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Shadow Hunter



Suddenly as everything & everyone fades white, Gel & Right end up laid out next to each other on a pile of "Good Guy" dolls somewhere in a Toy Factory it seems to be. Between these two heroes, Righteous is the first person to wake up, as he slowly opens his eyes, with a quick blink & eyes finally awake.

Righteous starts looking around with a look of curiosity & looks down and beside him realizing his Main ally & himself are laying on a pile of Toy boxes. "What in Jesus's name is this place of horror? You would've thought that Dark cabin was bad, but this is on some Next level disturbance..........& beyond terrifying! This is screaming EVIL!" Righteous turns his head at Gelosia as he starts to wake up for himself. "So you're finally using that suit now, huh? That's what you really needed if anything..."

Righteous finally gets up crawling over the pile of boxes onto the floor on his feet & offers a hand to Gelosia picking him back up on his feet, pulling him back from the boxes. "Ok now to be real with you, this place is making me nervous. Let's hurry up and find our way out of here. Oh and by the way, I've been saving the world while ya ass was being controlled by ya own fear not too long ago! But you don't have to thank me 😂 Not yet atleast..." Righteous crosses his arms out of confusion "Controlled by my own fear???"

"Ehhhhhh, you were being caught off guard & controlled like a few other heroes by this scary man named Scarecrow, but nevermind that anymore. Guess I've proven myself to be stronger now 🤷🏽‍♂️"

"Very funny, Mr. Mathematician. Because you were nothing not too long ago before we entered that generator & now here you go again with the foolery."

While both men agree to disagree on their conversation, they jump taking flight around the Toy Factory to find a way out, and they end up finding the rest of the crew & land right there.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore @TheSquad


Level 4, Hopeful
Chronology (1).jpg

Location: Room of Dolls
Expression: Bored at Room
Interaction: Killua

Jett looked at Killua saying "Hey, Killua. When did you saw this happened in the past like how the multiverse was created???" She will lay next to Killua hoping it is time to get out of the room.


Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long

#99D5FF and #FAC51C = Speech
(Freezer) (Burn)

Although Yang had successfully released the ice into the air as water vapor, she was left to tumble through the floor. As she did, she tried to stop herself from rolling any further, to limited success, then she got up, heavily breathing.

However, as she looked, a giant axe had suddenly appeared, aiming for her and Weiss.

Wasting little time, both Weiss and Yang jumped back to avoid the axe, as they heeded the vampire huntress' message. The two then looked at whoever was controlling Soma and tried to reach out to him.

"Soma!" Yang said. "We know you're still here with us!"

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore (GM), Ciscodog Ciscodog (Killua), Zamasu Zamasu (Soma, Shanoa)
Why. . . ?

Oh God, why?

I freakin' hate dolls! Why do you think I actively tried to avoid Chucky, huh? Now I'm in a room full of them! I stood close to a confused CN-Tan while I looked around alert as possible. She didn't show any fear which is to be expected since when did she ever feel fear? Speaking of the dipshit: She grabbed a box, opened it up, and gave the doll a big ol' hug. I gave the doll a frightened look before she offered it to me.

I slapped it across the room.

". . . Seriously?"

"Dolls are freakin' terrifying, alright?!"


Orbeck of Vinhiem
status: teleported to chucky land and...Soma.
condition: he needs rest, but he can't, yet he retains what was left.​

"Orbeck, what just happened? What in the world are we?" Shanoa asked "And...where is Soma?" Her confused tone dropped into horror.
"...a factory?"
So...aprenty during their attempt at striking down Kagutsuchi, Crane was drowned by his own fears, and Wesker was cornered...cornered into sending them once again to some random location. This time it was a factory filled to the brim with Chucky dolls, It should have been apparent that he would be used as a trap. He doesn't even know if Kagutsuchi is still active in any way. People undeniably consider attacking all the dolls, but it was still stupid. imagen an army of Chucky's...like little gnomes.

Enraged by what has transpired, Soma begins to use the Aguni soul to burn the entire supply of dolls, or rather, set the entire place in flames.

"Oh God no..."
and to complicate matters, soma decided to go into a rage, burning down everything before Weiss intervened. Predictably Soma would set his temperament on those two with an ax that can match the size of the great axes back at his own world.
"Weiss! Yang! Don't get near him! That's NOT Soma!"
With what remained of the balance breaker (hard to say how long it can last.), he was to try something desperate, REALLY DESPERATE. It is simply hard to him to continue to think on his feet with what has happened. Leaving Shanoa on the ground, he runs forward the conflict...luckily Yang and company were able to avoid the attack. So nothing of that magnitude was needed, Still...

"Have you lost your wits!? The nightmare is over!" Nearly having your souls taken by a kitsune will make anyone mad, catching this loud tone of voice...he turns back to his usual tone. "Soma, are you that willing to let another fowl entity take you over? What was it that made you shatter in grief, to the point where you forgot the very incident that you had to fight through, forgot the lives that where lost you dealt with Zant?"

And with that, Killua falls asleep in the corner. A strange and unknown force seems to be shrouding him, too. Best not to mess with him...
If only he could join in some sort of recuperation, but that will have to wait.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore marc122 marc122 Zamasu Zamasu Ciscodog Ciscodog


The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Soma Cruz & Shanoa

"Orbeck, no!" Shanoa yelled as he ran off to confront Soma. As he was about to make an attack, Orbeck went in front of Soma to talk him down...only for Soma, if Orbeck wasn't quick enough, to immediately stab him in the stomach with his Valmanway. "Soma is dead..." He whispered.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore marc122 marc122 L Laix_Lake


Off to a Better Place
As Megumin tried to traverse through the boxed up Good Guy Dolls, she found that everywhere she turned simply housed more boxes. Every time she thought she found an opening, it was simply a dead end, closed up by more dolls. Rex's goggles, however, would actually be successful in finding not one, but two possible exits. The first was a large shutter door that was just past the field of boxes that was behind him. The second was all the way across the factory, behind a moving machine of some sort. It was a small door, though it presumably lead to the outside. Though, the boxes of dolls did fall over with ease, so that was good.

