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Venom Snake

The Legendary Soldier
Snake got up and exited the room, roaming the train to see what was all here. Eventually finding a music room with an assortment of instruments. He then walked over to where the cabin he, Lealan and of beck were, leaning in. “Yeah, found a whole music room.
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Crossover Enthusiast.
Screw it, Megumin gave in to temptation. And...well, she found what she was looking for.

It was a sketch all about Megumin becoming president, primarily for the purpose of unleashing explosions on the world. Megumin's jaw fell open. She couldn't even tell what was bubbling inside her: Rage, flabbergast, or amusement. It was so inaccurate, yet perfectly in character at the same time. "I wouldn't want to be a mere president! I seek to be the next Devil King!" She started off, pointing at the weird slender-faced man playing as her assistant. "And while Explosion does give me a great satisfaction, I wouldn't just launch it on unsuspecting innocents! Those people would have to have wronged me in some way! Why would I settle for mere 'nukes', now that I have my magic restored? Where's my cape? Why isn't Chomusuke on the desk? Of course I would bring Chomusuke with me into a position of power! What on earth are animatronics, and why would I care about jizz inside them?! Even my hair and eye colors are wrong..." She lamented. "There must be some humiliating, inaccurate propaganda for each and every one of us! Who is making these?! This is the kind of depiction that ruins your reputation! A-and..." That last line is really what got her red and shaking. She shook the TV, slapping its screen again and again. "I! AM! NOT! A! LOLIIIIIII!"


Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long
Excess Express
#99D5FF and #FAC51C = Speech
(Hugging Yang out) (Angry hug magnet)

The next channel already went off with a bad start.

The first word was "RWBY", yet pronounced mockingly, as if to poke at the team themselves. That alone managed to sour her mood for the rest of the program, all the way to the part with the tuba-gun. Seeing Ruby on screen yet again, this time turning into a scribble later on, only served to rub salt in her wounds. Normally, she would have laughed at the tuba-gun, but considering what she had seen, she could barely take it.

Weiss had also heard their team name being mispronounced, not to mention the "r" being emphasized slightly harder than usual as a result, and she, too, was unsettled. She quickly turned her head towards the TV, then at Yang, who was starting to get mad.

Already was Yang taking big breaths through her teeth, her grip on the remote tightening...until Blake happened to swipe it away from her. It was then, she turned the TV off before Yang could snap again, proceeding to hug her in the process.

Finally, she could start to calm down again; the breathing softened, and she was able to let her jaw free, lowering it a bit. The eyes, which were starting to tip towards red, returned to the normal "purple" selves.

It was at that moment that Weiss had to take action. She stood up from her bed and then went over to where Yang was. She didn't question why she was like that; all that mattered was, she could not just stand there and watch her teammate suffer just from having to see, or hear about Ruby all over again. Then she hugged her as well.

It was at this moment, Ruby's elder sister hugged both Weiss and Blake back.

And she smiled.


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Venom Snake

The Legendary Soldier
“Lobo did that.” Snake took a seat behind the piano. “Alright. Let’s see if I’ve gotten rusty.” He cracked his fingers and began playing. Yeah yeah bitches.
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Lealan is speechless from the music emanating from Snakes actions. She listens silently as the piece resonates through her. Once it's over, the opens her mouth and let's out a whisper. "wow." She silently stores her guitar moves closer to snake. "That was impressive. Really impressive... Do you maybe want to do a duet?" She grabs a harmonica and sits on the piano bench next to Snake, before handing him a pair of music sheets laying nearby. "Let's do this one." She places a sheet for herself on a stand nearby.
Venom Snake Venom Snake


Lealan nods, and soon enough Snake had started playing. Lealan gently sways back and forth as the song spreads through the room and out the open door, the pair playing in harmony. Eventually Lealan leans into Snake as the song build up, her eyes closed as the pair's music resonates. In those few moments, everything is peaceful.
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Venom Snake

The Legendary Soldier
Snake played the piano fluidly, also singing the lyrics, which he never really saw himself doing because of how his voice is. He felt good here, no combat, just sweet peace. And someone to share it with, despite him never really seeking a companion, it is nice at times.
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Off to a Better Place

After some well needed bonding time for healing, showering, and general rest, you all eventually did crawl into bed and drift off to sleep. For the first time in a while, you felt at ease. As if this was the calmest part of your adventure so far-- or perhaps simply a small calm before the storm that was truly ahead of you.


