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The Overlord

Age: (Please try to not have anyone that is thousands of years old)


Race (ie. Elf, Orc, etc.): (Note: Any race is ok but no gods, goblins, trolls, or anything that is unkillable. Also please leave a brief description of your race with strength, weaknesses, and behavior.)

Appearance (picture or word description, although picture is preferred):

Bio (Needs to be at least 3 lines long):

Powers (ie. ice magic): Optional

Combat Skills: Optional

Weapon(s): Optional

Pet (No more than 2): Optional

Alliance: (Who or what does your character have loyalty to)

Personality (At least three sentences):

Likes (At least 3):

Dislikes (At least 3):

Strengths (No more than 5):

Weaknesses (At least 2):

Goal(s) in life:
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Four Thousand Club
Name: Kaudri Rahanyon

Age: 20 Years

Gender: Male

Race Elf/Fairy

Appearance: F4BCED69-25FA-4942-BF1A-4CED10EB3C9B.jpeg
Fair skin, slanting eyebrows, angular features, pointed ears and a cat-like face, tall and always slim. He has blue aquamarine eyes and dark brown hair that stops halfway down his back. He wears clothing of the forest that is decorated in porcupine quills, shells, and beads for adornment; green, gray and brown shirts with brown or gray pants and black mid-calf length boots. Sometimes wears feathers or shells and simple jewelry in his hair. He had a pair of insect wings resembling an emperor butterfly’s.

Bio: Kaudri is the only child, to his knowledge as he isn’t sure if his father has other children nor is he sure of his mother as he’s been out of contact with his dam, of an elf father and fairy mother. His father abandoned them the day he was born and his mother was exiled from her community for falling in love with a elf, due to a war that had been going on between the two fae races. His aunt, a Napaea Nymph, stuck by her twin and helped to raise the child who looked more elven than fairy. Ostracized by others for his parents, Kaudri found it impossible to make friends and thus went into exile willingly at fifteen to allow his mother and aunt a chance to be accepted back into their community.

Powers: Nature Magic

Combat Skills: An expert at magic, exceptional sword fighter and with blades.

Weapon(s): Bow & Arrows, a sword, two long knives

Pet (No more than 2): A fairy dragon, they get no bigger than the size of a house cat

Alliance: Family (consisting of his mother and aunt)

Personality: A omnivore and lover of sweet things coupled with most alcoholic drinks thanks to his faery blood, loves the world around him and the beauty within it. He loves listening to and telling stories as well as listening to music and looking at art, often playing a small harp and flute that he carries around with him. He lives in exile and watches the world around him, detailing his accounts of his life in writing and art, everything being retained in a picture within his mind. Kaudri doesn't like senseless fighting though he won't say no to sparring with someone once in a while and can be stubborn in his beliefs, refusing to change but overall is a mellow person to be around.

Likes (At least 3):
Climbing trees and being outdoors
Solving puzzles/riddles

Dislikes (At least 3):
His father for abandoning him and his mother
Senseless fighting
Being judged and scorned for his heritage, which does nothing for his lack of trust in people

Strengths (No more than 5):
He is very good at working with metal though not as good as the dwarven race.
Knows how to live off the land
Tracking/Stealth thanks to his elven blood.

Weaknesses (At least 2):
Not as strong as humans and other creatures
Doesn’t work well in teams due to growing up shunned due to his heritage, thus doesn’t have a lot of social skills
Medical knowledge is sorely lacking. He only knows a few herbs and trees safe to use.


Goals in life:
Explore and investigate every place, tomb and library that he can find or heard about in order to become powerful
Protect the forest in which he lives from destruction and the creatures in it
Find acceptance, if not among his blood, than hopefully among others
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Name: Eppon
Age: 20 years old (by human standards).
Gender: Genderless by biology, female by behavior.
Race: Slime (Humanoid appearance);
Slimes are the staple target of any freshly starting, small-town, goody two shoes adventurer setting out to be a hero. Usually gathering around small town, hogging up any and all disposed material as sustenance. Slimes are usually of low intelligence and tend to operate on the base levels of survival; consume and reproduce, while being clever enough to stay away from larger towns and cities as their chances for survival are much lower.
Due to their base structure they are very quick to adapt to environment when newly born, resulting in a vast variety of breeds. Yet, their slime based structure remains, making them resistant to physical attacks as well as water-based damage. (Resistant to: Blunt Physical Damage, Pierce Physical Damage, and Water)
The key to killing a slime is to reduce their size or solidifying their bodies. Due to this, the most effective ways to eradicate them is by cutting off parts of the body, freezing the slime, or heating the slime until it liquefies and eventually evaporates. (Weak to: Slash Physical Damage, Fire, and Ice)


Eppon is somewhat of a privileged being, born with heightened self-awareness able to distinguish herself as an individual rather than just another pile of living gelatin. This is also what made her feel out of place among her race. Food was the best, but surely there was more to be had than eating and.. well.. making more slime.. moving on!
As she grew she became obsessed with the behavior of the children of the nearby village. While they also looked like their peers, they had traits. Personality. Things they liked, things they didn’t like. Regardless of the opinion of peers. Meanwhile the older humans were less ‘unique’ and Eppon feared she’d turn out like that. It made her insecure about herself and as a result wanted to learn from children, by being around them. Which became a string of events leading to unnecessary hardship.
His name was Neal, a young boy who had snuck out of the village and didn’t seem frightened. Going as far as to make friends with Eppon. They maintained this friendship for months. Learning from each other, finding a way to communicate. This is the reason Eppon is, to her knowledge, the only slime that can communicate verbally.
Yet, she didn’t get much practice. Their friendship was found out and she could see how upset the older humans were when they spoke to Neal. In a moment of unfounded self-blame Eppon fled, swearing to never return in the hopes it would appease the older humans.

Living alone without a tutor like Neal has taken a toll on her learning and, as a result, Eppon has a mindset very similar to the children she idolized. Creative and optimistic, yet naïve and easily manipulated. This, combined with the feral, survival-oriented traits lurking in her subconcious, makes her unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

Shape-Shift (Slime); The ability to alter the shape of one’s body by will. The alteration of the body’s size can be achieved through consuming ‘mass’ (ie. food, weapons, and careless beings). Mass, or size, can be reduced by splitting of part of one’s body. The body cannot change its composition, color, or any other alterations apart from the shape. (ie. Turning gelatinous limb from a humanoid shape into a tentacle shape? Yes. Turning gelatinous limb into a dense, metal sword? No.)

Stomach (Slime); I suppose this would be considered a ‘power’. The ability to digest, and gain sustenance, from any type of material consumed. (ie. food, weapons, careless beings, etc.)

Blessed Lance; Mind you, Eppon did not defeat anyone to gain this. Eppon simply stumbled upon this old, slightly bent lance and decided it looked tasty. Turns out it had been infused with some lower form of magic, yet enough to keep it from being digested fully.
Eppon uses this eroded, worn and crooked lance to attack prey by shooting it out of her body to stab, then retract it back into the gelatinous mass that is her being. Though brittle in appearance, getting struck with this might be worse than you’d assume. It’s covered in Eppon’s stomach acid that would certainly leave a painful acid burn on anything it touches.

Blessed shards; chipped off the lance, but still sharp. These small shards of blessed material are stored inside Eppon’s mass and can be used offensively and defensively by the slime. Creating spikes to ward off predators or using them as claws, or even projectiles, when hunting.

Alliance: Slimes are loyal to food, and anyone providing food. This makes them an ally that’s easy to win over and manipulate, yet this also means they can turn the moment a better deal is offered. Make sure you become irreplaceable to a slime, or always be wary.

Personality: Eppon is a naïve, easily excitable idiot who believes she’s quite a bit cleverer than she actually is. Easily manipulated at the promise of food, and as long as she isn’t cheated out of her meal; endlessly determined to finish her task.
Being a slime she’s limited in her vocabulary and resorts to short sentences with very basic words. The best way to communicate is by answering in a similar manner, as a more expansive conversation will go over her head, in the most optimistic outcome it will be misunderstood. In the worst outcome she’s get overly defensive to make up for insecurity.

Food, companionship, the color blue, and exploration.
Dislikes: Hunger, negativity, fish, and being patient.
Strengths: Improvisation, Infiltration, Ambushing.
Weaknesses: Gullibility, Lack of shade (Hot days), Distraction.
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The Overlord
Name: Prince Horus Cain

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Human Demigod/ Summoner

Demigods- All have something different about them but in Horus' case he has great strength and a keen sense for battle. Although he can still be killed just the same as anyone else if careless. He is also a special case as since he has a blessing from his mother Isis he will become a god after his death.


Bio (Needs to be at least 3 lines long): Horus is the third Prince of the kingdom of the sands and as such lived a life of luxury. It also didn't hurt that he was also son of the war goddess Isis. He never had to want for anything in his life. It also help for him that since he was only third in line for the throne he was not expected to do much. Unlike his older brothers who studied and trained all their lives Horus just did whatever he liked. Once he was old enough he went out into the world to explore and learn what the world had to offer. Early on he had become luck enough to meet an old man who happened to be a summoner. Due to being a demigod he had learned and mastered the art of summoning with great ease to his delight taking that knowledge with him. He had been continuing on his journey with great enjoyment. In his travels from time to time his mother will try to make him do something, which he tries to avoid but winds up doing anyway.

Powers (ie. ice magic): Summoning Magic- Over his journey he has mastered the art of summon. His specialty is summoning different types of minions who use their abilities for their master. Most of his summons take the form of beautiful women.

Teleportation Magic- With the use of a subsection of summoning magic Horus can teleport himself and others to any location that he or anyone with him has been before. This spell is limited though in that it takes a lot out of his making it so he cannot use it again for at least 24 hours.

Weapon Summoning- Unlike how his normal summoning he able to summon any kind of weapon he needs for himself or others for an unlimited number of time. The downside the stronger the weapon the less he is able to summon.

God Summon (Limited)- Horus is able to summon a god to gain an audience with them in person but only with ones he is in good favor with. As it stands he can only call on his mother Isis for a short amount of time.

Combat Skills:
-Superhuman Strength
-Enhanced battle reflexes
-Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced Durability (Limited)

Weapon(s): Magical Armory

Pet (No more than 2): N/A

Alliance: His family, kingdom, and to anyone he thinks is worth trusting.

