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Quest Children of Olympus cs thread


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Here we go people sorry for the delay, but here is the cs nothing crazy it is short so if you want to add something to it go ahead but these are the essentials.
Yoshi-kun Yoshi-kun oooo oooo averis. averis. Worthlessplebian Worthlessplebian Peckinou Peckinou Blackrose7 Blackrose7 animegirl20 animegirl20 Talathel Talathel

Godly parent:(Obvious
Personality: (tell us what components make your character who they are but leave us something to learn in the rp)
Dating orientation:(Not to say you have to date this isn’t a romance but it is allowed and encouraged)
Bio:how old you were when you were brought to Thessaly, explain how life was before Thessaly and after.
Divine weapon:(Foundlings)
Animal companion:please nothing tooo crazy)

Godly parent: Zeus
Age: 21 years old
Personality: Adonis is a very calm and devoted person, he has a straightforward approach to things he enjoys laughing and will often make jokes at the worst times. He is very supportive regardless of how big or small the situation is. Although he is very supportive he could be a bit unfiltered with his comments unable of sugarcoating things.
Dating orientation: heterosexual/Heteromantic
Bio:Adonis was born to a ill woman who was Living in a warring part of Athens things were rough for him growing up considering soldiers occupied most of the homes in his hometown leaving him and his mother to shack up with the other homeless people. When Adonis was 5 years old his village was attacked by night creatures everyone panicked and in the fray Adonis and his mother was separated. Running for his life he ran into a hooded horseman who grabbed him and ran out of the village all the way to the river before removing his hood revealing he was no horseman he was a horse man a centaur named Chiron accompanied by a couple older demigods including the son of Ares who became his mentor as they boarded a boat and headed to Thessaly. On the boat ride to Thessaly Chiron informed him of what and who he truly was, a bit overwhelmed he began to hate the gods particularly his father, how could he have a child with a woman and allow her to go through so much to allow his son to go through everything they did and have the power to end the suffering. Adonis hated his father for years refusing to speak to all the other demigods and just trained alone, until the most solemn and stoic child of Ares had enough of the “ pompous bastard.” As he would always say and took him under his wing showing him a new light to his abilities and power. After being trained and and shadowing under Xander(son of ares) the sad day the child of Ares died was among him struck down by the child of Hades. This was the hardest day ever for Adonis he mourned for weeks before undergoing a metamorphosis that forced him to understand that with great power comes great responsibilities. Two years later at age 15 he had been in Thessaly for ten years and training vigorously, and received his first Devine weapon and a Animal companion signaling he was ready. Catching the hint Chiron began sending him out to kill certain night creatures who had been causing hell, and also go and give safe passage to Thessaly for the new demigods willingly or by force.
Divine weapon:(Foundlings) Bident spear Isidro which Channels his divine lightning abilities given to him by his father, also capable to be summoned and follows the will of Adonis and a His sword Keraunos in the pic up top
Animal companion: Griffon Xander
Other:(ideas) He is open for any types of plotting

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Name: Xenophanes of Sparta, Son of Hermes;
Godly parent: Hermes;
Age: 23

Personality: Xenophanes is the epitome of a Spartan warrior; calm, collected yet also wrathful. Like many Spartans, Xenophanes is disarmingly honest, honour-bound—he will never betray his half-siblings. Yet he has also learned humility and compassion towards his fellow man. He does not harbour any hatred towards the Gods, simply wishing to elevate humanity beyond their potential. A man of commitment, Xenophanes is quite stubborn and determined. In keeping with his newfound nature, Xenophanes has become an egalitarian but expects the best out of everyone.

Dating orientation: Heterosexual;
Bio: Xenophanes had just reached his ninth birthday when he discovered who his heavenly progenitor is; Imagine the shock on the young Spartan's face when his father is quite literally: Hermes The God of Sleep, Thieves, Travel, Animal Mastery, and more. It devastated the young warrior-to-be. To know that his missing father is some pansy who sends messages, sleeps, steals, and pets animals. Xenophanes decided enough was enough. It's time that he brings justice to the name of speed, the Spartan way. Days in and days out, Xenophanes trained. First his legs, then his arms. He will bring honour to the name of Hermes, in a way that his father will not expect. Many years pass, Xenophanes, departed for his first battle. It was a sight to be seen; the battle was bloody and corpses strewn across the field. Xenophanes at the frontlines, using his godly-given speed to protect as many of his brothers as he could whilst killing any enemy within reach. Sadly, despite his divinity: Xenophanes could not protect everyone. He had carried many warriors on their shields back to their fathers, mothers.

