next to him had caught up in flames, together with the shelves of dolls against it. He panicked realising that he was still there, without getting knocked out and therefore still transitioning! A glance towards Kagutsuchi had been enough to gather that She would never allow him the reprieve of meditating in the corner to calm himself down. He was unable to stop this!

"S-SOMEONE KNOCK ME OUT, PLEASE!!!", desperately had pleaded the terrified Descendant at no one in particular.

Before he could have attempted anything else, Balance Breaker had finally worn out bringing even more bad news. The Magic strain had shot through the roof back to its normal levels and forced him into the lock-down. The pyromancer's panicked expression had slowly melted into something more neutral, similarly to when he had shut off every emotion earlier, and he proceeded to crumble down to the ground as if passing out with a 'thump!'
If anyone had bothered to check, however, they'd be able to tell that despite appearances he had still been arguably 'awake'. His gaze, even if clouded and still, kept being consumed by the shade of blue, as did the flames burning tall nearby. And yet, no matter how much he was called or shaken, there was no response, no movement. As if suddenly in a coma.

For the entirety of the next events, Sage had been in that state, unaware of anything happening around his body. Not the new arrival of an ally, not Soma's rampage, not the attack of the killer dolls. In fact, once Soma had died, the fire that he had caused had all shifted in color, becoming a saturated vivid blue shade with a very faint streak of orange near the very tips that was clearly not going to last. It was as if the fire had changed masters as soon as the previous one had perished.

A pack of knife-wielding dolls would decide to engage with a seemingly easy target, stabbing at the inert pyromancer and the income of physical pain had been the final catalyst for the ongoing reaction.

Immediately, the group of attackers would go up in ragging furious blue flames aiming to consume and destroy even their very ashes and molten plastic beyond just putting a stop to them. A violent burst of even more fire would soon follow, spawning from Sage's location, like a shockwave, forcing everyone near his body to get away lest they wanted to be sent flying and burning with the phenomenon. The pyromancer himself was surrounded by a curtain of a powerful blaze that separated him completely from the rest of the world and then- There was laughter echoing from inside.

It was distorted, malicious...
The voice was still the young man's but it echoed wrong, like a chorus of three-parts getting louder and madder by the second.

, another larger group of dolls, distant, seemed to catch aflame from nowhere before even being able to attack, soon sharing the same fate of the first group,
, and yet a new group tried to launch into the offensive against the curtain of flames, only to too burn merely a few steps along the way.


The curtain of flames quelled a bit, and finally It had stepped forth, passing through the fire as if it was a cascade of water instead. Grinning confidently. Those that had no idea of what was truly going on might be thinking that the pyromancer had gone absolutely insane, as at a first glance It looked no different from Sage whose body It was borrowing. Inspecting the scene for a little longer, however, they'd be able to tell that Its eye color was a new one entirely, composed of a saturated vivid blue with little unnatural flames dancing wildly inside. In fact, as the previously informed ones would be able to tell, this was no longer the altruistic, righteous young man.

No, this thing was a monster that took great pleasure in burning earth and skies alike without an ounce of mercy or care for those in Its way.

It stared at the rest of the group with nothing but cold calculation and contempt in Its borrowed gaze, analyzing each and every one of them with eerie insightful glares. Immediately, It took notice of a couple missing individuals, including Leonardo Watch, who It had the enjoyment of tormenting briefly during the very first time. A shame, perhaps, but not a loss... There were more than enough playthings gathered in the same place after all! Over their shared memories, It too already knew that the Kitsune present was not Alexis, --the one the Anomaly had great care for--, but Kagutsuchi, who It had an unfinished fight with. Though of course, It wasn't going to bother.

All It wanted to do was to destroy without qualms, and whether or not the creature came for its revenge wouldn't change a thing for It. Let her act if she wanted and It would gladly serve her some just desserts. But meh, if she didn't, there was no loss really.

As Its eyes glowed, the entire room would be filled with furious tall and proud blue flames, seeking to char and consume everything in the path. It revelled in the chaos, cracking like mad as more and more dolls and their boxes burned under Its might. Yes, It also knew that there was yet another fire-user in the room... This one with abilities just as powerful and resourceful as Itself. However, same as the Kitsune, It wasn't going to bother.

At least, not yet.

It simply kept waging destruction unhinged and undiscerning, awaiting which of these poor souls would try to take It on this time. Whichever came, well, it should be immensely fun~
Megumin didn't understand all of Sage's analogy, but did uncover the main point. At least, she had some confidence in it. "So you've got two souls, but they switch places, and one tends to go inactive?" With that and what he told her in New Donk being her only references, she could only hope that he would settle, with the main threat being gone.

...He did not.

Now they were all trapped in a world of blue flames, creating an agonizing heat. While the Chuckies carrying her staff had no choice but to drop it as they melted, Megumin was no longer sure how long they'd last in this mass mob...
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As the numerous chucky dolls started to circle around Lilith she looked around them and faintly smiled. “Well if it’s a fight you want it’s a fight you’re gonna get.” A few of them charged after her which she shot down with her spirits, she then went on the possess one of the knives the chucky doll was holding and stab him in the chest with it before going back to shooting at them until they were all killed. “Okay that’s twenty down only a thousand to go.”