Personality (At least three sentences): Horus is a free spirit who does what he likes whenever he likes it. He is prone to making conversation with anyone he sees at the moment that looks appealing to him, especially women. Although do not be fooled he still is a prince so he doesn't act kindly to those who disrespect him.

Likes (At least 3): Traveling, women, and a good drink

Dislikes (At least 3): Being disrespected, racism, and being confined

Strengths (No more than 5): Smart, agile, charming, strong and speaks multiple languages

Weaknesses (At least 2): He cannot hold his liquor well and quick to anger.

Goals in life: Horus wants to find someone worth living for..... Or something at least.

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shining silver sweet sad souls
Name: Princess Ruby Tesarr

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race : Chrysmorph ( Chrysalis Morph , basically kind of "human mixed with a bug" type of deal here)
A race that appears human from a far distance but closer inspection reveals their bug like qualities . They like in a city like normal people....except the city is built into a hollowed out mountain and that is what protects their cities and this is why they also sometimes refer to it as the hive rather then the city . They kind of have a reputation that falls both ways , their reputation is even , the bad part being that most cities are near death afraid of them because of they soldiers and the good part being that if you look past their scary soldiers and enter their city with good intentions , one will find that they are actually a welcoming race that are good merchants and excellent healers.
The strength that this race is known for is it's Pure Loyalty and it can be seen through soldiers and citizen alike , citizens won't cheat or lie to you and soldiers wouldn't abandon an ally on the battlefield , Loyalty is what keeps this race together and has thus made them immune to corruption ( yes , that means blackmailing , intimidation and bribery as well) , crime , mind control and betrayal , Physical strength of the chrysmorphs would be that they are immune to venom or poison of any kind which leads to another mental strength . All chrysmorphs , regardless of role in the hive , have sufficient medical and herbal logic to heal themselves or others. When it comes to protection a lot differs but the only similarity wound be that all Chrysmorphs have defensive shells around their bones and organs giving them that extra protection.

Their weaknesses are slightly different , despite their amazing qualities , no Chrysmorph has the capability of magic thus has no defense against it (excluding mind control and corruption magic). Despite them having a layer of strong armor around bones and organs , they are temporary and blunt weapons can still break the armor underneath exposing the rather weaker bones and organs . For mental flaws .....well they can be quite paranoid and especially at night .

For behavior ....well not much different then an ant colony , the citizens work , the soldiers protect and the royalty lead . The do protect the land around their hollowed out mountain and should someone settle near or on the land they are protecting and nurturing , they will investigate and if there are i'll intentions to the land like mining or wood chopping they will do what they must to make the settlers leave but if farming is the case they will be accepting of it and would actually sent workers to help on the farm and help it grow . They would also send soldiers to protect the farm or village from bandits and such. In their city they are more alert for they know crime can only come from the outside world and be warned ...soldiers and citizen Chrysmorphs will turn on you if you commit a crime . They have 2 types of crimes , class 1 and class 2, if found guilty of a class 1 crime you will be thrown out of the city/hive , if found guilty of a class 2 crime , you will be executed on spot . If found innocent they will simply lead you out of the royal hall and let you go , as if nothing happened
Class 1 Scorpion-Taurs (Nicknamed Chargers)
Class : Cavalry


Class 2 Scorpion-Taurs (NO WINGS and Nicknamed String-Taurs)
Class : Cavalry/Archer


Class 3 Scorpion-Taurs (Nicknamed Vanguards)
Class : Cavalry


Class : Cavalry


Class : Air


Class 1 Wasp-morphs (Nicknamed Watchers)
Class : Air/Infantry


Class 2 Wasp-morphs (Nicknamed Strikers)
Class : Air/Infantry


Class 1 Ant Soldiers
Class : Infantry


Class 2 Ant Soldiers
Class : Archers


Class 1 Beetle-morphs (Nicknamed Assault Beetles)
Class : Infantry/Juggernaut


Class 2 Beetle-morphs (Nicknamed Reaper Beetles)
Class : Juggernaut/Siege


Class : Scout/Infantry


Class : Infantry/ Palace Guards


Mounted Centipede
Class : Cavalry


Mounted Spiders
Class : Cavalry


Giant Ants
Class : Animal/Land


Fire Wasp Swarm
Class : Animal/Air


Spider Hoard
Class : Animal/Land


Appearance :

Bio : Just like her father before her and her grandmother before him , she is the only heir to House Tesarr and the throne of Nec-redarr , the largest Chrysmorph city ever recorded in history . To her becoming queen would be one of her dreams come true but until then she isn't tied to the royal palace and make a good use of her youth and freedom. She explores the city and land outside the mountain that Nec-redarr was built into which actually has a few towns outside that Nec-redarr protects from bandits . With all her exploration she has made , most of the army knows her personally , most of the citizens of Nec-redarr knows her personally and even the towns know her personally and they all support her should a usurper (highly unlikely) ever try to claim the throne.

Powers : Night Vision

Combat Skills: Good at hand to hand combat and quite agile and flexible giving her excellent combat capabilities with a staff and good enough skill to dodge most blows heading her way

Weapon(s): A spear that has sharp points on both sides that are constantly coated in a paralyzing fluid , claws and fangs with almost the same type if paralyzing fluid that her spear is coated in

Pet : None

Alliance: Her family and the very land and forest around their hive

Personality : She is kind to everyone , even those that she hates . Her mind sometimes become oblivious . She is open minded.

Likes : Being Outdoors , meeting new people and helping the soldiers and citizen in any way she can

Dislikes : Backstabbers , thieves and assassins

Strengths : She is agile , She is great when it comes to healing someone and She can be really sneaky making her a perfect scout

Weaknesses: She can become oblivious and she is trusting

Goal(s) in life: To one day rule and protect the land around the kingdom like her parents , if not better then her parents
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Kamen Rider Amino
Name: Takeshi Terui

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Homunculus (Human created through Ritualistic Magic or Alchemy)

Appearance (picture or word description, although picture is preferred):
(Appearance When Transformed)

Bio: Takeshi Terui was created in the Alchemical Labs of a sinister cult known as Shade. They dedicated themselves to the pursuit of a perfect human. To this end, they created many homunculi of varying races and forms. Many of these homunculi were deemed failures in their eyes, becoming menial servants and cannon fodder to protect them. One day, Shade altered their usual formula ever so slightly. The result was a Homunculus of a superior make than its predecessors. Christening it "Adam", they began training it in magic and martial combat. After training its body, they taught it science, philosophy and the arts to enrich its brain. This came with the side effect of making Adam question itself. When it compared what Shade did to what he knew was wrong, he decided to rebel. Utilizing a new power he developed, Adam transformed into Armored Rider Yuiitsu. Escaping from Shade, Adam began using his power to oppose them, wherever they may be. He even took a new name to distance himself from his old life, Takeshi Terui.

Powers: Terui has the power to transform into a masked hero that has great power and skill. In this form he has tripled strength, speed, agility and durability. His lungs can store more air than the average human and he has a combat based sixth sense. To activate this power, he simply has to manifest his Ichigo Buckle and perform his magical pose to transform.

Combat Skills: Expert in hand to hand combat, skilled swordsman and talented marksman. Very good at fighting atop a steed.
Weapon(s): Ichigo Buckle, Yuiitsu Sword, Magic Gun

Pet (No more than 2):
Elaine: A female unicorn that became his companion after he saved her from poachers. Can transform into a human woman if she wants to.

Alliance: Terui has loyalty to all those in need who cannot protect themselves. Those are the people he fights for, the source of his strength.

Personality (At least three sentences): Terui is a generally nice individual. He likes helping people and is always willing to lend a hand to those in need. This stems from the guilt he feels over those he could not help when escaping from Shade, although he'd never admit it. From time to time, Terui can display a snarky and sarcastic side of himself if he feels the moment calls for it. In a fight, Terui is both focused and fierce. He will do whatever he has to in order to get that final attack on you. Terui is a simple man, he likes to joke and help people.

Likes (At least 3):
Helping People

Dislikes (At least 3):
Mindless Obediance

Strengths (No more than 5):
Skilled in combat
Good Sense of humor
Dedication to Justice

Weaknesses (At least 2):
Must absorb magical energy from surroundings to transform
Desire to protect others can be used against him

Goal(s) in life:
To stop Shade and protect the innocent


This is Timotree my tree. :pine:
Name: George
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Race: Human.


George is just your normal poor boy. Up until recently he has stayed alive by clearing tables for an opportunistic innkeeper in return for the unfinished scraps off patrons plates. He sleeps in the streets and steals opportunistically, but has no special skills in this area. The arrangement with the inn keeper recently came to an end when he was targeted by a gang of older boys who required that he help them burgle the inn or find himself be put inside out. Knowing that stealing from the inn would be suicide, as it’s most popular customers were no-nonsense military types, George has been forced to move to a new area of the city where the gang of boys cannot find him. With the loss of his one gig he is now without a single anchor to the world.

Powers: no powers.
Combat Skills: He’s a skinny half-starved ten year old as feral as a cat when forced to fight.
Weapon(s): pluck?!
Pet (No more than 2): Open to being someone's pet if fed well and given plenty of freedom...
Alliance: Still too young and malleable for anything concrete but VERY slow to trust.
Personality: Inside himself George is quite open minded and philosophical however anyone who meets him is likely to see only an angry and feral boy to whom deceit and selfishness have become second nature.
Likes: Profanity, physical comforts like a safe place to sleep and food and George is a highly impressed by violet killing.
Dislikes: George can't swim and so dislikes water. He considers religion a bit silly and is inexplicably scared of dwarves.
Strengths: He is quite emotionally intelligent and has no qualms using that to manipulate anyone if he feels that he needs to do so for his own betterment. He’s ignored by most people, on account of being a pretty generic poor street kid, and this is sometimes a strength. He is very crafty and is used to circumventing imposing people/things by leveraging the tiny bit of control he does have.
Weaknesses: Clumsy. Too young to know much and physically skinny even for his age.
Goal(s) in life:
Being the waif that he is his goals change from week to week and generally revolve around momentary physical comfort. He walks through a world of living legends and power too volatile for boarders of genetics to remain still for long and yet George seldom dreams of more than warm summer nights and a nice soup. Although he did once see a single knight effortlessly massacre five fully armed city guardsmen when they tried to arrest him. It had happened in broad daylight in one of the nastier slums and he occasionally thought it might be nice to have a bit of that going on for himself.