It was a humbling experience for him.

Soon after, an enigmatic figure had sent for the young Spartan. He informed him that he must leave behind his home in Sparta, the grieving Spartan understood what it meant. He ventured with the figure to Thessaly. At first, he did like the Child of Zeus, hiding away and training. Still carrying the shame of the battle fought. Xenophanes was perhaps one of the oldest to be brought to Thessaly and thus lacked the years for his training. But he did not give up, with enough determination that he too can catch up to his peers.

But he could not do it alone. During one training session, Xenophanes had made the unwise decision to consume large amounts of alcohol and mushrooms. Of the hallucinogenic variety. After training. The exhausted psyche of the Spartan had taken him to lengths beyond knowable. In an instant, he was running on clouds. The rays of the sun nipping at his hackles. Then suddenly—his father Hermes appeared alongside him. Running as well. At first, it was only running. But soon after, Hermes began to speak. It was the first, Father-Son dialogue they ever had.

By the end, Xenophanes' guilt was lifted from his shoulders. He fostered a renowned appreciation for life, his father, and humanity. When he woke up, he was covered in his own traveller's cloak like his father. It was red with gold-trimmed edges and a golden Lambda. There was also another gift. Immediately, Xenophanes was jumped by a large dog, with flappy skin and slobbery lips. It was his animal companion. A molossus dog, Xenophanes named Cressida.

A month or so later, after he joined with the other demigods, Xenophanes received his weapon. A kopis with the ability to slash the air itself into blades.
Divine weapon: The Kopis of War;
Animal companion: A giant female Molossus dog named Cressida;
Other: Your armours hard, but his abs are harder.


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Photo by: Angel Ganev

Name: Evadne {Eva for short}
Godly parent: Poseidon
Age: 21

Personality: Eva is possibly the most approachable demigod that's ever existed. She is kind, laid-back, and quick to make jokes. Not really an optimist, she maintains a pretty straightforward view on reality, seeing it for what it is, yet she tries her best to find the good in whatever may cross her path.

She's also known as a peacemaker, wanting everyone to get along.

Despite the good, she struggles with insecurity. She's constantly trying to be perfect and is hard on herself when she inevitably falls short. Eva also has a hero complex that can make her reckless in the midst of chaos. Not that she would put someone else in harm's way, but she has little regard for her own safety.

Dating orientation: Heterosexual

Bio: Eva was born into hardship and violence. Although her mother's husband suspected of his wife's treachery, he could never prove it, but he resented and punished her for it.

That is all anyone knows of her life in the small village where she lived with her mother and stepfather until Chiron arrived.

He found the malnourished child along the shoreline talking with some of the fish as she hid from her stepfather. Bringing her to Thessaly was the best thing he could have done for the child. At first, she had been a shy, timid girl with a stutter, but one would never believe that by looking at her twelve years later.

Chion had explained the truth of her parentage when he had rescued her, but she has never spoken her opinion on the matter. In her mind, it matters little who sired her and it's better to have an absent father than an abusive one.

Divine weapon:

Animal companion: N/A

Other: {May Add Something Later}
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Photo credited to: BloominStella - I do not own this photo