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Sora was still thinking whether it was good or not to destroy the spare dolls, but something caught his attention while in his thoughts. A boy who looked younger then most of them there, started to make replicas of himself, he explains it as Rhythm Echos and tells them he’s an assassin. “Really? But you look so young.” The boy pulls out a wet red colored bag as an example as to why he’s an assassin which catches Sora off guard for a bit. “Well, I guess looks can be deceiving. I’m Sora.” He introduces himself to the white haired assassin. “And, you are, by the way?” Right on queue, Sora was too late in asking someone a question again, as the dolls came to live to start attacking everyone.

“TOLD YOU! NEVER TRUST THE HORROR MOVIE LOOKING DOLLS!” Lucky for everyone though, Rex found a two exits out of the factory. “Guys! I’m seeing two exits. One door by the boxes and the other is across the factory. Take whichever route you can.” He exclaimed loud and strong to everyone in the room. Sora nods in agreement and the fight for escaping begins.

Rex however would bring out the Slam Cannon and use the remaining dolls as ammo and starting out other dolls using said doll ammo, one pack at a time, he repeats the process till necessary. They almost overwhelm him until he brings out the Buzzcut and start cutting down dolls left and right while gathering some as ammo, shooting the rest from afar.
Two dolls on the ground start to charge at Sora but he swiped them knocking them back and breaking when making contact on the wall. More jump in the air trying to stab Sora but intercepts by frying them with fire, dropping their knifes in pain. Rex tried to think of an idea after using the dolls as ammo, and that idea would come to light as he watches Sora use magic
“Sora.” He calls out to him. “PLAY BALL!”

Sora hears this signal and grounds some of the doll’s knifes to the ground with Gravity, giving him a chance to grab the ball launched from Rex thanks to Magnet. He controls the Magnet ball with the keyblade and injects a little fire into it, he then starts swinging it around the room, taking out massive amounts of dolls in the style of mace combat, and after taking out enough, he finishes it with off when throwing it a group like a pair a bowling ball, and eventually does a mini explosion destroying the dolls in the ball into multiple parts. Also like a bowling ball, the other dolls from the outside would melt and get flown back breaking into millions of pieces on the wall from the impact of the blast. “STRIKE!”

“Haha, nice! I didn’t even know you could do that!” Rex exclaims excitedly, amazed to what Sora accomplished with his skills. “The path’s clear. This way.” Shouted Rex, making his way to the shutter door with Sora following suite while he uses Blizzard behind him to freeze some dolls for the people who wanted to take the long way out, making their job easier as all they’ll need is a simple punch or kick to break the iced Chucky’s.

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"Um...That's the problem, you see!" Megumin grunted, carving Chuckies with her dagger while two mobs of them played "Monkey in the Middle" with her wizard's hat. "Explosion is a terrifically powerful spell, enough to raze entire castles! If I cast it here, it will take down this whole building, ourselves included! It's the exact reason why I hate dungeons like this! Not to mention, I'm kind of not supposed to use it until my brain gets better..."

"Hahaha! You hear that, guys?! This bitch can't even control her magic!"

"SHUT UP!" Megumin snarled, as she stomped this loudmouthed Chucky's head in. "You goons, just you wait until I'm back to 100% health!"

"Hey! I'm a little outnumbered here!" Lucky's distraught voice rang out. Alas, being a maximum of two feet tall had its disadvantages, and the hare quickly found himself cornered by Chuckies, who jabbed at him like he was a piñata.

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  • Aloy kept backing up, aiming her arrows in rapid succession at the seemingly "endless" group of Chuckies around her and the group.

    "You've got to be kidding me, these things keep coming."

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    @FactionGuerrilla thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore TheElenaFisher TheElenaFisher

  • DARK JAK...

    "Keep me covered, I'll do the same for you, Lucky.

    The dark eco fueled Jak kept ripping off Chucky heads like it was nothing but they just kept coming.

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    PopcornPie PopcornPie (Lucky)



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Lucky, a firm believer in giving others a taste of their own medicine, started to jab right back with both the Paw o' Death's knife, and Michael's knife. He didn't have much room to dodge, though, thanks to all this fire. Good thing Jak-or, rather, Dark Jak-was available to help him out. "Thanks, Laddie. I think I'll fight by your side for a little while. Not feelin' too hot." He padded to Dark Jak's side, his ears low.

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The battle has come, and Gelosia & Righteous are surrounded by masses of the Good Guy dolls. "Sooooooooo, not so Mr. Nice Guy anymore I see, huh? Somebody's having a bad day today." "Today was not a good day. Sorry about this, Ice Cube..." The Demonic looking dolls began walking closer and closer and closer with their knives raised up in the air.

"Now is not the time for jokes, Mr. Latt. It is time we teach these toys to do the Right thing & to stop manipulating these Young minds into believing they're "Good" but allowing these Poor children to sin for the wrong god." Gelosia activates his Hand Busters pointing at the dolls and the dolls attempts to jump on them!

Gelosia starts blasting one by one, number by number, and shouts "36 ÷ 6!" with a big "6" shaped beam shot at 6 Chucky dolls, but then 4 more of them manage to move up close to Gelosia & starts biting on his armor suit.

Meanwhile, 10 Chucky dolls approach Righteous quickly, but before they get at close range, Righteous unties his Black tie, swings it in the air like a bullwhip, and releases it as it wraps around those 10 and he began swinging it on the other Chucky dolls for a quicker way to end the battle in an instant.

In the midst of the swinging, Righteous knocks down a bunch of Toy boxes, and Gelosia performs Punch comboes on each and every doll coming his way. Finally after a minute of swinging, Righteous releases the 10 dolls, knocking them into the rest of the other dolls.

