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Fandom Chronology: Ultimate (Multi-Fandom FINALE RP)


Off to a Better Place
This is the final canonical event in The Chronology Series.

There will be but one OOC Discord where I will update you all chapter by chapter. It is not for drama or shittalking purposes, and I will only be active in the Discord to provide updates.

Link to the Discord.

In the beginning, there was nothing. The multiverse was created as the singular realm that bound everything together. Over time, beings rose to conquer the multiverse, and to oppose them, groups of unlikely heroes banded together.

One being in particular had the goal of uniting the entire multiverse under his rule. And now, he is closer than ever to that goal. That being's name is Ganondorf.

Now, with an army at his beck and call, and his influence spread across every reach of the multiverse, Ganondorf is finally on the brink of ruling over everything. And, with his goal in sight, heroes from every corner of the multiverse prepare to face off against him in the final battle that will shape the fate of the multiverse forever.

This is the point of no return.

This is the end.

The only rules are that you use common sense, don’t start drama OOCly, and don’t godmod/meta-game. Your character must somehow be connected with the Multiverse Protection Foundation.

If you start drama in the server or anything with the server during the events of this RP, you will be booted from it. This is your one and only warning.

After this roleplay, the server will be deleted


A picture or a description of your character is fine here.


How old is your character?

What series is your character from? If they are an OC, simply put “OC”. If they are an OC from a certain franchise, put the franchise they are from followed by “OC”.

Pretty much just a wiki link is fine here.

Again, pretty much just a wiki link is fine.

Other Info
Any other info that you feel as though I, the GM, should know about.

This roleplay will start on June 3rd.

Cast List
PolikShadowbliss PolikShadowbliss as Supergirl (DC Comics) and
Zwei (OC)
Kameron Esters- Kameron Esters- as Captain Falcon (F-Zero) and Lars Alexandersson (Tekken)
quadraxis201 quadraxis201 as Akari "Paladin" Kishiri (Persona OC)
Necessity4Fun Necessity4Fun as
Sage Kaelber (OC)
Virus Virus as
Blackhat (Villainous) and Spinel (Steven Universe)
GeorgeTownRaja GeorgeTownRaja as
Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)
ConnorOfficials ConnorOfficials as
Lilith (OC)
JRay JRay as
Sora (Kingdom Hearts) and Rex Salazar (Generator Rex)
DrDapper DrDapper as
Carlo Thomson (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OC)
DerpyCarp DerpyCarp as
Lealan Deathweed (Starbound OC)
Thepotatogod Thepotatogod as Hiryu Kokogawa (Kamen Rider Zi-O) and
Whisper the Wolf (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Birb Birb as
Ike Plymont (OC)
2Bornot2B 2Bornot2B as
Tanya Degurechaff (The Saga of Tanya the Evil)
darkred darkred as
Jak/Mar (Jak and Daxter) and Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)
L Laix_Lake as
Orbeck of Vinheim (Dark Souls III)
92MilesPrower 92MilesPrower as
Deadpool (Marvel Comics) and Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Venom Snake Venom Snake as
Venom Snake and Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Crow Crow as
Ben Tennyson (Ben 10) and The Agent (Club Penguin)
Smug Smug as
The Judge (OFF)
Yamperzzz Yamperzzz as
Tektite and Xenophon (OC)
Hahli Nuva Hahli Nuva as
Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3)
Meraki Meraki as
Antoneva (Eternal City)
Chungchangching Chungchangching as
Tandem (Climaxverse) and Cartoon Network-Tan (Channel-Tans)
PopcornPie PopcornPie as
Megumin (Konosuba) and Lucky O'Chomper (WHACKED!)
Sir Skrubbins Sir Skrubbins as
Frank West (Dead Rising) and The Medic (Team Fortress 2)
TheElenaFisher TheElenaFisher as
Blake Belladonna (RWBY) and Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (The Witcher)
Benedict Cucumberpatch Benedict Cucumberpatch as
Himself (Classified)
Topless Topless as
Shujinko Kanaou and Venus Aelon Di Lamia (OC)
QizPizza QizPizza as
Delsausage Roweiner (inFAMOUS AU/TCS OC) and Alexis Kuroki (OC)
FactionGuerrilla FactionGuerrilla as
Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption II) and Kassandra (Assassin's Creed: Odyssey)

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Raptor Shapeshifter
Supergirl #36: It's Not Just a Phase, Clark! - Comic Watch

Name: Kara Zor-El (Supergirl)
Age: 25
Like all Kryptonians under a yellow Sun, the current version of Kara Zor-El possesses virtually unlimited strength, stamina, and durability. She is able to fly and with Super Speed that she can also use on foot, similar to Superman and The Flash. Also like Superman, Supergirl possesses Super Senses, Super (Freeze) Breath, as well as various forms of Visions (including X-Ray, Heat, Telescopic and Microscopic).[50] Kara also has a bio-electric aura that enhances her near invulnerability and also protects her skin and her costume from dirt and tear; as such, Kara is perpetually clean. The Sun also provides Kara with a longer lifespan than that of a human being, to the point that she is effectively a biological immortal. Kara doesn't require food, water, or sleep to survive. She is also immune to most diseases, mental and physical, and would require a very strong strain to have a chance at affecting her.

In the rare instances that Kara is harmed by someone matching her strength or by the use of one of her weaknesses, she can heal almost instantaneously. Her power surpasses most other beings, though she can be overpowered by those who rival her strength such as Black Adam, Darkseid, Despero, Doomsday, Bizarro, and Superman.

In reality, Kara is actually older than her cousin, Clark, and spent time on Krypton before its destruction. As such (unlike Superman), she possesses memories of Kryptonian culture as well as her cousin's parents.

Continued exposure to a yellow Sun will slowly increase abilities. Many characters in the DC Universe have noted that Supergirl appears, at times, to be even more powerful than Superman himself. In answer to this, Superman states that this is because he has spent his entire life subconsciously suppressing his full powers in order to avoid hurting others, having been absorbing solar radiation since his infancy. Kara, not having such practice or experience, simply uses the full magnitude of her powers (From wikipedia)
Bio: Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) - Wikipedia
Other info: In this continuity, Supergirl supposedly killed her cousin Superman. She also exists in the same universe of my Batman.​

Kameron Esters-

Fear my godly wrath!
F-Zero_-_Captain_Falcon_as_seen_in_F-Zero_GX_and_F-Zero_AX.pngName: Douglas Jay Falcon

Alias: Captain Falcon

Age: Mid to late 30s

Canon: F-Zero

Powers / Abilities / Equipment:
  • Falcon Punch: After a short windup, Falcon releases a devastating fire-infused punch, he can also infuse the punch with lightning.
  • Falcon Kick: Dashes forward with a fire-imbued kick, launching foes, he can also perform this attack rapidly or add in the electric element into the kick.
  • Falcon Dive: Ironically named, If he comes into contact with anyone, he briefly grapples them before generating an explosion that launches them downwards whilst stylishly launching Captain Falcon further skyward.
  • Raptor Boost: Captain Falcon rushes forward and performs a fire imbued uppercut onto his opponent, an alternative to this attack takes more time, but doesn't make him flinch at most attacks.
  • The Gentleman: A three-hit punch, punch, knee combo, followed by a blindingly fast series of punches and finishing with a final blow that launches enemies.
  • Knee of Justice: A lightning-infused knee smash that deals devastating damage.
  • Heel of Shame: Captain Falcon raises his heel and knocks it down to the ground at rapid speed, this technique is best used for knocking someone off a ledge.
  • Flight Suit: Provides protection from physical trauma, extreme G-forces, and fire/heat.
  • Blaster Pistol: A pistol that fires lasers, rarely uses this, preferring his manly fists over guns.
Personality: C.Falcon is rather outgoing aswell as extroverted. He's never one to back down from a challenge that he wasn't confident he could win. Whether it be a race or a fight. He can however tends to bite off more than he can chew from time to time

Short Bio: Douglas Jay Falcon is the Original Captain Falcon who was an officer in the Internova Police Force in the past. He is a resident of Earth, coming from the city of Port Town. His bounty hunting exploits have yielded him enough of a reputation that he has gained many enemies across the galaxy; to avoid the constant danger from his adversaries, when he's not racing or bounty-hunting he lives in seclusion in his personal island chain off the coast of Port Town. His need to shield himself from outsiders borders on paranoia (albeit not necessarily unwarranted), because whenever he wins a race he has to dash home to his islands with his award money before others can get him. Living comfortably in solitude in his islands, Captain Falcon practices his F-Zero racing with a separate track built on each one of his islands.