Name: Amaltheia
meaning: To Soothe
nicknames: Theia, Ama, or Doe

Godly parent: Artemis
Age: 20 years old
Amaltheia is unique in her own weird way. She is aloof most of the time and tends to focus her sights on taking care of herself. She tends to be an extremely quiet individual but has little to no tolerance for bullying. She doesn't like violence in the least (you could blame her 'mother' for that one). Theia is a kind-hearted soul despite being a loner. She may seem intimidating at first; with her piercing emerald green eyes that often may seem cold and icy. This child is a wonderful tracker and oftentimes you can find her enjoying time in the forest. Amaltheia can be a bit shy at first, but once you get to know her you will find a compassionate soul that has incredible loyalty. She is brutally honest and has no problem pointing out mistakes. However, she is extremely wary and cautious around males. Another trait to attribute to her mother most likely. This girl is someone who has her weak points and her strong points, but a problem with trusting.
Positive attributes: Loyal, Honest, Compassionate, Intelligent
Neutral attributes: Quiet, Shy
Negative attributes: Aloof, Cautious, Distrusting
Dating orientation: Bisexual
Amaltheia was born in a not-so-great environment. Her mother was an unusual case in the greek world. Considering Artemis was supposed to never have children. Her mother left her when she was 3 years old. Her father doted upon her until he married a woman who viewed the unusual girl as a problem in the family. So, when things became too much to try and handle, being hurt by her father ignoring her and the words spoken by her step-mom... Amaltheia left. She became a girl who learned to survive - stealing... while not her favorite thing to do... became her way to live. She was 9 when she ran away. 7 years later, on her 16 birthday, the young girl accidentally got herself stuck in the middle of a fight. This fight, this battle, would change her life even though she did not know it then. While the girl hid in a forest alongside a river, before she stowed away in a boat and jumped off when found out, swimming to shore she found her way to Thessaly. Coming to Thessaly, following a white doe which led her to Chiron. Noticing the white doe, Chiron could easily tell who the child was and who her mother was. When he told Theia the truth, she just shrugged and went with it. Being one of the youngest girls at the camp, she often kept to herself, having a quiet voice and tending to act aloof though she longed for friends - maybe one day she would have the chance.
Divine weapon:

Niquessë - Snowflake
This weapon is a bow and a quiver full of arrows that can fold into a hair comb. This comb is often found in her hair when it is half up and half down.
Animal companion: A gorgeous arctic wolf with stunning turquoise eyes

Her name is Isis, after the Egyptian goddess - while a wolf she is, she stands a lot taller than a normal wolf - being 3 feet at the shoulders and 6 inches taller to the tips of her ears.
Other: Here is Amaltheia done - I wasn't sure what to do about her either being Artemis's child or being a huntress, but I can change the bio if needed.
She has a dislike to any male; so she most likely will prefer to avoid any of the male demigods. She also may have some type of tension with the Poseidon daughter.
Languages she speaks include Latin, Gaelic, Nepali, and Swahili


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Canadian. We ride moose's. You can't. Sorry.
Katara Better.jpg
Name: Katara

Godly parent: Nemesis

Age: 25

Personality: Katara is an embodiment of revenge and retribution. She is arrogant, mocking, even sadistic at times, and brutally honest. She is justice, in her eyes, and as a daughter of Nemesis, that justice is divine. But as her pursuit of justice consumes her, it also reveals other aspects of her perspective often contrary to her attitude.

Dating orientation: Bisexual

Bio: Katara knows little of her childhood. Or rather, she remembers little. It was a muddy, dark time, where she had nothing to her name, and no one to shield her. Save for Mati, though he was only a cub at the time. In the slums of her home city, Rhamnous, she learned of life. Of cruelty and hardship. Oftentimes, she would lose everything in her sleep, stolen by the other vagrants festering around her. Or she would lose herself in their grasp, mind and body wiped away time and time again.

Her first, clear, memory was when one man thought to once again deprive her of what little she had scrounged up, dashing away with her last scraps of food and coin. Only to fall prey to a group of guards, who swiftly caught, and immediately flogged, him. Here, justice was first seen by her. For as she had lost everything, so had he lost his right to his body.

As she grew older, and as Mati grew larger, Katara slowly grew to appreciate her own handling of justice. Carrying a blade at all times, and watching carefully for the next opportunistic scum, her retribution was swift and stark. Whenever she found violations and corruption, she took action. When she was younger, she kept her punishments tame and limited, but at the depth of depravity she saw in her later teen years, she grew far harsher. By the time she was twenty, she had largely culled much of the crime in the city through machinations and the growth of a cult around her. She began to see herself as divine, being granted visions of a woman resembling her, yet so much grander.