Rodent Ruler
Name: Ruvo Steelfeather
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Race: Tengu
Tengu are avian humanoids (basically bird people) whose features can resemble a large variety of birds. They possess powerful beaks, arms and legs that end in sharp talons, and feathers that cover the majority of their body. Tengu are unable to fly as they lack any kind of wings. Due to their avian physiology Tengu are typically not very physically imposing and it would be quite rare to find one capable of lifting heavy objects or being capable of taking heavy hits.

Ruvo stands at 5’2”

Bio: From a young age Ruvo always had a fascination with music which led him to use his free time after working in his families carpentry business to practice singing and even work on making his very own instrument. Eventually after saving enough money from his work Ruvo was able to pay his way into a bardic college where he was able to not only learn more of the intricacies of how to better play an instrument but also how to channel magic into music. During his time there he proved to have a lot of potential and was always eager to learn. Eventually, however, the money he had saved up had run out and he could no longer afford to continue taking lessons at the school. This prompted Ruvo to round up the last bits of his savings and begin traveling the land so he could begin pursuing his passion of being a musician despite not having completed his schooling.

Mimicry: Ruvo’s physiology grants him the ability to mimic sounds or words of others that he has heard with uncanny exactness though someone with keen enough hearing can tell the difference between his mimicry and the authentic thing. This ability does not allow him to replicate someone else’s voice but instead only allowed him to effectively playback the exact words he heard them say, kind of like a tape recorder playing back audio.

Sound Manipulation: Channeling some magic into the chords on his lute Ruvo is able to make an area within his sight devoid of sound or alternatively amplify a sound. When used to create an area of silence no sound is actually produced from the lute despite the strings visibly vibrating, this is contrasted when this ability is used to amplify sound in which the lute sounds much louder than it should be capable of especially when used to amplify its own sound to offensive levels. While this sound amplification does not harm Ruvo it does have the capability to harm the hearing anyone around him friend or foe. This ability does have two key weaknesses, namely that he simply cannot perform this ability without his instrument so being separated from his lute or it being destroyed is enough to negate his manipulation over sound.

Combat Skills: Ruvo doesn’t have much in the way of any practical “combat skills” as he has pretty much no proficiency with any kind of martial weaponry or hand to hand combat prowess and while his powers have the potential for combat he doesn’t have much of any practice using them for that purpose.

Weapon(s): a small dagger

Alliances: Friends and Family

Personality: Ruvo is a kind and somewhat quiet fellow who doesn’t often get angry. Though he does get annoyed when people waste his time or ignore him when he is speaking. He is a passionate musician that takes great pride in his musical works.

Likes: Music, Singing, Traveling
Dislikes: Cold Weather, Being Ignored, Cats
Strengths: good at making distractions, has great memory, keeps morale up
Weaknesses: physically weak, can’t really fight off an experienced combatant and requires others to defend him

Goals: To become good enough of a musician to be known across the land.

Computing Magus

Fire Demon
King Mazu
Personal Information Age: 67

Gender: Male

Race: Tortle - Turtle people, from the southeast. Slow, long-living beings of a few centuries that house great knowledge, which usually means they are also excellent inhibitors of the arcane arts. Tortles are protected by a deity, protectors that guard many islands simultaneously that grant power to the Tortle people. Tortles are filled with vigor, but as slow is their critter namesakes. They are calm and collected at all times, lacking the brashness and rudeness of many other individuals in a race.

Guide me close
Bio A young, prodigious sorcerer of The Thousand Islands. This land of solitude houses exotic creatures and races unbeknownst to those of the Civilized races of the northwest. These southeast dwellers inhabit lively archipelagos, with littoral homes and plentiful tribes. They've been without contact of any other sentient races for a long millennium, so the elders of many have decided to travel to distant lands to form alliances with the other races, hopefully to benefit the world that they live in.

One such Tortle was Flotsam, the breadwinner of a tribe that houses one of the more popular deities. Gifted in unknown forces of their deities and of the manipulation in the pools of life, he was a natural contender to be sent to a vast cruise that will head straight beyond boundaries, beyond the collective continent that was the Tortle homelands. This opportunity was not one to be forgotten; it will be archived for centuries to come if they make successful contact with the Civilized, which have not been heard for centuries, not a living elder Tortle has lived long enough knowing what one even looked like. After a melody of celebrations and bidding their farewells to their friends and families, the assigned Tortles are now sent to the sea beyond the horizon, to return with great news.

The journey, however, was catastrophic and tragic. Despite their aquatic affinity, they are not controllers of the ocean, they merely live with it in this circle of life. Carnivorous fish attack the ship from days on end, earning leaks from the bottom of the ship and earning the Tortle's their first few scars fending most of them off. The larger sharks ram endlessly, attacking until one Tortle was unlucky enough to be in their reach. Their was no sight of any land anymore, any of those behind them from the islands, and any land they seek at front. The Tortles however persist, learning quickly how to fend off such aquatic assailants. Then the darkest of skies and of the seas ventured towards them, the elements themselves impeding their journey. Storms day and night bombard the ship, tearing apart sail and boards, and finally with a flash of lightning, the ship split in two and the hundred Tortle crew were sent to their watery graves immediately.

Flotsam weaved through the waters as much as he could, but, despite being excellent swimmers and being aquatic in appearance, the Tortles still require to breathe the air of land dwellers, but the crashing waves, thunderous downpour and hostile sea critters menaced everyone and everything, sending the poor Tortle to tears and incomparable fear, wishing upon the stars on the sky that are not covered by the darkest of clouds, as the screams and shouts of his dying Tortle companions die out, their bodies sinking into the abyss.

Then Flotsam woke up. He crawls as soon as he was conscious, nearer to damp soil than the gritty soil as the rain continues to pour, as his eyes are bogged of sea and sand. Not a single part of his body is spared of aches and bruises. Huddled under the protection of alien foliage he never knew of before, he looks around to find a few planks he can easily identify from what once was a ship of the Tortles. Flotsam silently surveys once more, and unsurprising but still saddening to find that no other survivor was in sight. Then the voice of a thousand tides splashed that made a deep voice call for the name Flotsam. It came from the sea, and despite not wanting to make any more relations with the abyss that is the dark ocean that swallowed his friends, he felt that he should not resist once it called once more. As his feet came upon the shore and the waves can reach up to his toes, a figure forms in front of the Tortle, to what most know as an elemental, assuring quickly of the Tortle not to be frightened, for it is a messenger of the deity of water, Mazu. It speaks to the Tortle as if they were a friend, asking about Flotsam's health, and conversing slightly about the nature of what happened at sea with the Tortles. Flotsam testifies to everything he remembers, and is relieved to have found an ally of myths and legends. Even to Tortles do talks of the existance of elementals were naught but from folktales. The elemental of water says it will depart, but not until it says that King Mazu watches over Flotsam to guide his way, to return again with help as much as it could give. With that, the elemental does dissipate, and Flotsam has renewed his courage to continue, making sure he would return only of excellent news.

Alliance: King Mazu, and the Tortle People

Personality: Everyone but Flotsam himself knows of how too feeble and kind of a soul Flotsam is. Ever since, he wishes good upon the world and his innocence has little to be cracked beyond his traumatic voyage. A pleasant soul that cares for those he trusts, finding only the good in things at its best. His kind demeanor extends to patience, but also bashfulness. The humble Tortle looks up towards being a great hero, daydreams of everyone who wished to be great. It was a miracle he was born of talent, and a studious person to boot. These are his only shortcomings, and the people felt he deserved to join on the voyage towards the boundaries despite his demeanor anyway.
The dark abyss consumes
Abilities & Skills Powers: The Tortle people have a natural affinity for the arcane magic and of aquatic forces, given their essences were of mystic and magic themselves and their long ages and archives allow them to be natural inhibitors of such energies. A natural, if ever anyone saw one. These range to a variety of ranges of spells and magic, but you can be sure they're limited to an extent beyond aquatic and marine magic.

Another reason they are so powerful is of their island protecting deities. One of the more supreme ones, King Mazu, is the deity of Flotsam's people, King of all marine life and all bodies of water according to old, vague lore, forgotten by generations as elders do not even long enough to know of his supreme rule over the world, reduced to nothing more than a protector of archipelagos. His appearance is indescribable, a mere entity described in all archives with no known hint of a figure. Some say they're also a Tortle, but many others say they are literally indescribable when a mortal does gaze upon their majesticness. Through this, it might be frightening for some to learn he is Eldritch in nature, natural laws do not apply to this being, but rest assured that it is a great god that ensures good in all lands. Mazu blesses its Tortle children, and thus the Tortles are never too magically weak.

Spells range from maritime manipiulation to transfiguration, but as a sorceror, Flotsam needs to learn of them first and he is still quite too young to be able to know many. I will list some that he learns throughout the adventure, those that only he can perform:

Water Manipulation
- Do not underestimate the strike of a crashing wave or the pressure of a jetted stream. These hard striking patterns is Flotsam's go-to procedure of self-defense against aggressive enemies, and will hesitate only slightly to attack you with them. This is only through floating of the liquid in question, nothing beyond freezing or steaming it by controlling temperature, and Flotsam is too much of a novice to know how to manipulate it into shapes, as they usually float in free form.

Portal Creation
- It turns out obeying a being that is not bound by natural laws allows one to break them itself. Flotsam can create a circular floating gateway that leads to a different location of up to only some meters, always only on Flotsam's field of view and nothing to create an exit point all the way to the horizon. He creates these slowly, but better than moving around with his seemingly-encumbered mobility.

- Nothing more than the change of a limb, from crab legs and to tentacle arms, never able to make a new limb out of this spell and he cannot transform anything else that is not himself yet. Creative imaginations is a much needed department for a spell this ingenious, but Flotsam is admittedly a bit lacking, and had only been able to transform himself into creatures he observed in his lifetime; he cannot transform himself from whatever his mind has come up yet.

Combat Skills: Non-existent, however he knows the basics from seeing his brethren. No one does not know how to slash or thwack with a stick. That's the extent of Flotsam's martial skills.