Also, there was no metal door. Turns out that Killua had been fear gassed too, and for some reason, the hallucinations made you all see a room that did not exist.

Back to more pressing matters, the room had been successfully set on fire by Not-Soma, and before long, a good number of the Good Guy Doll boxes were burning! Of course, this didn't spread to all of them, because the room was pretty massive. Though, as each doll spilled out of the box, as some of you had already predicted, they began to stand up on their own, one by one. And then, as they did so, they all smiled in unison, before letting out a familiar laugh.

Suddenly, a good number of the dolls produced knives that they'd had stored in their boxes, before slowly turning their heads to face the source of the fires. With wicked laughs, they made their way over to Soma. Although he may have been able to fight a few of them off, eventually, they were too much for him, and overpowered even the great Dracula. The knives cut past every inch of his body, and by the time the Chucky dolls were finished, Soma was already dead, having severely bled out.

The dolls then proceeded to turn to the rest of you, lecherous looks in their eyes.

Looks like you were in for a fight.

(OOC: Feel free to GM your own fights with the Chucky Dolls!)

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The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Soma Cruz & Shanoa

As Shanoa watches on, the dolls begin to spring into life. "Darn it, not right now!" Shanoa said as she stands up while holding on to her wound. A rapier is materialized in her hand and she proceeds to fight her way through the dolls, trying to get to Soma. Likewise, he would be fighting for his life as well. "Soma!" Shanoa yelled, but as she is nearing him, one doll stabs him in the nape of his neck, and soon, they begin to overwhelm him. "SOMA!" Shanoa cries out as she kept fighting on, but it was too late. Soma is dead, laid in the pool of his own blood. Shanoa gets down on her knees in distraught.

"Soma...no..." For the first time, well second rather, tears begin to drop down. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Shanoa let's out a might roar of sadness and rage, turning to his killers as she begins to fire an onslaught of energy orbs, destroying them by numbers.

Calls forth the power of spite.

Shanoa broke out of her usual emotionless state to let out her anger at the dolls.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore


Level 4, Hopeful
Chronology (1).jpg

Location: Room of Dolls
Expression: Shocked at Soma's death
Interaction: Everyone

Jett will get up as Soma get stabbed by so many Chucky dolls right before she reloads her Vandal & tries to aim one of them in order to not get stabbed saying "Guys, we have trouble!!!!!!" She will try to aim the head of one of the dolls in order to shoot it more right before making a fog of cloud in order to blind them.

Chronology (2).jpg

Location: Room of Doll
Expression: Being Serious
Interaction: Everyone

Meanwhile Thorne pulls out her Bulldog right before aiming one of the Chucky dolls & tries to shoot the doll off it's head saying after Jett lays out her cloud fog "Nice one, Jett!!!! I'll slow them down." Thorne will make a orb that slows them down in the ground right before casting it in order to slow the dolls out.


Here Lie 222
Agent 3

Back to more pressing matters, the room had been successfully set on fire by Not-Soma, and before long, a good number of the Good Guy Doll boxes were burning! Of course, this didn't spread to all of them, because the room was pretty massive. Though, as each doll spilled out of the box, as some of you had already predicted, they began to stand up on their own, one by one. And then, as they did so, they all smiled in unison, before letting out a familiar laugh.

Suddenly, a good number of the dolls produced knives that they'd had stored in their boxes, before slowly turning their heads to face the source of the fires. With wicked laughs, they made their way over to Soma. Although he may have been able to fight a few of them off, eventually, they were too much for him, and overpowered even the great Dracula. The knives cut past every inch of his body, and by the time the Chucky dolls were finished, Soma was already dead, having severely bled out.

The dolls then proceeded to turn to the rest of you, lecherous looks in their eyes.

Looks like you were in for a fight.​
OK, so... There she was, again, terrified. Numerous, living and sentient dolls... armed with knives, each. "W...Well, this is... not good." She muttered as the laugh still rattled her to the core - and then the dolls all turned to the group... With not-so-good looks in their non-moving eyes... "...That does 'not' help-" Before the Inkling could even finish, she would be 'greeted' to one of the dolls running up to her and swinging their knife forward and towards her. In response, the Inkling's surprise was once more raised; and she turned to squid form to avoid the blade, before turning back and kicking the doll in the head right away, causing it to fall over. That same doll would begin to get up as three more would swiftly come to join in, Agent 3 seeming visibly troubled on how to fight back. Then, she got an idea... She leapt onto one of the dolls' heads, and when one of the dolls swung to her, she leapt of it, and they sliced their doll ally instead - giving the Inkling free time and leverage to access the fallen doll, and blind its eyes with ink from her gun.

With that done, she now threw that doll into the horde as it mindlessly flailed about with its knife, slicing and slashing anything that got near it until it finally got sliced apart itself - and Agent 3 was left with the two more individual dolls. "I'm not gonna lie, this is... quite therapeutic, actually." She said bluntly before shooting a path of ink from her to below both dolls' feet. The pair of dolls, heading towards her at the time, took their next steps and got weighed down by the ink - where Agent 3 would shift to squid form, swim below them and re-emerge behind them in her humanoid form one more time, before whacking them both individually into each other, and they both fell down. The problem is, the numbers of these things... it's incredibly high - too many! "...There's too many of these things, they're gonna turn us into leftovers!" She called out in an alarmed tone - before being quickly surrounded and swung at from several sides, while frantically dodging. At some times, it would look like the blades of the dolls actually hit her to an extent, followed by the Inkling's staggering, and when she properly fell, the next thing she would feel is a slash along the back before she hissed in pain and ran to the others. Though, from the slash, it seemed some of the colour in her not-hair had vanished and been replaced by grey... "Those things really hurt, too..." She weakly mustered, trying to keep herself together. "Come on, we just need to hold out!"
Character Information
Link to CS: Here!
Hex Code: #61BD6D
Status (physically): Injured​
Status (mentally/emotionally): Serious/Nervous​
Powers: Inkling (species abilities and traits)​
Items: Hero Shot, Splat Bombs, Splashdown​
Skills/Abilities: Highly mobile, leadership skills​
Course of action: The dollhouse(?)/The horde of Chucky!​
RP Information
Location: Doll Factory​
Interactions: thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore
Mentions: None​
Nearby/In Group: (Everyone?)​


Top-tier Avian Master
"Looks like this squid needs a little extra ink!" Ben says as he smacks his watch down. In a flash of green light, a new form appeared. This formed shared similarities to Agent 3.

