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Orbeck of Vinheim
Status: trying to carry Shanoa, and (hopefully) putting a plan into motion.
Condition: empowered, but overwhelmed.​


"Torpor, it's a glyph that allows me to throw gems that can put them into a crystal prison. I could barely move at this moment, but if you can bring her to me, then I might be able to imprison her."

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore L Laix_Lake
Of course, after all that happened she would require assistance just heading towards the threat. It would be tedious in most cases, but with the boundary breaker in place, it can be done. Trying to do the ability itself also seems impossible.

"Very well, if we are to do this effectively, we need to be out of sight. Give me a moment"

Orbeck would take a sip or two from his ashen estus flask, before casting hidden body on himself. He grabs Shanoa bridal style with one hand casting hidden body on her as well. Both of them should be invisible to everyone in the vicinity, until an major action is made.

So he dashes, the buff from the new ally making the task all the more simpler. Until they spot sage and Kagutsuchi.

Beside, whether the flame was meant exclusively for Alexis or not didn’t matter. Alexis didn’t want to take control. She just wanted to be alone. That was her will, and no fire could change that. If anything, it only made her hunker down further. That said, just as Kagutsuchi had an influence on Alexis, the woman also had an influence on the goddess, causing a little bit of the woman’s desire to self isolate out, “J-just leave me alone.” Kagutsuchi quickly recovered added a pained groan, saying, “I-I don’t know how much I can keep Kagutsuchi at bay… I-I can bare-barely stay awake. It-it hurts. G-get away while you still can...”
From the initial appearances, its hard to say if she is unwilling to deal with whatever unknown influence is taking hold. Saying to sage that he is better off running away than dealing with her conflict. Even if that's the case, he simply can't allow another Ill influence to run amuck. He continues to move ever so carefully as the conflict rages on. It is all up to the vampire hunter to engage the glyph.

And if that archwizard some how desided to intervene? It will not be good of any of them. There is no need for this boundless compassion when she literally was in a coma a few moments ago.

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Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long

The Old Mansion
#99D5FF and #FAC51C = Speech
(Freezer) (Burn)

While Yang received the boost Kyou had blessed her and everyone else on the two's side, she stopped to take a look at Lucky, who was starting to suffer an identity crisis. She wasn't that knowledgeable about him, nor does she have the capacity to help with his memory problems.

"Can anyone help him? He's having trouble with who he is!" Yang asked the group, then continued to walk up to Dr. Crane, who was now being treated to the medicine of his own fear toxin. Whatever the mad "doctor" saw, she didn't care for that. Instead, she just stared down on him, and watched as he is eventually knocked out by Kyou. Then, as she stood there, she raised her gun.

She could end him, right there. No, that could place him lower than some of the people she had fought. Yet, he had to pay for what he did between his fear toxin and her memories of Ruby.

Instead, she kneeled down, towards his ear. "Now you see them... The monsters that will be your end..."

She then grabbed his hand and put it on his chest, as she slid the gun between his fingers and thumb.

"Unless you pick up that gun and deny them."

She stood back up, dusting herself, then looked to see her own teammates, Weiss and Blake, alongside others fighting Wesker. She looked at Kyou, then at Alexis and Sage, who were having their own troubles, before immediately dashing towards Wesker. As she did so, she pumped her shot-gauntlets and fired a few flares at him. Meanwhile, right after she fired the flares, she pumped her gauntlets again before boosting herself towards one place, then to another before launching herself towards him, going for a dropkick to his side.

thatguyinthestore thatguyinthestore (GM, Wesker, Scarecrow), TheElenaFisher TheElenaFisher (Blake), PopcornPie PopcornPie (Megumin, Lucky), Celestial Speck Celestial Speck (Kyou), Thepotatogod Thepotatogod (Hiryu), ConnorOfficials ConnorOfficials (Lilith), quadraxis201 quadraxis201 (Akari)
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The Nineteenth Arcana
Akari "Paladin" Kishiri

Akari watched as Kyou summoned fiery rings around a number of his allies in an attempt to do something called "balance breaking". Though Akari was a bit alarmed at first, he noticed that the ring surrounding him wasn't burning him, but rather... amplifying his power, somehow.

And, with that rise in power... came a skill neither Akari nor the rest of the Neo Phantom Thieves had never seen before.

Kougaon has temporarily transfigured into Divine Flare.
(Severe Bless damage to one foe.)

Scarecrow had been dealt with by the others, but there was still the man with the sunglasses, named "Wesker". As it happened, there was plenty more to him than first met the eye. Wesker had also mentioned how he had been watching everyone carefully and had learned all about their tactics.