Other Info:
As a three private islands all to himself, each one with a custom race track

Kameron Esters-

Fear my godly wrath!
Lars Alexandersson

Alias: Traitorous Fist

Age: Mid to late 20s

Canon: Tekken

Powers / Abilities / Equipment:
  • Lars uses the fictional Tekken Force fighting style and has many attacks named after military terminology, weapons, and technology.
  • Lars is capable of manipulating lightning which is mainly the qi/ki/chi that anyone of the Mishima Bloodline takes the form of as Lars himself is later revealed to be a half-Mishima
Personality: Lars is a warm-hearted and disciplined military man, in sharp contrast with the fierce and vengeful Mishima family members to whom he is related. He is a serious and focused fighter, but allows his emotions and sense of righteousness to determine the outcome of his battles.

Short Bio: As the Mishima Zaibatsu waged war on the world, G Corporation, led by Kazuya Mishima, rose from titanic to power and was their main opposition, leading to worldwide conflict. Meanwhile, the Zaibatsu's former Tekken Force soldiers began a coup d'etat against the Mishima Zaibatsu. The mastermind behind this coup d'etat was Lars Alexandersson, a young and charismatic Tekken Force officer with incredible physical ability and intellect. Most importantly, he is the illegitimate son of Heihachi Mishima, and with the exception of Lars, no one, not even Heihachi, is aware of this piece of information. Lars's goal is to bring peace by defeating his half-nephew, Jin Kazama.


The Nineteenth Arcana
Akari "Paladin" Kishiri

"Hatred is... a frightening thing. If you let it in, it grows in your body like a rose, but when it blooms, it's anything but beautiful. Its thorns drive away those that would seek to harm you, sure, but so too do they drive away those you love. Worse still, it digs itself into your heart, constricts it like a serpent, and poisons your mind. The thorns on my armor shall always be a reminder of that."


Akari is a tall young man, around 6' in height, with a medium-thin build. He has short, dark blonde hair that exposes a somewhat large portion of his forehead and extends back to the base of his neck, brown-hazel eyes, and light skin. Akari is also never seen without a pair of black, rectangle-frame glasses, aside from inside the Metaverse where he wears his mask. He has a long scar along the left side of his neck. Akari also carries with him something he refers to as a "pocket fox", which is essentially a miniature stuffed toy with magnets in its stomach and front paws, so that when attached, it gives the illusion that the fox is peering out from the inside of one of Akari's pockets, its paws gripping his pants.

When using his Persona, Akari sports a suit of light-grey, almost whitish suit of helmet-less armor. The cuirass bears a golden fox head at the top-center, along with a fur ruff at the neckline. Below the belt, Akari wears a set of platelegs and fur-topped boots. The other ornamental parts of the armor itself are the greaves above his boots which bear golden motifs that resemble a phoenix, his gauntlets, vambraces, and pauldrons, all of which bear decorations resembling golden roses with thorned vines, and a violet half-cape which travels along the right side of his back and can be pulled forward to cover his right arm. On his back is a pair of holsters for a zweihander and a crossbow. Akari's mask takes on the shape of a gold-colored metallic visor with wing-shaped ornaments near the ears. This armor, according to Akari, is "surprisingly more comfortable and lightweight than it looks".


Persona OC

Obviously, Akari can summon a Persona. In his case, his Persona is Kronos, who takes on the form of a sagely, bearded old man who sits cross-legged atop a short floating pedestal. This pedestal tapers off exponentially at its bottom, and there are three golden gears in gradually decreasing sizes that spin in alternating directions at the base of said pedestal. Kronos himself wears a flowing white robe, brown sandals, and has a pair of bracelets on each arm. His appearance is robotic, and looks to be made of a shiny grey metal with extendable brass wings and glowing white eyes. Other decorative features include a wheel of scythes that rotates clockwise behind him and a floating Saturn that rests above his upward-turned left palm. In his right hand is an ornamental staff with hourglass designs along it.

Akari's Persona Skills are as follows:

:bishiesparklesl: Kougaon (Heavy Bless damage to one foe.)
:bishiesparklesl: Makougaon (Heavy Bless damage to multiple foes.)
:bishiesparklesl: Hamaon (Instant Kill spell with a Medium chance of working.)
🛡 Marakukaja (DEF Up on multiple allies.)
🛡 Heat Riser (ATK, DEF, and Evasion up on one ally.)
🇨🇭Salvation (Full Heal & Status Cure for multiple allies.)
🇨🇭 Samarecarm (Revives a downed ally with full health.)
♻ Bless Amp (50% increase to Bless Damage.)

In terms of weapons, Akari's weapons are the Sumarbrandr, a large two-handed sword with a red-lined blade that has Nordic rune symbols along its center that glow like embers, and the Archimedes, a Dieselpunk-esque crossbow.

In addition, Akari is also fairly agile, and shows great proficiency with swordfighting and crossbow usage.

Akari was a third-year student at Shujin Academy, where he met Takeshi, the son of Akira Kurusu, and his friends. Upon being brought into the Metaverse for the first time, he entered the Palace of an internet troll who threatened to make public the group's deepest, darkest secrets. It was in this Palace that they encountered cognitive versions of themselves that were parodies of different video game genres. For Akari, his cognitive version was a JRPG villain portrayed as a psychotic, murderous "paladin" who viciously slaughtered anyone he deemed as impure law-breakers. The battle was tough, but when Akari awakened to his first Persona, Oedipus, he was able to secure a win for him and the now-dubbed "Neo Phantom Thieves" through the use of his newfound skills.

Akari served as the team's medic, and after looting a number of other Palaces (including one belonging to Akari's own father, who hated how unusual and different Akari was from the rest of his classmates), the Neo Phantom Thieves were able to save Tokyo from corruption as Takeshi's father had done many, many years ago.

Through forming a genuine bond with the Neo Phantom Thieves' Wild Card during his time with them, his Persona had transfigured into Kronos.

After the Thieves had agreed to dissolve since they were no longer needed, at least for now, Akari obtained a job working at Chrome Star, an American hamburger chain restaurant famous for its art-deco flair and delicious foods, in order to not only earn money for his parents, but also to give him a bit more confidence with talking to new people.

He was contacted by a group calling themselves the "MPF" several years later after his Persona abilities mysteriously returned, but for what reason...?

Other Info
Akari absolutely loves video games, and can be found acting as a guide for players of online games at home (though he is particular about whose friend requests he accepts). He also loves furry animals, primarily foxes, wolves, cats, and red pandas, to name a few. He is also diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, and as a result, he may have a small amount of trouble interacting with others he isn't fully comfortable with, though he has worked on that ever since the Neo Phantom Thieves peacefully dissolved.
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Bring out the Apple Cider~!!!
6', reddish brown hair and cappuccino-brown eyes, a completely normal looking teen with a rather casual, college-like dressing style. Is normally seem wearing a duo golden armlet whose two parts are joined together by a centrepiece in the form of a wing, and it will be by the left arm over all piece of clothing. The bracelet relic has sigils inscribed into it that together act as a magic dampener, a kind of limiter that restrains Sage's use of his power when he's wearing it, especially the wing manifestation. It is, however, not a perfect solution.
When using the full length of his powers, Sage's eyes get a fiery, orange-tinted glow on them.

Sage Kaelber



--Empathic Pyrokinesis--
The ability to control and create fire at will. Sage's fire manipulation is said to be emphatic since his emotions and how strong they are, influence how the ability will manifest itself, ranging from really simple displays such as fireballs, flaming tornados to things that are extremely complex, though they take a huge amount of effort. Sage is a lot more proficient at setting things on fire than putting it out, however. Sudden and extreme bursts of emotion can still cause objects to spontaneously combust around him, sometimes even with the armlet on.

--Fire-wing Manifestation--
On will, Sage is capable of summoning a pair of fire wings that manifest a couple inches away from his body, on his back. These don't need as much concentration to keep active, only that Sage is obviously still awake. The golden bracelet fully limits his ability to use this facet of the ability.

--Phoenix's Rebirth--
Sage has the ability to heal himself in the presence of fire, any fire as long as the source is a mild one (candles, lighters, oil lamps etc...). It's become a common thing to carry a box of matches around just in case he ever needs them. No, his own fire doesn't count.

Sage has been used to isolation and marginalization all his life. Not granted any talent for his inherent magic, he was always considered more of a thing they had to contain than a person by his fellow clan members, and had this world-ending prophecy hanging over his head for as long as he can remember. Raised in the main temple for the Phoenix, Deity of Fire and Transitions of his world, all in-clan teachings were focused in two big points: restraint and pretending to be normal. He wasn't expected to do anything with this power as it was too dangerous, he was just supposed to live through life without setting too many objects on fire on the way and that was it. That should have been it, but self-righteousness spoke too loud.