When you woke up, the sun was shining through your train windows, lighting up your room. As you climbed out of bed, you all got your respective clothes on and gathered your personal weapons/items. Before long, you had all made it out of your rooms and into the nearby kitchen for some breakfast. As you sat down, there was a menu in front of you full of basically any breakfast food you could imagine. Waffles, eggs, toast, oatmeal, cereal, and even just plain butter was on the menu. As you sat and ate, though, Pennington had made his way into the restaurant and cleared his throat.

"Good morning, all of you! I hope you enjoyed your time of leisure yesterday, because today... begins the HUNT!" Pennington exclaimed, before raising a flipper into the air. "The hunt... for the missing persons! Yes, indeed! And we will find the mysterious missing persons, and then the perpetrators, and bring them to swift, orderly justice!" Pennington shouted proudly, before stepping off of the chair he'd been standing on, and sitting down at a table by himself. "But first... eat your breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day, after all!" He said happily as he took out a newspaper titled "Mushroom Times" and began reading it while drinking a glass of orange juice.

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Skeleton Boi
Third P.O.V
After a good nights rest, both Gretar and Benrey has prepared for the day ahead....... in different ways. But nonetheless, they managed to go the kitchen area, as they took random tables to sit at and look at the menu for the breakfast, to which Gretar order some pancakes and eggs, while Benrey just order a breakfast sandwich. While they waited for their order..... Gretar just flipped his hammer in the air while waiting, and Benrey decided to start a conversation with Pennington

“So...... who are the ones who got kidnapped, are they targets of value or just your everyday joes. Having some clarification would help us a bit.” as he waited for an reaction by Pennington.
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Y-You're welcome... Now let's try to get some sleep..." Letting go, she stood up and went to go get changed into some pajama's found in the dresser. And apparently, they resembled closely to her pajamas that she had worn back at Beacon, being a black, long-sleeved, yukata-style shirt with white edging over a purple undershirt and a matching skirt. A black obi is wrapped around her waist and tied with a black and white string.
Well, that's quite a coincidence. A very creepy coincidence, mind you.

After getting changed into that, she got into her bed and due to the exhaustion that was felt ever since this mission had started, she instantly passed out. Though once or twice throughout the night, she'd wake up in a cold sweat, panicking. Eventually, the morning came and she got up, getting dressed back in the same clothes she had always been wearing since the start of this, grabbing Gambol Shroud, and waited for Weiss and Yang.

Once the three were ready, she stuck by the two and entered the kitchen, seeing all the food. Staying silent, she walked over to an empty seat and began to read the menu. The faunus eventually found what she wanted and ordered scrambled eggs with a cup of coffee with cream.

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    Aloy sighed, forgetting to tell Captain Price about her mysterious Focus which is very good at investigation purposes since it sees through walls and can track items and things around it.

    The Nora sighed as she looked up "You saw Corvo again, guys? Aloy couldn't help but smile now that the whole Blood Gulch band was back in business. She'd have to say hi eventually.

    The Nora slipped her new clothing on in the bathroom slipping away the other dirty clothing in her ever expanding bag.

    The room was cosy as Aloy opened the fridge and found foreign food even she had never tried and she smiled once she took a bite of some delicious "Ham-bur-ger.."

    "I've never had meat like this before, at least not grilled or anything.. I've had wild meat before."

    "Anyone want any food? Plenty to go around.."

    Aloy would continue to nibble on parts of the burger and some chicken and looked up to see Ikaros on top of the refrigerator. Smirking, Aloy bent down to Ikaros "You want some food, Ikaros?"

    "Plenty for all of us."

    She looked curiously at the metal box named a "Tele-vision or TV". It was showing strange images of Kassandra's world and sort of poking fun at it.