But, how would Wesker react to this newfound skill?
Akari turned to face Wesker, and with Kronos still out, gave a smirk. "Nice sunglasses. Too bad they're not likely going to shield you from this."

With a cast of Divine Flare, Akari watched as a very large golden magic circle appeared above Wesker, a sun symbol in its center, runic symbols surrounding it, rotating and pulsing softly with rainbow light. The sun in the circle's center began to glow brighter as it started rotating faster and faster, and suddenly...

A huge beam of rainbow light shot straight downwards towards Wesker as Akari could only watch in amazement.

That said, Yang had requested for someone to help with Lucky's amnesia, and fortunately, Akari was ready to help, and so he cast Salvation on Lucky as per her request.

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Alien X held one arm out, holding the mallet off with but one finger.

"You, a god? You imply that you are like me? That I am like you? Do you believe you can change this world? With people like you on board, it will surely be dystopia."

The hammer-like arm would begin to disintegrate into dust as Alien X teleports behind Wesker, generating in his arm the sharpest sword to ever exist and stabbing Wesker through the back, then working his way up to the head.

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You ain’t seen nothin yet!
Lilith was taken aback by Lucky's insult "H-Hey where is this coming from!?" Lilith questions as she looks more then a little confused. Just then Scarecrow let out a cry of defeat and fell to the ground, Lucky saw this and screaming in anger trying to wake him up but to no eval, this was because he wanted to finally set his mind right and remember who he is. This made Lilith worry and pause before trying to apologize profusely. "Oh... god I'm so sorry, this wasn't because of me was it!?"


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"Not that..." Lucky's voice was reduced to a low, gravely whisper. "I was too late, and now I'll never get me revenge on him..." He poked the unconscious body a few more times, then slumped. "What do I do now?" Lupé's voice was just garbled static at this point. "Me undefeated streak...Lana, I'm so sorry..."

He was just at a loss. Without Scarecrow active and kicking, he, for once in his life, had misplaced wrath. And he kept flickering between whether or not he remembered the why and the how.

Fortunately, Akari rescued him from his crisis. As Salvation graced him, he felt the shattered halves of his mind melding back together. The old and new memories finally came to the center of his head and mingled, causing his sight to repair itself. He kept his nose low to the ground, and muttered sharply, "Me name's Lucky O'Chopper. I'm here to beat the shit outta the bad guys. Scarecrow...he fucked with me, but me stupid ass idea blew up in me face, and kept me from giving him his dues. He's won against me, our score will be forever unsettled. I now have wrath without a proper target..."

His eyes flitted up to Wesker, and his breathing intensified.


With a piercing battle cry, he charged, aiming the Paw o' Death's knife directly at Wesker's lower abdomen. Alas, this striking still felt hollow.

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Skeleton Boi
His attack, along with the others, helped take down the large form of Scarecrow for a bit, until as a last ditched effort, the man tried to injected Benrey with the forbidden and golden Mountain Dew, Benrey barely tilting his head to dodge the attack so he could not see his worst nightmare again.

As soon as he got back up, Scarecrow would be taken out of the count, as one very hardy bastard was left for the fight. Cracking his fists, he spawned a comically large spoon, for whatever reason he has for it, as he smiled smugly at Wesker: F610A988-CD0E-410B-B564-7FE07AF9F415.jpeg
He then raised the spoon into the air and said
“Prepare to be spooned.... Wes-cream....” as he brought the comically large spoon down onto Wesker, which would probably crush him into the ground if he didn’t dodge it at all.
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Bring out the Apple Cider~!!!

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-Art Credits--
Chiaki Morisawa Fanart [スタろぐ④] by ますぎ, minimally tweaked

Fire Flames Texture by arundel
Golden Floral Pattern from PNGkit,
original artist PaperElement?

Divider Set #02 by NorasFed, edited by me​

With him having stopped in a ready to attack pose, --holding his guard up while the tonfa construct was supported against his shoulder--, the Goddess of The Flames had decided to mock Sage's attempt by twisting his own self-deprecating tendencies into her favor, driving word after word into him like a vicious knife. He let out a gasp and yet, because of the mental boost that he had been bestowed, the pyromancer had been able to shake most of it away before he could have spiralled deeped into his own insecurities.
It didn't mean that it did not hurt, oh no, it did. But considerably less.

Megumin's own words had also been a great ally, though he was actually acting rationally. The first sentence, however, made complete sense. Alexis wouldn't resent him for taking support on her. If anything, she had wanted to help, of her own volition. Heck, even when he had tried pushing her away, or closing-off, she kept coming back! That's not something one wouldn't do if they didn't legitimately care. Alexis, loved him and he too, adored her just as deeply.
When you cared for somebody that much, no matter how much you got hurt by it, it didn't change the feeling. Not one bit.