But then it starts getting more serious! 8 more dolls starts jumping Righteous from behind, catching him off guard and attempting to stab him up with their knives rapidly, and Righteous falls down.

"RIGHTEOUS!!!!!" Gelosia shouts out for Righteous who is under piles of Chucky dolls, being very oblivious to the point 20 more dolls starts jumping on Gelosia's armor suit and began chewing on it to hold him off from saving his friend. "AYE! GET YA HANDS OFF OF MY CREATION! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK TO BUILD THIS THING FROM SCRATCH????!!!!"

One doll walks over the pile on top of Righteous & attempts to aim for the eye with a Knifepoint, but then.......

RIGHTEOUS UNLEASHES HIS FULL STRENGTH AND ENERGY & pushes the whole pile off of him. With no scratches, scars, or bruises, except his suit being ripped up due to multiple lacerations & pulling.

"Maybe I should've told you knuckleheads that you're not dealing with any Ordinary human being 🤨🤷🏽‍♂️" Righteous says nonchalantly even after what done happen to him. Then the Good guys attempt to jump him again but Righteous back hands 3 of em, Left hook to Right hook on multiple with one unexpected and sneaky doll in the air to land on him but he uppercuts the doll right on time. Afterwards, the doll who took an uppercut becomes aerial, allowing The Right One to capitalize, swinging the Chucky doll by his legs & slamming him downwards.

Eventually, Gelosia blasts through the dolls holding him down, and Righteous lands back down smashing his fist on the floor, creating Great power pushing each & every doll standing!


Bring out the Apple Cider~!!!

Take-Over: Toayî, the Entity of Fire
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-Art Credits--
Chiaki Morisawa Fanart [スタろぐ④] by ますぎ, heavily edited by me

Fire Flames Texture by arundel
Dark Vintage Pattern from WallpaperBetter

Divider Set #02 by NorasFed, edited by me​

The temperature in the room kept rising without sign of stopping, more and more crazed blue flames spawning and threatening to engulf everything in a boundless rampage of epic proportions. It laughed sadistically enjoying every drop of the fiery chaos It brought forth, appreciating every flare of the embers coloring the whole world in Its ragging image. It was like standing in Its own realm, unstoppable ruler of the blazing inferno! Ohhh, It hadn't had fun like this for a while~!! This was truly marvellous...

Try as they might, those ridiculous mundane toys could do nothing to resist Its fury, melted and burned effortlessly under the flame's might. At some point It had even gotten bored of these children games, spawning a complex, ornate-looking fire lance in the air and yielding it masterfully, hacking away at hordes and more hordes of the annoying things, letting free flame-shockwaves with every new strike.
But what It really wanted to do was see it all to the End. Its wish was solely to have the whole location collapse into burning piles of rubble, then torn to ashes and then to burn even those ashes into nothingness. Its will was to see it all gone. Objects and individuals alike.
Nothing more, nothing less. THE WHOLE UNIVERSE MUST BURN.

And of course, as always someone had come to play~
It was really proxy by now, every time there was a fool that would try to stop It. Very well, it wasn't as if It minded a challenge...

Or even just a little past-time.

Perhaps if Yang had been more stable, she'd have been able to get her hit in, or at least be closer to it. However, as her semblance was burn and Toayî was Fire, as soon as she had ignited It could sense her coming from a mile away. The blonde challenger's punch had been met with an oval fire-shield, spawned in the air just as the hit was about to connect. It was a powerful impact, causing the construct to crack sightly, a sight that seemed to amuse and entice the Entity greatly, filling It with the thrill of anticipation.

"Ohh, now that's some nice pent-up
, It chuckled both playfully and mockingly, merely giving her a side glance.

As It grinned at her, Its eyes glowed and the still-standing fire-shield would suddenly shatter itself into several little spikes of fire, shooting directly back at her direction! It then would take advantage of her distraction to rotate around, now facing her front-front and flexing a leg forwards, bringing Its hands together in a direct strike against her chest. However, it was not a normal blow, as It had released a might flame-thrower from Its palms as soon as the attack had been made! If it connected, the sheer power of the flames would be enough to send her across the room!


Before Yang could even recover from the previous attack, It was already preparing a new one. Three of the same previously seen lance constructs spawning in the air and being unleashed towards her position in incredible speeds; Right, left, then the middle one in sequence. It didn't even seem to be trying all that hard, simply playing with her as a cat did with prey, enjoying the hunt more than its result.

Normally, the Concept of Fire did not engage, at least not on Its own. But the moment you challenged It, oh, then you have made yourself into a target. And It wasn't exactly the kind of 'person' to let a bone go that easily...

It was now dead-set on pursuing Yang to the end of the world if It had to.
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Shit, Yang, what the hell are you doin'-?!

Kyou gritted his teeth as he automatically snapped his fingers to Megumin and Killua, calling forth their attention. "Oi kid! Don't worry about the dolls, the old man's head got it handled!" Kyou warned them both, pointing over once again to one of Yamata's head, who was laughing loudly, eating the dolls one by one- their essence and bodies seemingly disappearing as Yamata ate them, and him seemingly getting stronger. The dragon's head said something about 'being too weak' and 'too little of a meal', but from the looks of it, he got it covered!

"I'll act as a distraction, I can smell this dickbutt's essence from 'ere. I doubt he'd acknowledge anybody but the ones he takes an interest in...So stay put, and act when ya can!"

