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Realistic or Modern Christmas at the Resort

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You know what, dammit. Aranxa picked up her bag, standing up. She was goddamn sick of being the outsider. She wanted friends. Interaction. sitting quietly on a couch wasn't going to get her any. She strode over to the table everyone was standing around, and narrowed her eyes. "Hi, people. I'm Aranxa. Um, what's... what's going on?" God, she sounded so awkward.

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He saw some pretty delicious looking foods and couldn’t help but grab some of the mini corndogs that were there along with some sweets like pastries and pie. Ryan could never resist sweets, it should have been obvious already just from his arrival. His ears were focused on what the girl he was helping was saying. “That’s a nice name, I like it.” His eyes settled on hers as he took a bite of the whole mini corndog but not in a piggish manner, a brow raised as Charlie seemed to be blushing at his question for her line of work, it made him more curious as he was getting less and less detail about it but from what he could tell she wasn’t too proud of what she did. “So, from what I gathered…” he chewed and swallowed his food. “You are a nude artist that likes to read?” he smirked. She asked him the same question and he thought if he should give her a straight answer or just continuously joke with her. “Well, I do multiple things, I know it might not look like it but I am interned as a cook for some very famous chefs…I also produce music and I play basketball at the collegiate level. that’s about it though.” Ryan’s eyes glanced back at the short-haired girl from earlier, she seemed to be judging him as they made eye contact. The contact was soon broken as a multicolored hair female desperately made herself known to the people in the room. “Oh, hey I mean we were just told to meet in this room and there was food so ya that's about it, everyone is just chatting and getting to know each other. What’s your name?” He asked her in a welcoming tone.

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Okay, Brayden was just a straight up nice guy. Nate couldn't imagine anyone not liking him, at least a little bit. Maybe he was a little biased with the compliment on his handshake. "Thanks, man. Not bad yourself." And it was back to the food for Brayden. Nate cracked a small smile at that. Yep, he was good friendship material.

A girl walked up, or young woman was probably more accurate, and Nate looked up to her with a smile. "Hey," he echoed. She was pretty, that was obvious to anyone with eyes. She knew it too. Bringing a friend, she was looking for friendship. Probably. "Sure, there's plenty of room," he agreed with a shrug as she waved over her friend. "Always up for making friends."

He leaned to get a look at this friend of hers—and gave a nervous, breathy laugh. Oh no, he was cute. Keep your cool, Nate. Make friends. You are here to make friends. Even if those friends are also cute boys. He gave him a small wave, looking away once he did. Okay, successful eye contact. Step 0.2 done. "Right, uh, a game." Nate nodded to Brayden, grateful for the distraction.

"Spoons?" The card game, right, the one with the spoons. Obviously. "Hold up, I think I got cards somewhere, we can definitely, hm," he trailed off, digging in his bag for the deck of science-themed playing cards he grabbed on impulse at the last minute. "Got 'em." He put them down on the table for now. "Of course, if you're hungry," he let the implied ending stand and gestured to the buffet.
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Hyunjee's breath hitched as he made eye contact with that cute blue-eyed boy, his own eyes averting as he waved back a bit and felt his face warm up.

Wait, no. You are not here for another heartbreak. You're here to have fun and let loose before your official debut. No falling for cute guys. He steadied himself and shifted the bag on his shoulders. He fidgeted nervously, trying to ignore the way his heart stuttered in his ribs when he heard that cute laugh, like a calm breeze on a hot day. He glanced over and saw that the guy's attention had diverted to Sarah, his heart wobbled painfully. He figured he had no chance. Sarah was really pretty anyway, anybody would know that, and the blue-eyed guy probably wasn't even at least bi. He sighed and straightened himself, trying to focus on what they were saying.

Spoons, huh? He wasn't bad at that game. He figured maybe he could at least participate, seeing as he did want to make at least one friend on this trip. If he didn't, Sangyu would kick him into tomorrow.