Kagutsuchi's lines had just added more fuel into the fires of rage.

"I'M NOT BEATING HER! I'M BEATING YOU!!!!", this much logic made sense to him. If he got hit to stop the Take-Over it was fine, it didn't mean that he was actually getting hit by the others. He had even asked for it!

Just as he would prefer to have Toayî be stopped, so would Alexis want him to stop the Goddess now, right?

Nonetheless, he had still gone for it. The tonfa had hit against the Kitsune's knee, She crumbled a little and then got kicked aside, just as planned. Somehow it just seemed as if the other was letting Herself be attacked. Sage wasn't completely dumb. Simple-minded and ignorant sometimes, but not entirely stupid. He would have understood if this had been a normal opponent, but Alexis- Kagutsuchi, well they were some kind of magical creature and a Deity, with a lot more endurance than he, --who was physically a normal person--, had.

The crack did startle him, glancing in the direction of where She had landed. As focus on the action had been lost, both the fire-aura and the construct were gone, disappearing into little embers in the air. But when Alexis had asked him what he was doing, despite the first instinct to run towards her, he held on position. This could be a trick again... It most likely was another trick.

He watched as Megumin seemed to fall for it, relaxing and welcoming Alexis back. He, however, stood there watching, tense. As all fire in the room slowly got tinted with blue, and his gaze gained an added vivid core in the same shade, the Descendant could only watch the Kitsune with an underlying hatred boiling inside him. Illusion Magic. It was one of the Moon Descendants' Abilities, and one he despised more than anything else in the Universe. To mess with people's heads like that... To make a distraction and attack while they were confused... It was all so inherently ILL-INTENTIONED, borderline EVIL.
It riled up his biases, his self-righteousness and even more, placed Kagutsuchi in the tier of the worst of the worst kind of people to exist...

Unable to tell what was Her messing with him and what was actually true, Sage felt like caught in a crossroads as Megumin asked him if he thought 'Alexis' would be okay. His gaze was erratic, hesitating. It threw him straight back at the Entity's words about caring being a weakness. And he hated it, because, there was no way to fully deny it when it came to these sorts of situations.

But honestly, he had no idea of what to do...
Or at least, he didn't, until he got told to get away.

Perhaps this would be going against that which Alexis had told him to do back in the cabin, to stop running... But again, what else could he do?? The most he remained there, the highest was the chance that Megumin would get too close to what could still be Kagutsuchi and get herself in danger!

Running away was something that he could do. Something that he already excelled greatly at by nature.

With tears in the corners of his dual-colored eyes, the pyromancer summoned forth his wings. Due to the effect of Balance Breaker, added to the usual two flames spawning from his back there had been a new one, igniting and hovering by the base of his spine. Together with the usual wings came to life a bundle of fire tail feathers, some of them a lot longer and shaped like a peacock's, following the depiction of Phoenixes in many worlds and mythologies.
It wasn't just for decor either, just like a bird or a plane, tail feathers allowed for stabilization of the flight. Essentially, he became able to maneuver a lot more precisely in the air and at even higher speeds than before, with less chance for spiralling out of control.

Sage wasted no time in taking-off near to ground level with a gentle flap and propel himself towards Megumin's position. He scooped her up with an arm, allowing her to use it as a seat and merely shouted an order, 'Arms around the neck!', as he took the fiercest flap possible to catch height incredibly fast. From there he had leaned his body back into a vertical position and kept going higher and higher until there was no more room to ascend, stopping not exactly on top of the Kitsune, but to a still near distance.

He panted, looking downwards to assess what Her reaction would be, the wings giving occasional flaps to maintain the height, tail feathers flowing gently up and down behind him. Finally, the Descendant was able to glance back at his new passenger, the archmage, to see what she thought of all of this. Megumin would have ample sight of the wing constructs graduating into blue about a third in. His apologetic and sympathetic gaze now composed of the usual orange surrounding a core of bright vivid blue that spilt out of its boundaries, overtaking the usual color. If it didn't mean trouble, perhaps the mosaic-like effect would be rather pretty to stare at.

Noticing that the Missy seemed to have taken some damage already, the young man lit up a tip of his free indicator into a little flame. He looked at it for a moment, wondering if this would even work, but something inside him told him that it would and reassured him of the action. Asking her to 'hold still', Sage had brought the little flame to the archmage's nose, opening the front of the helmet, and it... did not burn. In fact, it was merely warm, like the gentle, comfy warmth of a hug. He willed the little flame larger and it would expand to embrace all of Megumin, conceding her an orange glow for a moment, that seemed to get absorbed into her. Once it left for good, she would notice that all of her physical ailments were gone as if they had never been there to begin with.