For almost five years, Katara basically ruled Rhamnous, Mati now fully grown and a deadly beast, often the executioner of her punishments. Revered as a goddess, an incarnation of Nemesis herself, she drew a lot of attention from the other cities and the heroes of Thessaly. And as those heroes came to her and basically ordered her to leave her haven of peace and justice, she hesitated. And reluctantly accepted.

Though she had influence, that was only in her home. Though she had power, it was not literal. And as intimidating as Mati had become, he was only a tiger. And she could not fight in a straight fight. She was a backstabber, a stalker, one who struck and who no one saw coming. She could not fight against those blessed by the gods themselves.
And so, on Thessaly she stews, caged in many ways, prevented from cleansing Greece of its crime and filth as it descends into war. Lacking her old authority and the freedom it gave her. Waiting for the chance to return and bring justice, and retribution, back to her home.

Divine weapon: None, yet.

Animal companion: A tiger called Mati.

Other Ideas: For Katara’s eventual powers/Divine stuff, I got two ideas. One, is that she can basically curse someone depending on their crime by either attacking them with or slipping iron nails or lead sheets onto them, or she can, by stabbing herself with an iron nail, summon and command some Arae, curse spirits, to fight on her behalf. And as for just general stuff for buffs and such, Katara could either get buffs when in the presence of criminals and subjects of grudges, or give them debuffs when they are in her presence, and buffs to those seeking revenge in her presence. And she could instinctively know the crimes or grudges held by someone by merely being in their presence, basically guiding her in how to enact her justice.
Katara, if you couldn’t guess from the bio, is basically built as a kind of assassin and rogue that thrives in urban environments and in the shadows. She can’t beat down a monster, but she can stab it in the back. She can’t cow an entire city, but she can seduce it with her ideals for quick, and effective, justice through vengeance.
Also, currently drawing out her image, so that will be up within a day or two. And Mati is...he’s a tiger. If you want a laugh, imagine Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Otherwise, imagine Shere Khan.
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Name: Reina
Godly parent: Hecate
Age: 22
Hecate's demigod daughter: Reina is a complete nutcase ever since Chiron told her what she was, and who her mother is. Even though, they can be responsible with their duties. She kind of has a new bad habit of experimenting with her magic, using magic scrolls and runes, or learning how to make new potion recipes.
Reina isn't much of a social person for those reasons, and don't be a part of her potion experiments. It can become extremely bad if she were to mess up on that, and it gets even worse if they are making a love potion.
As for their obedient mode, that isn't completely gone, since the nice rich family did a great job with training her how to listen to their orders as a kid. If someone is above her like the foundling demigods or Chiron, they will listen to them if they give her an order. This is more likely to happen if it is Adonis or Evadne, because they are the demigod team's boss and co-boss.
Reina would be curious if you show her something new, since there are things she has never seen before when they were a slave. She is a kind-hearted person once you get to know them, and the magic they know how to use properly are Plant Magic, Water Magic, and Illusion Magic. The rest of their magic training is a working progress.
Dating orientation: Heterosexual
Reina was one of those unfortunate baby girls, who was abandoned on a mountain, because of her father's neglect. They didn't have any deformities like the other babies had. However, her father did that to their daughter, because of his wife's possible cheating and abandonment. He couldn't handle the thought of his wife doing that to him, so in order to forget about them. They had to abandon baby Reina.
Despite baby Reina being in a hopeless situation. A rich family, who found them on that mountain eventually rescued them. This family was looking for a new slave to bring back to their house in Athens. However, upon seeing a baby, who didn't have any deformities on the mountain that was meant for the deform babies. They knew she had to be a part of their family, because a situation like this couldn't be ignored.

The nice rich family brought baby Reina into their house, and took care of their new slave. They didn't give the baby a name until they had their amphidromia ceremony, and the baby had survived on their tenth day.
Once that happened, the nice rich family gave them the name: Reina, and had to make them do their domestic duties like writing, reading, and etc when they got older.

As Reina got older, things became weird. Illusions of shadow people appeared around the house, and this caused the slaves in the rich family's house to spread the witch's curse rumor. However, what they didn't know was that this was the cause of Reina's magic. Her magic was going out of control by using the people she knows as an illusory version of them. Those illusion people would then repeat what Reina has seen and heard, but nobody knows about that.