Heavy similarities.

"Art Attack! Woomy!"

He turns to Agent 3.

"You should take some rest and recharge your ink whenever you can. We can do intervals," Art Attack says, whipping out a Splattershot to fire at all directions. Any Chucky splattered with Ink would be hit harder by whatever attack would hit them next!

"I have a feeling that this isn't enough..."

BoltBeam BoltBeam thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore


Here Lie 222
Agent 3

"Looks like this squid needs a little extra ink!" Ben says as he smacks his watch down. In a flash of green light, a new form appeared. This formed shared similarities to Agent 3.

Heavy similarities.

"Art Attack! Woomy!"

He turns to Agent 3.

"You should take some rest and recharge your ink whenever you can. We can do intervals," Art Attack says, whipping out a Splattershot to fire at all directions. Any Chucky splattered with Ink would be hit harder by whatever attack would hit them next!

"I have a feeling that this isn't enough..."
"I hear you on that." She said simply, nodding through what pain she had to feel. "Yeah, I'll just... hang back and patch up, hopefully shouldn't take long." Agent 3 would notice Art Attack, or rather the transformed Ben, coat other Chucky dolls in ink, and she shrugged. "...Let's find out." She jokingly said to him, though she herself would just remain inactive for the time being - trying to rest and recover, by doing... literally nothing.
Character Information
Link to CS: Here!
Hex Code: #61BD6D
Status (physically): Injured (attempting recovery)​
Status (mentally/emotionally): Serious/Nervous​
Powers: Inkling (species abilities and traits)​
Items: Hero Shot, Splat Bombs, Splashdown​
Skills/Abilities: Highly mobile, leadership skills​
Course of action: The dollhouse(?)/The horde of Chucky!​
RP Information
Location: Doll Factory​
Interactions: Crow Crow
Mentions: None​
Nearby/In Group: (Everyone?)​

Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!
thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore | @ everyone else, writer's too lazy to ping y'all lol.
Kyou smiled as his attempts seemed successful. The dude was just a regenerative, biological freak, wasn't he! Despite the man slowly exhausting himself due to the Balance Break running out after the defeat of Scarecrow, he still seemed pumped for a fight. A single Balance Break, even if it was something as widespread as that, isn't gonna tire him! He'll feel his stamina run out later!

Although, the thoughts of gettin' pumped up, of gettin' right to fight Wesker, it all disappeared once he spoke what he spoke. Aren't you one of the monsters I had summoned?


Kyou screamed out in both confusion, realization, a bit more confusion, but mostly pure and unadulterated confusion and anger. This man- this guy was the one who forcefully brought him from his home? Who separated him from his wife and kid? His friends and family? And for what, to fight the group of his newfound friends?! It felt like such bullshit. Kyou can understand being summoned for a grand cause, and this cause seemed grand enough for him, to stop this Cannondwarf from taking over the multiverse or whatever the fuck.

What he can't understand is him being forced into this not by Amaterasu, not by some random chance, but because some asshole willed it so he could kill people. So he could control 'im!

Yamata seemed to be roaring in anger too. Eight serpentine figures appeared around Kyou's body, almost slithering through the air, as Kyou's eyes become slit once more as the invisible Yamata-No-Orochi was trying to go towards Wesker. The ground below him cracked and broke even though Kyou didn't even move, as if it broke under his sheer pressure he was exhibiting. Because at that moment, Kyou Tana never wanted more answers.

Instantly, he would move. Wesker did summon a demon, alright. He just summoned one for himself.

"CHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Kyou screamed out, already jumping in the air and his body spinning, his leg being raised up as he would attempt to attack Wesker with all the power he currently had, aiming to try and strike his head cleanly--!

That was, unfortunately, a thing Kyou could only fantasize, as the price for Balance Breaking reached him, and the world changed once more this time, things going darker than before.

Inside a realm that existed deep into Kyou's own soul, the Oni woke up.


As Kyou slammed his fist into the metaphorical ground bellow him, nothing had occurred, as naturally, he wasn't in a physical realm. Kyou wasn't confused about where he was or what this place is, as naturally, he's been here before. The manifestation of Kyou's own soul and his subconscious wasn't really anything special compared to what others might look like. The infinite darkness that was pierced by what appeared to be flames and feelings of all sizes surrounded him. Random objects, such as Japanese buildings, certain Oni-mountains, and places he fought during his lifetime littered the place almost like a set for some T.V. show, where the directors just placed random objects all over the place.

Behind Kyou, an eight-headed dragon stood. Despite his torso being huge to support and fit all eight of his heads, Yamata's lower body seemed anything but strangely human. It wasn't fully human, mind you. Scales and a large tail and a naturally draconic body made part of him, but his fingers and legs seemed to have joints, like he could choose to stand upon them temporarily, despite being clearly a beast that walks on all fours.

"That sonnufa bitch! He's the one who brought us here?! And for what?! To kill some folks?! Gwaaaah!" Steam seemed to be literally coming out of Kyou as he spoke, his body seemingly acting as a massive flame conductor. Of course, after all, his flames were created by the power of his own willpower, emotions, and soul. When he is in a place where all three of those are present everywhere, it was easy to create them without trying.