"Gods, you have no idea of how glad I am to finally being able to do this..!", he had laughed softly, clearly happy about healing someone else for a change. Too bad this wasn't permanently staying like that.

He gave a new glance down, eyes full with concern.
This was nice but, they couldn't stay like this... Not with him nearing lock-down, it would just put her into more danger.

"I gotta take you back down though...", the pyromancer averted his gaze in a mix of sadness and shame, "If not, whenever I black-out we'd both start falling."

He smiled at her, gentle but lonely and somewhat fearful. If it was up to him, Sage would have preferred staying with Megumin like this until everything was solved but, he knew better than to let her plummet to her death from this height. The color graduation was getting closer to about half. He sighed and once more ordered her to 'hold tight', holding her left hand with his own and allowing her to dangle in the air for a bit as he grabbed the other hand too. From the previous carried ride, the archmage would now be basically having the pyromancer as a delta-wing, as she stood suspended as if falling.

With determination in his eyes, he took a new flap and leaned his body downward, the wings standing half-open. The pair then proceeded to dive-glide back towards the ground, where he safely let go of her about a hop of distance away from the surface. Then almost immediately flapped again to regain height.

The pyromancer returned to the same spot he had been earlier, yet now he was... alone. And that by itself made the whole thing feel different. It had been a while since he had been actually alone... It was rather desolate up in there. With loneliness creeping up on him, Sage couldn't help but think of Leo, wondering how he was doing at that exact moment.
He hoped that he was okay, and not being tortured or Gods know what...

He missed him so much. He also missed Alexis a bunch, and was equally as concerned over what could have possibly left her in such a state.

Without anything to do but watch Kagutsuchi just in case She tried anything, he hugged himself in a vain attempt for comfort...
...And it just made him feel worse.
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"Look, Sage, the others kn-kn-kn-knocked out Scarecrow! No more fear t-toxin for us! Now we just need to take out W-W-Wesker!" Though Megumin trusted that everything would be okay, Sage looked...well, like he didn't trust jack. "Sage, are you sure yo-yo-you've broken free of the fear toxin? You look like you're still s-s-seeing demons..." The sheer intensity of Sage's stare gave her goosebumps, and she shuffled a couple inches away. Of course, she wouldn't blame Sage if everything that'd happened made him ready to snap at everyone, but she now had the sinking feeling that she should've stayed with Price.

"Sage?...S-SAGE?" Megumin found herself bowing down before Sage's mesmerizing plumes, almost hypnotized by their shifting colors. It looked like watching watercolor paints drip into each other, mixing quietly upon a thin canvas. He gained a tail, too, one that ran down his hips and onto the floor with the elegance of a waterfall. Yet Megumin was still afraid. Was it Sage operating those wings, and was he going to attack her or Kagutsuchi?

"EEEEEEEEEEEK!" She immediately understood why Lucky was so afraid of hawks as Sage swept her off her feet. The wind nearly took her hat off, and ruffled her hair more aggressively than anyone ever had. "Sage?! S-sage, what is this?!" As she wrapped her arms around the pyromancer's neck and shoulders, and took in the ride, her fear was dropped onto the ground. And she whooped joyfully. They were up so high, so weightless; it was wonderful to just be hanging in the air, away from Wesker's battle.

This was the Sage she knew. She would no longer be afraid. "Ok-k-kay, Sage, what now? What is this flame f-f-for?" She closed her eyes, shivering a bit, but allowing it to envelop her. The steady, gentle warmth of this flame had her thinking purely of Samus, how the bounty hunter would never hesitate to wrap an arm around her little apprentice whenever she was distressed. At the same time, she felt the blown hole in her brain being welded shut, or at least closed until it wouldn't be so detrimental anymore. However well the magic healed her, it soothed her and settled her tense muscles. And when she opened her mouth again, she found that she was no longer stuttering!

"All, right!" Grateful eyes clung to Sage, but the pyromancer seemed worried, and it wouldn't exactly take her best brains to figure out why. "If your flames go completely blue, you faint?" She pressed her lips together. "My weight must be speeding up the process. Please, allow me to drop."

Instead, she was safely carried to the ground, where she saw Sage off with a wave. "Okay, Megumin, what now? Of course I'd like to go after Wesker, but does Sage still need my help? Everything about his reaction spells trouble..." She watched him simply hug himself, clearly at a loss for further action.

