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Chronicles of the Vale (A D&D Inspired RP)

The Nentir Vale is a chaotic, unforgiving place. Once the seat of several of the world's mightiest empires, it's now a land of untamed wilds, with points of light dotting the vast landscape. The once mighty empires are now mere ruins, their halls empty and full of treasures and wonders. In this treacherous land, there is but one major strongholds of civilization: Fallcrest. Built in the ruins of a great city, this settlement is as safe as one can be in the Vale, with it being the seat of the Vale Alliance, consisting of several villagages all uniting to ensure the mutual protection of the Vale. It's the Golden Age of Heroes, with the promises of riches and glory making many take up the blade or the spell to take their place in history. In the capital, there lies a quaint, unassuming tavern known as the "Lucky Gnome Taphouse." Here, several friends meet up every year to talk, catch, up, the like. This time, their rendevous happens right in the middle of the Ash Festival, a celebration of the defeat of the red dragon Cinderoth, the Ash King. But, destiny calls, and these friends will soon have greatness thrust upon them.

So, hi! I like to begin my RPs with a bit of background first, so yeah! This is an RP based off of the "Points of Light" setting for D&D. It's actually more set in it, with the same background, God's, towns, everything. There will be no dice rolling, so even if you don't like D&D, you can still join! Your character can be from any sentient, humanoid race as long as it fits into the lore. Angels, devil's, and demons are not allowed, since they aren't sentient in the way we think of it. No demigods, either. Or at least not have your character have the powers of a demigld from the start. Make them earn it. Anyway, anyone interested?


Pesterchum: GlassRainGerman (GR)
Are shape shifters allowed like a selkie or werewolf?

Like most of the time they’re humanoid but when they’re in an aquatic environment or full moon they can change shape

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