Fantasy Children of the Night


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Nightingales begin to chirp their song as several beams of soft orange light shine between the slim opening between two velvet curtains. The beams travel across a majestic room ornate in red and gold patterns.

Athan shifts back and forth as the beams of light catch his face. He feels a uncomfortable tingling on his skin, so with one heavy breath, Athan rolls over in his massive mattress. Tingle alleviated, he make an effort to slip back into his peaceful slumber, but his calm rest were quickly interrupted by two pairs small hands which pushed and pulled at arms.

With a sigh of surrender Athan slowly opens his eyes to see the last beams of daylight go out. The sun set behind the horizon. For a moment the room was completely devoid of light, and then like clock work, every candle in the room lit up. The dark room now filled with an eerie yellow glow, illuminating the two smiling figures next to my bed.

"What have I told the two of you about waking me up before dusk ," Athan scolded as he began to rise out from under the scarlet silk covers.

"But, Athan... Lord More summoned you to the dinning hall," exclaimed the crimson haired boy, and too his left a little crimsoned haired girl who rubbed her eyes with her hands as if she had just woken up. Athan empathized with her.

"Alright, well I'm awake now. I will be down in a moment," Athan said as he reached over to the boys face and cleaned a speck of blood from the corner of his mouth.

The two twins closed the door, behind them as they left the room, and as they left Athan pondered just why his father was summoning him.


The darkest hour
"My lady, it is time for you to wake up." A soft voice speaks in the silent room. Zayliee, always being a light sleeper opens her eyes slowly and groans, soon turning on her side and closing her eyes. "Marisa, the sun is not even fully up." She mutters lightly.
"Your breakfast is ready though my lady. I know how much you despise eating a cold, breakfast." Marisa smiles.

Zayliee can't even deny it. She hates a cold breakfast, depending what it might be anyway. Berries and that sort of thing, she is perfectly fine with. Anything else drives her insane. Anything after breakfast, she can eat cold or warm. Does not matter.

It takes sometime, but Zayliee soon slowly sits up, rubbing her eyes. "I will get dressed before heading to the dining hall."

"Your mother and father are waiting for you." She tells Zayliee. "I shall let them know you will arrive soon." She smiles a little bit before bowing and heading off.

"Always too early in the morning.... The hell would the occasion be?" Zayliee mutters to herself, slowly getting out of bed ad sluggishly getting changed into more 'proper' clothing. Without hesitation afterwards, she makes her way to the dining hall. She walks at a slow pace, her mind wandering as thoughts roam her mind. She starts to wonder if she should go for a midnight stroll later tonight, or earlier. It is one of few things that ease her mind.

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