"Hey, Wesker!" After all he'd put her through, Megumin ultimately decided that she couldn't resist at least telling him off. She would enjoy getting licks in, but it looked like everyone else had it covered. "Maybe you're right, maybe not everyone across the multiverse can be saved. But I know I can at least save everyone close to me! Isn't that right, Scarecrow?" She chuckled at the unconscious doctor.

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Off to a Better Place
Unfortunately, Lucky's stabs weren't enough to wake up Scarecrow. He'd really been knocked out cold.

Kyou's lasers, meanwhile, had done partially as Kyou had intended. Although they had sliced through his tendrils, and even slowed down the regeneration process, they were still regrowing, just at a slower rate. "Weren't you one of the monster I pulled into aid me?" Wesker pondered, though he didn't seem too phased other than that single question. Instead, he shrugged, before using his shortened tendrils to wrap around a nearby piece of debris from the crumbling building, and then hurling it towards Kiryu! He then used his heightened reflexes to swiftly dodge the sword slash that had been made in his direction, and then countered it by hurling even more debris towards Weiss!

He then held up a chunk of debris to block the plasma shots that Lealan had shot towards him. He merely smirked in response to her words. "Oh? And who says that I don't have backup of my own?" He asked, before throwing the now shattered chunks of sheetrock at Lealan. Then, as Blake began running towards him, he pushed his glasses back up onto his face with his fingertip. "Though, if you wish to meet my new friends, then I suppose I should oblige..."

Then, Wesker snapped his fingers right as Blake slid under him, and everything went white.

Story Update
"No More Mister Good Guy"

As the light that had enveloped you faded, you found that you were inside of what appeared to be a factory of... dolls. Dolls that seemed to be the same kind as Chucky. Everything around you appeared to be a maze of sorts, filled to the brim with packaged Good Guy Dolls. There were definitely walls... but you couldn't make out where they even were for the life of you. All you saw was tons of boxes of the creepy looking dolls, all of which were staring down at you. Surrounding you. There was no sign of Wesker... hell, there wasn't even any sign of Chucky, despite the dolls.

You were all alone.


For now, at least.

Cast List
PolikShadowbliss as Supergirl (DC Comics) and Zwei (OC)
Kameron Esters- as Captain Falcon (F-Zero) and Lars Alexandersson (Tekken)
quadraxis201 quadraxis201 as Akari "Paladin" Kishiri (Persona OC)
Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun as Sage Kaelber (OC)
Virus as Blackhat (Villainous) and Spinel (Steven Universe)
GeorgeTownRaja as Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)
ConnorOfficials ConnorOfficials as Lilith (OC)
JRay JRay as Sora (Kingdom Hearts) and Rex Salazar (Generator Rex)
DrDapper as Carlo Thomson (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OC)
DerpyCarp DerpyCarp as Lealan Deathweed (Starbound OC)
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod as Hiryu Kokogawa (Kamen Rider Zi-O) and Whisper the Wolf (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Birb as Ike Plymont (OC)
2Bornot2B as Tanya Degurechaff (The Saga of Tanya the Evil)
darkred as Jak/Mar (Jak and Daxter) and Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)
L Laix_Lake as Orbeck of Vinheim (Dark Souls III)
92MilesPrower as Deadpool (Marvel Comics) and Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Venom Snake as Venom Snake and Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Crow Crow as Ben Tennyson (Ben 10) and The Agent (Club Penguin)
Smug as The Judge (OFF)
Yamperzzz as Tektite and Xenophon (OC)
Hahli Nuva as Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3)
Meraki as Antoneva (Eternal City)
Chungchangching as Tandem (Climaxverse) and Cartoon Network-Tan (Channel-Tans)
PopcornPie PopcornPie as Megumin (Konosuba) and Lucky O'Chomper (WHACKED!)
Sir Skrubbins as Frank West (Dead Rising) and The Medic (Team Fortress 2)
TheElenaFisher TheElenaFisher as Blake Belladonna (RWBY) and Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (The Witcher)
Benedict Cucumberpatch as Himself (Classified)
Topless as Shujinko Kanaou and Venus Aelon Di Lamia (OC)
QizPizza QizPizza as Delsausage Roweiner (inFAMOUS AU/TCS OC) and Alexis Kuroki (OC)
FactionGuerrilla as Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption II) and Kassandra (Assassin's Creed: Odyssey)
Riven as Umbra (Warframe)
Sayo-Nara as Dib Membrane (Invader Zim)
Lazaro1505 Lazaro1505 as Gretar (For Honor OC) and Benrey (Half Life: But the AI is Self-Aware)
@FoolsErin as Bayonetta (Bayonetta) and Willow (Don't Starve)
@Frankie as Gilgamesh (The Unwritten) and Molly (Power Rangers OC)
@StaidFoal as William Joseph Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein) and Corvo Attano (Dishonored)
@jigglesworth as Captain John Price (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)
marc122 marc122 as Yang Xiao Long and Weiss Schnee (RWBY)
Zamasu Zamasu as Soma Cruz and Shanoa (Castlevania)
BoltBeam BoltBeam as Agent 3 (Splatoon)
@bloodyninja64 as Dennis Robbins and Kanon Marshall (OC)
AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc as Jett and Sage (Valorant)
@KissMyAsh as Eliza "Ash" Cohen (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six)
Celestial Speck Celestial Speck as Kyou Tana (OC)
Ciscodog Ciscodog as Killua Zoldyick (Hunter x Hunter)