He let out a puff of air and shifted the bag on his shoulders once more, keeping his eyes darted anywhere but the blonde.

He wasn't here for romance anyway. He was here to let loose, and that was what he was gonna do.

Even if a cute guy got in the way.


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The guy who seemed more invested in food than any thing else that this resort had to offer was quite welcoming towards Sarah and Hyunjee. He looked kinda hot but definitely not Sarah's type. Sure food enthusiasts were nice, you got to eat good food with them but this guy ate like he was filling a trash can and that was kind of off putting.

The blond guy greeted them. He was quite cute. Hyunjee had a nice choice, she smiled internally. He welcomed us, laughing when he saw Hyunjee. Was it a nervous laugh that Sarah heard? Oh, someone was nervous around her newly made friend. Hmm, what could that mean? Sarah knew what she had to do now.

Just then, the other guy suggested they play a game. Spoons. Wait, what is that? Sarah wanted to ask but she did not want to look dumb so she agreed to play.

"Sure, we should play." She said. "But wait, shouldn't we know each other's names before we started playing? Hi, I'm Sarah." She smiled.

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The two-toned haired girl responded with her name, that was definitely an interesting name. “Hmm nice name, I haven’t heard that one before. Ar…an…cha…” He sounded it out to himself and smiled back at her. “I’m Ryan and uhh this is Charlie.” he introduced the both of them before his eyes wandered over to the other group across once again, seems they were already about to become friends, he didn’t want to be left out. “We should go talk to the others, just make sure we all become friends and enjoy this trip to the best of its ability.” He offered before grabbing a plate of more food, whoever the chef was that made this stuff was pretty damn good but not better than him, he could make anyone orgasm like in an anime with his food. Ryan left the bags to Charlie and made his way over to the group. “You all seem to be having a good time, my names Ryan…whatcha guys up to?” He asked hoping he wasn’t interrupting anything too important.

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Brayden couldn’t help a beaming grin as Nate returned the compliment.

The woman’s friend was acting a little weird, and Nate’s nervous laugh didn’t escape Brayden’s notice, but he didn’t think too much of it. If it was important, it’d come up again, right?

Instead, he fist-bumped as Nate mentioned having cards, taking a closer look at them as they were pulled out. His eyes widened. “Oh, dude, these are so cool…” He wiped his hands on a napkin, hands hovering over one of the cards as the new girl spoke.

He glanced up at her with a smile and wave. “Nice to meet you, Sarah. I’m Brayden.”

Someone else was approaching, and Brayden looked to that dude next. “Hey, Ryan! I’m Brayden. You didn’t miss anything important- We’re just introducing ourselves.” He clapped his hands, eyes lighting up with determination as his gaze dropped, focused on… something. “And then it’s Spoons.”



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After dropping her stuff, she grabbed her notebook out of her belongings. Ryan had decided that they should all introduce themselves to everyone which seemed valid.
Charlie followed Ryan over to the other group that was talking. She waited for Ryan to introduce himself before introducing himself.
"I'm Charlie..."She said. She still doesn't feel comfortable around being around so many people but she didn't know how to really socialize.
"What is spoons? Is that someone's name?" She said overhearing one of the guys say the word.
It was so interesting to see how close everyone seemed age-wise. It almost made her feel like this whole christmas thing was some sort of setup by the resort but why would that be the case?
She decided to sit down by the group before opening her notebook in case something happened that would give her any artistic inspiration.
She felt like they would probably end up doing some sort of game to break the ice from the looks of the cards.

She would just have to get used to being around this many people. It would atleast mean that the inspiration wouldn't run dry over christmas.