    "Kass, that's not true, is it? Aloy raised a eyebrow at the tv before checking the tv again:

    Aloy's mouth dropped at the random moments seen in this video.

    "Uh, never mind. Aloy winced at a few scenes on tv."

    After Aloy shook her head, she forced herself to sleep for a short time.

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Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long
Excess Express
#99D5FF and #FAC51C = Speech
(Deja vu!) (I've just been in this place before!)

When it came time to rest, Weiss started to undo her braided ponytail; she took the elastic hair tie off, instantly undoing the braid and leaving herself with what resembled her previous hairstyle. Then, she took her tiara off, fully letting down her hair. Then, she ran her gloved hands through her hair before going to the dresser.

Weiss dressed down to a simple white dress and then, because of the drain on her energy from various events, she likewise passed out instantaneously.

Yang, however, was a different story.

While she dressed into pajamas as well -- an orange tank top with a bra underneath, and black short shorts -- her night's rest did not come until later; instead, she stayed up for 2 hours, just thinking about how things might've gone differently had Ruby lived, had another one of Team RWBY died, had they done this...

And it went on.

Eventually, the endless thinking sapped her energy, and then, she passed out on the bed.

— — — — —​

Weiss and Yang did not sleep very well, either.

For Weiss, in one of her dreams, she was alone fighting the Penguin with Ironwood down on the void. All of her attempts met with resounding failure that eventually lead to her own, and Ruby's, within the dream.
For Yang, she saw Ruby, all grown up, standing at the abandoned house where the two had gone, very long ago, in search of her own mother. That time, she rushed to get Ruby out of the way, only for Ruby to get slashed, and to fade away in the Twilight.

Only when they momentarily jolted away, when those nightmares ended for a while.

The dreams kept going, until finally, the morning came.

Weiss and Yang got up, bags under their eyes and hair partially messed up. As they got up to dress, Yang yawned as she grabbed the clothes she had worn to replace her bloodstained attire, which, of course, was placed away in the laundry room. Meanwhile, Weiss almost decided to go back to sleep, going as far as to lay down on her bed again, just so she could get in the sleep she missed out on. A gut feeling just so happened to keep her awake, prompting her to get dressed and to eat.

While Yang finished dressing, Weiss was only getting started; alone, she put the top layer of her dress back on, resembling some of what she had worn before bedtime, except this time, she just left her puffy blue shrug and gloves in the dresser, alongside two of the belts, leaving herself with only her multi-layered dress, a belt carrying her two pouches, and knee-length wedge boots.


She grabbed her tiara and hair tie as well, but did not put either on for now, storing them away in one of her pouches. Picking up Myrtenaster on the way out of the cabin, she encountered Yang, who was waiting for her near the door.

"Good morning, Yang..."


The two headed back down to the dining car, where she saw quite a few people -- Blake, Gretar and Benrey -- eating their breakfast. Apparently, they had waken up rather early. They went into the kitchen, and out they came with some food. Yang got herself some rather heavy breakfast, with waffles, eggs, cereal, and butter. Weiss only got oatmeal.

As they approached Blake's table and then sat there, the two of them greeted her, just as they begin dining into their breakfast.

"Good morning."

"Hey, Blake. How you doing?"

As they continued to eat, Pennington came out with an announcement commencing the search for missing people...as soon as breakfast was done. At this point, they had almost forgotten that they were on a mission.

A mission to bring down Ganondorf.

There was no doubt they were going to get on that sooner or later, but for now they had to find people. For now, they continued to eat, for they did not want to save the world on an empty stomach.

Weiss had a question for the detective penguin, though.

"Where were they last reported?" She asked Pennington.

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Off to a Better Place
“Your average joes, I’m afraid. They’re all your regular toads, practically indistinguishable from each other... which makes tracking them down quite bothersome.” Pennington replied as he sipped on his orange juice.

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You ain’t seen nothin yet!
Lilith woke up rubbing her eyes and then quickly reflected on what the penguin detective said. "Missing people?" Aside from that she didn't seem too concerned about today. Pennington says that they would eat their breakfast but obviously Lilith can't eat anything to she decides to watch some tv, upon surfing a few channels she stumbled across this:
"Uh...okay then."