Weapon: Ritual Dagger. It should be categorized more of an item than a weapon. It's much more useful for its intended purposes, such as summoning eldritch beings with the elders, but it should still prove sufficiently sharp to carve enemies who dare wander too close to this Tortle. If they're, say, a mollusk that is. Anyway, it is still a decent weapon anyway, so why not use it?
But I shall persist
Additional Qualities Likes:
- Arcane energies
- Interesting magical studies
- marine animals
- King Mazu
- mussels

- The dark abyss that is the ocean
- danger of any form
- rambunctious allies
- crabs

- Being magically educated allows one to be a force of nature
- Extremely supportive both in and out of combat
- The trained mystic eye helps if anyone ever needs those who are knowledgeable when it comes to unknown energies
- Aquatic prisons and magics that break natural law is a rarity these days, none better performed than with a Tortle sorcerer

- Physically inept to the point of using magical forces when it comes to difficult athletic tasks
- Young, inexperienced; naught but a child in comparison to others of his race
- Innocence can induce vulnerability and lowered guards from any corner of every room, which Flotsam certainly has

- To become a hero of his people, returning with excellent discoveries and defeating the evilest scheming of creatures and fiends

Other: heavily inspired by this.



Your typical demon
Name: Willow

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Appearance: 1547426918278.png
Bio: Willow was brought up in a good home, and she has always been kept in a bubble. Her parents never let her out of their sight, but treated her like a princess, handing her everything she wanted. What she really wanted though (without them knowing) is adventure. She knew nothing about how dangerous the world could be, and when she finally rebeled against them and set off on her own, she was completely unprepared.

Powers: She started teaching herself to move objects with her mind through many spell books her parents kept around the house, but it was only for small objects such as glasses of water or plates of food. Her powers arent as developed as they could be.

Combat Skills: None

Weapon(s): She stole a poisoned dagger from her father when she left

Pet (No more than 2): Mouse she named Little Cheese (Or L.C. for short)

Alliance: None

Personality: Willow is naive and believes she should be handed everything. She can be stuck up, but also compassionate at times. She is almost childlike, but very curious.

Likes (At least 3): L.C, blueberries, adventure

Dislikes (At least 3): people who dont give her the things she asks for, working for things she wants, birds

Strengths (No more than 5): her psychic ability, her conpassion (eventually)

Weaknesses (At least 2): Naitivity, laziness

Goal(s) in life: to be able to see the world


Hear The Blackened Call
Name: Edlidain Larthanas

Age: 540

Gender: Male

Race: Shadow Elf
Shadow Elves are the Elven folk that range from 5 to 6 Feet tall. Their eyes are nothing but a blank red slate where the skin ranges from varying shades of violet and hair to shades of blacks and greys. The shadow elf species are not as quick to adapt to certain magics as others, but they make up for it with their exceptional skills to blend with the dark. Their eyes often begin to bleed whenever danger is near, this however causes them to be blinded for a short amount of time. Shadow elves often live in caves and underground then on the surface.

Appearance: 0A4F5A5A-31FF-4561-A1D1-7B44B0668373.png

Bio: Edlidain was Born as the only known shadow elf of his species to wield fire magic and live, due to his peoples gift of eternal youth (Not immortality, dont get them confused), he was able to spend his child and teenage years practicing non-stop until he was able to master it. Living in a cave most of his life, Edlidain finally grew sick of it and left his people to travel and hopefully find some kind of adventures to live out for the rest of his life.

Powers: Fire Magic, Demonic Magic (To some degree)

Combat Skills: Hand to Hand, One/Two-Handed Sword Combat

Weapon(s): Rapier of Shadows

Alliance: Paragon (Basically a good natured person that won’t hesitate to destroy anything evil)

Personality (At least three sentences): Good Natured and Caring, Edlidain likes to keep a friendly state of mind despite his intimidating look. When on a task with another individual, he will try his best to try to befriend to hopefully get a good relationship with them in the future. Edlidain is also often described when seen in battle as Strategic, he will always try and find a way to win in a battle, no matter what, when he knows that he will not win a fight, then he will not try to prolong the outcome any further and give up.

Likes: Drawing, Adventuring, Fighting

Dislikes: Evil Forces, Orcs, Demons

Strengths: Quick Grasp of Magics, Faster Speed, Intelligence, Can think better under stress

Weaknesses: Lack of Physical Strength, Eyes Bleed whenever Extreme danger is near causing him to be temporarily blind.

Goal(s) in life: Edlidain hopes to find his life full of hope and adventure wherever he goes, where no one is fighting, crime no longer exists, and where everyone is friendly towards one another.
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Dances with Dragons
Name: Tyramikellzharazillian (Your typical unpronounceable Dragon name)
AKA: Zhara (Zar-ra)

Age: Appears a in mid 20's - Actually age 123

Gender: Female

Race: Metallic Dragon - Copper
Race Notes: Metallic Dragons have the ability to take on humanoid forms at will.

Appearance: Humanoid Transformation - Stands at 6'2, with a lean, curvaceous body covered with smooth, lustrous, tan skin with warm undertones. Full lips attempt to hide a pair of sharp, small fangs. Mischievous eyes gleam golden beneath arched brows, her dark hair hangs in heavy, wavy layers down to mid back. Her head sports a pair of copper-red horns tinged with blue and green that curve backwards from her crown past her long, pointed ears,and curl at the tips. Her horns and ears often adorned with bronze jewelry as well as her wrists and ankles. She wears a dark, olive green chiton held in place at the shoulders with bronze fibulae. The chiton sports a dangerous deep plunge at the chest as well as high slits on each side, exposing her lean legs. Her horns, as well as her wings and tail, can appear on her humanoid form if she desires, or not upon her will. She typically does not travel among the mortals with wings and tail displayed.
Appearance: Dragon True Form - Her scales are very striking being a warm copper color tinged with blue. Her wings are connected to her body all the way to the tip of her tail. However, her wings have a pronounced bend to them, giving them the appearance of a "V" from below. Copper dragons are powerful jumpers and climbers, with massive thigh and shoulder muscles. Stands about 10 ft high with a 60 ft wing span.

Bio: Born from an ancient line of Coppers in service to the elven god of mischief and rogues, Erevan Illesere, Zhara decided a different lifestyle. A lifestyle of freedom and adventure. She took to the sky and began adventuring around the world, learning all she could, having fun and being mischievous. She has a free spirit and goes through life without dogma.

Powers: Acid Breath, Slowing Gas, Transformation abilities. Attributes of Dragons: Flying, enhanced senses, tough hide, abnormal strength and dexterity.

Combat Skills: When it comes to combat, copper dragons preferred to avoid it. Rather than fighting openly, they preferred to taunt, humiliate, and tease their opponents until they simply gave up and ran away. However, this particular Dragon is fiercely protective and will fight fearlessly if needed, although typically in a devious manner. In true form she is a formidable foe being a massive acid spitting/gas spraying fiend with the ability to fly. In her humanoid form, she is abnormally strong for a woman with supreme dexterity, acting with tact and wit rather than brute force. Very acrobatic, moving with deadly grace.

Weapon(s): Dragon - Fangs, Talons, Tail, Acid and Gas.
Humanoid - A pair of bejeweled kukri secured in sheathes on her lower back, one has been infused with her acid, but which one? A small, hidden dagger strapped to to her thigh or tucked in a boot.

Pet: Whomever she takes a fancy to might become her pet.

Alliance: Herself. Close friends if she had any.

Personality: Feisty and flirty, although typically without sincerity. She enjoys being a trickster, teasing and taunting but not with ill intentions. She wishes to impress others with her cleverness and loves to entertain. Spontaneous and courageous.

Likes: Valuables from the earth; metals, gems, etc. Having her ego stroked. Traveling the world, discovering new people and challenges.

Dislikes: Anyone who does not find her and wiles attractive and amusing. Cold weather. Exclusivity. Being ignored.

Strengths: Clever, Persuasive, Strong, Fast, Resourceful

Weaknesses: Cold environments, Aloofness

Goal(s) in life: To see all she can see, be spontaneous, travel. She not ambitious as far as power and stature.


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shining silver sweet sad souls
Name: Princess Veya Zerv

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race : Skurgion

A race that came from the old days that live on an island that broke off from the mainland quite a long time ago and was now known as the Isle of Mystery . Humans were near afraid of this race because it was the only race that wasn't stuck to shapeshifting in just one category , they shapeshifed into all of them , animals , civilized races , objects and elements . Back then they weren't known . Now they are a well known race , dubbed the Spymasters of the world by most for their unique ability to shapeshift into anything that ever existed . They are basically trained to shapeshift almost from birth and thus causes this race to grow up quite quickly in terms of soul and mind , so finding children already doing adult jobs are quite the usual thing on their island .

Their strengths comes in the form of only 2 things in the long run , this is what their strength comes down to . Shapeshifting as the obvious and their efficiency . They can find most weaknesses in races just by shapeshifting to that race and if they can't find a weakness , they will make one because in their eyes everything has a weakness . They make it their duty in combat to find a weakness . They are extremely hard to corrupt and most people usually die before they can corrupt them with magic , lies or schemes . They excel in daggers , throwing knives , poison , poison darts and traps though they aren't bad at dual-wielding weapons either .

Their weakness is in their bodies , though they can use magic , they are terribly vulnerable to it for they lack the ability to use anti - magic or protective spells . Mentally they are no different from normal people but they do tend to go into mental lashes for short time periods . This would range from rageful outbursts , uncontrollable madness to complete psycho minds and sinister , sadistic glares and responses but luckily these aren't frequent and don't last long at all so the Skurgion manage to pull themselves together quite quickly .

For behavior ( Well read the description , strength and weakness and im sure you'll get quite an idea on their behavior)




Bio: Princess Veya Zerv is a young Skurrgion has had the same life as every other young Skurgion , regardless of social status . She grew up , trained and learned with all the other children of the city and that has lead to them making unbreakable bond , something Skurgion take very seriously. She has always been kind of a loner despite her interactions with the other children but as she grew she got more friendlier . When she finished with her training and her magical academy and became a Black Hand herself , she had a new view on life and she didn't like it ....not one bit ....she realized that beyond this island ....there on the mainland ......betrayal exists .....the one thing she would never forgive .....was on the very land she was sent to.

Powers : Shapeshifting and Dark magic

Combat Skills: She is good with daggers , and poisons , she has a neck for finding weak spots on an opponent

Weapon(s): Twin daggers , a small dart pipe with darts , a set of vials full of venom form her pets and a bag full of throwing knives

Pet :

(Both of them are about as long as her arm)

Alliance: Her Family , Friends and the very island she grew up on.