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Aranxa shoved her hands in her pockets and looked down. They were playing spoons. Wonderful.
She had a scar on her hand from a very intense game of spoons in high school. Spoons was effing terrifying.
She glanced up, though. They were introducing themselves. Maybe she should... say something. “Um, hi. I’m Aranxa. Can I like, referee the game or something? I have some... bad experiences when it comes to spoons.”
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Okay, so the handsome guy looked away. Maybe he's just shy! Doesn't mean he doesn't like you and thinks you're awkward, Nate, which you kind of are. Ditching that train of thought as fast as he could, Nate paid attention to Brayden for a fist-bump and smiled. Yep, friend material. "Right?! These cards are the best." Cool, he liked what Nate liked. And food. What more did it take to be someone he could get along with?

Oh, yeah... Names. How was he so smart and so spacey at the same time? "Hey, Sarah, uh. Good point," he complimented her. Really, he should've thought of that sooner, but at least she was on top of it. Proving how not socially adept he was, Nate got up and offered her friend his hand, smiling sheepishly. "You can call me Nate," he introduced himself and thought he did it pretty smoothly. For him.

Just in time for the rest of the winners to make their way over too. Nate was usually pretty good in a crowd, but after a long bus ride, he was starting to feel a little... Well, he could use some space. "Hey, Ryan, Charlie, Aranxa," he greeted in order. Still wanted to say hi to the new people and be polite. "I actually just realized, I should really put my bags away, but um, Brayden," he turned to the first friend he made here so far, "Go ahead and use the cards I brought, I'll pick 'em later." And if they got lost, whatever. Could always get another deck.


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As Sarah and the others on the table introduced themselves, the other winners joined their group, including the guy she had met before, whose name turned out to be Ryan. "Hi, Charlie, Aranxa." She greeted the girls enthusiastically. "Hi, Ryan." She gave the guy a tight smile. She needed to see whether he was worth her time before she invested it. When Charlie expressed her cluelessness regarding the weird game, Sarah wanted to be honest too but she stayed quiet and pulled out her phone to google the game discreetly. Aranxa did not even want to play. Was this game that dangerous? While she was googling, Nate took his leave. Sarah looked at Hyunjee and gestured to him secretly to go after Nate. "If you like the guy, this is your chance." She leaned over and whispered in his ear.

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Ryan wasn’t too sure he had ever heard of this game and from what he heard Aranxa saying, it didn’t seem all that safe to play. He thought about it momentarily and decided he might pass on this game, finding a room would be a better idea if he wanted a good room to stay in. The curly-haired male noticed Sarah give him a sly smile as he had approached earlier and he gave her a flirty look back. “Nice to meet you all but I think I’m gonna pass, probably gonna go find my room honestly, I get very specific about where I stay sometimes.” He shrugged then offered a hand to Sarah. “Would you like to join me? I’d really like to get to know you honestly.” He said genuinely since well…he was.

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Hyunjee jolted, a bit startled at the hand offered to him before extending his own hand and taking Nate's own, shaking it.

Ugh, that name was too cute for him.

He gave a soft smile, finding himself getting lost in the oceanic depths of his eyes as he said softly, "Hyunjee. It's a pleasure to meet you, Nate."

His mind began to fog as he observed those beautiful eyes that were even more alluring up close. The world seemed to still on its axis, everything stilling for just a moment as he felt his heart skip over eight beats at once.

And then, as fast as it had begun, he snapped out of his trance and pulled his hand away, looking away and clearing his throat.

Of course, when he walked away, Hyunjee stood there, like an idiot. But when Sarah nudged him and pushed him, he snapped back to the real world and said to Nate, "Hey, um, I think my room's close to yours. Maybe I could walk there with you?" It was a long shot, but he would try.
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Hyunjee... Said it was a pleasure to meet him. Nate liked that name for him, and his voice was something else, it had a certain charm to it that... that... Okay, fine, he was cute and Nate was interested. Nothing to be embarrassed about! At least not in his own mind. They had their whole stay to get to know each other and decide if saying something out loud was even an option. But that handshake went on a little long, what did that mean? Nothing, probably nothing. Maybe they'd be better off as friends, he didn't know yet. ...How long had he been lost in thought?