Crossover Enthusiast.
"Heh?!" After rubbing her eyes for a good while, Megumin looked all around. At least it didn't look like they'd been knocked unconscious, a pleasant change of pace. Everybody was okay, Wesker was gone, Scarecrow was definitely gone, but this sure as heck wasn't Crime Alley. "Dolls? Hey, they look like Chucky! Maybe the one who helped us is around here..." She began to navigate the aisles of boxed dolls, with goosebumps returning to life all over her skin. She now had that unsettling feeling of being in a dungeon, and she hated those things!

Meanwhile, Lucky, shell-shocked from Wesker's getaway, seemed to give up all together, curling up miserably atop one of the many doll stacks.


Level 4, Hopeful
Chronology (1).jpg

Location: Room full of dolls
Expression: Frustrated
Interaction: Open

As Jett was shoot Scarecrow more, Wesker snapped his fingers & everything turned white. After the light faded, she is in a room full of dolls right before she puts back her Vandal into her holster.

Chronology (2).jpg

Location: Room full of Dolls
Expression: Calm
Interaction: Open

Meanwhile after Thorne was shoot at Scarecrow as well, she was seen everything as white. As the light faded, she is now in a room full of dolls saying "Now, where are we now??? We almost have them."


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"Hm? Another voice?" Killua Zoldyck took a long look around the factory. Creepy as hell, he thought. He looked down at his shirt. "Damn! How did I forget to stop getting bloodstains on me... oh boy..." Killua looks around a corner, and sees a large group of people. With his very bloodstained look, he would certainly freak them out. He had to do something in order to keep them chill. He goes back behind the corner and yells out to them: "Hey. I'm kinda lost here, and as awkward as it is, I need help finding my way out of here. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Just so you know, you can call me Killua. I would love to show myself in person but, I'm kinda not looking like an ally, so I might freak you guys out... think you can calm yourselves before I come out?"
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Others would theorize as for what’s happening right now, while talking to each other, Red Hood finally speaks up for him to say he doesn’t remember anything. “Huh? What do you mean you don’t remember anything?” He assumes people meant that ‘Crane’ guy from earlier so here brings him out.

“You again. I knew this was one of your tricks.” Before Sora would get a chance to attack him, he injects the boy with liquid. “What did you do?” Sora would still try to attack him, only now whenever he would, Crane would vanish, almost as if he was teleporting to dodge Sora’s keyblade slashes. “This must be the another illusion again. Come on out you coward! I did your challenge once and I’ll do it again.” He would then go on as to how fear controls all and that they should accept and live in it. “No! I’ll never let fear control my actions again. From now on, I face my fears head on!”

Crane simply chuckled at this and revealed where they really were. As Wakanda fades away, it turns out Sora’s been in a mansion this entire time. “Don’t be afraid he says.” Shortly after, Crane appears again except he’s the size of a giant, claiming this is his domain and starts attacking him. “Hey, goblin head. Your face is wide open!” Sora jumps on the arm Crane swiped with and starts slashing his face with air combos. Eventually it was enough and the giant entity would disappear and he and Sora would be back in the real world and would be met with a simple nose flick and smirk from Sora.

Now all that’s left was Wesker. “So you’re Wesker. Whatever you did or doing today, it ends now!” As Sora rush him, before he got the chance to attack, Wesker snaps his fingers and a flash of light happens.

Now Sora and Rex were trapped In a factory of dolls that looked the same as Chucky and Wesker was nowhere to be found.
“He’s gone.” Sora exclaimed disappointedly. Rex however was even more disappointed as this was the third or so time he was engulfed in light.

“*Sigh* Not again. I knew that doll was behind something. That’s probably the ‘deal’ he mentioned to you earlier. For Wesker to keep us alive and then Chucky gets the main course.”