Personality : She is quite calm for a Skurgion meaning her mental lashes happens even less . She seems cold until you get to know her . She can be stubborn if she wants to.

Likes : Her pets , helping those close to her and moonlit nights

Dislikes : Betrayal , Crime and to much heat

Strengths : Agile , Gifted in Dark magic , immune to natural poison from plants and venom from animals , night vision

Weaknesses : Weak against magic , can't hold off a large group of opponents without being seriously injured , those adapt in nature can see past they animal shapes , those adapt in elemental magic can see past their element shapes , those adapt in white magic can see Skurgion disguised as other beings and those adapt in enchanting can see past their object shapes

Goal(s) in life: Just to go through life and face what life puts before her

Named Skurgion
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Doobie Boogie
Name: Leona Valdeesi

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race (ie. Elf, Orc, etc.): Elemental
- Elementals are a race created with the joining of two high ranked, specialized mages. They must be of the same specialization to successfully pass it on to the offspring.
(e.g., two master fire mages having a child would result in a fire elemental offspring.)
- Markings on the face and body of the child immediately indicates whether the offspring is an elemental or just a mage.
- Elementals are expected to immediately begin their magic studies to gain better control of the elemental power they hold. Almost all elementals become teachers in the specialty that they inherited. Those who do not opt to share their knowledge by spending their lives with schooling are looked down upon and shunned.

Appearance (picture or word description, although picture is preferred): see above photo

Bio: Leona's parents had both been highly respected wind mages, though they never expected to bear an elemental child. Leo's mother, Natalia, had practiced wind magic, and surely excelled at the practice, but never understood the immensity of her power. Her father, on the other hand, was a well known wind mage who practiced often at the mage academies. Seeing the marking on her forehead and across her entire right arm, the two welcomed the surprise with mostly open arms. Leo proved difficult when she refused to hone her powers by going to school. She wanted to travel; Leona was determined to see the world with her own sapphire eyes. She ran away in her teens and never looked back. Now, she must keep her identity under wraps or else risk letting out her secret: she had no idea how to use her power - the power that rattled through her veins like a lightning storm and begged to be released.

Powers (ie. ice magic): Wind magic

Combat Skills: Little to none - more prone to running

Weapon(s): Keeps a crossbow slung on her back with small, hand-carved bolts

Pet (No more than 2): None

Alliance: Herself. She's a loner just exploring each corner of the world and trying to avoid trouble.

Personality: Impatient but kind, she keeps to herself and minds her own business. She'd be the type to watch something bad go down, feel bad for you, but not bother helping for fear of getting involved. Leona can be awkward, but is good at joking about herself to keep from feeling mortified. Her lack of socialization could be to blame for that. She's determined and holds a high resolve. Leona doesn't like giving up on something she cares about unless it's extremely warranted.

Likes: Storms, the cold, flowers, people-watching

Dislikes: Loud people, water travel, people touching her, children

Strengths (No more than 5): Wind magic and her ability to get out of many (but not all) situations

Weaknesses (At least 2): Water magic, close combat, not knowing how to hone her wind magic

Goal(s) in life: To find somewhere to finally settle after traveling the world for several years and not face punishment for deserting the academy.


Four Thousand Club
Name: Azrael Shuyin Cross

Age: 30.5 Years (young adult in wolf age)

Gender: Male

Race: Werewolf

Appearance (picture or word description, although picture is preferred): azrael.jpeg
Pale skin with platinum blond hair that looks white with silver eyes. He stands at 6’5” tall with an athletic build.

dire wolf.jpg
50% Dire Wolf & 50% megafaunal wolf. Even though he is a wolf he has a hyena laugh, an eerie howl that is commanding and chills the blood and the bite force of a Epicyon haydeni. Is as tall as a horse with shaggy fur which hides muscle.

Hybrid form contains teeth and claws, wolf eyes, wolf ears and tail with digigrade legs. He has wolf like features on his face consisting of round eyes, widened nose and sharp eye teeth with fur on his body. Has a small build with little muscle.

Bio (Needs to be at least 3 lines long): Azrael was born a normal human in a family of eight and for the first nine years of his childhood remained as such, living in a land far from Dacorna. That all changed when he turned ten years and a famine hit, resulting in starvation in families across the country. His parents who were weakening from illness and losing most of their animals due to starvation, butcher them or sell them to keep the family alive were forced to send out the first six born children into the world to try to find work while their parents and youngest three siblings tried to survive on the farm. The apprenticeships of him and his siblings were really being sold for money and in the dead of night when they were but half a mile from their home, were taken by their respective masters. Most got away, Azrael's fourth oldest sister was not so lucky and perished while Azrael was not strong nor fast enough to escape. What happened to his siblings is unknown as is the fate of his remaining siblings and parents back at the farm for he never saw anyone he knew again.

It turned out that Azrael's buyer was really a scientist from Dacorna who was on holiday. Really it was an excuse to look for any promising candidates for a new trial experiment and thus took the chance to buy Azrael by promising a life of comfort and education for any people he purchased. The child, along with a few others scattered throughout the lands that the scientist had been visiting, were taken back to Dacorna where they were abused and modified into monsters and killing machines. Azrael was one of the very few to succeed in the trials and suffering but it twisted his personality and made him into the beast he is today, nearly losing his sanity and tossing his humanity out the window. Those who failed the trials were used as bait for those that were stronger and fights were common as the people with Azrael became less and less human. Eventually Azrael was one of two left and was enhanced with an impervious nature towards heat and cold. Whereas Azrael was given control of cold and water, his counterpart was given control of heat and fire, resulting in the "perfect" team. When his creator and partner were brutally murdered, Azrael had to work for the one who killed his creator and partner until he killed the fool and fled. Making his way across the seas until he arrived in another land.

Powers: Water and cold, water magic, infrared perception, cloaking, Acid Generation which also gives him toxic blood and acidic saliva as well as making him impervious to being poisoned

Combat Skills: Martial Arts, bladed weapons, limited poison and herbal knowledge, hand to hand combat

Weapon(s): claws and teeth, various pointy objects and his fists

Pet (No more than 2):

Alliance: None

Personality (At least three sentences): Azrael is a complicated person who is feared and best left alone. He can be charismatic when he wants to be and easily worm his way into a group if he has a mind to do so, where he will then quietly observe everything about it Azrael is a cold and sadistic individual who takes great delight in torture and killing anyone he doesn't like or crosses him. Developing a taste for all sorts of meat, including other shifters and humans, he likes to "play" with his food before eating it alive though has a sweet tooth and a taste for all forms of alcohol. A fierce fighter, Azrael doesn't seem to care if he is in pain when fighting and a few dozen open wounds don't bother him. He is fearless and will fight bigger competitors, just to prove he is stronger than them. Calculating and cruel, Azrael is sometimes said to be the god of chaos incarnate but nobody knows for sure. What is known is that this is not a person that can be trusted by friend or foe alike for he is loyal to very few, himself being first and foremost. Azrael does not forgive betrayal and can hold a grudge for years against someone where he will ensure he gets his revenge.

A rather brooding person, Azrael is prone to fits of violence and is quick to anger, sometimes appearing hotheaded and reckless. He gets restless without something to do and loathes man with a passion, not hesitating to sink his teeth into them and tear them limb from limb in the process. Possessing a shrewd mind and uncanny intelligence, he presents a mellow and charismatic front to any who cross his path, hiding his true personality unless someone or something causes him to snap. Often on his own and working in the shadows, there is a sliver of humanity deep within him that comes out when he plays music or engages in other artistic pursuits. He enjoys working with his hands but can't hold his liquor which gets him into fights and usually a free meal in the process. It isn't known but it is thought that Azrael suffers from some form of psychosis. He does suffer from constant and debilitating headaches of which he can't find any relief from. He doesn't tolerate disrespect from anybody but despite what he tells himself, he is still learning and honing his fighting and killing skills. Used to isolation, harsh discipline and abuse; pain and insults have grown to not bother him anymore. He tends to keep to himself and is a deep thinker. Azrael uses his smarts to keep himself level with others and is deeply introspective though is fearful of fire. He can be temperamental and moody at times, yet deep down he is also spiritual though it's likely he prays to any gods that involve death and war. Underneath he is eager to please and get praise.

Likes (At least 3):
  • Exotic Meats
  • Torture
  • The Arts

Dislikes (At least 3):
  • Humans
  • People trying to control him
  • Losing fights
Strengths (No more than 5):
  • Becomes stronger during the full moon but also makes him into a mindless beast with the urge to hunt and mate-mainly during breeding season (which is winter)
  • Heightened Senses due to being a werewolf
  • Accelerated Healing due to being a werewolf
  • Agility
  • Stamina
Weaknesses (At least 2):
  • The new moon renders him powerless and docile, sapping his energy and powers
  • Silver can burn him and wolfsbane can poison him. Combined together, can burn and poison at the same time
  • High-pitched noises
  • Magic
  • Electricity
  • Hecatolite (moonstone) combined with silver collars can make him trapped in wolf form and unable to shift
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Fire
  • Blood loss, physical trauma, decapitation
Goal(s) in life:
  • Retain his freedom at any cost and never be owned by others again
  • Become a famous assassin and bard
Other: Weaknesses based on my werewolf lore for a dead rp I ran on here called Clover Hills as well as strengths.
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Name: Steve Freeling

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Race: Human


His peers consider him freakishly tall for his age at 5' 10" (1.78 m).

Steve comes from a normal family, the eldest of three children. His parents have tried to give him and his younger siblings a good upbringing, though this hasn't really helped him much against the other schoolkids who ostracize him for his height, derogatorily saying, "What's that grown man doin' in our classroom?" to which Steve responds indignantly. As if that wasn't bad enough, they consciously go out of their way to exclude Steve from every school activity; as a result, he often finds himself sitting in a corner alone. With all of this happening, Steve has set out on his own with only his dog and the clothes on his back, deciding that his family would be better off without him constantly causing them trouble and unaware of just how transformative this adventure will prove.

Powers: N/A

Combat Skills: He can handle himself in a fistfight.

