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Multiple Settings Chilly's Search for 1x1 Partners *Updated 5/01/2020*

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The chilliest tiger you've ever seen!
Below is a big list of me rambling specifics, but really, as long as you are able to commit to a roleplay and can pitch ideas back to me, I'd love to hear from you.


☆ About Me ☆
* indicates my preference - this doesn't mean I won't do anything else!

--- Chilly --- 22 --- Female --- CST --- RP in PMs Only --- Adv. Lit ---
--- All Genders & Pairings --- Doubling/Tripling --- 1st & 3rd* Person --- Original & Fandom Plots --- 2+ Paragraphs Average ---
--- Character Sheets (not req.) --- Realistic/Art Faceclaims --- OOC Chat

My specialties are world-building, character development, and plot creation. I am the Queen of Plot Twists! I have 11 years of writing experience total, and I pay very close attention to detail.

I'm looking for someone who really, truly gets into their roleplays and who values a solid partner, as well.

I am completely fine with swearing in and out of RP. I'm also willing to try writing anything, though my favorites are fantasy (medieval and modern), slice-of-life, and dark/sad themes. The only things that I will not write at all are anime/cartoons, aliens, and androids (the three A's, lol). If there's a super interesting plot, however, I'm sure I could make an exception. The only fandom I really roleplay is Harry Potter, but like I said before, if you toss me an interesting plot and it's a book/movie I've read/seen, I'm totally down! My only rule for fandoms is that I only do OC x OC, with the very rare exception for OC x Canon.

Things To Note:
  • I will play any pairing both platonically and romantically, but I'm the weakest at MxM.​
  • I'm also not ghost-friendly, because if I can take time out of my day to collaborate on a story with you, I expect you to have the same respect for me and tell me when you're quitting.​
  • I also own my own Discord server dedicated to roleplaying and it serves as a home for several RPN and Quotev members. You're more than welcome to join! It's where I OOC most.​


☆ What I Need From You ☆
What you'll get from me and what I need from you are very much one and the same:​
  • At least one reply every three-four days, minimum (unless otherwise discussed).
  • No godmodding of any kind, including Mary-Sue characters.
  • Grammatically-correct posts (I don't mind spelling mistakes, I often make them when I'm on my phone).
  • Someone capable of providing appropriate-length posts, while advancing the plot and remembering quality over quantity (no one-sentence/empty posts, please!).
  • Someone who is willing and able to write darker/mature themes (when suitable).
  • Someone who is willing to actually sit down and plot with me. I'm talking general idea > details > characters > future plans - the whole nine yards. Don't leave it to me to come up with the ideas 24/7, and I won't do the same to you. We're partners!
  • Someone who is open to criticism and new ideas.


☆ Rules ☆
  • No pre-meditated plots. I cannot stand it when someone pitches an idea that has every detail already laid out, with no room for their partner's input. Why even roleplay it at that point? Just write it yourself.​
  • Have reasonable judgement. Don't wait for me to pitch my ideas and then immediately respond with "we're not compatible" just because you didn't like them. I'm more than willing to do an idea of yours or even make something from scratch!​
  • Don't ghost. When it comes to ghosting/inactivity, I usually have a two-week limit. If you've been inactive in the RP for two weeks or longer and we hadn't discussed something beforehand, I'm considering the roleplay dead and I'm going to leave and move on.​

☆ Plots! ☆
I've had really bad experiences with plagiarism in the past, so to limit that I will go into more detail for each plot through PMs if you're interested. But for now I'll just keep it basic!

For starters, everything checked off in the sub-genres section is basically what I'd be willing to incorporate into a roleplay. Mix-and-match them however you will, and we will most likely be able to come up with something juicy! If it's not checked off in the sub-genre section, then I'm probably not going to be into it, sorry.

Here are some pairings to get started!
Ghost* x Human
Apocalypse Survivor x Apocalypse Survivor
Childhood Friend x Childhood Friend
Science/Medical Experiment x Science/Medical Experiment
Human x Humanized Pet*
Time-Traveler/Alternate Reality* x Current Reality
Witch x Witch (modern or past)
Roommate x Roommate
Animal x Animal (I'm probably the only person on RPN who RPs as animals)

I've got plenty of other ideas - just PM me and ask about them!

Finally, if you're already one of my roleplay partners, please don't take this thread as offense! I promise our RP is just fine! I'm just roleplay-crazy and am looking to add a few more to my schedule!

If anyone is interested, please send me a PM instead of posting here! It doesn't properly notify me. Thanks!
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The chilliest tiger you've ever seen!
Bump! Still looking!
As a reminder I don't often post my full-fledged ideas on here because I've been plagiarized several times, so even though there's a few plots here, I have many more to share!

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