Nate grabbed his bags, gathering them up to go to his room and recharge for more socializing, maybe a trip to the pool or one of the tons of cool things this place had to do or see. Then Hyunjee piped up to join him. "Huh?" Real great start, Nate, try again. "That'd be great! I mean, extra company, right?"

...That could've been worse, anyway. "I didn't bring a ton of bags if you need a hand carrying anything up," he offered with a self-conscious smile. There, that was better.


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Hyunjee internally praised himself for letting that work out and took the handle of his luggage, walking with Nate as he let a small smile slip at the boy's nervous tone. That was cute. "I think I'll be fine," he replied with a smile as he fell back a step or two to look over his shoulder and mouth a quiet thanks to Sarah before catching back up to Nate.

Okay, something smelled addicting and he didn't know what it was until he stepped back to Nate's side. He smelled of glycerin and nostalgia, and Hyunjee tried to hide his pinkish face at the realization that he'd basically been getting addicted to Nate's scent. God, that was embarrassing.

It was only the entrance! Why did he have to swoon over guys so much?


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The offer to join Ryan in finding their rooms could help Sarah escape from that game situation, so she readily accepted. "Oh, yeah. I'm tired, anyway. It'll be nice to finally relax in my room." She did not say anything about getting to know him. It took a lot of self control but she did it. She did not want to look desperate or over excited for it, it was not good for her image. She needed to seem easy going, casual, a girl who was less likely to fall in love in a heartbeat. Besides, they had just met, she didn't even know anything about the guy except his name. Hyunjee was leaving with Nate too, so she saw no point in staying with so few people to play a game she didn't even know how to play. She returned Hyunjee's smile as he left and prepared to leave herself.

"Let's go." She smiled and grabbed her luggage, which was a lot. She almost dropped a few bags. She had been fine while bringing the luggage inside the resort from the bus, so why couldn't she manage it now? Was she, perhaps, nervous?

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Ryan had to agree with that, relaxing in a place like this was going to feel like heaven, in a nice warm room, with some hot co-co, and potentially being next to a beautiful girl watching some nice Christmas movies. Just the thought of it made him sigh. "Heh, ya I know what you mean...well umm would you be up for maybe me helping you bring your luggage to your room then we hang out in mines? I can make us a snack and heat up some co-co. I mean if you are up for it." He could see as they began to walk away from Nate and Hyunjee that they were leaving as well. Guess they were hoping to get a little action in too...well not that type of action...maybe. Anything could happen actually.

He didn't have too many luggage and helped her carry her things to the elevator, it was clear something was up with her as she clumsily picked up her bags but hopefully him helping her out would make it a bit easier. The man waited for the elevator to go up and got off at their floor, he remembered that they gave them Penthouse levels of rooms at this resort. He looked around and chose a random door, upon opening he seen a nice open room with giant windows looking over the plush snowy hills where skiers and snowboarders were. It was amazing and rather large...he hadn't ever been in a Penthouse before so this was definitely new for him. He set his things down then went with Sarah to find a room she liked. "Well whatcha thinking for a room? i think I'll be upstairs." He said.


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He was smiling, smiles were good. Nate was on a roll! "Yeah, you are." Wait, no. Stupid words leaving his stupid mouth. "Anyway!" He kept on to the elevator, tapping the up button a couple times restlessly. He tapped his leg as the lights showed the elevator coming down to get them and a delicate chime announced its arrival.

"That's us," he finally said something, getting in and picking their floor. It was gonna be a bit even with fancy, super-fast elevators. This was as good a time as any to chat, so... "Crazy luck, huh? I never win cool stuff like this."

They reached their floor as quick as the elevator said, almost scarily so. Nate stepped out, looking at his room key to find the number and get his bearings... And then it dawned on him. These were penthouse suites. It's possible his suite was bigger than his house, or at least the same size. He knew that, of course he did! But for some reason, he was expecting just any old normal hotel room like any other time he travelled. "Penthouse suites," he commented on his own train of thought, chuckling and shaking his head. "Which one's yours? Maybe we're neighbors."