A phone call from an unknown number came like a call for rescue, or perhaps, perhaps just a goodbye. Sage had met Lucy again during his first week of college, in a huge coincidence, instantly recalling the time they ended up doing a school project together. Turns out she still had the number after all this time and felt like he was the only one that would listen to what she had to say. Following her directions, the pyromancer would meet his acquaintance by the edge of the rooftop of the History building, second tallest one after the cafeteria. It was a suicide attempt.

The next thing he knew, he was jumping after her, throwing the bracelet aside. So selfishly Sage had decided to save her instead, easing the fall into a glide with his fiery wings. Everything would be fine if it had been just the two of them, but from the third party that had caught the scene came a villain and a very intricated plan to force the young man to reveal his existence, an old discredited teacher wanting to prove the old tales of the Deities and magic true. He got what he wanted, but at the cost of a raized down auditory, a result of the first ever Take-Over. Needless to say, it had been a wrench thrown into the established order of the world. The legends were supposed to remain legends, but now those students in the incident had seen that the Phoenix Descendant actually existed, even if most adults would not believe them.

Ever since, it has been as if Sage had subscribed his number in some kind of multiverse distress call list. A door to a classroom was sudden an interdimensional hotel which then got destroyed by an employee; A dimensional witch got him to sign a contract of borderline slavery acting as a dimensional escort; Fighting off GIANT SPIDERS after being summoned by a talking cat and almost dying at one point. The adventures just didn't stop and his college year did not progress as intended at all. And this time, it was the MPF, a message he had gotten and ignored, only for divine forces to lead him there anyway. Apparently there was no choice. What was that called again? Oh, the Good Bad Luck curse.

Other Info:
As a Descendant (part of mingled bloodline of Deity and human), Sage can channel the same Concept his Deity, the Phoenix can, however to a much much lesser degree. Tapping into this power for long periods of time and/or usage of high-strain magic/stress can in return, allow an Entity of that Concept, in this case the Entity of Fire, to switch with him, throwing Sage into the back of his own conscious. In this state, he's used as a battery, powering the strenuous magical prowesses that his body is being put through despite not necessarily being able to handle them. This phenomenon is referred to as a Take-Over and it's a defense mechanism much alike possession, risking his own life in the process, capable of burning up first his soul, then eventually his body.
When this happens, all of Sage's flame constructs will turn a vivid blue and so does his eye color.

Theme Song: Apostrophe - *Luna feat. Kagamine Len
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Stop with the flirting, please...


OIP (5).jpeg

Doesn't tell anyone, for he is very old. He Looks to be in his 30s though


Bio, and abilities in this wiki link:

Other info:


Bio, And abilities in this wiki link:

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Senior Member

Tanjiro Kamado


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado

His sister, Nezuko, will be absent for a while until further notice.

Son Goku

42 to 44

Dragon Ball



He is from Dragon Ball Super.
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You ain’t seen nothin yet!
"I just hope they accept me for myself."




Spirit shot:
Lilith shoots a spirit at her foes that explode cause a small explosion on contact
Spirit shield:
Forms a shield around herself and others near her, other people may enter the shield if they so chose
Spirit heal:
This move allows Lilith to heal the wounds of anyone who may be injured, although she's not able to heal anything like dismemberment

Lilith used to be a young girl who lived with a single father, the girl liked to draw little doodles, more specifically a small ghost girl who she drew quite frequently. In her teen years she started to get verbally bullied, this lasted for a long time and it caused her to take her own life.
Years later the girl came back to life as the ghost she frequently drew and is now referred as Lilith

Other Info
She has Zuigerphobia (Fear of vacuum cleaners)


Someone of no importance

Name: Sora

Age: 18

Canon: Kingdom Hearts


(The Kingdom Key)
The keyblade is a magical key shaped sword that has a large verity of magic and light base attacks.​

Magic spells:

Fire: A spell that’s handy for ice problems and quick kills. Can also create a big fire ball called, Mega Flare which can explode when on contact.

Blizzard: If it’s anything ice related Sora can do. Ice shields, shards, fields, grind rails, etc.

Thunder: A range attack that’s good for long ranged and disabling anything electric.

Cure: It’s used for helping downed, bruised, badly injured, and dead teammates.

Aero: A wind spell that’s good for offensive tactics, and fast transportation.

Gravity: Great for forcing enemies to the ground or removing a person’s force from the earth, leaving them floating in the air for awhile.

Stop: Something that’s capable of slowing down time or halting it completely.

Reflect: A giant field that deflects all attacks, projectiles and acts as a mini counter.

Magnet: A spell, useful for fusing people to objects, or sucking them into a magnetic hole.

Water: The perfect spell for fire situations. Sora can also mix it with fire, (hot water) Freeze to make ice/blizzards, and thunder (electric water).

Meteor: This allows Sora to summon portals, which in turn, spawn meteors. Can also appear from the sky.

Ultima: A explosion spell that’s one of the most powerful spells a person can use.

Drive Forms: These are transformations Sora can use to strengthen his abilities in ten fold. Pretty much, super forms.

Valor/Power Form: A form that’s highlights are enhanced Strength and Agility. Valor’s special ability is High Jump


Wisdom/Element Form: It’s strong suit is Speed and Magic. It also enhances Sora’s magic bullets which are a lot stronger then in base form. The special ability for this is Quick Run, a ground dash that not only carries Sora far, but makes light duplicates of himself that shoot light. Will disappear over time.


Master/Guardian Form: A hybrid form of Valor & Wisdom. Can spawn giant fist depending on how many attacks Sora blocks, the more hits, the more fist he’ll summon for extra damage. Can also give Sora an “Aerial Dodge” self explanatory, also counts as an extra jump.


Final/Ultimate Form: The strongest of all forms, giving Sora the ability to call fourth Blades of Light and transforms his keyblade into a more traditional looking sword. (That’s also rainbow colored that constantly changing.) It may enhance Sora’s strength and magic to the fullest. Ultimate Form also allows him to hover and fly.



Potions: An item that heals 40% of small scraps and bruises.

Hi-Potions: Acts the same as base potions, only they heal 60%

Mega-Potion: Heals the same amount as potions, only they heal the whole party/team, and anyone around Sora.

Ether: An item used for recovering magic, energy, and speeding up cool downs.

Hi-Ether: A stronger Ether.

Mega-Ether: Same as Ethers, but can be use for everyone at once.

Elixir: An item capable of fully restoring wounds and magic.

Megalixir: The item for healing and recharging all friends to the max.

Personality: A brave and well meaning boy who wants to do right.

Short Bio: Sora’s home was taken by the heartless when he was 14 and since then, chosen by the Keyblade, he has been saving worlds from the heartless.

Other Info:

Doesn’t take kind to rudeness

An islander who doesn’t like the cold that much

Has a knack for wanting to helping people
Name: Carlo Thomson

Age: 33

Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OC.

Appearance: A tall, lean man with bright green eyes and tan skin. His head is mostly shaved, minus a crest on top, and tattoos twine across the remainder of his scalp. The rest of his body is covered with tattoos as well, and they are all connected in some way, forming a powerful alchemic array. He tends to wear loose clothing, usually an overcoat and a pair of baggy pants, disliking shirts. He forgoes shoes, instead wrapping bandages around his feet.

Weapons/Powers/Abilities: Carlo has tattoos covering his entire torso and both arms, as well as stretching up to his neck. These tattoos are a combination of various alchemic and alkahestric symbols that allow Carlo to transmute basically anything he wants. There are some limitations, such as things that he doesn’t know or can’t guess the makeup of or fully alien materials that have no root on Earth. The tattoos culminate with two brands on his hands in the shape of a simple alkahestric circle. These allow him to perform transmutation remotely, by covering his hands with some substance and imprinting the shape of the circle on another medium. These transmutations are limited to simple alchemy, though, such as moving stone around. The final piece of the array is a simple medallion, engraved with an alchemic circle. It’s more of a cosmetic touch, but it does increase the power of his transmutations a little.

Bio: Not much is known about Carlo Thomson prior to his appearance as a member of the Burning Hand terrorist cell. It is said he moved to Xing as a young man, to get away from the war in Amestris. He suddenly appeared as a lead member of the Burning Hand, acting as a sort of figurehead for the group if not its actual leader. He was contacted by the MPF, and their offer was too good not to accept


Someone of no importance

Name: Rex Salazar

Age: 18

Canon: Generator Rex



Smack Hands: Giant fist Rex can use for extra strength in combat, lifting, and breaking stuff. They also have a drill feature that allow him to go underground.