Weapon(s): His fists

A Golden Retriever named Stanley

His family
Any close friends he happens to make

Steve is something of a loner, though it isn't like he avoids other people or dislikes being around them; he's simply accepted that he's "outside" the "invisible magic circle" because of how he's been treated without even thinking there might be another choice for him. He has very low self-esteem, viewing himself as ugly, stupid, unpleasant, and worthless. He can be bitingly sarcastic. Despite all of this, Steve is generally a kind person and he always tries to help those who are in trouble or otherwise in need. He is very honest to the point that he doesn't have a filter. As a result, even though he tries to be polite, whatever he thinks often just comes out of his mouth before he can stop himself. He tries to be open-minded and just on all issues.

His Family
His Dog
Girls (though he isn't very good at expressing this)


Physical Strength

Low Self-esteem
No Filter

Goal(s) in life:
He simply wants to overcome his perceived faults and become a better person.


Four Thousand Club
Name: Mazzush Boghol

Age: 80

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Orc

Half-Orcs have a strength that is uncommon to most humans, though comparable with orcs. Half-orcs are less durable than their full-blooded kin, however, though they tend to be more dexterous and indeed, more so than most other humanoids. Half-orcs also have a resilience unique to them and when gravely injured, simply seem all the more determined to win, as though the blows had, in fact, empowered them. Similarly, all half-orcs were capable of channeling their feral fury into a powerful attack. These qualities were only temporary, however, and like any other mortal, half-orcs would eventually tire as a battle wore on and could be broken physically.

Half-orcs are also agile, charging swiftly when their rage is aroused, however they can tire easily afterwards.

Appearance: 50E526EC-1CCE-48E1-A7E9-11445D31B457.png
Mazzush has green skin and currently stands at 5.5 ft tall but will reach 6.5 ft when she reaches maturity. She has brown hair and tends to dress in leather and fur clothing. Her eyes are red and she has a pair of tusks with a sloping forehead and jutting jaw. Her body is lean muscular and pointed ears. She wears a gold and silver ring with a sapphire set into it to clhold her magical energy as well as a belt encrusted with gems around her waist.

Bio (Needs to be at least 3 lines long): The daughter of an orc mother and human father, she was born deep in the wilderness where an orc village and human city interacted, the orcs and humans not always living together in harmony. It was hardly surprising these two racers would repeatedly clash and it was in one such clash that found her father taken with some other humans after an attack on the orc community. It was here her father was kept for years until he helped the orcs get back the daughter of their chief who had been taken by humans. The chief did not expect his daughter to be foolish as to fall for a human and when she was born, she and her parents were banished. They traveled for two years until reaching a community of others like them, half-breed children and their parents where they were welcomed.

There she and other children few up, though their races and humans tended to shun them, chasing them from their communities. It was not easy for Mazzush as she was born with powerful magic within her, magic that no child should be born with. They lived a sheltered life, growing up often hating their appearances but learning to find trust in each other, however it created a suspicion towards pure races.

Mazzaush was raised in isolation for most of her early life so as to not hurt others or herself... or to at least limit the amount of damage she could cause. By the time Mazzush reached adolescence and could at least prevent the flare ups by her own strength, she had had more than enough of it and took it upon himself to leave her home, family, and what few friends she had managed to make.

Mazzush left on a journey to try to get control of her powers, coming to realize the reason she had no control or peace was because she lived with people who would always be there to protect her. She would find out that this was not always the case for when one of her flare ups of magic erupted from her body, it nearly killed her, on multiple occasions. After many months of searching, she came across a hidden monestary hidden in the mountains composed of martial artists and monks who offered to teach her, even bringing in an elf magician to help with her magic and alchemy. Through harsh training, discipline, adversity, and meditation did the brown-hair half-orc finally quell the turmoil of arcana that laid within her. She now knew she could control it and thus left to explore the world with the knowledge that she wouldn’t intentionally kill someone.

Powers (ie. ice magic): Healing, Precognition (ability due to being a prophet), arcane/nature magic

Combat Skills: Arcane Combat, Martial Arts

Weapon (s): Spears, swords, knives, bow, staff, her fists

Pet (No more than 2): A snake (eventually)

Alliance: Her parents and the community in which she and her parents were banished to.

Personality (At least three sentences): She often devolves into episodes of writing or sketching solely to express whatever images have been left in her mind.
Visions can be played out differently, either in a trance with a more linear progression of events, quick flashes, or simply impressions of what’s to come. She loves to learn and this is exhibited in her intelligence. She is quick to action, tenacious and bold, and posses an adaptability that is unusual among most races. She is impatient and brash and straight-to-business attitude which has been needed to survive. She is free spirited though doesn’t carry the bloodshed of most makes of her orc ancestry and is cunning and analytical, often thinking on her feet.

Likes (At least 3):
  • Fighting-She has a thirst for battle that enables her to weather through battle longer than most found themselves capable of, making her both more resilient and more deadly.
  • Leaning and seeking knowledge
  • Dancing
Dislikes (At least 3):
  • Unintelligent people who cannot think for themselves
  • Failing in tasks or missions she sets herself or are assigned to her
  • Her heritage as it has given her a lot of trouble and leads to low self-esteem
Strengths (No more than 5):
  • She knows quite a bit about herbal knowledge and alchemy, knowing the best plants to help heal and which ones are poisonous.
  • She applies her Arcane magic to her martial prowess
  • She can see perfectly in the pitch black of underground caverns or the darkest nights
  • Unlike some of her race, she is intelligent and prides herself in her knowledge
  • Due to being a prophet, she is much more in tune to people’s emotions and their mannerisms.
Weaknesses (At least 2):
  • The price for being a healer is a rapid deterioration of the body. Wounds can be taken from the victim to the healer which they may be unable to heal and damage to the soul is difficult if not impossible to heal and can be tiring. It is painful for the recipient of the healing and relies on touch as well as causing damage to the mind over a period of time, particularly when trying to heal someone who is near death. She ends up feeling the pain and emotions of the dying person. She also cannot heal those who are dead, to try would result in killing her.
  • She is prone to bouts of psychosis thanks to her receiving visions which can come as gentle dreams or as violent seizure, striking without warning. This may lead her to eventually be unable tell reality from fantasy.
  • Magic requires mana to use and she can easily over exert herself when casting strong and powerful spells which can lead to unconsciousness or even death. She takes energy from both the earth and sustenance, thus poor health can weaken her magical abilities.
  • Fears losing control and killing her friends and family which cause her anxiety
  • Highly suspectable to being possessed by spirits/other malevolent forces.
Goal(s) in life: She wants to be accepted and help people, whether that is through healing, being a ranger or an assassin.
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Time Stands Still
Pseudo-golems are robust and stocky creatures.
They are essentially living minerals, and it's not uncommon to find one with jewels, gems, or metal veins within it.
Often very solemn beings, living in the mineral rich caves and caverns.
Sometimes occur when one puts too much magic into a golem.

They live generally long lifespans, sometimes over three-hundred years.
Living Mineral.jpg
Karzew was, like other pseudo-golems, was born and raised in the mineral rich caves to the east. He spent most of his free-time working at forge, bending metal to his will, shaping it for a purpose.
He would shape iron and steel into sword and spear, plate and mail, vase and goblet. When he was mature enough, he would go into the local hamlet to sell his knick-knacks, all of which had the same care put into them.
Karzew took pride in his work, knowing that a sword could slay the mightiest enemy, and plate could mean life or death for the odd adventurer. He could make a stable living from selling his work, able to purchase better tools and better equipment.
Eventually, after a few years, he decided to leave the cavernous village that he called home and move into the hamlet, accepting his job as a smith. He made his own blacksmith shop, but slept and called home the local tavern.
There was peace there for several months, until a swarm of bandits raided the hamlet. Not wanting to go down without a fight, a retired guard that lived in the town had made a small defense force, with Karzew being a part of it.
In this instance, he had his first taste of combat, defending his home from an assortment of threats, including a brigand of orcs and a horde of goblins. For a time, a travelling wizard had stopped into the hamlet, and that's where Karzew learnt the basics of fire magic.
After the sorcerer left, Karzew decided to expand his horizons and move to the city, and become a mercenary.
Powers: Optional
Knowledge in fire magics and how to infuse it into objects.
Combat Skills: Optional
He knows how to wield a hammer and use his unique physiology to the best of his abilities.
Weapon(s): Optional
Forge Hammer.
Those he deems honorable and righteous.
Karzew is a friendly face to meet in any situation, unless you made him angry in a pub, in that case, hope he's too drunk to focus. A very warm fellow, he can make a good friend in the darkest times, and even in times of despondence.
If you can make a connection with him, he'll be loyal to the heart, and will fight tooth and nail in battle. He'll try to crack a joke to lessen the tension in a situation, or take the best of a circumstance.
Karzew enjoys the act of smithing, forging and shaping metal, along with the use of what he creates. Not one to shy away from a tavern, Karzew would always be there to have a pint of liquor or a shot of whiskey, and along with that, the brawls that may ensue is what he loves most. He also enjoys a good bout of mud-slinging from time to time. He likes the heat.
He dislikes those who manipulate others for gain, and steal. His peeves include people who talk loudly, or are continuously snarky. He doesn't like the cold, or people who take his stuff.
He has four arms
His body has a natural armor, great against swords and axes.
He's very skilled in the art of smithing weapons and armor.
General resistance to heat.
He is determined to complete any task he is sent to do.
Natural armor is vulnerable to weapons like hammers and maces.
He can't fit in most plate armors.
His natural armor become brittle when introduced to cold.
He has a very soft and vulnerable underside.
Goal(s) in life:
He wants to help those who can't help themselves, and improve himself anyway he can.

Ms. Sparrow

Queen of SHIIIPS
Eclipse Sky Greenvarden

Nightingale, Sky, Your Highness, Seelie Queen, Bastard Queen



(Not written by me, just edited credit to the author of the article.)

“The Fae, are supernatural beings, from the very small to the very tall, and once inhabited this world without the need to do so in secrecy, but the spreading of other races, especially mankind, has driven them back to the country, Asteria.

Fae is actually genus which encompasses a wide variety of species; Pixies, Elves, Leprechauns, Brownies, Dwarves, Gnomes, Spriggans, Sidhees, Dryads, and many more. Some are extremely beautiful and sight to behold while others are nasty and vile looking. Fae often use glamour to enchant a human if need be, and often as a means to protect the Fae.