As such, running about, and kicking and spinning along the way, taking hits against the dolls coming towards him, Kyou quickly made his way atop a small hill of dead bodies of the dolls and boxes with a single and comfortable jump. Landing atop of it, he could see the fight occurring and Yang going against Toayi. God, just looking at the damn thing made him want to rip it off Sage's body and beat the absolute living shit out of it. Hmph. Thankfully, he can control his emotions, but...

...Well, let's see if this fire can stay 'calm' for long enough.

"Oi, dumbass."
Toayi and likely Yang would be able to hear a voice coming from above, as before they could react- all of the fire entity's flames suddenly moved and flickered across the entire room. Suddenly, it almost felt like they froze in time, but...The figure that was hard to catch hold of who it was thanks to the lighting and overall fire pulled out a small, enchanted gourd from his pocket, and by unsqueezing it, something occurred.

All the flames became a bright and comfortable red, showing different emotions that were the complete opposite of Toayi's blue fire. They all moved specifically towards him, entering his gourd, as slowly, he lifted it up, and with the blue flames inside the gourd, the figure, now revealed to be Kyou, drank the flames from the gourd like they were nothing.

In a single moment, all of the Fire Entity's flames were eaten- and became someone else own entirely. Another fire entity. This pyromancer wasn't a pyromancer, but Toayi could feel it. It certainly wasn't a cheap trick or a gimmick. This man...This man wasn't simply someone who controlled flames.

"...Bleh, what a disgusting taste. You call that sorry amount flames too? Jeez, those felt nothin' like wisps."

C'mon, Yang, Killua, anyone, get him!


Shadow Hunter
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With no hesitation at all, Righteous takes flight at full speed & CONTINUES to pummel 5 by 5 dolls at a time, while Gelosia shoots a Square beam out of his palm at a bunch of them. "Damn this is fun. The moment we've been waiting for!"

Righteous allows two dolls to try and hitting him, as he uses them as practice by evading each and every slash performed, then he calmly grabs them by their head, picking them up, and smashes their faces together. "You what army leave me no choice..."

Righteous runs to a pile of Toy boxes, smacking & backhanding any doll in his way, and gathers them up. Then he takes off his cape & wraps the boxes with it. While Righteous was doing that, Gelosia was performing Punch-Kick comboes on them so that they won't interrupt his partner's plan.

Finally, Gelosia takes flight back to where Righteous is, and tells him "Are you ready for the Final destruction? 😁" Righteous gives him a 🤨 look and turns his back forward back to the masses. The Good Guy dolls starts moving slowly & cautiously, giving the heroes more time to plan their Final attack. Righteous firmly grips his cape with the boxes in them.

"This is it Gel. It's time to make history." Gelosia turns his head at Righteous and smirks "Like the good ol' days?" And Righteous nods at him smirking too "Just like the good ol' days". They finish their battle Marvel Vs. Capcom style, with the Good guys sprinting with a strange creepy smile on their faces and both men go *Down, Right, Down, Right + Punch/Kick*


Gelosia activates his laser from his chest while Righteous is swinging his Aerial cape in rotation. And then.......

*THE RIGHT MOVE!!!!!!!!*

Righteous jumps high in the mothafuckin' air, swinging his cape with the Toy boxes, swings it downwards smashing the entire squad who aimed at them. Gelosia blasts every meaning of PEMDAS (Originally meaning Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) such as P for Parenthesis [()], E for Exponent (This having an 8 with another 8 being the smaller number hovered over it, M for Multiplication (×), D for Division (÷), A for Addition (+), & S for Subtraction (-). This blasted the symbols of the words from his Laser on his chest, and both moves were made at the same time, finally getting the job done, but are very weary afterwards...


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"I know I'm being a bit of an asshole telling you all what to do, but we need to stop sage now! Find a way to knock him unconscious as I distract him with my clones! We can save him after he wakes back up. Now, GO GO GO!"
Killua grabs a yo-yo and supercharges it with electricity. He throws it into the large horde of Chuckys and knocks them all out of the way. "They might cover the path back up quickly, hurry!" Killua rops the charged yo-yo and it continues to electrocute any Chucky nearby. But it looks like it wont attack anyone else. Killua follows up with a rhythm echo around Sage, distracting him from the others, preparing to deal the decisive blow. "Don't worry, your gonna be OK Sage. Just calm down. We don't intend to kill you. We just need you to snap out of it!"

@ Literally everyone in the factory


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After taking out his fair share of Chucky dolls, Lucky began to succumb to the heat. Of course, being covered in fur didn't help in such a regard, said fur quickly clumping up with sweat. "Damn...and I thought I got crazy..." He panted, gazing at Toayî with pure annoyance. Fortunately, he could easily shuffle all his and Dark Jak's murdered dolls together to form an enormous pile, just about tall enough to reach the Concept. "Okay, people'll still get pretty pissed at me if I shoot ya, Laddie..." He rubbed the back of his ears. The only thing he could really do was jump onto Toayî's head and try to knock him out with the Paw o' Death. "Hey, Benedict! We could use your baseball bat again, Laddie!" He tapped his bottom nub and considered. "...But not hard enough that he gets amnesia!"

"I'll be right there!" Megumin cawed to the others while using her staff to knock away dolls. When the dolls ran back up to her, she finished them with the Spartan Laser, which she also had to retrieve from the game of "Monkey in the Middle". Every time she pressed the trigger, she couldn't help but at least think of her code. But, eh, this didn't really count as using other magics, did it?