Boogie Pack: A jet pack with turbine wings that are useful for air travel. The top of the turbines can be used as grappling hooks and can hit foes with the top part; However, the more Rex carries while like this the heavier he’ll get.

Slam Cannon: A cannon that uses the ground material as ammunition

Rex Rider: A hoverbike used for land transportation and has a retractable battering Ram for breaking through strong forces.

Punk Busters: Giant boots that allow Rex to jump high into the air, hurt as much as a freight train, and has retractable spikes at the bottom

B.F.S (Big Freakin’ Sword): A sword that’s great for long ranged combat, can even transform it further into a buzzsaw

Buzzcut: A battle saw Rex uses by forming it from of the B.F.S to get out of tight situations.

Blast Caster: A whip Rex can use for long ranged damage, can also electrocute anyone he has wrapped or comes in contact with.

Funchucks: Giant metal nunchucks; if slammed together, they can create an energy wave. Can also spin fast enough to create strong winds.

Bad Axes: Energy axes dispute the size, Rex has an easy time fluidly fighting with these like most of his machines. Is even powerful enough to cut a jet.

Block Party: Gauntlets that create two individual shields which can protect Rex, and shield him in a dome on ground and midair. Can deflect attacks but will break overtime.

Sky Slyder: A hoverboard Rex builds with his lower legs. While quick to build and faster then the Biggie Pack, it’s less durable.

Upgraded weapons: Due to some training he put himself through, Rex can is able to replicate improvements of his machines only accessible with the help of Ben 10.

Power Fist: While not much as changed with the Power Fist, they have retractable spikes and can also be used as rocket fist which explode when in contact.

Hyper Jet: Speed is greatly increased, can use thrusters for bigger boost and has two rockets in the middle.

Blast Launcher: While it cannot use ground debris as ammo, it can make its own heat sealing missiles.

Excalibur: An energy sword dealing far more damage and is more durable then the original.

Swift Rocket: Faster then before and has a big thruster which can give him an extra kick in speed.

Omega Nanite Form: Activated by his Omega Nanite, Rex is completely covered in armor used in the final episode. Rex’s most strongest build, able to use previously mentioned machines and can control fire when in this.


Providence Goggles: They don’t do much, but they have an Infrared, Microscopic, X-ray vision which are self explanatory; and a Nanite vision that allow Rex to see if a person or any being has Nanites inside them.

Personality: A fun loving guy who lets loose, does what he needs to do when times call for it.

Short Bio: Rex was involved in a freak accident as a child and nearly died, so to save him, he had to be infused with Nanites, therefore saving him and would return the favor by helping others with his powers.

Other Info:

Hates being kept in the dark

Fluent in Spanish

Loves Soap Operas

Cured the world of EVO’s

Always keeps a red ball he had since childhood with him


Yubi Yubi

Name: Hiryu Kakogawa

Age: 18

Canon: Kamen Rider Zi-O

Powers / Abilities / Equipment:
Zi-O Anotherwatch -
Purple watch engrained with the power of Kamen Rider Zi-O. With this Anotherwatch, he takes the form of a monstrous version of Kamen Rider Zi-O with the strength and 5 second clairvoyance of Zi-O II. Another Zi-O uses two clock hand blades which can combine into one spear. He can also call upon the powers of other Another Riders that were contracted before him. It could be upgraded to Another Zi-O II, who can summon other Another Riders at will while retaining its predecessor's abilities if his anger at Sougo reinvigorates further.
Another Build - Based on Kamen Rider Build, Another Build can use fullbottles to absorb the essence of a person, object, or an animal into an impure bottle which he devours 2 best match bottles in order to gain their abilities. Another Build also has the abilities of Build's main form of RabbitTank. Hiryu is unaware of Another Build's essence absorbing bottled and chose to fight normally.
Another Ex-Aid - Based on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Another Ex-Aid has great speed, mobility, and strength. He can also identify hidden blocks which he can stand on or throw someone onto. Another Ex-Aid had the ability to create an unbeatable game which infects the user with the Bugster Virus which he could then summon Bugster mooks afterwards. The virus is only cured when he is defeated or chooses to and he could only infect one person at a time. Hiryu's unaware of Another Ex-Aid's Bugster traits and chose to focus on his more athletic feats.
Another Ghost - Based on Kamen Rider Ghost, Another Ghost can steal other peoples souls and absorb. He can remove souls from people's bodies to do so, although Hiryu isn't aware of that trait. Another Ghost can releade the absorbed souls to power himself up and can split himself into several parka ghosts and reform in another location.
Another Drive - Based on Kamen Rider Drive, Another Drive can essentially create large energy constructs of tires that has heavy augmentations. Like a Tire that has shuriken blades on it or one that's constantly on fire. Using its red car door-shield, he could also shoot out laser beams. It could also materialize a car known as the Another Tridoron that would run over anyone Another Drive pleases. It also acts as his vehicle.
Another Gaim - Based on Kamen Rider Gaim, Another Gaim can open up zipper portals to a distant planet's forest known as Hellheim in which he can toss whatever and whoever he wants, although Hiryu doesn't know about that trait.
Another Wizard - Based on Kamen Rider Wizard, Another Wizard can perform all sorts of magic--from conjuring fire, lightning, wind, earth walls, water spouts to dismembering himself through teleportation circles to reach greater distances, and turning invisible.
Another Fourze - Based on Kamen RiderFourze, Another Fourze calls upon the power of space through energy modules from Astroswitches. He currently has access to Chain Array, Launcher, Rocket, Chainsaw, and Drill. Another Fourze also has the ability to absorb a person and give their life force to someone else. The original Another Fourze, which was the outer shell of Another Faiz, used this to reanimate the dead so that she could finish high school. Hiryu isn't aware, nor does he care about that trait as he'd rather focus on killing Sougo.
Another OOO - Based on Kamen Rider OOO, Another OOO possesses the traits of a Hawk(Headwings), a Tiger(Claws to slash shit), and a Grasshopper(Legs to hop high). He can also summon zombie like minions called Yummies to do the fighting for the original Another OOO.
Another Double - Based on Kamen Rider W/Double, Another Double possesses the trait to wield both a supernatural power and a physical strength to go along with it. The Right side is restricted to supernatural powers while the left side is restricted to physical prowess. He could change the color of each sides to mix and match powers and weapons. The Right Side's supernatural Powers include Aerokinesis, Pyrokinesis, and Elongation.
Another Kiva - Based on Kamen Rider Kiva, Another Kiva is akin to a vampire--he could cling onto any wall and/or ceiling and could even fly. However, unlike most vampires, Another Kiva can go out in the sun. He also automatically summons three monsters that could turn into three weapons--A blue werewolf creature with golden horn named Jiro that can turn into a curved sword, a green gilled merman creature named Ramon that can turn into a turbine water gun that shoots pressurized water, and a purple strong frankenstein named Dogga that could turn itself into a hammer. All three don't have personalities anymore unlike the original Another Kiva which retained the three Weapon Monsters' personalities, only acting as mindless servants for Another Kiva to sick at enemies and turn into weapons when needed.
Another Den-O - Based on Kamen Rider Den-O, Another Den-O assumes Sword Form and weilds four swords, two of which he could control telekinetically which glows in a bright red energy--used like Den-O's finisher. Another Den-O is also known to move fast.
Another Kabuto - Based on Kamen Rider Kabuto, Another Kabuto is able to move at great speeds akin to a Speedster like Flash. This ability is known as Clock Up. Another Kabuto can also generate electricity which travels from his waist to his horn then down to his hands or feet.
Another Hibiki - Based on the Oni, Kamen Rider Hibiki, Another Hibiki weilds a pair giant spiked clubs which could grow longer due to his own fire. Another Hibiki could also blow fire through its mouth, usually colored purple.
Another Blade - Based on Kamen Rider Blade, Another Blade is a hulking creature weilding a giant sword with a buzzsaw guard. It could generate electricity and shoot it through slashes or as energy beams.
Another Faiz - Based on Faiz, Another Faiz can perform Faiz' Rider Kick, 'Crimson Smash'(A kick which phases through the opponent by a fired beam which drills into them) independently without the need of the laser pointer attachment on his ankle. Another Faiz shares Another Fourze's power to absorb a person and give their lifeforce as Another Faiz was the inner skeleton of Another Fourze. This means that if someone manages to defeat Another Fourze, Another Faiz will automatically take its place.
Another Ryuki - Based on Kamen Rider Ryuki, Another Ryuki bears a Dragon head on his left arm and a scimitar on the righ hand. The Dragon head can spew out fire and can be used as a gauntlet. He could also walk through mirrors and, if there's any present, enter a Mirror World.
Another Agito - Based on Kamen Riders Agito and Kamen Rider Another Agito(Yes, Another Agito existed before the Zi-O Another Agito). Another Agito bears the keen ability to start a zombie epidemic. However, keeping that power sealed, he's only capable of chanelling the power of the sun in order to perform a powerful punch or a kick.
Another Kuuga - Based on Kamen Rider Kuuga, Another Kuuga is a massive hulking monster that is at least as big as a two story house. Despite its size, it could fly with a pair of insectoid wings on its back. It could also elongate its limbs to any length necessary. It could also breath fire.
Empty Ridewatch - A Ridewatch that lacks any power. Given by Tsukuyomi in accordance to Woz' wishes. Pressing this ridewatch, however, grants Hiryu a quartz sword named the Revolcane which gains the power to glow and shoot laser slashes when in Rider Form. This eventually gains power and turns into the Barlckxs Ridewatch. When used as a form, it allows him to access the powers of the Another Riders individually without changing forms by simply activating them.

