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Fandom Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers RP


So finally finished the Ducktales Reboot so i got into a Mickey Mouse Universe Mood so I started to rewatch
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers and i think it could be fun to do some kind of RP based on it.

I don't have a full plot but i was thinking could set years later and the Rescue Rangers broke up for some reason like a mission gone wrong and now something bad starts happening so Chip and Dale have to get the team back together.
We can discuses more of the details if your interested and the whole RP doesn't have to be this one plot we can do more adventures after that one.
Was thinking we both play one of the main 2 and then we can discusses who plays who for the others and OCs are aloud so if you say have a OC for this series be it a hero or villain they can be in this as long as they are actually made for this no like OCs made for like another series like Sonic or MLP people have done that in RPs with me before and it never makes sense.
I have a OC i've recently thought up who i'll probably use in it.

And please note these 2 things #1 don't control my characters i hate that and #2 my replies aren't super long if you are one of those RPers who always need someone to reply long each time and will quit a RP if they don't then don't ask to RP

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