“I wouldn’t throw that out of the question, but whether that’s true or not-“

“Which it probably is!” Rex interrupted.

“Anyways. We need to find a way out of here, since this is a factory, you and me may work great together. You take care of the technology, and I’ll handle the unlocking.”

“Sounds good to me.” Rex would then use his goggles to see if there was a way out of the room they’re in right now.

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"Wha-" Ben was shocked as he turned towards Megumin. "I thought I heard you. And then I thought my worst fear had come true and- wait, where are we?"

Ben walks towards the walls.

"What are these sorry excuses for obstacles? Is this supposed to scare us? All we need is a baseball bat and they'll be down in an instant."

"Ooooone baseball bat, coming right up!" Agent Penguin exclaims as he prepares to smack the walls of dolls with a baseball bat. "Or would you prefer the jackhammer?"

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"Wow, couldn't fight us head on, so he teleported us away like a bitch!" Lealan begins to wander into the storage, storing her Doomcannon and bringing out Hokucide. The curved blade leaves a cut in the ground as Lealan drags it behind her. "Well, this looks dreadfully familiar, unfortunately, I don't deal well with FAKES!" She swings the blade at a pile of Boxes and Dolls, a wave of water surging out from the path of the swing and smashing into the collection, sending the cardboard flying. It seems the lack of fear has also gimped her ability to think about the consequences of her actions.
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"Woah there short-fuse. Careful where you swing that thing. I'm a trained assassin, you don't want to mess with me." Luckily enough, Killua was careful enough to think about the fact that some would believe that he was an enemy. "Now I don't want to hurt you. So let me try to look a bit better, and I'll come out. I might not hide myself next time and take your message. And that'll ruin all of our reputations. Keep that in mind, k?"


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Chronology (1).jpg

Location: Room Full of Dolls
Expression: Quite Confused on Killua
Interaction: Agent Penguin, Killua

Jett's jaw dropped as she hears that Agent Penguin has a jackhammer saying "Sure, let you have the jackhammer as your main priority to break the walls in this room full of dolls now." She then looked at Killua chuckling a bit after she hears his name saying "The name's Jett, nice to meet you. Now, you're now in a multiverse. So me & my partner Thorne met the MPF also known as the Multiverse Protection Force in a cabin before, but you're stuck with us then." Jett flips her knife in order to wait for the walls to be broken.

Chronology (2).jpg
Location: Room of Dolls
Expression: Being Quiet
Interaction: Open

Meanwhile Thorne was so busy on what are the dolls were going to do now, she will hum a bit just to be quiet & act calmly to everybody else that is inside of the room as well.


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“Uhh, guys Is smashing these dolls, really a good idea?”

“You really need to watch more horror movies. What if these dolls could come to live and attack all of us? At the very least the real one could be here somewhere too. So I say, smash away, I’ll just be here finding a possible, hidden way out.”

Sora would get into a thinking pose, wondering if he should join the box breaking or not. “I dunno. It’s just, something doesn’t seem right. Maybe it is a good idea..? Anyways. Let us know when you find a way out.”

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1596256373404.png"Don't say I didn't warn you about this."
"Hello Jett. I'm Killua. Killua Zoldyck. I'm not entirely sure how you found me, but I need to find a way out of this maze. Any luck?"


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Rex, Ben and Agent Penguin bring up that they should destroy some of the chucky dolls but Lilith denied the whole idea. "Guys I really don't think that would be the best idea, what if one of these dolls is actually him and we accidentally kill him?" Lilith asks as she looks around the hundreds, if not thousands of chucky dolls towering over them. It's almost like their staring at her if she looked the right way.

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Lilith shows up and tells Rex, Ben, and the Penguin from the tent that damaging the dolls may be a bad idea. Rex begs to differ. “I wouldn’t say it’s completely bad. Chucky left awhile ago and I bet he was gonna turn on us at some point or another if he came back. So If you ask me, they should take care of it now before it gets worst.”

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There was nothing that the two of them could do..... well Benrey tried to spoon Wesker, but all it took was a snap and everything faded to black. But yeah, eventually, they woken up to the familiar sight of some sort of factory..... the main thing being the familiar form of the so called Chucky doll...... yeah this was probably a betrayal they could have seen from a mile away considering it’s nature, but enough of that for now, we got a Factory to burn...... well not really, just gonna relax for now, which is what Gretar though, as he sat down on the floor, beginning to rest his already faltering sanity from the events earlier, trying his best to calm down, and definitely needed some emotional and mental support after what happened.

