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Fantasy Chosen by Gods (Me x TheDarkButterfly)

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Professional Procrastinator
Rayne blinked as Azure fled out of his sight. He rubbed the back of his head and went back into his room, still reeling a little at the fact that he had finally found Azure again. He sat on the bed and looked around the room. It was very different from his room in the...real world? Though he supposed that this world was also a real place. He and Azure were physically here after all. After those thoughts he just kind of....let it all slowly hit him.

The fact that he had gotten hit by a bus of all things. It was something that he was still struggling to wrap his head around, not that he had had much time to come to terms with it. All he knew for sure was that he had been in the right and it hadn't been his fault that he had gotten hit. His next thoughts were on his mom and sister. They must be worried sick, maybe absolute wreak if he had actually died. He supposed there was no way to determine if he had actually died in that world. He pinched himself to make sure he was actually there. No change, but now his arm hurt a little.

The fact that he had found Azure, in this place no less, was still a bit beyond him. They had said that they had been here for a year already. How scary and lonely it must have been, to suddenly be dropped here with no one to help them like they had helped him. Even if they hadn't been his friend, he would still be eternally grateful that they had been there. He didn't want to think about what would have happened to him if Azure hadn't been there.

He felt that something stir in himself and he flinched away from it. It wasn't something he was ready to face just yet.


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The 'business' they had to tend to ended up being next to nothing. Indeed, for a while they hid beside the stairs on the first floor and buried their face into their knees, as if they could ever truly hide the affect that so few words had on them. It wasn't like no one else had shown them such kindness in their world, it was just... Here, they were a 'Chosen One', and that alone was isolating enough. Most people put them up on a pedestal, expecting them to apparently save the world. Over time, they'd began to think that maybe they should keep their worries hidden. The people needed a savior.

And they figured... Why not give them that?

But they weren't infallible. They were human at the end of the day. A human with admittedly OP powers, but a human nonetheless. And with that thought, they glance around the corner to make sure that no one was coming. Finding their self safe, they turn back to their gloved hands. Their burning gaze bores into their right hand, a trickle of nerves breaking through their tough exterior for just an instant. Then they take in a deep breath, grip the fingers of the glove and pull it off -- all the while hoping that it would just disappear.

Their entire right hand was charcoal black, and emitting a very soft smoky essence. It had reached their wrist now and they frowned at it. That had happened a few months ago, when an unlucky strike from a monster had caught them unawares. It had burned agonizingly when it first happened, with a pain that seemed to set every nerve on fire. Their mentor had called it a 'corruption' of sorts. Usually when monsters so much as touched people, the corruption was so thorough that people turned into monsters just with one touch.

They supposed that the corruption was so slow for them because whatever power coursed through them kept the curse at bay. But even so, the corruption was still spreading. But no matter how much they looked, there seemed to be no way to stop it!

They grit their teeth and rose to their feet, donning the glove with a flourish. One step at a time. For now, they'd let Rayne rest for the day and tell him of their plans tomorrow. Nodding to their self, they took the stairs back to their room.


Professional Procrastinator
Rayne eventually laid down on the bed, just staring at the wall for a while. He supposed that the first steps they would have to take would be him figuring out his powers and how to actually use them. He had never been in a fight before, but he couldn't just let Azure go out there by themself, even if they had such a strong power. He wouldn't forgive himself if they got hurt on his watch. It wasn't that he thought they couldn't handle themself. The fact that they had been here for a year already proved that they could. He just didn't like the thought of them going out alone while he stayed behind, useless.

He moved his gaze to his hand and slowly closed his fingers into a fist. If he was being honest with himself he was scared, no, terrified. He had to fight monsters if he ever wanted some hope of going home. If he wanted hope for both of them to go home. He supposed there was no use in wondering why them. He doubted any answers would come anyways.

At least Azure had gotten some indication of what was happening to them before being dropped into this place. He sighed and closed his eyes. Maybe things would be more clear in the morning. As the room darkened and he faded off to sleep, he never noticed the faintest of glows that dimly lit the area around him.

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