"...It seems the 'Queen of the Universe' didn't account for her chosen to be taken from her..." Yamata spoke, and while he didn't outright show it, inside and around his own being, he was seething with rage.

Thankfully, the bind between the two stopped Kyou's body from creating a supernova with all he's feeling, and transform into a TYPE-RAGE.

"Keh, of course she didn't. Ammy-san probably didn't think sumthin' or someone beyond the Empty Space could bring m' to their world...Gaaah, this is annoyin'! You think she'll be able to come to us? Hell, actually, she could have just allowed m' to get summoned so we could get taken by this Cannondwarf guy! That's sumthin' she would do, ain't it?!"

The way that the Balance Breaker spoke about one of the eyes of Izanagi caused a bit of a small amount of 'sweat' to come from Yamata's ear. Normally mortals such as him would treat such beings with more respect. While Yamata sure as hell doesn't and probably would call the gods something nasty, at least that was common for creatures and Youkai such as himself. For Kyou? He talked about her like she was his neighbor across the street.

"...Truly, I'll never understand your relationship with such beings, Doji." Yamata somehow smirked, as Kyou just pouted, as if the name while not uncommon to him, wasn't the one he used. "We can only hope the Balance Keeper of the Queen of the Universe manages to pick up where we are. From there, the gods could probably handle things."

"Nah," Kyou spoke, smirking. He soon got himself up and stretched. "I get we ain't at full power 'ere, but I still wanna punch that guy in the face for takin' me from 'ma home. 'sides, I can't just sit 'ere while all these people from other words suffer, eh? Asshole's gon' get what's comin' from 'im, by my word!"

...The draconic beast from primordial Japan could only sigh. Well, there's no stopping him now. Anyone else would tell Kyou how bad of an idea this was, and how the gods from his world probably would be able to handle this better than he ever will, but, that phrase- 'by my word', it was the phrase that sealed the deal. Kyou made a promise. And now, he won't break it no matter what it takes. He'll actually go through with this now, no matter what it takes.

I just hope he realizes this is much more then he can chew...Although I might be wrong.

"Anyways...How long have we been knocked out? Are we good to good? I think I hear conflict from outside...Tcheh, looks like they can't get a break, eh?"

"...I believe we still aren't fully charged again, but it is more than enough. Come on. Let's get going."

With a smile and a nod, Kyou sat down- Yamata sitting down in a similar manner behind the Oni, as with a grin on his face, Kyou closed his eyes, as if he was meditating...

...And woke up to the sounds of chaos.

It seems as if, Kyou Tana was been knocked out for longer then he expected. While he was 'conscious' inside his own 'subconscious' (heh) time still passed widely different between the two realms...Which caused him to miss quite a bit of thing he should have acted out on. First things first- he woke up somewhere a relative distance away from the group, the sound of flames crackling and battle occurring in the background, as the face Kyou made was at first confusion over how they already fucked this up, realization when he saw that they were being attacked, and excitement when he realizes he could use this.


Kyou's scream would reach everyone's ears, as suddenly, all the fire Soma put on the place would suddenly be moved, shifting and going towards a single point, as if something was sucking them in! And that something, of course, was the man capable of consuming flames and adding power to his own soul, Kyou Tana, the newfound MPF member. All at once, the fire would disappear, as from a considerable distance away, the sound of something jumping up could be heard, as the ground bellow Kyou cracked slightly as he was suddenly on the air!

Devil Style! Way of the Open Palm!

His leg would be moved in front of him, as suddenly- Kyou came crashing down atop the Chucky down with a kick that sent many of those around him and anyone close flying. A shockwave was created that sent dust and the empty boxes flying, and as dust suddenly and slowly settled down...The Chucky's, alongside everyone on the team, would see him standing in front of them. A large grin on his face, and his hands in front of him, ready for battle.

His eyes however moved and went darker for a moment when he saw the dead body of Soma, as he felt something ugly form in his chest.

"...Sorry! Looks like I'm late, folks! Fill me in later, will ya?"​


Top-tier Avian Master
"Let's see how you all like the full power of Card-Jutsu!"

Agent Penguin unleashes a card.

"I activate Coffee Delivery Truck!"

Suddenly, a Coffee Delivery Truck appeared out of nowhere, its wheels and weight crushing Chuckies, before its trailer would open, flinging all kinds of things that would crush many a Chucky. Aside from big bags of coffee beans...

... there were anvils...

... fishes...

... and flower pots.

The truck then left somewhere somehow, crushing even more Chuckies on the way.​


Bring out the Apple Cider~!!!

Take-Over: Toayî, the Entity of Fire
Tags: (GM)
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-Art Credits--
Chiaki Morisawa Fanart [スタろぐ④] by ますぎ, heavily edited by me

Fire Flames Texture by arundel
Dark Vintage Pattern from WallpaperBetter

Divider Set #02 by NorasFed, edited by me​

"If your flames go completely blue, you faint?"

At the little Missy's question, the pyromancer had almost immediately glanced back at her, in a mix of shock and confusion. He was... unsure of how to exactly explain it. It wasn't exactly something that was easy to grasp unless you were to experience or see it in occur in person.

"Well, not... exactly.", he had sighed, glancing down with a rather unfocused gaze, "It's more like, my Soul gets forcefully put into a dormant state. Like, I'm still awake and yet not, really...", his gaze darted around the room as if looking for the answer somewhere in it. Eventually though, Sage seemed to come up with something, "If you think of my body as a car, it's like having two people ready to drive it. At one point, while they're still switching there's well, no one sat on that seat and the car is stopped. I've seen it being referred to as the lock-down before, it functions like a transition. I'm basically left like an empty husk for a while until the Take-Over occurs proper..."

Did Megumin even know what a car was? He had no idea... Her attire kinda reminded him of Hershel's in a way and he, wasn't sure if the cleric knew what a car was either. Maybe if he had read about it somewhere? Oh well, there was a chance that his little metaphor would make no sense to her but, at least there had been an attempt. Again, this wasn't exactly an easy thing to explain!

