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Chronicles of Pellithárias

Bells of Nevermore

The Tintinnabulation of the Bells
Pellithárias: With mountains towering to heights where men cannot breathe... with deserts so hot they can cook the brain... with jungles and swamps primordial in their impassibility...

Lost Pellithárias: With four mighty nations atanding at swords drawn, with a fragile détente on the verge of shattering... with strange Sigils that can draw in beings from any dimension of universe... with violence on the horizon, as threatening as thunderheads.

Welcome to Pellithárias. Choose your friends well, and your enemies carefully.

The Chonicles of Pellithárias details a time of paroxysm. The titular world is massive, with four primary factions facing off in a cold war that is about to turn very hot indeed: the mighty Orcs of the Mountains, feared for their technology and numbers. The ancient Elves, experiencing a hubris that is propelling them toward decline. The humans of Tamiras, whose nation is the breadbasket for the immense pangaeal continent from which Pellithárias takes her name. And the strange Ashtóri, demon-sired dwellers in an immense stratovolcano. It is said that even beyond these internecine squabbles and skirmishes, far worse is threatened to come.

• Please note that the above races are not the only ones playable. With noted exceptions, most any fantasy race is avaiable.

• This RP is somewhat complex. This means there is an expectation that those who participate will have some competency in storybuilding and an advanced level of literacy.

• Participation in this game requires at least the attempt at timely posts and interaction with aspects of the storyline which touch your character(s). Please try not to leave your partners hanging! You don't need to post every day, but do please make an effort to stay apace of the storyline.

• Be advised that Chronicles of Pellithárias is settled most comfortably in the category of what often is called 'grimdark'. This means that some of the subject matter may be disturbing to the sensitive. Pellithárias is a violent, gritty and sometimes unfair world.

~Please Note: Due to the subject matter, this RP is limited to players who are 18 and up.~
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Messiah of the New Night
I know youre still building on, I just have a few questions.

You got a map of the setting?

Will we receive additional information on the four nations?

What is the extent of magical prowess in this setting?

Is there anything in particular that you do or do not want to see mentioned in our submitted characters?

Bells of Nevermore

The Tintinnabulation of the Bells
Magic plays a pretty huge part. The Ashtóri are not available for a first character, because they have so much lore and complexity that no one is going to want to plow through all that right at the start. I do have a map, which will go in our OOC over in Extra Pages. Our bio template is there now. Basically, I like to see well-written, balanced characters. I'm not going to start ranting on about people building OP stuff... because 1. we all know better and 2. I can promise you there are characters that will match just about anything someone wants to throw at me. Of note: one thing I don't like is people playing 'wrecking balls'. You know the type: someone that comes in just to destroy parts of the setting.

Bells of Nevermore

The Tintinnabulation of the Bells
We've got some folks doing character sheets. Tomorrow, I will be posting things like maps, race descriptions and so on, and also will kick off a starting post. If folks need a reason your character would be in the area where the adventure starts, you can hit me up and I'll find somthing (even if it's a little dumb :hornstongue; ) This world is a deep dive, be forewarned! I may even drop a 'Tube playlist as a soundtrack.

Bells of Nevermore

The Tintinnabulation of the Bells
Currently, we have three players, which is enough to kick this off. I am limiting this RP to seven to ten players, so if you want on board, now would be the time.

Our bio template and other lore and information can be found here.

Bells of Nevermore

The Tintinnabulation of the Bells
I would highly recommend putting together a bio sheet and sending it to me over PM. We can talk a bit. This is a pretty complex game and does require a bit of a debrief before one can just dive in.


How many extra sections are there? It might be worth just linking each of the info threads to the top so people can find them easily.


So there's a lot of different ways you can do it, depending on what you want it to do best. If you want all the info on a single thread you could just make each section a separate post in the one info thread. That would maximize convenience as you'd only have to have a single thread open to find any piece of lore, but it could get scroll-y if there's a lot (spoiler would help reduce that). You could have them set up the way you currently do, each topic having a separate thread, which is good if you have a lot of lore on each specific topic and a single thread would just get too bloated (good if you plan on adding a lot of lore later on down the line) but at the sacrifice of ease of accessibility. People have to find and open multiple threads in order to have all the information available to them. You can ease that by using one thread as sort of the hub or gateway to all other threads. Usually people just make the first post of every thread have links to all the others, but at the least you should make the Interest thread have links to all other relevant threads.

If you don't know how to do this, that's fine. Just edit your first post and add them in. On the tool bar above the post body, there is a button that looks like a chain link. Just copy the URL from each of the threads, paste them into the URL field, and add a descriptive name for the link in the text field. Example:

Deities - Pellithárias Lore


The Nineteenth Arcana
I did have one question since I see this is on the character template-- how do the Combat Stats (Fighting, Strength, Endurance, etc.) work in this case? Is there a pool that we distribute points from, or is it a text description?

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