Only after her path was cleared did she rush to the more important, more life-threatening scene. Kyou's magic...gourd?...cleared her path of fire, which had her grinning at him. Impressive magic, she'd never seen anything like it! "Someone, please launch me into the air! I'm going to try knocking him unconscious with my staff!"

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Shanoa poured out everything against the dolls. Blasting them, cutting them, slashing them, crushing them, burning them, freezing them, shocking them, blowing them, everything just to get her grief out. Shanoa is growing tired, but she is not done yet. "Come! If you don't value your lives so much, then come at me with all your strength and might!" She yelled at the remaining dolls as they charge towards the vampire hunters, only to be cut into pieces by her rapier.

Shanoa turns to her side to Sage out of it again. Without hesitation, she rushes in, activating a speed glyph.

Rapidus Fio
A glyph of divine motion that enables faster movement.

Once she gets to him, a yellow crystal is formed in her hand as Shanoa throws it on the ground. If Sage were to get near it, he will instantly be imprisoned in a huge crystal, putting him in the same situation as Yang before. "Enough! This has gone far too long!" She yelled out of anger.

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Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long

#99D5FF and #FAC51C = Speech
(Freezer) (Burn)

The punch Yang's fist made against the fire-shield produced a rather great shockwave that spread towards the walls of the room. As it did, the fire within the room swayed along with the shockwave. Before Yang could make another punch, the shield burst into pieces of fire that...got consumed by Kyou, who proceeded to tease him. Then Toayî went for a direct hit.

Yang boosted herself sliding on the floor under his direct hit, proceeding to sweep through his legs to knock him off his feet with her boots. If it worked, she would kick herself forward to enter a spin, as she grabbed the lower part of his legs with both hands. She would then use Ember Celica to boost herself upwards with Toayî as the spin accelerated, before immediately throwing him down, to which she would then land right on him on her two feet...before immediately breaking into a backflip that would potentially send the Concept's toy flying towards the wall.

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While she was trying to kill as many chucky dolls as possible there was one that was slowly coming up behind her with his knife in hand, but right when he was about to strike he went right through her and fell to the ground. Lilith would quickly notice this and float towards him while he was lying on his back while looking towards her. "You really think that would work, typical." you can most likely guess what happens next.



Orbeck of Vinhiem
Status: Dracula: Deceased, Kagutsuchi: Persist, Toayî: take over.
condition: he needs rest, but he can't, yet he retains what was left.
"Orbeck, no!" Shanoa yelled as he ran off to confront Soma. As he was about to make an attack, Orbeck went in front of Soma to talk him down...only for Soma, if Orbeck wasn't quick enough, to immediately stab him in the stomach with his Valmanway. "Soma is dead..." He whispered.
Orbeck was not so stupid or desperate to just expect the power of friendship and memories to bring Soma back. Even when Dracula attempted to stab him with the blade of Valmanway, Orbck took out his small Sacred bloom shield and...well...
Parried the out of control mad man before jumping back. Realy, What has happed during his nightmare to cause this sort of change? He was going to demand who he was...but it seemed that Soma would be suffering a different fate.

Suddenly, a good number of the dolls produced knives that they'd had stored in their boxes, before slowly turning their heads to face the source of the fires. With wicked laughs, they made their way over to Soma. Although he may have been able to fight a few of them off, eventually, they were too much for him, and overpowered even the great Dracula. The knives cut past every inch of his body, and by the time the Chucky dolls were finished, Soma was already dead, having severely bled out.
Dolls, because of his initial fire to the stack of dolls, he was swarmed. One after another Chucky like dolls swarmed around him, he was able to fight them off to an extent. Yet either in a cruel twist of fate or some form of punishment, he was eventually stabbed to death by the mob of evil Chucky dolls. An original victim of the point zero incident, a victim of his own nightmares.

"Life is brilliant. Beautiful. It enchants us, to the point of obsession.
Some are true to their purpose, though they are but shells, flesh and mind.
One man lost his own body, but lingered on, as a head.
Others chase the charms of love, however elusive.
What is it that drives you?
"Soma...no..." For the first time, well second rather, tears begin to drop down. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Shanoa let's out a might roar of sadness and rage, turning to his killers as she begins to fire an onslaught of energy orbs, destroying them by numbers.

Calls forth the power of spite.
There would be no time to think about the loss as Shanoa basically was showered in her grief. Firing off her Glpah at the things that took Soma's life so unexpectedly. Could he even get her to deal with the STILL present threat of Kagutsuchi? That however was not enough, no because to add to the permeable conflict.

"FOOLS!! DO YOU THINK YOUR MISERABLE TOYS ARE WORTHY MY TIME?!!!", another larger group of dolls, distant, seemed to catch aflame from nowhere before even being able to attack, soon sharing the same fate of the first group, "YOU TRULLY OFFEND ME LIKE THIS!", and yet a new group tried to launch into the offensive against the curtain of flames, only to too burn merely a few steps along the way.

Toayî had awakened, in the mess of dealing with Kagutsuchi, Sage had ended up in another take over scenario. Just What is this? At the very least, people are trying to deal with that Vile thing as soon as they can. That just leaves Kagutsuchi. To counter her with his own spells will be a struggle on his end, and a delight on her's, as one mistake will only end with him becoming a snack. It doesn't help that Shanoa decided to rush in and use the glyph that WAS meant for Kagutsuchi on sage. I mean it will still be better than having him go on a burning spree, but it left him to deal with the conflict at hand.

he hasn't forgotten about the dolls though, As he cast Farron Hail, a literal cascade of soul darts that would repeatedly strike down the mob of Chucky dolls, those that have managed to get by his spells would be met with the blade of his sword. Now what to do about Kagutsuchi...