Benrey however, looked at the other new figure as he yelled out “Ok.... this is not some goddamn coincidence..... while I appreciate the help with more arrivals, how many damn people are trapped in this forsaken universe....” as he noticed he was back to his normal size. He then approached the kid, who said something about being a trained assassin and such, looking at him with a neutral face and saying: 73CFE984-F4B7-495B-8031-63B49B62BA5D.png
Before coughing as he actually said something better than what he currently said
“Ahem.... sorry about that. It’s that, we are probably not getting out of here until we deal with whoever is causing this mind fuckery in the first place.... so we basically have to kill the guy or guys we need to kill and we are out of here. Still not sure who or what is our current target or objective for now. Still..... best for us to stay together, but it seems others just want to watch the world burn....” as he pointed out the more aggressive individuals in the room destroying everything.

Benrey just shrugged and said “Meh, might as well let em do their thing.... we almost got scared to death by some fear gas earlier...” as he awaited an response from the kid.
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"Listen, I know you're all very... interested on why I say I'm an assassin. But we can talk later. For now, we need to find whoever got us stuck in here in the first place, if anyone else is with us, and why they want us here at this time. You don't have to believe me, but I'll give you a demo of my powers. I mastered this at a young age."
Killua backs away, closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and begins. He slowly steps around the group in a circle. But after the first few steps, he began to morph into several Killua's? Which one was real. He spoke from what sounded like all sides.

"This is called rythym Echo. It's the simplest move as a family trained assassin I know. According to my parents, I was their best assassin to date. But due to some formalities- Er... look. Let's just get to the point and be allies. I don't want anyone to be hurt ok?"
And with that, Killua stops moving, and the fake Killuas disappear. The real one is now standing behind them with that same bloodstained and murderous look.
"Shall we move on?"


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Agent 3

What did do much, though, was Kyou's punch. The punch had struck Crane right in the middle of his face, sending the illusion falling back with a loud scream. Although Kyou hadn't shattered it entirely, it flickered like mad, as if it was just about done for. "Y-you..." Was all Scarecrow managed to sputter out as he looked down at the hands of the illusion he'd created, a confused, almost scared expression on his demonic face all the while. However, it was this anger and fear that kept him going, and as such, when Agent 3 climbed up his arm and stopped to taunt him, that's when Crane took his shot, and sprayed her head-on with a whole cloud of fear toxin!
As Agent 3 would have briefly stopped to taunt him in question - and before she would have even fired her gun, that is when she found herself practically bathed in the toxin, her eyes going wide as it kicked in - just in time for the fall, when she would once more be seeing lies - false realities. She knew this time the effects of the fear toxin were lies now, of course, but that still didn't detract from the scene itself!
Scarecrow had no time to think, let alone even react, as Kyou kicked him square in the gut. Crane fell to his hands and knees, coughing weakly. "H-how did you overcome my toxin?" He managed to spit out, only to receive another kick in the chest, which cracked his ribs, making him cough up blood. He struggled to even breathe as he tried to stand, only for Kyou to grab his hands. He winced in pain when he felt his hands crack, only to watch hopelessly as Kyou grabbed his hand with the needles. "No...!" Scarecrow weakly shouted in protest, but there was little he could do as his hand was turned, and he felt all four of the needles stick themselves in his skin, and he'd been forcefully injected with his own toxin.

And then, when Scarecrow finally got a good look at the demon before him, one which had only been amplified by the toxin...


All he could do was scream, before forcefully being knocked out by Kyou's headbutt.​
"Is... that all it... took...?" She muttered, her tone riddled with fear and uncertainty as she managed to moderately see through to what was going on. "...That was a little... disappointing, but... Who cares, right?" She laughed it off, just trying to endure her fears one more time.
Then, Wesker snapped his fingers right as Blake slid under him, and everything went white.

Story Update
"No More Mister Good Guy"

As the light that had enveloped you faded, you found that you were inside of what appeared to be a factory of... dolls. Dolls that seemed to be the same kind as Chucky. Everything around you appeared to be a maze of sorts, filled to the brim with packaged Good Guy Dolls. There were definitely walls... but you couldn't make out where they even were for the life of you. All you saw was tons of boxes of the creepy looking dolls, all of which were staring down at you. Surrounding you. There was no sign of Wesker... hell, there wasn't even any sign of Chucky, despite the dolls.

You were all alone.


For now, at least.

OK, so... this didn't look any better. "What in the..." Agent 3 muttered out in surprise, noticing they did look like Chucky, to a degree. Except these guys weren't as busted or anything like he was...! "...This is where he must have come from, then... What do we do here in the first place...?" She thought aloud - wandering around in somewhere none of them knew, again, was likely a bad idea... She's not sure what to suggest and/or do at all.
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