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The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Soma Cruz & Shanoa

A young man woke up in a bedroom, confused and lost. He looks around to find any clue as to where he is. He turns to his side and sees a woman laying next to him. That woman had some tattoos on her shoulders and back. "Where am I? And who's this woman?" The young man thought to himself just as the woman wakes up and looks around. "Where am I? Who are you?" She would ask the young man, to which he answers with a shrug. "I don't know. But something tells me this isn't right." He said before getting off the bed and went to the door. "Wait!" The woman called "You didn't tell me who you are." The young man turns to her and answered.

"I'm Soma. Soma Cruz. What's yours?"

"Call me Shanoa."

"Alright, let's get out of here and find out where are we."


As the two went out of the room, they would smell food from somewhere. While they follow the scent, Shanoa could not help but feel a familiar essence coming from Soma. A familiar sinister essence. They would eventually arrive in the kitchen where they are met with a group of people having breakfast...some of which Soma is familiar of.

"Hey, you guys are..."

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Someone of no importance..
As Sora and Rex were ready to put their troubles behind them and relax, Byakuya exclaims he had a name to Rex.

“Oh, my bad. What’s your name then? Frozen pizza huh? Eh it’ll do.” Rex turns the oven on, now anxiously waiting for the pizza. Sora in the main time was still checking to see if they had any movies around.

“I don’t think there’s any movies, Sora. Let’s just watch some tv, that’ll be good right?” Rex turns on the tv to see what was, cracks a cherry soda, and offers a cold one to Sora and Byakuya. “What do you guys want?”

“Anything fruit related.”

“We have red apple and pineapple.”

“Surprise me.” Rex tosses Sora the red apple drink, and catches it midair. Rex looks to Byakuya and offers to see what he wants. “What’ll you have, man?”

The boys continued, to talk and joke until they eventually head to bed. Next morning, they exited their cabins and made their way to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Rex had bacon & eggs while Sora had waffles.

“Morning, Rex.”

“Morning, Sora. Just waffles? You don’t want any eggs?”

“Nah, I’ll be fine this time.” The boys continue eating their breakfast, till they see Lucky nearby. “Hey, Lucky. Haven’t seen you for quite awhile. How are you?”

“Did you do anything to make Jason mad?”

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Eventually, she had gone to gotten the food, coming back to sit at her seat and began to eat. Then, a minute later, Weiss and Yang came in and got their food, sitting with her. "
Good morning." When asked how she was doing, she stared at her eggs. "I'm..."

Earlier before she had gotten there, as she had started to walk towards the kitchen, she ended up passing the bathroom and after looking around for anyone there, she entered it. Once she spotted an open bathtub, she went over to it and closed the door, stepping closer to the bathtub. This was it... those dark thoughts had suddenly crept back into her mind. It was clear that before she had realized what happened yesterday in the bathroom, she was starting to get better.

Now? The progress had been undone a bit.

All she had to do was fill up the bathtub, stick her head in, and keep her head under there as long as she could. That was all she had to do and as soon as her hand touched the handle to go to fill it up... her hand started shaking and she froze. If she did this, then it'd all end for her. The pain she had been feeling, it would end and she'd stop getting others killed by getting them involved.

But then... Weiss and Yang would lose another member, another person close to them and Ganon and Zant would win with one less person opposing him. Most of all...

... she'd be ignoring and disrespecting Ruby's last wish.

Letting go, she fell to her knees, crying. All of this broke her... it hurt more than you could imagine. She had lost her team leader, a close friend and maybe, at one point... more than a friend. Ruby was someone more than just a fifteen year old prodigy, the team leader of Team RWBY, and a Huntress-in-training. Ruby was someone special, someone with a good heart and a good soul in a world where it was most desperately needed, someone who knew to smile even when things got hard.

Right now, if Ruby was there and she wasn't? She would be the one smiling, trying to move forward, even if she was crying. Blake missed her dearly and so did Weiss, Yang, and everyone else that knew her and was close to her.

Eventually, she got up after crying for a good few minutes, and left the bathroom.