Only after her path was cleared did she rush to the more important, more life-threatening scene. Kyou's magic...gourd?...cleared her path of fire, which had her grinning at him. Impressive magic, she'd never seen anything like it! "Someone, please launch me into the air! I'm going to try knocking him unconscious with my staff!"
"You really think that would work, typical." you can most likely guess what happens next.
The archwizard and the ghost, the former is unable to use her spell inside this factory the latter is just dealing with dolls. Maybe
"Megumin ! Lilith! I am in need of your help!" Shouting his voice like this is always somewhat jarring, but given the chaos going on (and the content dogging of flames and Dolls) It was the only way for him to get their attention. Now to give them the explanation, if they come off course.

"Any chance you can assist with a certain other possessed infuince, Alexis was seeking to bring out that vile manifestation of flame that sage mentioned countless times. The dolls and Sage are already being taken care off, I just need a way to end Alexis's own influences." he said as he continued to cast Farron Hail "Lilith see if you can sneak by her, have one of your spirits enter her and signal to her the current plight that is occurring with sage. Megumin, given the circumstances regarding the poor conditions for your spell...I would need to barrow your staff." It may have been for a moment back at the fiasco in new donk city, but din;t she mentions something about her staff amplifying her magic? If it can somehow bring Orbeck's own spells close to the archwizard's explosions, he may have a chance to over whelm her. "I promise that I'll make good use of it to end this conflict."

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--Hiryu Kakogawa|| Whisper The Wolf--
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As soon as the Scarecrow's illusion had finally broken, the entire gang set their sights on Wesker. However, before the two could even attack, they were ONCE AGAIN knocked out and found themselves in some kind of storage facility filled with thousands upon thousands of boxes stacked upon each other.

Inside those boxes were dolls that were similar to the helpful doll Chucky, except they're rather...Cuter. Regardless, the gang would soon come across a...Grey haired blood stained child. A fellow man on revenge? No, turns out he's only an assassin. How disappointing.

Regardless, their rest was short lived as all of the dolls suddenly spring into life alongside the familiar chuckling of the living doll. The Chucky dolls swarmed the group, leaving Hiryu and Whisper back against each other as the dolls surround them.

"Hah, about time we fight as actual partners, eh, Whisper-chan?" Hiryu chuckled, taking his Zi-O II Anotherwatch as he glanced at the brown clad wolf, who had the Rocket Wisp enter the Wispon.

"...Just...don't get too close." Whisper would say, trying not to touch Hiryu's back too much as she glanced at the horde surrounding them. "I value my personal space."

"Alright then, I'll try to remember that." Hiryu shrugged, activating the Anotherwatch. "Henshin!" He placed the watch at the side of the clocklike belt that was on his waist, glowing purple, changing from white to black as golden rings spun around Hiryu, transforming him into the Another Rider.


Drawing his clockblades, Hiryu's clockhands on his visor spun, activating his precognition as he raised his clockhand swords, banging them, clanging them before they both charged on each separate directions, swinging their weapons on the Chucky horde.

The dolls small stature made it hard for the Another Rider to hit, however, with slight adjustment on his style, he was able to hit the damn dolls that got in his way. Especially if he's just kicking them left and right. Meanwhile, Whisper maintained her distance, shooting down small groups with missiles, creating some space for the two to work with as all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose.

FIRE EVERYWHERE...No doubt, Sage's gone apeshit again.

"Dammit, how many times had this happened already?" Hiryu clicked his tongue, hopping back in order to summon one of his Another Riders.



Another Wizard appeared before Hiryu, placing its ringed finger on his belt, soon raising his hand in order to conjure a rain that covers the entire area, trying to put out the fires Sage had started. Afterwards, he would assist both Whisper and Hiryu in clearing out their side of area, conjuring flames to burn down the dolls as the Rider and the Sniper would finish them off by shooting them or striking them.

Hiryu would most likely attempt to make his way towards the apeshit Sage, attempting to predict his next moves in order to dodge them using his Precognition.


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Kagutsuchi was positively ecstatic that Sane got shocked at the “damage” he dealt to her. Of course that parlor trick obsessed spellcaster, Mug of Mint, bought her act, thinking that she was Alexis, but the boy hesitated. For a moment, Kagutsuchi actually thought the boy would succumb to Toayî with the flames in the room turning into that signature blue hue. His anger just needed to be pushed past the breaking point! Just a little more and the “Phoenix Descendent” would lose control.

But Kagutsuchi underestimated how much of a coward the boy was! Seeing the Paige fly away with that useless, childish Mega Dunce, Kagutsuchi let out a low growl that could almost be confused for a growl of pain as she began to push herself off the ground. Kagutsuchi knew that the boy would still watch his precious mother-figure even if she was taken over, so she kept the act up. As much as the goddess was driven by impulse and emotion, when it comes to deceiving people, she was invested. It was the classic sunk cost fallacy, or perhaps it was just being able to accept delayed gratification; the difference between the two hung solely on the end result.