Mostly known for their mischievous ticks and pranks there are some species of Fae that are more malevolent in nature – so you have the balance of Light and Dark Fae.

Most of the Fae folk don’t actually fly – at least not with wings—or remotely match this description; yet, it remains the most common image of faery that people have come to know. In many cases, the Fae, are more diverse in looks and associations than humans.

In the Fae community they have courts – mostly people clump the courts of Fae into two major categories; Seelie associated with Summer and Spring (“Holy”) and UnSeelie associated with Winter and Autumn (“Unholy”). The Seelie courts are very often human friendly and have been known to seek out those who have offended the Fae to warn them and also are more inclined to bestow favors. The Unseelie need not be offended in order to wreak havoc and thus if their hand is forced they will prefer to harm rather than help. That said, there are members within both courts that seem, through actions, that they really should belong to the opposite court.

The role of the courts are very similar to that of human governmental structures in that they build armies, enforce order and law, recruit members, and during the seasons associated with the courts they have say … sort of law of the land.

However, just as humans have an independent party, the Fae can be Solitary – whereby, the Fae swear no allegiance to a particular court and because of this are often deemed by the Fae community the most dangerous. Solitary Fae, are cut off from support by the courts but often are intermediaries between the Fae and other dwelling folk like Mankind. Solitaries are often deemed social outcasts but usually enjoy the freedoms of being without a court.

Part of the mischievous nature of the Fae is their ability to manipulate language in such a way that the adage “twisting your words” pales in comparison to the ability and the command of any language that the Fae need to utilize. While their manipulation of language is more protective in nature, it is wise to be careful how you ask for favors or help from any Fae. They are masters and manipulation and loopholes and the best human attorneys and politicians in the world hold a candle to the abilities of the Fae in this regard.

Should you desire to interact with or find yourself in an earthy area highly active with Fae the following are Rules of Engagement;

1. Be Polite – do not insult, interrupt, or say anything to anger or offend a Fae – you don’t want that kind of trouble. (This should extend even with human interaction.)

2. Iron is both poisonous to the Fae and shaped iron is offensive. You are best to leave iron out of your gardens and areas of your home you wish to have Fae interaction with. The old horseshoe over the door trick was to keep the Fae out.

3. The Fae love gifts, but make sure they are sweet (HONEY IS A FAVORITE BUT NO CANDY OR JUNK FOOD), shiny (gems, crystals, etc.), natural (food and other things non-toxic to Fae)

4. Time spent with the Fae is different than earthly time.

5. NEVER SAY “I’m Sorry” to the Fae. Instead, say “My apologies” or “Pardon Me”

6. NEVER SAY “Thank You” to the Fae. Instead, “You are most kind.” Or “I appreciate...”

7. When the Fae speak … listen very carefully because often there is much they are saying that is unsaid.

8. It’s best to leave Faery food alone unless offered by a Fae you trust implicitly and even then best to refrain.

9. The Fae are protectors of the earth so – be warned of what’s done to the land in their kingdom.

10. If ever you find yourself on a walkabout and have a foreboding sense of being watched or unwelcome – leave, quickly.

11. A Faery always keeps its promise, though very rarely is a Fae promise given, but if it is they will keep their word even if it means their own death.

12. Be wary of any agreement made with the Fae – as I said, they are masters of manipulation and loopholes.”

Sky has an inhuman, but fierce beauty to her. Her fair skin with warm undertones is marred by multiple battle scars and injuries on her arms and legs alike. Her back is covered in pink, long since healed whip-lash scars that start from her shoulders down to her tailbone. She’s got a lithe, toned form that’s obviously been honed and trained for battle for a long time. She has an hourglass figure with small entrancing curves that some could call petite and slender. She’s got most of her Father’s High Fae blood in her, giving her her delicate pointed ears and giving her a mainly Seelie/Elven appearance, yet her “Tainted” Unseelie blood is also visible through the long, black lions tail that she proudly displays, unashamed of her heritage, along with her sharp, long black nails that resemble deadly claws, her feet, are slightly furred with white fur and resemble the shape of a big cats. She’s got light pink, the color of a cherry blossom petal, hair that flows downpast her small waist and to her knees in long graceful waves. Sky stands to be only 5’8”, which is rather short amoung some of her Seelie people. She’s got vivid gold eyes that seem to glow and pulse with a quiet rage most of the time, accented by long, dark lashes and full, heart-shaped red lips that hide slightly pointed, white canine teeth, only a slight noticble difference from human teeth. Overall, Sky has an otherworldly, lovely beauty to her.

Time is short for the Fae, because immortality, is quite a long time and twenty years, for a Fae, is awfully short, a small fraction of a lifetime. Eclipse hadn’t known she even was Eclipse until only a year ago, when everything changed. When she suddenly wasn’t Sky, the mortal girl she thought she was. But before Sky, there was a bigger story to her that would lead to the devastatation today.

It was long ago before Sky was born, when some would say the war truly started. The Seelie King was a firm, brooding man, strict on his mischvious subjects, but indulged in life daily, drinking life as if everyday would be his last. He was arrogant, the Seelie Queen had said, and full of himself, and all other things, and it was his arrogance that had begun this war. It wasn’t rare for a Seelie King to have a lover, or even hundreds of lovers, and indeed, this one did. He indulged in every women he could and one day he stepped too far. Tension had been building between the Seelie and Unseelie kingdom for quite a while. The Unseelie are a cruel people, enjoying war and bloodshed and the harsher, cruel tricks on the mortals they despise and find inferior, different from the playful mischevious tricks of the Seelie. The Unseelie wanted more, more land, more war, more power, and they were growing bored, but unless the Seelie Kingdom also went to war with the mortal lands, they dared not move their army and risk the Seelie Kingdom taking advantage of it, and their already uneasy alliance was breaking as the Seelie Kingdom sat by, content in their land and not wanting to break their treaty with the mortals, they refused the offer to go to war. The Unseelie King grew agitated at the denial of his offer, and threatened civil war. The Seelie King, arrogant and prideful of his power, kidnapped and mated with the Unseelie Kings favorite lover as a show of power and boasted of it. As revenge, the Unseelie King slayed the Seelie Kings wife months later, along with her unborn child, though failed to rescue his lover, whom it seemed had fallen in love with the Seelie King now, and pregnant with his child.

The Unseelie King was enraged with the news, and as heartless as all Fae were, murdered his lover, but not before she had already given birth in secret, hiding her babe, and naming her Eclipse Sky Greenvarden. The Seelie King, aggrieved by his lovers death, nearly went to war with the Unseelie King after he killed two of the Unseelie King’s sons, leaving them with one heir, and on the brink of war. The Unseelie King was eager for bloodshed, he wanted war, and so did his subjects but the Seelie King, despite his grief, knew that if the two kingdoms went to war, it was possible that the Seelie Kingdom would not make it through the war. So the Seelie King sent his babe of daughter to the mortals, glamoring her to appear human, in the case war should follow.

Sky was found by a young man named Cole, who would later become the leader of the widely known Assassin’s Guild. From a young girl, she was being honed and trained into a killer. If one arm was greater than the other in Swordplay, than he would break her good arm until she was just as good with her other arm. She was still spoiled however, despite the cruel punishments she endured when she failed, she was praised and trained to be the next leader of the guild.

She was sixteen when she met the boy.

She met him on the edge of the woods one night, this handsome, mysterious, dark boy with the pointed ears. Sky was curious, of this sad, lonely looking boy, her age perhaps, with a heart of ice she wanted to thaw, some strange part of her knowing how this boy felt. Lonely. She talked with him all night until she had to go back to the Guild, but she always came back, every night, where they would talk, and they became friends. Then lovers, and one day he told her a secret. Then he disappeared. For a long while she returned to the tree, and found him absent, and it was a year later when he returned, and revealed his identity. He revealed he was the prince of the Unseelie kingdom of the magical Fae, and soon, he would be King. He told her of his plans, he would kill his father while he slept, so that he could act where his father did not, and defeat the Seelie Kingdom, which had taken his brother’s, and then he’d take and conquer mortal land for himself, so that they would no longer be separated by country, and they could all live as one.

Sky had no idea of her heritage, and the dark, lonely prince she loved had slowly become cruel she realized. She gently, tried to persuade him otherwise, tell him there was another way for them to be together and coexist peacefully, there was no need for war or conquering, but he silenced her with kisses and promises of making her his Queen. The pixies of the Seelie Kingdom had seen their shared kisses in the dark, and informed the Seelie King of their love. Enraged, the Seelie King ordered her brought from the mortal lands immediately, and back into the safe lands of the Seelie Kingdom, away from the dark prince of the Unseelie. And she was. She became unglamored the moment she was brought back into Asteria, and it was there, where she was greeted by this stranger of a Seelie King, she learned of her mixed Fae heritage, of her true name and claim to the throne of the brewing tensions between the Unseelie Kingdom and her Kingdom, the Seelie Kingdom. Where she learned of the tradigy that befell her mother, of the crimes committed to both kingdoms. Sky was enraged, at both rulers and the devastations they wrought. But the Seelie King treated her with a fatherly kindness she had once longed for in a parent, and she found herself swooned to the So wrapped up in her anger, had she forgotten to inform the Seelie King of the Unseelie prince’s plans until the news came of the Unseelie King’s death, and he was crowned the new king, much to the delight of the Unseelie Kingdom. Sky begged this new father of hers to give peace a chance with the new king she still loved, and reluctantly they agreed. But when they met for peace talks the next day in neutral territory, the Unseelie King ambushed them, the Seelie King fell instantly, and she came face to face with her dark lover, whom only stared at her with a cold, quiet rage, betrayal flickering in his gaze as he realized whose side she’d been on, and her new role. Aggrieved at the loss of the parent she’d just met, betrayed by her lover, she found herself heartbroken and enraged as he kissed her forehead and promised her a life of war and eternal misery, hate flickering in his gaze as he left with his court. Soon she was crowned as Queen as the kingdoms prepped for war. Now, Sky battles dealing with a Kingdom that despises her for her Unseelie heritage, and the struggling to win the war that has both sides losing numbers at the hundreds as she tries to seek help from the mortals the Fae once despised long ago.