Hiryu can be described by his obsession for vengeance and overall animosity towards Sougo. This vindictive nature emerged following the sequence of traumatic events which resulted in the death of his parents, to which he has long since held Sougo responsible. The impact of this tragic event was substantial as Hiryu developed immediate resentment towards Sougo for his comparative good fortune.

His single-minded enmity for Sougo and his lack of understanding over the actual circumstances of the events, made Hiryu easily susceptible to manipulation, as Swartz was easily able to recruit him upon discovering Sougo was a mutual target. This singular focus makes Hiryu a troublesome, and deadly adversary for Sougo and his ferocious drive makes him one of the more dangerous Another Riders. Yet beneath the darker emotions, Hiryu is an essentially emotional-wounded man consumed by grief as evident when Sougo extends his sincerest apologies, invoking deeply rooted sadness.

Short Bio: The tale of Kakogawa Hiryu

Other Info: Hiryu can turn into Another Riders without absorbing their respective Anotherwatches by activating them. He can only be 1 Another Rider at a time. He's one of the villains in Kamen Rider Zi-O.
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Lealan Deathweed

Unknown, Appears to be at the start of adulthood for her kind

Starbound OC

Astro Saber Deluxe

A Rainbow Sword capable of cutting through the fabric of space
Mater Manipulator
A device ment to gather, store, and move mater around the user, including dangerous liquids and advanced technology
Dragon head Pistol
A Pistol made from the remains of the Bone Dragon of Astra Nox. It can fire many small bursts of fire or a single massive blast with some charging
Drill Spear
A Rocket powered Lance with a spinning Drill head on the end, used for excavation initially, repurposed for murder
Klux Staff
Sacred staff of Klux, stolen from the holy temple. Can create crystals for attack or Enhance those nearby, filling them with rage
Doom Cannon:
A mysterous gun that can fire energy blasts in either a shotgun spread or a large explosive blast. Weakens the victim to further attacks by afflicting them with 'Doom'.
A special blade forged by Ancient Hyltol warriors. Gifted to Lealan by the Scolar Koichi and Enhanced in the depths of an Ancient Vault. Capable of launching a shock wave of water to throw enemies back.
Neo Magnum-ZZZ
A Plasma Pistol gifted to Lealan during her tenure as a Peacekeeper. Strongest on the Market
Adaptable Crossbow
A special Crossbow that can shoot a varity of Elemental Bolts. (None, Fire, Cryo, Poison, Shock, Attraction, Repel)
Erchius Eye
The eye of the Erchius Horror, coated with several Crystaline growths. Ripped out of the Monster by Lealan, she can use it to either generate a deadly laser or launch fragmenting crystal 'grenades'.
Environment Protection Pack (Heat, Cold, Radiation, Vacuum)
Protects the wearer from dangerous enviroments, and allows the wielder to breathe even when submerged, buried alive, or in the depths of space.
Claw Gauntlets
Oversized Bladed claws made from the remains of the failed Fatal Circuit Project. Easily capable of rending through Titanium
Lealan as drained molten rock and metal from various worlds, and will blast enemies with the hot fluids in battle, or leave puddles on the ground for others to step in.
A toxic liquid of a completely polluted and ruined world.
It's water. A small lakes worth of water.
Healing Water
Special water that can be used to regenerate wounds. Mix it with some normal water to multiply it's effect, without dilution!
Lealan has several tons of stone stored to use to make pillars and walls.
Red Stim Packs
A Syringe filled with red liquid. Injecting can rapidly regenerate even severe injury
Overdrive Guitar
A Flying V style Electric Guitar. Lealan can play this perfectly, amplifying the noise with the help of her cybernetics.

Condor Class Ship
Lealan has a massive ship filled with various Resources and Weapons from her adventures. It appears to be cobbled together from various parts of other ships. It has several turrets and an onboard A.I.
A Mech for Lealan to Pilot either in space or Atmosphere, Equiped with Satalite turrets and a Mining laser.

Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced Durability

These should be self explanitory
Cybernetic Enhancements
Lealan has a Impernium Skeleton, which is nigh indestructable, built in generators to run her weapons and Tech abilitys, and computers added to her brain for enhanced processing during stressful situations.
Mater Manipulation
Lealans Mater Manipulator gives her the innate ability to retrieve objects from it without deploying the device, and can even store it safely when it is not in use, similar to Hammer Space.
Plant Manipulation
As a Floran, Lealan is capable of forcing plants to grow to her whims. Usually only used in basic traps and construction, Lealan admits to not being very good at this.
Rapid Healing
Lealan heals faster in direct Sunlight
Truly Omnivorous
Lealan can eat nearly anything without problems, including tar, various metals, battery acid, and toxic plants and animals. Lealan is also cannibalistic.
Rapid Movement
Midair Jumping
Morph Ball
Berserk Rage

(I'll Finish this one I have the time)

Other Info
Any other info that you feel as though I, the GM, should know about.​


It's birb time babeyy oh yeah
Ike Plymont
Appearance: Ike wears an orange jacket, and mildly faded blue jeans. His brown hair is swooped mostly to one side. He has a long black tail, like many demons, and light purple horns that curve backwards. In his humanoid form he is five foot three inches, and in what he calls his 'Beastie Form' he is about the size of a squirrel. One of his eyes is light blue, while the other is grey. This discoloration in his one eye is due to his death and resurrection.
Name: Ike Plymont

Age: While technically 223, Ike shortens it to 23

Canon: OC

Personality: Ike is a rather happy, quiet man, with ambition. He is often very timid when talking to new people, but is very visibly calm and content talking to people he has met before.

  • Involuntary mind reading: thinking around Ike may lead to him hearing your thoughts, though it is not something he does willfully. He often compares it to being able to hear someone’s loud car radio as they drive by.​
  • Creation of portals: like many other demons, Ike can create portals to different locations, though being a low level demon it is very strenuous on him.​
  • Subtle mind manipulation: Ike is able to minimally affect or pursuade people’s minds and sub-conscience. He is able to slip thoughts into the minds of others that could lead to them considering and preforming certain actions.​

Bio: Ike grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, until he was 10. Around that time, his father was arrested, and was reported to have been killed in jail by another inmate. He and his mother moved to Indianapolis after that, where he adapted to a new life rather easily. He grew up with an eye for color and went to college aiming for a degree in architecture. Several months before he was able to graduate with his degree, he died of an unknown cause in his sleep, and was resurrected as a demon, but was never heard from by any of his family or friends again. He again adapted to his new life as a demon, and lives in a city filled with other demons and paranormal/nonhuman species. He currently works two different jobs, one as an accountant, another as a product designer. When he died, he remained unconscious somewhere in hell for around 200 years, so his age is technically 223

Other Info: naw​
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is the important Question
Annotation 2020-01-14 171734 (1).png

Age: 14

The Saga of Tanya the evil

Sig MKMS: A submachine gun
Luger: a small sidearm
WinchesterM1897 Shotgun


A few example of spells include:

Artillery Shots: Any bullets that are imbued with this formula will have its firepower enhanced to be comparable to artillery shots. It needs several layers control equation to converge the power.
Optical Decoy Formula: Creates an illusion that will interfere with the visual senses of those around the user when cast. Skilled mages can easily differentiate between what is real and the illusion, especially since this formula is inclusively targeting sight and nothing else.
Napalm-Type: A large-scale formula that usually used in trench and unconventional war. It will cause strong mana signal, fire, huge explosion and blast. It isn't efficient in encounter battles or high-maneuver warfare.
Passive Shell: Protects against small fragments, small caliber bullets and blast waves. Can be kept on indefinitely, also easy to cast together with other formulas.

