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Fantasy Chill urban fantasy RP

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Fly me to the moon...
The year is 2021.
The place? Sattum, the city with the largest supernatural population in the US.
The plot? What ever we want it to be.
All fantasy species allowed.

Would anyone be interested in a chill/casual modern fantasy RP?

- semi lit with decent grammar and spelling
- real faceclaims (or detailed descriptions)
- pre-established relationships would be super fun to do, imo, but don't force it on people who don't want that
- no god modding or metagaming or any of that stuff - be a good roleplayer, please

I'm looking for like 4-5 people


New Member
I'll be honest to you, I'm new to all this but I'd love to participate on a chill RP. Eh, would yo be willing to put up with me or should I look for greener pastures?

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