Not that he'd suddenly need company in that huge place. No way, that'd be... weird.


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Hyunjee's eyes widened, and a pinkish flush bloomed onto his cheeks. He composed himself like the emotionally guarded idol he was going to be and, glancing to the side to look at Nate said, "I think you're pretty fine yourself." He winked a bit and giggled just a bit at Nate's slightly flustered composure, trying to keep from screaming inside. Did he really just say all that?! Ohhh my god, if this backfired, he was going to be in trouble with not only Sarah, but the terror Sangyu when he got home.

Okay, he had to pray this wouldn't backfire and that Nate had been oblivious to Hyunjee basically sexing him with his eyes.

He stepped in with Nate and drummed his fingers on the handle of his suitcase, replying, "Yeah, it's crazy. Never would've thought this'd happen, especially to me. It was actually my friend who won it, but he had somewhere to be, so now I'm here. Not complaining though, I got to meet you."

Okay, what happened to his confidence? At first, he was to timid to even say anything to this guy or make direct eye contact, and now here he was, practically flirting with him.

Alright, alright. Keep yourself together.

Once they reached the floor, Hyunjee glanced at the room key in his other hand, looking around for the number. Penthouse suites, huh? He'd been to one at some point, but that was a while ago. The details were fuzzy.

At the question, he pointed to the door that read the same number as his room key. "I think that's mine," he said. "Maybe we are. I wouldn't mind being neighbors with you, or even roommates."

Okay, that was a little less subtle, but it was decent.


Hoo boy, he hoped this didn't backfire.


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When Ryan offered to carry her luggage, butterflies fluttered in Sarah's stomach. Such a gentleman. "I think I'd like that." She smiled. She knew she was going to LOVE that.

They waited for the elevator and got in. The enclosed place made Sarah's heart race. She was alone with Ryan in an elevator. All those movie scenes with elevator romance came into her mind and she quickly pushed them away, shaking her head. She was not going to get ahead of herself this time. Self control, Sarah!

The elevator reached their floor and they got off. Ryan rushed to open a door which revealed a penthouse suite. Her jaw dropped to the floor. This was amazing! Who would've thought that she would get to spend the time after her breakup in heaven. The room was beautiful but it was also random. Was it Ryan's room or had he just chosen it on a whim. Sarah frowned.

"I think I'll find my room through my room key." She said, fishing for the said key in her jacket's pocket. "Is this your room or are you choosing at randomly? I hope no one will kick you out." She joked but decided it sounded bad so she changed the topic. She cleared her throat. "Um, so anyway, I'll be in my room. I'm just gonna change and then we can spend time here. Is that cool?"

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He called Hyunjee fine. And Hyunjee said he was "pretty fine" back. Plus, that blush, the wink? That laugh?! So adorable. Nate was a pretty socially nervous guy, but all that had his spirits up. Might've just set his own record for liking someone who liked him back enough to make it known and it was only day one.

"Yeah, uh, thank your friend for me," he gave back with a light, only kinda self-conscious chuckle. That was smooth, or that's what Nate was gonna believe. He thought it was smooth. I mean, the line just worked on him, so that was a thing.

Looking from Hyunjee's door to his key, Nate sighed with relief. "Oh, wow, good, my lucky streak's keeping up. We're neighbors," he said maybe too brightly. "I don't live alone," he explained, code for 'I live with my mom', "so this place is... Kinda big to be alone in."

That was an almost yes to his almost offer to room together if he needed to, which was basically a strong maybe or a medium yes. Hey, for day one? Not bad. Nate liked those odds. "So, y'know. Thanks. In advance for," he shrugged, nodding to their doors. Words should be his thing, he definitely read enough. But here he was.
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Hyunjee smiled, relieved that it hadn't backfired and maybe the odds were tipping in his favor for once in his life. Running his tongue over his top lip, he chuckled a bit at that adorable stutter and equally endearing chuckle. Nate was cute, and he liked it. Maybe he could walk out of the resort with someone, if he was that lucky.