The salaryman is reborn as Tanya in 1914 in the alternate universe, in a nation known as the Empire. When she comes into her consciousness for the first time, she realized she was in an orphanage. She lived at the church for a long time without changes in her daily life. However, it all changed when a group of specialists went to check on all the children. Through a magical aptitude test, she was listed as a child with magical aptitude. Therefore, she became a promising candidate for conscription into the Empire's Imperial Armed Forces. Realizing that joining the military is inevitable and seeing an opportunity to better establish herself in the world, Tanya volunteers instead in order to obtain better treatment and opportunities, with a life plan to get promoted to an elite rear course, Tanya enlisted to the Imperial Army.

Other Info
Loves coffee




Late 20's

Jak and Daxter

Eco powers
Eco typeEco powerDescriptionGame
Dark ecoDark BombThe first dark power Jak acquires, involving Jak jumping into the air and slamming his fist down, unfurling a high-octane shockwave of dark eco, harming or destroying all enemies within its radius.Jak II, Jak 3
Dark BlastThe second dark power Jak acquires, involving Jak jumping into the air and spinning rapidly, releasing several enemy-seeking bolts of dark eco, harming or destroying all enemies within its radius.
InvincibilityGrants Jak invulnerability from enemy attacks and some other hazards while in his Dark Jak form.Jak II
Dark GiantInvolves Dark Jak growing in size, exponentially increasing his attack's damage output, speed, and jump height.
Dark InvisibilityAllows Jak to become invisible after touching a dark idol. Unlike other dark powers, this power does not require Jak to transform into Dark Jak to use it. However, a cheat may be unlocked allowing Jak to become invisible at any point while Dark Jak using
Jak 3
Dark StrikeInvolves Jak charging dark energy between his hands before releasing two connected and self-revolving dark eco spheres, destroying everything in its wake.
Light ecoLight RegenerationAllows Light Jak to stop time around him while a beam of light eco from above regenerates his hit points until the eco meter is depleted.
Flash FreezeAllows Jak to kneel on one knee, clap his hands above him, and slow time around him.
Light ShieldAllows Jak to create an impermeable light eco shield around him.
Light FlightAllows Light Jak to sprout wings, with which he can glide short distances.
Red ecoEco amplifierInvolves Jak releasing a large sphere of red eco energy from his hands, which then travels forward until it collides with something or Jak shoots it, at which point it detonates into a harmful shockwave of red eco.The Lost Frontier
Green ecoEco constructThe first, most simple form of eco construct, involves Jak raising his hand, causing a collection of green eco crystals to emerge from the ground. This acts primarily as a weapon, especially when upgraded, as well as a defense against the Uber-Bot 888's arm saws.
The second eco construct involves Jak standing over a patch of small green eco crystals, kneeling, and causing much larger pillars of green eco to erupt from the earth, creating temporal platforms with which he can traverse areas.
Eco shieldSimilar to Light Shield, this power involves Jak creating an impermeable shield around him, though this time out of green eco.
Blue ecoEco reflexesSimilar to Flash Freeze, this power involves Jak kneeling, clapping his hands above him, and slowing time around him. However, since this power uses blue eco instead of light eco, it is more likely this causes Jak to move faster than his surroundings, only perceiving everything else around him becoming slowed down.
Eco teleportInvolves Jak swapping places with a targeted Precursor statue, allowing him to traverse long or blocked-off distances.
Yellow ecoEco rocket jumpInvolves Jak getting a boost off of the ground through blasts of yellow eco from his hands. If standing over a yellow eco vent or over a cloud of eco, this boost will allow Jak to reach considerable altitudes (though otherwise it is only a small boost no higher than a standard double jump).


Name: Aloy

Age: 22

Canon: Horizon Dawn Zero

Aloy is curious, determined, and intent on uncovering the mysteries of her world.[2] As a child, she was rather disobedient and got annoyed by her guardian Rost's borderline fanatical devotion to tribal laws, not being able to see what was so bad about the ruins of the Old Ones. Unlike many in her tribe who shun the use of technology, Aloy sees technology as a practical and unique tool to aid her in her quest, a belief that was born when she used it to save a young man from certain death. She frequently uses her Focus throughout her life to aid in hunting machines and tracking individuals. Her early use of the Focus has made Aloy more aware of a bigger picture outside of the Nora tribe, spurring her to be more curious about the Old Ones. She also became more skeptical about tribal lore and beliefs, seeing the All-Mother and what the tribes believe to be her vestiges as what they really are: remnants of Project Zero Dawn.

Aloy is shown frequently to be not good with people, the result of being treated as less than human for the first 18 years of her life and having little human interaction outside of Rost. She is very blunt and sarcastic, never hesitating to tell people exactly what she thinks of them even when it wouldn't be wise to do so. She is especially shown to despise those who consider themselves better than others, such as Ahsis, and is disturbed by the behaviour of people such as Nil, not being able to tell if the latter is better or worse than the bandits he kills. She is also rather impatient and has little tolerance for those who waste her time or dodge questions, one of the many things that puts her at odds with the ever-elusive Sylens. At the same time, however, years of being shunned as an outcast has made Aloy compassionate and sympathetic towards others in need, particularly towards those who are still outcasts. Her benevolence is her greatest strength and has garnered the respect and trust of many who have interacted with her. However, there are limits to her empathy; when Elida asks her if she knows what it's like to only be alive when you're with someone else, Aloy admits that she doesn't, since she's never been in love before and is a loner by nature. Despite this, she does clearly understand the physical nuances and taboos of human behavior, as she is able to understand when others are attracted to her, and she turns her back on Inatut so that he can get dressed privately, though it's possible that Rost simply taught her these things, so that she could fit in to her tribe in the event that she won the Proving.

Aloy had a strong relationship with Rost, seeing him as the father that she never had and being devastated when he sacrificed himself to save her from Helis, though this was quickly replaced with a burning hatred for the latter. After this tragic incident, she no longer considers the hut she grew up in her home, since Rost is no longer there for her, though she can come back throughout the game to visit Rost's grave and tell her how she's been doing. Eventually, she can ask to have Teersa tell her the story of why Rost was made an outcast, and is very thankful when she does so.

Despite Rost's presence, living without knowing her mother was a source of emotional distress for Aloy and compounded her alienation from the rest of the tribe; it is evident that this is the primary reason Aloy was cast out of the tribe. Aloy's desire to know her origins became her life's goal and her primary motivator to complete her training for the Proving. However, Rost noted that she was only training to win the Proving for herself, as proven when she misses the point of the test when she fights and defeats her first Sawtooth. He tells her that there will come a time when she will have to fight for her new tribe and serve a purpose greater than herself. Aloy understands, but states it will have to be for a cause she believes in. Even after being appointed a Seeker, Aloy's primary motivation is to learn where she came from and who her mother is, caring little for the history of the Old Ones or the fact that the people who are hunting her massacred a large portion of her tribe. It's this single-minded attitude that results in her being considered a "spoiled child" by Sylens. After learning how she was born and why, however, Aloy finds the purpose Rost spoke of; defeat the Eclipse and prevent HADES from causing a second Faro Plague.

As a former outcast-turned-Seeker, Aloy has little respect for laws, especially if they get in the way of what she believes to be right. This is especially shown in regards to the law forbidding contact with outcasts; having once been an outcast herself, she willingly talks with and assists them, with no concern for the possible consequences. She also encourages people who start questioning harsh laws; among the Banuk, she readily encourages tribesfolk who themselves start to ask these questions. In a private conversation with Talanah, Aloy states that she does not consider herself part of the Nora tribe, believing 'Aloy despite the Nora' to be a more fitting title than 'Aloy of the Nora'. As such, she is absolutely outraged when the group start worshipping her after she learns the truth about herself, considering being treated as an idol to be no different than being an outcast, and outright rejects the title 'Anointed' they bestow upon her.

Aloy has shown great physical and emotional resilience during her journey, always moving towards her goal despite the harsh obstacles she comes across. When she discovers that she is not the child but a clone of Elisabet Sobeck created by GAIA, Aloy is shattered by this revelation, feeling that she is a mere instrument "born in destruction and fire" instead of a person. However she quickly gathers herself together, realizing that she was created in order to protect the world from being destroyed by a second Faro Plague. She also becomes somewhat more optimistic as time passes; while Sylens is convinced that Ted Faro doomed the Earth and humanity to oblivion by erasing APOLLO, Aloy, due to all the things she has seen as a Seeker, believes the world they live in is still worth fighting for, even if it is a wasteland.

Aloy had made new friends over time in BGB, her new friend Kassandra on the blue team, she became confident enough to join the MPF, to help against a new threat.