The Descendant had returned the mage's wave, by turning around for a bit and reciprocating it with an added smile. He had made it as if everything was okay which was, the opposite of the truth. Though it was true that he didn't feel as scared as usual, there was still no saying what was about to happen. Maybe he'd get knocked out again and everyone would be safe but, there was always the possibility that it wouldn't be the case. And that was always terrifying, even more with the threat of the Goddess of The Flames lurking underneath.

From high up in the air, Sage could only watch both the Black Kitsune and the ongoing fight against Wesker, unable to fully engage with the latter as that'd both force the strain even further and leave him open for Kagutsuchi's attacks. He was forced to watch it all with exasperation hoping that would be over soon and having no idea that Orbeck and Shanoa were enacting some kind of plan while invisible.
Unfortunately, however, Wesker had a backup plan and suddenly the whole environment had been engulfed in a bright white light. The young man had raised an arm trying to shield his eyes from the ridiculous amount of illumination and only glanced at his environment again once it had been gone and well...

They had been swapped from locations yet again. He sighed, this was getting a bit old, maaan!

Now hovering merely a feet off the ground, the pyromancer allowed himself to slowly descent by having his wings half-folded and acting like a parachute. As soon as he had lowered himself into the new floor, the constructs had all broken down into little embers in the air behind him and dissipated into nothing. There was no reason to remain flying when there wasn't enough height to truly get away from everything. In fact, they seemed to have been transported into a warehouse of sorts... Stock pilled with more of those creepy dolls.

He didn't like this one bit.

As he had stopped to assess the new environment though, this had been when Sage had noticed something wrong by immediate. He could still feel the high level strain picking up!! Releasing a shocked gasp with a high pitched startled noise, the wall just next to him had caught up in flames, together with the shelves of dolls against it. He panicked realising that he was still there, without getting knocked out and therefore still transitioning! A glance towards Kagutsuchi had been enough to gather that She would never allow him the reprieve of meditating in the corner to calm himself down. He was unable to stop this!

"S-SOMEONE KNOCK ME OUT, PLEASE!!!", desperately had pleaded the terrified Descendant at no one in particular.

Before he could have attempted anything else, Balance Breaker had finally worn out bringing even more bad news. The Magic strain had shot through the roof back to its normal levels and forced him into the lock-down. The pyromancer's panicked expression had slowly melted into something more neutral, similarly to when he had shut off every emotion earlier, and he proceeded to crumble down to the ground as if passing out with a 'thump!'
If anyone had bothered to check, however, they'd be able to tell that despite appearances he had still been arguably 'awake'. His gaze, even if clouded and still, kept being consumed by the shade of blue, as did the flames burning tall nearby. And yet, no matter how much he was called or shaken, there was no response, no movement. As if suddenly in a coma.

For the entirety of the next events, Sage had been in that state, unaware of anything happening around his body. Not the new arrival of an ally, not Soma's rampage, not the attack of the killer dolls. In fact, once Soma had died, the fire that he had caused had all shifted in color, becoming a saturated vivid blue shade with a very faint streak of orange near the very tips that was clearly not going to last. It was as if the fire had changed masters as soon as the previous one had perished.

A pack of knife-wielding dolls would decide to engage with a seemingly easy target, stabbing at the inert pyromancer and the income of physical pain had been the final catalyst for the ongoing reaction.

Immediately, the group of attackers would go up in ragging furious blue flames aiming to consume and destroy even their very ashes and molten plastic beyond just putting a stop to them. A violent burst of even more fire would soon follow, spawning from Sage's location, like a shockwave, forcing everyone near his body to get away lest they wanted to be sent flying and burning with the phenomenon. The pyromancer himself was surrounded by a curtain of a powerful blaze that separated him completely from the rest of the world and then- There was laughter echoing from inside.

It was distorted, malicious...
The voice was still the young man's but it echoed wrong, like a chorus of three-parts getting louder and madder by the second.

, another larger group of dolls, distant, seemed to catch aflame from nowhere before even being able to attack, soon sharing the same fate of the first group,
, and yet a new group tried to launch into the offensive against the curtain of flames, only to too burn merely a few steps along the way.


The curtain of flames quelled a bit, and finally It had stepped forth, passing through the fire as if it was a cascade of water instead. Grinning confidently. Those that had no idea of what was truly going on might be thinking that the pyromancer had gone absolutely insane, as at a first glance It looked no different from Sage whose body It was borrowing. Inspecting the scene for a little longer, however, they'd be able to tell that Its eye color was a new one entirely, composed of a saturated vivid blue with little unnatural flames dancing wildly inside. In fact, as the previously informed ones would be able to tell, this was no longer the altruistic, righteous young man.

No, this thing was a monster that took great pleasure in burning earth and skies alike without an ounce of mercy or care for those in Its way.

It stared at the rest of the group with nothing but cold calculation and contempt in Its borrowed gaze, analyzing each and every one of them with eerie insightful glares. Immediately, It took notice of a couple missing individuals, including Leonardo Watch, who It had the enjoyment of tormenting briefly during the very first time. A shame, perhaps, but not a loss... There were more than enough playthings gathered in the same place after all! Over their shared memories, It too already knew that the Kitsune present was not Alexis, --the one the Anomaly had great care for--, but Kagutsuchi, who It had an unfinished fight with. Though of course, It wasn't going to bother.

All It wanted to do was to destroy without qualms, and whether or not the creature came for its revenge wouldn't change a thing for It. Let her act if she wanted and It would gladly serve her some just desserts. But meh, if she didn't, there was no loss really.

As Its eyes glowed, the entire room would be filled with furious tall and proud blue flames, seeking to char and consume everything in the path. It revelled in the chaos, cracking like mad as more and more dolls and their boxes burned under Its might. Yes, It also knew that there was yet another fire-user in the room... This one with abilities just as powerful and resourceful as Itself. However, same as the Kitsune, It wasn't going to bother.