First, Kagutsuchi “tried” to use her “good arm” to get to a sitting position, only for her arm to “give out” and for her fall back to the ground with a groan. It took her two more “tries” to even “manage” a sitting position as her chest heaved in “pain”. The goddess “forgot” about her bad arm and “attempted” to “check” on her “head wound”, only to “cry out in pain”. She shut her eyes, clenched her teeth, and drew in sharp breaths as she “tried” to use her “good arm” to hold the twisted one, only to “remember” half way through that the only thing supporting her upright sitting position was said arm. She almost “fell back to the ground” before the “good arm” shot back to its original placement to keep her from “falling”. To really sell it, Kagutsuchi let out a quiet, pained, “Oh god...” It was almost as if she didn’t want Cage to hear it, but at the same time, he just would barely hear it despite the distance between the two individuals.

Whatever his reaction was, Kagutsuchi would not be able to see it as she felt the Pressure coming from one Wesker as the world went white. The damn bastard was transporting them to somewhere else. While it may have been an instant to the outside world, to the souls within Alexis’s body, time flowed however they wish to see it, and in this scenario, the following exchange occurred before the light even faded from Alexis’s eyes:

Kagutsuchi, after seeing that abysmal performance, I wonder how you have come to the conclusion that you wished to learn illusion magic. I have seen children writing stories on online forums portray someone else more accurately with single sentences than you after hundreds of years of practice with illusion magic.

Shut the f### up. It’s been hundreds of years since I last cast an illusion, and Alexis—that b####—doesn’t f###ing practice illusions.

This has nothing to do with the magic. Stop making excuses for your lack of skill and intelligence.

Okay, I can’t be the only one that thought I did a decent f###ing job at pretending to be Aleixs, can I?

I mean… you kinda went down like you had bones made of toothpicks and skin made of wrapping paper...

Ah, f### you! Come on? Hestia?

You acting was better than anything we could do-


-but you didn’t assess the situation well enough and you didn’t understand Sage’s perspective, which led you to make some mistakes that tipped him off. The lack of subtlety at the beginning was where you went wrong. You let everyone know that you were in control right off the bat. I’m sure that if DonDon or Liz wanted to achieve the same goal as you, they would’ve approached with far more tact.

...F### you too… I’m done! If all of you want to give me crap, why don’t you take over? I relinquish control to whoever wants it. No? No? Alright, guess I’m staying in c

I’d gladly take a turn.

-ontrol… No. F### off, bird brain. I’m not actually going to let you take control!

Sweetie, you already said the words.

I did??? … Oh f###, I did…

You said, and I quote: “I relinquish control to whoever wants it”. Thank you, Tsuchi.


Why would you want control, Hestia? Shin is much more attuned with Alexis’s body than you are.

Liz, the thing Sage needs the most right now is a mother. Seeing as Alexis is preoccupied right now, I’m the next best thing.

When was the last time you even spoke to your child?

I can’t exactly communicate with him while in here, as much as I wish to. One of these days, I may get an opportunity.

When the light faded, it was Hestia in control of Alexis’s body, and the appropriate bodily changes have been made. A massive pair of raven’s wings flowed out from the shoulder blades, with each feather bearing jet black vanes and a scarlet red quill. The effect was that there appeared to be red gashes on every square inch of the wings. Along with the wings were a plume of the same feathers on Alexis’s head that looked like a red streaked mohawk swept to the side. Completing the look were eyes in the same scarlet as that which streaked through the wings and plumage.

Hestia was greeted by a warehouse of sorts filled with children’s toys, all of the same uncanny red headed figure. It didn’t take long for someone to start trying to destroy these boxes, which was understandable. These dolls resembled the possessed doll that was in the cabin, and given the eagerness of certain parties to harm the group, these dolls would no doubt hide a threat.

The phoenix goddess was correct as a countless number of dolls broke out of the package, bearing knives and the intent to kill, starting with the one who attempted to destroy the dolls in the first place. Hestia watched as the dolls gruesomely stabbed the man to death, only to be pulled away from the scene by the pressure of the being that Tsuchi so desperately wanted to fight: Toayî. If the phoenix had to guess… the murder of the man had greatly disturbed Sage, so much so that he lost control. Tsuchi would kill to be in Hestia’s position right now, but right now, what mattered was stopping that entity from causing excessive harm.

As the blue flames from Toayî washed towards Hestia, the goddess wrapped herself in her wings and walked through the flames towards Sage’s body. The fire rolled off the feathers without so much as a scorch mark while the dolls beside her melted into puddles of plastic. The goddess knew that there was no reasoning with the monster as it sought only to consume as fire did. She wasn’t looking for a fight like Tsuchi , nor was she going to be hesitant to hurt the boy like Alexis. All Hestia was going to do was stop Toayî with an appropriate amount, which hopefully would not hurt Sage too badly.

When the flames ceased for a moment, Hestia’s wings shot out to her side and with them came a barrage of feathers. They blanketed the area beside her with razor sharp petals that pierced any dolls that survived that blue flames and any doll that thought the reprieve from the flames was an opportunity to attack. Each of the feathers set themselves ablaze scarlet flames that melted the dolls as they were impaled into the ground.

Kyou seemed to be the first to take action and summoned a red-scaled oriental dragon surging with Pressure as it let loose lighting to destroy dolls across the room, as he focused on Toayî. However, the half oni didn’t seem too interested in any offensive maneuvers, only sucking up the being’s blue flames to minimize damage. Hestia wasn’t complaining, but there was still the need for someone to incapacitate the boy. Yang took on the mantle of that task with her raw rage propelling her into melee combat. The blonde girl… made a noble attempt, but she was only using brute force. Seeing that she faced the entity with such headstrong tactics—if what she was doing could even be considered tactics—Hestia was half expecting the girl to literally use her head to strike him.