How Chiron managed to take Reina to Thessaly:
Chiron heard the rumor about the witch's curse from a female slave, who was delivering a message from the rich family that Reina lives with to one of their relatives. The slave wouldn't shut up about the scary rumor in front of the rich family's relatives until they told them to be quiet. The female slave did as they were told, gave them the message, and then left to go back to their master's house.
Seeing this was a chance for them to find out where that rumor was coming from. Chiron followed the female slave without them noticing.
Upon finding out where the female slave lives, Chiron just waited for the rumor to happen. The rumor happened, and he saw it from a window when the slaves screamed. It was an illusion of a shadow person, and Chiron can tell it was that just by looking at it.
He then tried to find the person, who was causing the illusions, and it ended up being traced back to Reina. The witch child was cleaning the room during that day, and they were unaware of their illusion magic problem.
This then puts Chiron in a tricky situation, because female slaves don't leave their master's house unless they are delivering a message or escorting them. However, since Reina was a child. They wouldn't send them to do the delivery or the escorting.
Not wanting to miss the chance to take them when they are alone, Chiron took Reina out of the room by going through a window. The poor girl was screaming from this situation, because they weren't expecting to be kidnapped.
Eventually, they ended up in the forest, and as soon as Chiron put Reina down. She tried to run away from them out of pure fear.
This plan of hers had failed, since Chiron grabbed the poor girl's arm. Reina wouldn't stop screaming until Chiron took off his hood. A look of shock and bewilderment had formed on Reina's face when they found out that Chiron was a centaur.
It took her a while to respond to Chiron, but when she did, they asked him who or what he was. Chiron told Reina his name, and told her about the demigod thing and who her mother was. However, Reina didn't believe what Chiron was saying about them at first. Only when those illusory shadow people, who would scare the other slaves had appeared in front of them had she believed him.
After the explanation was over, they went to Thessaly, because Reina knew she wouldn't be safe if they kept living in her master's house. They are a witch, after all, and people would fear her if they found out about their magic.

What Reina did upon arriving at Thessaly:
When Reina arrived at Thessaly when she was 7 years old, her mother: Hecate gave her a witch outfit, since it wasn't fitting for a witch demigod like her to be wearing a slave outfit. They then went nuts with their magic, because she was excited to find out about her ability to use magic. There were plants growing in the weirdest places in Thessaly, water magic being thrown around the place all willy-nilly, illusory shadow people staring at the other demigods, and so much more. The other demigods had to stop Reina, since she was causing a big mess.
Divine weapon: A dagger called Netherlight. ← ( I know she isn't a founding, but they do get a divine weapon later. )
Animal companion: A black cat named Luna.
Hecate gave Reina a wand as well, because her magic would go out of control if it was left unchecked. However, Reina for whatever reason doesn’t remember to use that gift. They also received a spell book, so she can write their spells on that.
Reina's hair has a possibility of turning red when they are angry. It is a unique trait that her mother: Hecate can do.
None of the other demigods know about this, but because Hecate is associated with the Underworld. Reina can enter and leave the underworld at any time. ← Even if they knew about this. Reina wouldn't dare to go to the underworld by herself, because they are terrified of running into Hades or his demigod: Mel.
Reina's magic gets more powerful at midnight, since it is the witching hour.
There is a rumor that Reina has night vision and 360-degree vision, but nobody in Thessaly knows if that is true. ( It's 100% true, but Reina doesn’t like to bring up those traits. )
Information about Hecate's demigod kids:
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Name: Ambrose
Goodly parent: Ares
Age: 21
Personality: Ambrose is a man of little restraint; he does what he wants when he wants to, regardless of any consequences. He'll fight, party, bully someone, do stupid things, and end the night with another fight just because. He cares extremely little for any sort of rules or authority, and responds to such with flat out refusal. He hates weakness, and nearly any showing from others is met with annoyance if not outright disgust, even from himself.