At least, not yet.

It simply kept waging destruction unhinged and undiscerning, awaiting which of these poor souls would try to take It on this time. Whichever came, well, it should be immensely fun~
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The Nineteenth Arcana
Akari "Paladin" Kishiri

Akari shielded his eyes when Wesker blinded everyone again, and when he was able to see again, he saw an entire factory filled with dolls that looked like Chucky. Albeit, they seemed like actual children's toys. Though, as Akari knew all too well, appearances could be quite deceiving.

There was also a strange kid, named "Killua", who was apparently an assassin...

...and, he was carrying a heart in a paper bag. Akari made no comment about this.
Whatever the case, it seemed apparent that a couple of folks were bent on literally "killing it with fire" as they ignited a decent number of the doll boxes.

Then, as predictable as ever, the dolls came alive and brandished knives.

Akari took out his crossbow and aimed it at a small group that was charging towards him. "If you're trying to scare me, you need to try harder than that." One by one, he shot at the dolls' heads, pinning them to whatever the bolts became embedded in. These dolls, still somewhat alive, wriggled like worms as they were unable to dislodge themselves.

When another group came after Akari, he about-faced and did the same thing. "You know, if you're looking for a friend, I know a certain demonic teddy bear that would do just the trick."

Then, Akari noticed the flames getting more severe, and...

...wait, BLUE?!
Akari's eyes immediately darted towards Sage. He seemed to definitely not be acting like his usual self, and something inside Akari told him to deal with that. Though, he would need to wait for the right opportunity.

Akari had also heard Shanoa's cry of anguish and casting of powerful spells as Soma had apparently been killed off. It seemed to him that Scarecrow's toxin had corrupted his mind worse than the others, and in doing so, the toxin had unleashed a part of him he had been trying to repress. Perhaps, then, it was for the best that Soma was now at peace.

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"Ungh... Good morning Gon.... Oh right. I'm stuck in here. Woah! What the-" The fully rested Killua looks up to see the large amount of dolls charging at them. God this is weird... "Well, thanks for holding them off for me. Lemme just get these..." Killua pulls out an electric blue yoyo.
"Eat this chumps!" Killua directly fires his yoyo at the horde of dolls, knocking back a small line of them. "110 pounds and still nothing? Tsk. Guess I'll have to do this." He reels in the yoyo back into his hand and throws it back out. Midway through his launch he shouts, "and... ELECTRIFY!" Several of the dolls that have gained the ability to attack are hit with a large electric shock, knocking them out. "Alright! A reinforcement has arrived guys!" And with that, Killua joins the battle!


Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long

#99D5FF and #FAC51C = Speech
(Freezer) (Burn)

It all happened fast.

No matter what Weiss and Yang had done, the fire kept on spreading, bringing to life all the Chucky dolls that, to little surprise, were out for everyone in the room. Soma, in his unstable period, had been overwhelmed by the Chucky dolls and was killed, sending Shanoa into a borderline-senseless rage that involved cutting through the armada of Chucky dolls. As Weiss started to hack away at the Chucky dolls, she had realized that even beyond where he was, Scarecrow was winning.

Now, Kagutsuchi had succeeded.

As usual, Sage had called for everyone else in the warehouse to knock them out… But this time, nobody was there to tend to his emotional wounds. They had been too busy either holding off Wesker, talking to a relatively-unknown assassin, or fighting the Chucky dolls.

It was ultimately what led to him being Taken-Over.

Worst of all, it had reminded her of everything about what had happened within the voodoo shop where the group was to make a deal with the Shareholders. Except, instead of at least part of the blame going towards Roman, the group itself was almost entirely to blame.


Yang fell to her knees, laughing, as the Chucky dolls started to ambush her like what they had done to Soma, repeatedly trying to stab her at every direction they could get. Not that she responded to their presences, though.

"You don't wanna plaaay, 'uh?" One of the Chucky dolls said.


Yang continued to laugh...but it was apparent that it was forced laughter that she had brought onto herself. As she laughed, she grimaced from the pain she was starting to feel...while the laughter started to turn into sobbing. The Chucky dolls continued trying to slice away at Yang, chipping away from her Aura percentage as they tried to stab her to oblivion. Even as the entire room went up in flames, and a few of the Chucky dolls were literally blown away by Sage Toayî's blue fire, they continued to try to stab away at her.

"Good Lord, you're really enjoyin' it, aren't ya!" Another one of the Chucky dolls asked rhetorically.


At this point, Yang's laughing had almost turned into loud sobbing, bearing only a bare resemblance of her previous, forced laughter.

And then, she exploded.


With her hair bursting to flames, finally, she reacted to the Chucky dolls trying to dig into her organs, forcibly knocking them off of her at a great speed. With little challenge, she got up, screaming, using a Chucky doll to boost herself up and crushing him in the process due to the amount of strength she had gotten from those numerous stab attempts.


Consumed by her anger, Yang grabbed one of the Chucky dolls and threw him into the blazes, before running straight towards the newly-emerged Toayî, shoving aside people who were in her way, including any of the remaining Chucky dolls and possibly even her own allies. Then, she boosted herself into the air with Ember Celica, as she raised her right robotic fist, preparing to punch the newly-possessed Sage directly in the head with the help of her shotgun-gauntlet.


As Weiss watched, she recoiled. Nothing pretty came out whenever Yang got that upset. Instead, she summoned an Arma Gigas in front of her by way of a Glyph and some hard concentration, and it stood to protect Weiss whenever the danger would come to her.