"Sweet," he commented upon noticing that Nate was his neighbor. Try as he might, he couldn't help the light chuckle that arose from him, but he cut it off with a genuine, "That's cute. And you're right."

He hummed and turned to look at Nate properly, getting a better look at those hesitant bluebell eyes and that adorably sheepish smile. He smirked, gathering up his confidence from wherever it was, and (being ever the tactile one), took Nate's chin and turned his face to look at him, saying, "You're cute. Wanna meet up by the pool sometime later, once we get situated?"

As he let go of Nate's chin, he felt that familiar curl of panic rise in his throat, but forced it away and kept his easygoing smirk on his face.

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1581140702385.pngNate Saito: Interacting with @snowberryvanilla outside their suites
All smiles and laughs and compliments... Nate really had given up on nice feelings like this when it came to romance. He was a little, uh, cursed with that kind of thing. Okay, it was less a curse and more his own bad judgment and a tendency to cut slack where he should draw boundaries. So Hyunjee was different, altogether new, and that was... Well, it was better than great. He half-expected to wake up on the bus drooling on his bag and feeling like an idiot. An idiot with great dreams, but still an idiot.

Feeling Hyunjee looking at him so intently made his stomach do flipflops in the best way, and Nate tried not to think too much about Hyunjee licking his lips a second ago. Was all this flattery going to his head? He normally didn't fall quite so fast. Before he could think about that either, all brain function focused on the hand on his chin to gently guide him to look at Hyunjee too. Yeah, Nate'd had boyfriends before, this wouldn't be the first time he'd been on the receiving end of that gesture. But this one? It was a breathless moment, eyes wide in pleasant surprise, and he finally took a breath once he locked eyes with... fine, his new crush.

"Yeah." C'mon, Nate, be smooth! "Yeah, I'd love that. Shouldn't take long and, uh," he trailed off, looking down after his hand was regrettably taken back. He could still feel the trace of the touch like residual warmth. Nate dug out a small notepad, scrawled his number on it, and handed it to Hyunjee. "Just in case." In case the walk next door was too far? Alright, so he just wanted to be bold too about something. "See you soon, Hyunjee," he answered with a bright laugh he couldn't hold, pulling his luggage into his suite.

Flopping on the loveseat.

And letting out the rest of the laughter there. "I'm cute. He thinks I'm cute."

With that very important process taken care of, Nate unpacked and stood over two swim trunks, debating between the two like it made any difference what he wore. ...But what if it did? Nate finally just picked a pair of trunks and on his walk to the hall, he debated if they should invite the others from before.

Sarah and that other guy... Rick? No, Ryan, maybe? Definitely Ryan. They were going to their rooms last time they talked, so guess they'd just have to keep their eyes peeled unless Hyunjee had their numbers.
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When he opened his door she was in just as much of an awe as he was. She questioned if he even knew it was his room in which he nodded. “Ya, I remembered my key number when I won the trip here.” He dragged his bags into the room. “And don’t worry, if I get kicked out i can stay in your room right?” He smirked and teased. “But ya this is my room, I’ll get changed too and then when you knock on the door I’ll have some nice hot co-co made for us.” He gave a sweet smile, he really did want to get to know this girl. She was beautiful, so far sweet, and from what he could tell she had an interest in him.

He let her go off to her room before he closed his own door behind him and led himself to the actual bedroom which was pretty large for a bedroom, it was slightly larger than his at home and honestly felt like more of a living room with a bed in it. He sat on the bed and unzipped his suitcase full of clothes and got into something comfortable and for indoors rather than the puffy jacket and thermals he had on for the cold weather outside. Ryan then neatly unpacked what he had into the dressers before making his way to the luxurious kitchen where he got the hot chocolate boiled and prepared for their ‘Date Night’ at least that's kinda what he made it out to be in his head when he asked her to hang out with him at his place. Now all he had to do was wait.


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