* Earth/Nature Manipulation
* Slightly enhanced senses/reflexes
* Slight fire manipulation

Combat Skills:
+ Knife-throwing
+ Archery
+ Sneaking/Stealth
+ Climbing
+ Swordplay
+ Duel-wielding
+ Hand-to-hand combat

Weapon(s): Her enchanted sword, Nightbringer, her spear, and the many knives she carries in her armor at all times.

Her mount, a white stag she’s named Wynddancer.

Alliance: Asteria, her country, and the Seelie Kingdom.

Sky wasn’t raised to be a Queen, and much of her personality acts like it. Sky is wild, feirce, and beautifully untamable. She’s got a sharp mouth, and uses it oftenly and bluntly. She’s bold and brave, and acts recklessly when her temper is lit. When experiencing loss, or lots of rage, she goes into a reckless rage, or a killing calm that often makes her act wrongly or immorally in some ways. Sky is filled with her own pride, and you’ll never hear her say sorry. She can be arrogant, and sometimes cocky. But she’s is also passionate for what she fights for and believes in, she’s loyal to those she trusts, and compassionate and merciful to those she believes deserves it. Sky hates, just as much as she wants to love. She’s got a hard time giving her trust to people, but when earned, she’d die for those she loves in a heartbeat. She can be quite manipulative when she wants to be, and has a stubborn mindset that isn’t often changed, and happens to be very competitive at anything she does. Sky still has a lot of learning to do as a Queen, and a lot of anger to let go of as well.

* Drinking
* Winning
* Food (especially savory food)
* Horse-back riding
* Training
* Sharing a few insults with people
* Causing a bit of mischief

* Killing
* War
* The Unseelie King
* Boredom/being tied down
* Traitors
* Liars
* Losing
* Her lost lover

• Poison Immunity — As part of her training as an assassin, she was ordered to build up an immunity to all kinds of poisons by taking a small dose of all of them every night.
• Survival knowledge — Another part of her training was learning how to survive in certain environments for days on her own. As such, she recognizes many herbs and plants.
• Hunting — She had to live on her own for years, and lived off the land and livestock for a long time, she knows how to track down certain beasts and how to slay them the fastest.
• Lockpicking — She has learned how to pick locks quickly and silently.

The Cold — Colder environments as much different to the spring/summer Seelie kingdom she’s grown somewhat accustomed to, and she finds herself more tired and weaker in colder environments.
Charms— A major weakness to the Fae, certain charms, such as wearing a bit of salt, or doning rowan berries anywhere on the person, will prevent a Fae from using glamor on them. Salt lining doorways and windows prevent Fae from entering homes, and the scent of burning rowan berries prevent Fae from momentarily using their magic.
Iron— The ultimate weakness to Fae, iron burns the Fae, with a large enough amount of it. Smaller amounts of iron weaken the Fae, such as metal bonds or knives, it is the most damaging to their body, and of around lots of iron long enough, they will become weaker and weaker, becoming sick and unable to use magic abilities near it, before dying.
Her temper — her emotions can get the best of her, and she can act on anger or grief, making her fight sloppily and recklessly, making it easy to catch her off guard.

Goal(s) in life:
She wants aid from the mortal kingdoms and country in the war before it grows. She wants to protect her kingdom, and save it from the war her reckless love has brought it, most of all, she wants a life where she isn’t sitting in a palace for the rest of her immortal life, alone and bored, tied down to a throne she never wanted if she manages to live through it all.
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Lemonade Enthusiast
Name: Elise Altrium

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Human
- Known for their versatility and ingenuity, humans are a race that won’t go down without a fight.


Bio: Elise comes from a long line of knights and mages. Her family was one of several who helped shape the very foundation of the Cardinal Empire. Her mother was a mage and her father a knight and as such she has continued the family tradition all the while doing what most humans cannot; incorporating both swordsmanship and magic in battle. Nicknamed the “Blue Rose” for her fierce yet elegant fighting style, some call her a prodigy; some say that her abilities are grossly exaggerated. Currently Elise is a sophomore attending Urdem Viventium Academy. When not training or studying, she often can be found downtown helping her grandmother at her Shop. There they sell everything a traveler would need. Weapons, armor, potions, etc.

  • Elemental Magic
  • Spatial Magic
  • Healing Magic
  • Mana Manipulation
Combat Skills:
  • Sword play
  • Dual Wielding
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Tracking
  • Sword
  • Pair of daggers
  • Bag of mana infused runes

Pet (No more than 2): n/a

Alliance: The Altrium Family and Cardinal Empire

Personality (At least three sentences): Elise is a friendly yet straightforward individual. She doesn’t like wasting energy or time if it’s not necessary. If the adventure is interesting enough she likes helping those in need.

Likes (At least 3): Sweets, Spicy food, Sleeping, Music, Meditating, Puzzles, Watching the ocean

Dislikes (At least 3): Boredom, People who talk too much, Unnecessary drama

Strengths (No more than 5):
  • Crafting
  • Observant
  • Critical thinker
  • Mana replenishment
Weaknesses (At least 2):
  • Tendency to over exert energy in battle when excited
  • Procrastination

    Goal(s) in life: As of right now, her goals are to complete her studies at the academy, join the Cardinal Empire Military and travel the world.
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The Overlord
Name: WIP

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race (ie. Elf, Orc, etc.): Void Dragon- Void dragons are completely unknown to be a live in the modern times as they are powerfully ancient beings. They were known to have immense physical strength, capable of ripping holes in space-time, and breathing flames that leave nothing, not even ashes. The secret of killing one was lost to the ages but it has not been needed since they have been long dead. All that was known was they were so dangerous that even the gods were incaab;e of killing them outright.


Bio (Needs to be at least 3 lines long): WIP

Powers (ie. ice magic): Optional WIP

Combat Skills: Optional WIP

Weapon(s): Optional WIP

Pet (No more than 2): Optional WIP

Alliance: WIP

Personality (At least three sentences): WIP

Likes (At least 3): WIP

Dislikes (At least 3): WIP

Strengths (No more than 5): WIP

Weaknesses (At least 2): WIP

Goal(s) in life: WIP

Summer Breeze

That one girl
Name: Eden Maris

Age: 23

Gender: female

Race: merfolk halfling. Mother was a mermaid and father a human.

Appearance: firery red hair and a slightly mischievious look on her face is how most people describe Eden. At first glance she might appear to be a completely normal human being but don't be fooled. underneeth her slightly poofy hair she hides her gills and when you'd look at her back and legs, you can notice some blue scales here and there. The scales get more defined when she is in the water, and her eyes loose their colour and turn completely white. She tends to hide her mermaid features but not because she's ashamed of her heiritage, not at all. She just prefers to not flaunt it too much since it can damage her business when people think she's a freak.

Bio: Eden was the result of an affair between a mermaid and a traveling merchant. Neither parent knew what to expect, but when the baby was born they were in for a surprise since the baby had legs, but not completely normal legs either. Because of that 'split tail' Edens mother didn't want her. Not having a tail would slow the group down and it'd be a burden for everyone. On top of that halflings were not accepted into the merfolk society. Edens Father was forced to take baby Eden with him and together they traveled across the world to sell goods. It appeared that having Eden wasn't such a bad thing either since Eden did have the powers of a mermaid. As soon as she could speak, Eden's father had her enchant his wares with her siren songs. He also taught her how to play guitar, violin and flute so she could play on the market. Was good for business he said.
Together they enjoyed a life of freedome and travel, never staying in one place for too long and fully enjoying what the world had to offer them.
As Eden grew older she decided to start her own business, and with her fathers blessing she took off on her own when she was 20 to sell her own goods and follow in her fathers footsteps. She now travels across the continent with her horse and carriage to sell enchanted goods everywhere.

Powers: Siren song. Singing different songs can cause different effects, these effects can be cast on things and on people themself, though casting them on people can have dangerous side-effects. These effects are things such as: Healing, Water breathing, Fast swimming, never getting lost, invisibility, harming and increased charisma.

Combat Skills: with the correct siren song she can distract, charm or harm an enemy. She is also skilled with daggers, as her father taught her to ward of bandits.

Weapon: enchanted daggers.

Pet: White pony called Kelby and a red chicken called Jenny

Alliance: no alliance, Eden goes through life only loyal to herself

Personality: Cheerfull, charismatic and trustworthy is what people think of her, but don't be too quick to trust because when it comes to making profit, Eden doesn't shy away from lying to get what she wants. Because she travels alone she finds it easy to connect with people on a superficial level, being able to make friends everwhere she comes, but she doesn't really get close with anyone.

- a good drink
- smalltalk with everyone
- traveling
- singing
- money
- seafood
- swimming
- playing instruments

- cheapskates
- bad liquor
- being used
- merfolk people

- Charismatic
- Smart
- Quick thinker
- very good and quick swimmer (though not as good as merfolk)
- can breath under water

- Being without water is fatal very quickly
- When there is money involved she becomes very greedy very quickly
- Not loyal to anyone so she's often on her own without backup

Goal(s) in life:
- Getting as rich as possible and living a luxurious life in a cabin by the ocean

- She speaks with a scottish accent (cus I decided that mermaids are now Gaelic)
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Name: Wendee Taylor

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: Human


She is 5' 9" (1.75 m).

Bio: Wendee has escaped from Gondoa, the capital of Tolmekia, a sinister and warlike nation that sits north of the Valley of the Wind, where the adults are evil and children are sacrificed left and right to a demon named Naraku. Wendee's parents are evil and they plan to sacrifice her four-year-old brother to the demon. Wendee lived in Tolmekia for her entire life until overhearing her parents discuss their plans, having undergone training as a soldier. Upon overhearing her parents, she left Tolmekia in order to get help and end Naraku's evil.

Powers (ie. ice magic): Optional

Combat Skills:
Use of Ranged Weapons

A Longsword
A Slingshot

Pet (No more than 2): Optional

Her little brother
Her friends
Anyone who will help her destroy Naraku

Personality: Wendee is very serious-minded and she takes what happens around her very seriously, rarely cracking a smile. She also bottles up her emotions, which tends to have negative consequences since she also has a short temper. She is also a selfless person cares about other people and has a knack for seeing the good in them even when they don't see it in themselves. She is also very tenacious. When she has a goal, she keeps at it until the very end and considers failure a huge no-no.

Likes (At least 3):

Dislikes (At least 3):

Strengths (No more than 5):

Bottles up her emotions
Short temper

Goal(s) in life: Put a stop to Naraku's evil and save the Tolmekian children.
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