There was no stopping Yang now.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore (GM), Zamasu Zamasu (Soma, Shanoa), QizPizza QizPizza (Kagutsuchi), Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun (Sage Toayî)


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"How many of these bastards are there? Tsk. Fine. I can work with this..." KIllua pulls out a second yoyo and begins to circle a large group of dolls. Rhythm Echo. "Take your best shot at me." The dolls didn't hesitate. "SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE WANTS TO PLAY!" All the dolls attack the clones. Killua appears in the center of the circle of dolls. "Damn right I do." He spins his 2 yoyos around him, shrouding them in electricity. All the dolls are knocked back and short circuit due to the excess amount of electricity, rendering them defeated. "Is that all you got, you pieces of plastic?" "RAHH!" It seems one doll didn't like him saying that. The blade of his knife makes contact with the skin on his cheek, causing a large cut near his eye. "Damn it, just as I cleaned myself up!" He turns to the doll. "I'll give you a nice and peaceful death. How about that?"
Killua grabs the doll and throws the knife into the lounge-like room, so he can use it as his own weapon later. He activates his electric palm power, and shows his electrified hand to the doll. "Give me one good reason I should spare you." "P-please I don't know any- GAH!" Killua shocks the doll with the palm of his hand. "I did not ask for information. I asked for a reason why we should spare you." "It's not my fault I'm evil! I, I've been corrupted, unable to speak my mind, yeah! That's i- AAAAAAA-ZZT-AAAAAH!" "If that were true you wouldn't be able to tell me that. I give you one last offer to be spared from my demise. Give me. A reason. To spare you." "NO!" The doll attempts to punch Killua in the face. "Very well. May the devil have mercy on you." Killua begins his torture plan. He shoves his yo-yo into the dolls mouth in order to stop it from yelling. "First goes the arms..." Killua pulls out the arms of the doll, let's it feel the pain, then continues. "Then out go the legs..." Killua is now ripping the legs off the doll. It's in clear pain, but Killua is not one to be attacked. "and then off with the HEAD." Killua places his hand on the dolls head, and the other on it's torso, and rips it in half. "Even if you are just a machine, I will still not hesitate to kill you." He electrifies every piece of the doll to make sure it stays out, one by one, to guarantee it's death, getting the head last.
Killua rubs the blood stain from his face off and continues the robot genocide. It seems his assassin mode has been turned off though.

Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!
Dolls began rushing at Kyou. Laughter and the sound of plastic moving across the concrete floor as they began rushing towards the man who quite literally just came crashing down onto them. While they slowly approached him, however, Kyou simply started to stretch. Hips and joints going one side to the other, and his body moving around as comfortable 'crack' sounds could be heard. Ah~! That's the stuff!

"Get him, he's alone!"

"Rip 'im to shreds!"

"Cut through his skin!"

The Chucky dolls simply laughed as they seemingly united with others of their kind to rush towards Kyou, who, in their eyes, was the most instant threat. Kyou, meanwhile, despite the death of one of his companions, only offered a small, yet sorrowful smile. "...You wanna fight?" The man asked, before giving himself a few jumps around, before letting out a small grin. "...Alright. For makin' one of m' companions cry...Then I'll go against y'all."

Then, Kyou rushed.

His movements were quick and unpredictable. He used his legs on large amounts on this battle, dolls flying about as he swept his foot bellow them, flames carrying over his feet as they burned alive. Screams of confusion could be heard, as Kyou kept dancing and he kept moving. Shockwaves were accused, throwing boxes and dolls all around, some breaking during such. It almost looked like he was breakdancing, now that Scarecrow's fear toxin wasn't available on his body anymore.

Low kick. Fiery spin. Large shockwave. It almost felt rhythmic as Kyou started to fight. None of the dolls stood a chance.


His voice was angry, but not exploding like Yang's. In fact, he looked at the girl who introduced herself to him, and an even bigger scowl appeared on his face. Nobody is gonna die today if he can do anything about it! With a mighty yell of frustration and pent up emotions, Kyou unleashed a kick at nobody in particular, as a mighty wall of flames rose from his foot, incinerating any dolls, but once more not setting the place on fire, the flames seemingly disappeared before he could do anything of the sorts.

Unfortunately... Sage, or Toayi, had different plans. As flames once more rose up and attempted to burn everything, the man got a decent amount of them onto him- although quickly absorbing them by a combination of his own Flame Eatin' ability, and Yamata's Endless Hunger...

...Shit, how many of 'em have more than one entity in their bodies?

An unnecessary amount, it seems!

Quickly, Kyou jumped up on the air, his dexterity making him backflip a good distance away from the concept of fire- soon, he landed behind Killua, his back facing the boy.

"...Eh? Ah, shit, a new member." Kyou said the large man dwarfed Killua- being at least 6'02" compared to the boy. "Yo, Kyou Tana, desu yo. The horns may be deceivin', but I'm the kindest half oni ya gon' meet today." He spoke quickly, before quickly grabbing a doll who jumped at him with his bare hand- not even looking at the small minion as he crushed its head. "Oi, kid, how strong are ya? We might have a problem in our hands- and it ain't these dolls."


the Boss-Battle Loving Role-Player
Celestial Speck Celestial Speck
"I'm not someone who gives trust too easily, but because of the circumstances, I don't have a choice. Killua Zoldyck's the name. Trained family assassin. I may seem like a very small weakling, but trust me when I say, I'm no ordinary kid." Killua decides to show off a new trick. This time he focuses on his hands and puts them together. ZZZT! The sound of electricity can be heard. "Check this out." He brings his hands back outward to reveal a large thunderbolt being transmuted in his hands. As he extends the bolt, it begins to twirl around the brim of his hands. He brings his hands in, and quickly releases the bolt around him, surronding him in electric power. Killua is somehow unscathed, but seems slightly fatigued. "I can handle this for a bit of time before I have to resort to my usual tricks, so I limit my electrical Nen power. Anyway, there's something more than the dolls here?" He begins to walk up to the horde of dolls, but as he walks near them, they all short circuit. He really is conducting electricity around his body! He brings down his electrical aura and continues his electrical yo yo attack, awaiting a response from the horned man


Skeleton Boi
Apparently, the room was just some sort of imagination after all this time, so what the hell did he do while inside that ‘room’....... did he actually burned a teammate. But yeah, the room kept burning and burning, with shit getting worse and worse with each passing minute..... and what made it worse, was a combination of Chucky dolls with knifes, someone dying who he didn’t really care about, and Sage going berserk, along with Yang, to which Benrey just face palmed at the fact that all of this was going on.