... I'm fine." Blake returned to eating her breakfast. From her face, it was clear that she had been crying earlier. Then, she heard a familiar voice, looking up to see...


Dropping her fork, she got up and went over to him. "
How did you even get here? And who's the woman?" It was clear to Weiss and Yang that she knew this man. Looking back at the two, she had to introduce them to each other. "Weiss, Yang, this is Soma Cruz. He's from the initial incident that I told you two about, the Tesseract Incident."

Despite the two having interacted very little, he was still an ally and a competent one at that.

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Seeing as how the programs on the television got weirder and weirder, this time showing Aloy on it, she put her sword next to her bed and started to get ready to sleep. "
I think I've seen enough and it's getting late. Good night, you two." Ciri really didn't take that long on account of how she dressed down and preferred to sleep in her white underwear. If they had chosen to camp and were out in the wild rather than sleep in beds, she'd probably sleep with her clothes on but with there being bed and they were inside, there was no need to.

Getting into bed, she then fell asleep and would stay that way until an hour before the other two got up. Putting her clothes on and grabbing her sword, putting it on her back, she exited the room as quietly as possible. From there, she headed to the bathroom and went to an open bathtub, closing the door and taking off her clothes. Seeing as how Ciri had no idea on how to use a washer and dryer, she chose to wash it the old fashion way using the bathtub.

Eventually, she got done and headed back to the room, waiting for the other two to get up and once they did and got ready, she headed to the kitchen where she smelled food. Arriving there, she went to get pancakes and milk, going to an empty seat and began to eat. Weiss and Pennington began to talk about the situation, making Ciri interested. "
Where were the last places each of them were seen at?"

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    Morning came along and Aloy got up to stretch before she walked to the dining car. She always had her focus and her weapons on hand as she walked toward the dining car.

    Turns out quite a few people had made it toward the eating area already and she noticed Ciri had beat her to the dining car. The food here looked delicious and Aloy stocked up on one of everything even the "Cinnabon buns"

    She looked at Ciri and sat down at her table "Hey, Ciri. How did you sleep last night? I had strange dreams after the whole uhhh strange video thing.

    "Morning, Weiss. May I sit with you guys?"

    And whoa, nice dress, Weiss!"

    "Any of you guys noticed Corvo yet and Captain Price yet? I think I haven't said hi to Corvo yet and I wanted to talk to the Captain again about my investigative skills.

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    Location: Dining Car
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Corvo Attano

"Likewise," Corvo simply said, shaking Price's hand. "Compared what else we've gone through, a missing persons case sounds like a walk in the park." Or maybe this is all bait for some heinous trick, courtesy of the Outsider. Corvo rubbed his eyes, sitting back down on his bed. "We can speak again after we get some rest. I haven't even been here for long, and this whole multiverse business already has me worn." With that, he lied down to get what would probably be the most shut-eye he could get from now.


Corvo, still not used to the bright atmosphere of this world, stood at the entrance for a bit as he gazed around. Nobody feared for a raid by the Howlers or an "inspection" by the Serkonan guard, and there was seemingly food for everyone. Unless it were a noble party, finding a place like this would have been impossible. Corvo looked among everyone as he took a plate of food his world's never seen before. Among them, he spotted another old friend of his. Guess Kassandra is late to the reunion. Right after she asked her group if they've seen him or Price, Corvo made himself known. "I've seen the two of them. They're some of the most qualified people I've met." Corvo cracked a smile once she turned around. "Good to see you're well, Aloy. Didn't think I'd be fighting alongside everyone, again."

He then looked at Pennington, having heard Ciri and Weiss ask about the case on hand. "Did the missing people do anything of notice to make others want to abduct them?"

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The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Soma Cruz & Shanoa

The first to come up was Blake, asking how did Soma arrived and inquire about Shanoa. "I don't know. I just woke up here. Also, this is Shanoa. She also woke up here." Soma answered, but Shanoa didn't bother to make any greeting, feeling insecure about the people around her. Instead, she looks away. Soma would then be introduced to Blake's companions, Weiss and Yang. "A pleasure to be your acquaintance." He said before turning back to Blake and ask "So, what's going on here?"

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