  • Strength and Endurance: Aloy possesses the strength and endurance of a woman of her age, height and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. She is strong enough to lift and wield heavy machine weapon components such as a Thunderjaw Disc Launcher or a Ravager Cannon, maintaining aim and enduring the recoil. She has enough endurance to engage the largest, most formidable machines for sustained periods, evading their attacks and inflicting damage until she finally destroys them.
  • Master Acrobat: Aloy is very nimble and can scale rock faces with ease. She is even quick enough to dodge charging machines.
  • Combat Prowess: Aloy was trained to fight by Rost, one of the best warriors in Nora history , and is more than capable of taking on most human enemies as well as machines.
  • Master Archer: Aloy is highly proficient with the bow and arrow, having practiced since childhood under Rost.
  • Master Crafter: Aloy has an intricate knowledge of machines and can combine materials salvaged from them with natural materials in order to craft ammunition, traps, and tools. She is even able to fit override devices to her spear.
  • Master Hunter: Even without the aid of the Focus, Aloy is an excellent tracker, being able to find a trail made by humans or machines.
  • Equestrian: After acquiring a Corruptor's override component, Aloy can ride some of the Machines she reprograms, cutting her travel time in half.
  • Scientific Mind: Aloy has demonstrated skill at scientific observation and inference, correctly concluding, for example, that the Earth is round and not flat from observing the shape that its shadow casts on the moon during a lunar eclipse. She routinely demonstrates curiosity and acute powers of observation (albeit enhanced by her Focus), reasoning and deduction, all traits of a competent scientist. This may be due at least in part to her genetic makeup: she is a clone of the exceptionally gifted Old One scientist Elisabet Sobeck.
  • Alpha Access: Being a clone of Elisabet Sobeck, Aloy has the maximum genetic clearance for all Zero Dawn facilities. This allows her to use the Master Override, as well as access any GAIA facilities that require Alpha clearance.
*Focus: Allows her to scan and view everything from walls to machines, giving her details and information.

BGB weapons Aloy has: Sniper Rifle
Kassandra's Gift: Aloy had traded some of her arrows to Kassandra for a present of her own: Darkness arrows, death arrows and a few more

Bio: Aloy

After BGB, Aloy had decided to join the MPF but not without giving a proper burial to her mother at home. As she finally buried her mother and her tears subsided, she gave a nod off to her friend and allies before heading back to the MPF.

Hoping to run into Kassandra again, she remains calm and collected as she faces this new threat.

Other Info: N/A

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Name: Orbeck of Vinheim

Age: unknown. Looks to be in his 30s. possibly older.

Canon: Dark Souls 3

Powers / Abilities / Equipment:

Besides his use of sorceries and skills as an assassin, Orbeck also carries around with him a fairly standard looking dagger and a sorcerers staff.
Ever since joining the MPF, Orbeck has been doing what he can to learn about the modern world, and apply that to his own work. So compared to how the spells work normally (cast time, speed, and range.)

For equipment, he has the following.
- one dagger
- One Court sorcerers staff.
- Sacred Bloom Shield ( a small sheld that allow for the deflection of spells)
- A personal smartphone (that he is still unsure of using)
-One Estus, and Ashen Estus flask ( Estus Flask (Dark Souls III) )
-one Hidden Blessing ( Hidden Blessing )
Any more of his own personal belongings may be found in his room.


Short Bio:

It has been a few months since those events in Eye of the falls, and Orbeck has been adjusting to his surroundings with moderate success. So far he has spent most of his time learning about the modern world and assisting in what he can for the MPF. He is here because of them after all.

Other Info:
Note that he is an undead (in the case of dark souls, it's treated more like a curse) this excerpt from the wiki should explain it

"The Darksign is a symbol of the undead. Those cursed with it are reborn after death and eventually lose their minds and turn hollow. This is a reason why undead are driven from their homes as they eventually go mad"

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New Member

Age: Unknown (Wait a minute... what's going on? Is this what I think it is?!)
Oh lord, are we doing this thing all over again...?

Can you just shut up FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE?!

In due time, Deadpool. Just calm down, and go with it.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: After being injected with a serum to activate his dormant mutant genes, Deadpool is able to quickly heal from any injury, ranging from bullet wounds and broken bones, to getting stabbed in the head, even able to regrow entire limbs that have been cut off. He is also completely immune to illnesses, having cured himself of cancer, as well as unable to age, thanks to these regenerative powers.​
  • Superhuman Abilities: Alongside his healing factor, as a result of the serum, Deadpool gained various superhuman abilities, including enhanced strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility and durability. All of these attributes are above normal human levels, with Deadpool able to easily lift other fully grown adults, outrun gunfire, and even break through a car's glass roof after falling a couple of miles, and come out essentially unscathed.​
  • Weapon Expertise: Highly skilled with swords, firearms and throwing weapons, Deadpool uses two katanas, two handguns, as well as a combat knife, all in battle. Combined with his various superhuman attributes, Deadpool can use these weapons to make quick work of opponents, able to easily slice through others with his katanas, take out three men standing in a line with one bullet, and hit a person in the eye with a thrown knife from several feet away.​
(IN DUE TIME? JUST GO WITH IT? WHAT'S SO FUCKING HARD ABOUT SIMPLY EXPLAINING WHAT'S GOING ON? ANSWER ME, DAMMIT! Wait a minute... did someone mess with the timeline again? I swear, I'll shove a sword up their ass if Wolverine stays dead and I STILL don't get a proper crossover movie with him! I've waited YEARS for this!)

Personality: Possessing a great and sarcastic sense of humor, Deadpool feels no shame whatsoever in irritating his enemies with various insults and his non-stop talking. Very immature for his "age," Deadpool loves things such as cartoons, Skee-Ball, rap music, and sci-fi movies, and is extremely aware of his own existence as a fictional character, constantly breaking the fourth wall and interacting with the audience. Having a questionable moral compass, Deadpool dislikes being a goody-two-shoes superhero and abiding by rules and restrictions set by others, working as a mercenary playing by his own rules. Despite this, Deadpool is good-hearted and genuine, willing to sacrifice himself to save the lives of others, afraid of possibly becoming a horrible role-model like his father, and has a very happy and caring relationship with his fiancee Vanessa.
(Actually... was this my doing? Maybe it's because I decided to hold off on killing baby Hitler... Or should I have let Ryan Reynolds live, and killed Greg Berlanti for writing Green Lantern's script? Yeah, maybe I should have shot Greg instead...)
Once again, you're really starting to get on my nerves...

Short Bio: Deadpool
(SHIT! I COULD'VE SAVED THE REST OF X-FORCE! MAYBE THAT'S WHAT I SHOULD'VE DONE! Was I wrong about them being just a marketing tool the entire time? After all, Josh Brolin made a TON of money from both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame...)
Why are you like this?

(Well now, if I could just- oh wait, CRAP! Cable took the device from me right after I got back from my first round of time travel... And knowing him, he's probably WATCHING MY EVERY MOVE RIGHT NOW, AND PLANNING ON STRANDING ME IN THE STONE AGE OR SOME OTHER BORING ERA WHERE I CAN'T PLAY WITH HIS TIME TRAVELING DEVICE! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE, SUMMERS! NEVEEEEEEEEEEER!)
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Venom Snake

The Legendary Soldier
Imma shorten these out since it’s two characters and y’all already kinda know them.
A picture or a description of your character is fine here.

John Aka Naked Snake/Venom Snake/Big Boss, and David, aka Solid Snake

Age: John - Late 40s, David - Mid 30s

Canon: Both are Metal Gear


Alright, so for starters, both carry a M4A1 rifle, both of which have suppressors, toggleable laser sights, improved stocks, ACOG sights. Only difference between the two is that Johns has a standard STANAG 30rnd mag, and David’s has been converted to fire 9mm rounds, making the rifle fire faster, and rounds travel faster, and the barrel made slightly longe FYI elk compensate for range loss.
John carries an old Ruger MK.2 pistol, heavily modified with laser sights, and made to fire tranq rounds, with an integral suppressor, and the darts carrying a fast acting strong formula, while also having a glass tip to help in piercing armor.
David has a Beretta M9, converted to fire tranq rounds with very similar setup to Johns tranq rounds, the weapon is not integrally suppressed, but has one attached to it, and also has a laser sight on it. Both carry Chaff grenades, smoke grenades, frag grenades, and flash grenades. Their load outs vary dependent on the mission, sometimes they may be seen carrying RPGs, or LMGs, or Heavy Snipers, but always carry their rifle and pistol.
Both also wear similar outfits, which are specialized sneaking suits, built with padded soles to eliminate the sounds of their footsteps, are completely insulated and keep them at room temperature, and also make them invisible to thermal imaging, The suits also are built with an aramid weave, which on their own help immensely with damage reduction, but the very outermost layer is the most interesting. The device built into the suit called octo-camo, the suit scans its surroundings and what it is touching, and changes its colors and textures accordingly, this can be used to blend in, or harden the suits outer surface for more damage resistance. The suit also is built to compress on any breach, so if the user is shot or cut and it goes through the suit, it will apply the needed pressure to make sure the user doesn’t bleed out, it also has artificial muscles in it Incase the user is either old or extremely injured, and it will help them get about. Both also carry around a device they installed into their suits, stealth camo, which renders them optically invisible, although distortion is often visible to cameras. Both also carry a cassette player, iDroid, cigars/cigarettes, Night vision goggles that also use thermal imaging
Solid Snake
Other Info:
All hail the cardboard box.