Yeah, Benrey has gotta find a way to make this work and not have everyone die. He only shrugged as he used his ToolGun to spawn in the Super Shotgun from Doom, to which it had no ammo inside, but that didn’t stop Benrey as he reloaded the shotgun and preparing for battle as two Chucky dolls charged at his person: AFBEC38A-032F-4D3F-B9A0-5913C98ECAE1.jpeg
Now he was ready, as he aimed the super shotgun at one of the nearest Chucky doll, and fired both barrels, blasting the little fucker across the room in pieces. After blasting the first Chucky doll, the second continued its charge as Benrey reloaded the weapon, while saying
“Groovy.....” before looking at the second doll. 867DA476-1EDD-4263-A36B-A138A58B0858.jpeg
The second doll would be confused at what he said next.... which was
“Swallow this.....” as he once again fired both barrels, launching the other charging Chucky doll in the same way as the first, landing a couple of feet more away from Benrey. Now, a few more Chucky dolls charged at him in order to gain vengeance for their fallen comrades, but Benrey just smirked and did what he called ‘Run and Gun’...... which was just him flying around the room for a bit with his No-clip and shooting some dolls, while occasionally landing to have a more clear shot at them.
He..... couldn’t stay down for long, his teammates are requiring his help currently, but he couldn’t muster up the courage to do so as he watched the chaos unfold, unable to do anything but watch. Event after event, death after death, screams after screams, he couldn’t muster up the motivation to start smashing some doll’s head right now, but..... if he fails here, then he would not only be failing his team, but his friends and family back at home, who are living in bliss without any worry in the world, unaware of the impending doom to the entire multiverse.

That, is one of many thoughts that helped him slowly get back up, a few coughs coming from him but that didn’t matter, especially since he was surrounded by these dolls. All at once, like they were synchronized, they jumped and tried to stab the warrior at once, but what they didn’t expect, was the man to raise his hammer before bringing it down forcefully, creating a shock wave around him that destroyed the nearby dolls, as Gretar looked around with a flaming fire lit inside his very soul, ready for whatever challenges may come ahead.

Another doll tried sneaking from behind and striking, to which Gretar quickly turned around and slammed his hammer intro the side of it, sending it across the room like it was nothing but a baseball. Two at the same time tried attacking from his front, but Gretar threw his hammer at the left foe before grabbing the right with both his arms, on grabbing the knife and sticking it into its skull, before throwing it away like it was nothing.

Gretar now will help protect his team, no matter the cost, whether it would be the cost of someone dying, or his own life.

Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!
Kyou seemed only slightly taken back by Killua's response, but ultimately, the child's threatening words don't exactly worry the half-oni that much. He could tell this kid wasn't ordinary, that much was obvious by what he saw and could feel from his own soul with his sight and ability to feel emotions. He did, however, raise a brow between his kicks and fire attacks towards the dolls at Killua's mention he was a trained assassin. What?

...A part of him, the parent part of him slightly worried about this kid, the other wondered if he was being serious, or was just trying to sound threatening. Regardless...This kid was clearly trying to show off. Now, Kyou did the very same, but this kid should maybe be a bit humbled up. Kyou simply grinned, as pulling Yamata's own power, one of the dragons heads breath attack manifested itself on his hands and mouth, as, much like Killua, a massive bolt of electricity- no, thunder exited from his mouth and hands, causing a minor explosion and shockwave with the impact, sending dolls flying and burning!

"I can tell ya very skilled, kid. I have an eye for this!" The man grinned, before continuing. Killua could see something similar to Nen coursing through the man too- although more...Natural? Raw? It felt less focused. More emotional. More...Wild. It felt like a burning fire, moving across all his body with the only thing controlling it being his willpower and emotions, but the raw essence of his spirit coming out at high levels. "But don't get too cocky now, nobody's sayin' ya weak- but don't act like yer strong, too! Keep your eyes up, someone already died here..."

Kyou's eyes moved on to mention Killua at the dead body of one of the previous members of the team- Soma. Dead, and filled with stabs on his body. "He was really strong too. So don't risk stuff, eh?"

Kyou quickly shook his head, before a green, almost windy and grassy breath came from him, and hit Killua. The boy could feel himself more energized again- and any wounds he suffered would close.

Soon, however, the horned man would point to Sage, the boy whose blue flames were currently burning away things here- the same flames that were being absorbed by Kyou. "Ya need to knock the kid out. I don't know the details- but he has sumthin' inside of him that took control. Somethin' real malicious. Ya electricity could do the job, but again, be careful. I 'unno how strong he is right now, but I don't think he wants to help us out...Whatever that took control."


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"Wow, You're pretty good at this stuff. Of course, I understand your worry, and I don't mean to say that no one can top me. Heck, I might just be missing my friend I was with a bit ago..."
Killua reminisces on his friend that inspired him to grow strong and make friends. He gives a faint smile. As laid-back and intricate as Killua is, he still has a soft spot. But he can't let himself show it in the middle of battle.
"Thanks for healing me up. Let's find this guy quickly and take him out. We can't have them blowing the place up, even if we are in immediate danger. As strong as I have become, I'm only electric resistent. I agree we should take this dude out, ASAP. Lead the way, uh, sorry never got your name."
He awkwardly smiles at Kyou, then looks back at boy doing it all. But just knocking him out would be hard, as assassins don't knock unconscious for the most part. They kill.
"And just for clarification, we aren't trying to kill him, right? If we're just knocking him out, I'm afraid I can only help as a distraction of sorts. I'm afraid I might kill the guy."

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