Hestia watched as the others engaged the entity. Such showy displays of force. It was certainly impressive to look at, but so little subtlety. The way one won such a confrontation was up to whoever had more speed, power, endurance, and skill. Important things to be sure, but why leave it up to such factors? Strike once when the enemy doesn’t expect it and create as unfair of an advantage as possible to seal the fight.

With all the chaos going on, Hestia wrapped her wings around herself for a brief moment and when she spread them again, Alexis’s human body disappeared, replaced with an avian creature with an almost skeletal underbelly glowing with fire and swirling with shapes that could almost be mistaken for faces. It’s hooked beak was coated red on the edges of where it opened up and its head was almost draconic in form. The limbs that replaced the legs were tipped with vicious, razor sharp talons were partially red, like they had just recently drawn blood. (Phoenix Form) It was a phoenix… at least, the kind of phoenix that Hestia was... It was twisted, ominous, and far from the regal bird of fire that was usually associated with the word “phoenix”.

A swift flap sent Hestia into the air, but before she got far, the phoenix burst into flames, disappearing from view and leaving only a few scorching hot feathers behind.

A moment later the phoenix would manifest its physical form right behind Toayî and hover in the air as it held a rope made of solidified Aether in its talons, attempting to wrap them around the throat of Toayî. If she was successful, she would tighten the rope immediately and begin to fly around the room, dragging Toayî by the neck hopefully until Sage’s body would give out from the lack of oxygen going to the brain.



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Lilith overhears Orbeck call out to her and Megumin for some assistance. He asks Megumin if he could borrow his staff and Lilith if she could use one of her spirits to enter her and signal her to the situation with sage. Lilith just shakes her head in response. "Sorry that's not how they work, their used for battle, leave some white fire after the small explosion, their basically glorified fireballs." She says scratching the back of her head. "I can out right tell her if you want."

L Laix_Lake (Orbeck)

Venom Snake

The Legendary Soldier
Snake wasn't doing to hot with the dolls. He was already injured a good bit from being slammed to the side and chucked like a football, breaking some ribs and cutting him up good, even through his suits Kevlar weave layer, the suit also being torn in some areas. His injuries caused his aim to be... not up to par. He fired at the dolls, half of his shots missing, each time he reloaded he fumbled with the magazine, hands unsteady. He grew frustrated at this and reached into one of his pouches and pulled out a pill, swallowing it. It was pentazimen (May have spelled it wrong done blame me). It would help him keep steady even through his injuries. He now firing single shots at the dolls after yanking a few off him, and each bullet now took to flying through a different dolls head.
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Lilith overhears Orbeck call out to her and Megumin for some assistance. He asks Megumin if he could borrow his staff and Lilith if she could use one of her spirits to enter her and signal her to the situation with sage. Lilith just shakes her head in response. "Sorry that's not how they work, their used for battle, leave some white fire after the small explosion, their basically glorified fireballs." She says scratching the back of her head. "I can out right tell her if you want."

L Laix_Lake (Orbeck)
Huh, glorified fireballs. Disappointing, but what can he do about it? As for her suggestion...Honestly, he wasn't even sure if Kagutsuchi is going to try and eat her as well. And besides...
When the light faded, it was Hestia in control of Alexis’s body, and the appropriate bodily changes have been made. A massive pair of raven’s wings flowed out from the shoulder blades, with each feather bearing jet black vanes and a scarlet red quill. The effect was that there appeared to be red gashes on every square inch of the wings. Along with the wings were a plume of the same feathers on Alexis’s head that looked like a red streaked mohawk swept to the side. Completing the look were eyes in the same scarlet as that which streaked through the wings and plumage.
Someone saner has somehow taken control, at least from his point of view. Attempting to grab sage by the throat, presumably to take the entity out via incapacitation. This was certainly a twist.

"...it may not be necessary, at least from what I can tell" referring to the change in appearance "...keep an eye on her from a distance if you can."

Now for the archwizard's reply.

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Megumin tried to reach Toayî, but, alas, she was just too gods damned short! Her staff just barely scraped the soles of his feet. Trying to use the same trick Lucky did only resulted her being swallowed by the dead dolls. "Hmph...If only we could stop getting into these kinds of situations!" She grumbled, folding her arms and just letting herself warm up in the pile.

Though the Chuckies muffled him, she then heard Orbeck asking her for help, to which she tried to poke her head out only to have the pile collapse on her. "I'm here! You're right, I've completely forgotten to check on Alexis!" Swimming through the doll corpses was far from easy with even more Chuckies piling on her, but she found that she could do away with them with her dagger.

By the time she reached Alexis, however, the kitsune had been overtaken by yet another strange occurrence: She sprouted wings, and seemed to be sane enough now to recognize that they needed to take the Chuckies down. It was quite the frightening spectacle; Whoever was in control of Alexis's body could shift it into an undead-looking Phoenix, and then make it burn away into nothing. "Orbeck, do you think I should help her?"

Lucky, however, braced and bristled when Hestia flew up to him. "Geez, Lassie, watch the rabbit!" Should her plan have succeeded, Lucky would have been forced to nestle into Toayî's hair, clinging on for his life while using his improvised vantage point to kill more Chuckies with fire.

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