Top-tier Avian Master

"It's hero time!"

Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson



In addition to his usual feat of possessing the Omnitrix and being able to turn into the myriad of species stored away in it, the Omnitrix can also catalog the DNA of sapient species. This is what he has been doing all this time. Whenever a multiverse distortion occurs, he takes the opportunity to get stronger and by accident, multiple times, the Omnitrix has obtained new DNA samples. It is during this period of time that he has mastered different kinds of feats for different kinds of unique transformations he has acquired - such as Mega Evolution and even Gigantamax for his Pokemon transformations, the ability for his Life Fibre transformation to attain a form akin to Senketsu Kisaragi or the game-only Junketsu Shinzui, just to name some.

Ben has also learned spells and magic from his cousin Gwendolyn, and even a former member of his rogues gallery Hex. The now-honed, freshly-awakened mana manipulation he acquires from his Anodite heritage is extra-compatible to some forms, such as manifesting a strong aura when assuming the form of a Lucario. Due to the nature of Anodites and how they lack genetic information in the traditional sense, the Omnitrix will not tamper with his Anodite heritage and will only alter his human DNA.

It started when- you know what? Nevermind.

Other Info:
Ben has had other worldhopping adventures during this gap of time that allowed him to acquire a wide array of skills.
At some point, the Plumbers were associated with the MPF. By extension, Ben could be deployed by the Plumbers to aid the MPF.​


The friends we made along the way:
A white cat with a disproportionally large head and unusual smile.
Despite this, he very much acts like a normal cat.

The Judge


the game OFF


Not much is known abut the Judge's past or history, actually.


Terry Hintz performs the hottest dance!





Reflective Star:

Unlike the majority of its body, Tektite's star on its belly is hard and shiny. It is able to reflect not only light off it but also objects such as bullets. Its head is also hard and shiny, but it doesn't exhibit the same reflective abilities its star has.

Ball up:
However, Tektite is able to tuck its head inside its soft body and cover it with the stumpy tentacles around its neck to form itself into a ball. This allows it to roll around while protecting/cushioning its head.

Like a Headless Chicken:
Additionally, it's head can detach from its body and be launched towards a specific target. With the help of the point at the top of its head, it can anchor itself on said target. While its head is separated from its body, Tektite can still control both its head and its body as if nothing happened. Tektite can choose to return its head to its body.

But, Tektite also has the choice to grow another copy of itself from its detached head like a starfish. Its independent head would grow a body while its original body would grow a replacement head. These clones of Tektite are genetically similar to each other and share the same memories up to before Tektite's duplication, but the clone that grew a new noggin will have a new unique personality as well as a different level of intelligence as the other. On top of that, these clones can be disposable, as Tektite can always reproduce if it wanted to.

Tektite doesn't require oxygen to live.

Space Is My Home:
Tektite is able to float about in the vacuum of space without ever having to worry about having gases ripped out of their body. Not only do they not need to breathe, but Tektite makes sure not to trap too much air inside its body. It is unusually agile in space as it maneuvers around like a jellyfish. Space is its natural habitat and that's where it's most comfortable.

Controlled Acids:
In its native habitat, Tektite would make homes in an asteroid belt by hollowing out one. They do this with the help of a strong organic acid that they produce through the opening in the middle of their star. Strangely, the acid won't horribly disfigure an organic lifeform. At most, life such as on Earth would likely only suffer minor burns. However, the acid is incredibly effective at corroding most rocks and metals, even iron.

Tektite is of a species of small, timid aliens that stand just above 3 feet. They reproduce asexually on meteors out in space and do so by launching their heads onto other meteors. These heads then grow a body with them and the parent alien grows a new head. They reproduce at a high rate, making their populations through the roof.

Their high population wouldn't normally become a problem to the whole universe, but Tektite's species can very easily spread to other galaxies, making them extremely common. Because of this, Tektite's species are considered to be pests to most intelligent life forms. They have a tendency to accidentally damage spaceships, destroy crops, and just generally take up too much space. Their planet of origin is unknown.

Tektite's behavior specifically can just be described as typical. It is somewhat intelligent (though not as intelligent as humans) and is very anxious. However, what makes it unique is that it recently had a chance encounter with humans along with other miscellaneous alien species. These humans were astronauts kidnapped by these aliens lead by outlaws. Tektite's meteor home collided with the outlaws' ship, destroying its home, and resulting in the alien crew in the ship to become hostile towards Tektite. Thankfully, the human hostages convinced their captors to spare Tektite's life, as long as they make sure Tektite doesn't damage anything else or reproduce further.

Now Tektite lives with the humans in the ship, surviving various assassination attempts from alien crew members who don't want to keep their promise, as well as the outlaw leaders various violent missions throughout the universe. Gradually, Tektite learned to control its nervous behaviors and become unusually brave for its species. It often tags along with the humans when they are taken along with the outlaws, happily helping them whenever they encounter a problem.



Since it has no mouth, Tektite cannot scream. Or talk. Or make any kind of noise, really. To make up for this, Tektite uses body language or even writing to get its point across. Although, Tektite's grammar isn't the greatest...

Selective Acid:
Tektite's acids aren't very damaging on life, despite wreaking havoc on inorganic compounds. This means that, unless the target is a robot or somehow comprised of rock or metal, its acid would be ineffective in battle.

Timid Nature:
Tektite, like most of its kind, is generally nervous and passive. It dislikes fighting unless it becomes huddled in a corner. Otherwise, it chooses to hide or run away.

Soft Skin:
Tektite's head and star are hard, but the rest of its body is very vulnerable. It is squishy and acts more like blubber than organic armor.

Random Clones:
Tektite is unable to select what personalities and levels of intelligence its clone gets. It is usually just a game of Spin-the-Wheel-and-Hope-For-the-Best. Also, Tektite has the tendency to get too attached to its clones, even if they end up being particularly useless.

Poor Eyesight:
As a common issue with its kind, Tektite can't see very well. More specifically, Tektite has a severe case of near-sightedness. Just like me. This makes it very clumsy by nature.​


Top-tier Avian Master

"Well, time to waddle around and meet new friends."

"The Agent"
"The Penguin"
"Agent Penguin"



The Agent has a wide array of spy gear to aid him in his missions, as well as a wide array of clothes he can pull out from thin air if he ever needs a disguise.
The Agent has access to the EPF Phone, which has a lot of applications, some of these include the Puffle Whistle app, which can call upon the Elite Puffles, teleportation, the TraceTracker 3000 to analyse items, and more. This also includes being a swiss army knife, much like its predescessor, the PSA Phone.

The Agent has also trained as a Ninja - a master of the art of Card-Jitsu - under Sensei, and he is not afraid to use his Card-Jitsu skills in combat. Card-Jitsu involves the usage of the core elements of Fire, Water and Snow. Skilled Ninjas are able manipulate the aspects of these elements and channel their powers in combat, training by using cards that contain the power of these core elements. As a Ninja, the Agent would use the Fire Nanchaku, Water Hammer or Snow Shurikens as weapons.

The Agent was once a regular Club Penguin citizen, but everything changed when he chose to join the Penguin Secret Agency (PSA) as a Secret Agent. It started with simple, minor jobs, but then it eventually evolved into a hunt for an elusive Polar Bear stranded on Club Penguin, later revealed to be the nefarious Herbert P. Bear.
Herbert P. Bear soon destroyed the PSA, shifting all focus to the EPF, an organization where the best of the best of the PSA were previously a part of, where investigations on Herbert P. Bear deepened. Mission after mission, event after event.

Other Info:
While he is not directly linked to the MPF, his organization, the Elite Penguin Force (EPF), associated with them at some point. As one of the EPF's top agents, he has been deployed for MPF missions and to represent the EPF multiple times.

He is representative of Club Penguin's Player character.​

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