That isn't to say he's all bad, however. For all Ambrose's ferociousness, one could never say he does things half-heartedly. When he wants to do something, he does such with all his ability. For the very few he deems worthy of his loyalty, let alone friends, he'll go above and beyond to make sure that their goals are realized. Ambrose loves to mess with people and do "stupid" things, quoting that serious people are annoying, and massively weaker then how they try to appear. Even if it's just to get someone he likes to laugh, he has no issue doing weird things.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Bio: Ambrose hates Thessaly, plain and simple. Before he was brought over, he was rich and powerful. As the undefeated champion of many arenas and an investor of countless more, Ambrose had everything he could ever ask for. Money, power, freedom….He was able to take none of it when he was forced to go to Thessaly. Imagine his ire, when fresh off yet another championship win a mysterious individual told him that he must come with him to some other land, for some higher calling. Ambrose loved battle over all things, and the idea of joining some odd religious sect put him at odds. Of course Ambrose refused the man and left right there, ignoring anything the man said to call him back. No matter the method used, or the order given, he would refuse just as easily. They were welcome to come knocking with sword and shield, the result would be the same. Why would he give up everything for the sake of strangers? Simply because he was lucky? Strangers aside, he eventually ignored the people outright and continued on with his life. It was a month later when mid-dream another figure appeared. Despite never seeing the man in his life, he knew it to be Ares, God of War. Clad in heavy armor and every big as imposing as they say, Ares came with two swords and a challenge, which the eager Ambrose readily accepted. If Ambrose won, he would be granted the god's power; if he lost, he would go to Thessaly with the strange man from before. Looking back, there was no chance he would have beaten the god of war.

Ambrose of course lost, though not without injuring this dream version of Ares. Against all else Ambrose was honorable in the face of a duel, and agreed to find the man and leave for Thessaly. Ares was seemingly pleased, and when Ambrose awoke, there lay a spear at his side.

It was easy enough to get things in order so his home wasn't ransacked while he was gone, so Ambrose met the man from before and set off for Thessaly, spear in hand. Thessaly was a strange place to be sure,and he certainly still hates the place in comparison to his real home, but he will not go back on his word, especially not one made with the God of War and his father.

That didn't mean he had to like it, however.

Divine weapon: Deimos, a heavy spear/hammer hybrid, which when summoned is capable of changing it's weight at will and cutting down nearly anything in it's path with ease.
Animal companion: N/A
  • Ambrose's mother was actually an Egyptian warrior turned Greek General.
  • Battle and conflict excite Ambrose like nothing else, likely a byproduct of his divine heritage.
  • Ambrose loves jewelry, and is never seen without.
  • Simply the act of battle builds his power to insane heights; the longer or more heated the fight, the better.
  • No matter what, Ambrose regards duels as sacred. Dishonor is a sin, and he will never intervene on two dueling parties.
  • Deimos is immensely heavy, but due to Ambrose's strength he wields it as easily as one would a light staff.
  • Ambrose has never lied in his life, and has no intention to start.
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You're welcome, and it is going to be interesting how Mel reacts to Reina. ( Hecate is associated with the underworld. )


Your Time Has Come And So Have I
"It's hard to be cool as ice when you hold the power of the sun."
Name: Clover
Godly Parent: Apollo
Age: 22
Personality: Clover has always been one to lend a helping hand. No matter who needs the help and no matter what they need help with, he sees every opportunity to help as an opportunity to grow. Despite his overall helpful attitude however, he rarely finds time for himself and ends up becoming a parent to the group in times of trouble, checking on others and always worrying for them. Of course, he’s never obvious about it, always trying to look cool and confident much like his father was always portrayed. When called nice or sweet, he waves it off, staying modest while bragging about the cooler things like his archery or his power.

Dating orientation: Straight

Bio: Clover was born, never seeing his real parents. All he knew in life was the city of Athens, and swapping between caretakers like crazy. At the age of six, Clover was taken in by a family of doctors, who taught Clover medicine and were shocked by his medical prowess, eventually assisting him with injured soldiers during the war. He became such a fantastic healer, that Clover decided to assist in the war efforts and become a field medic. One day, at 14 years old, whilst in a medical tent not far from a battlefield, Clover was bombarded by Spartans, being cut, beaten up, and then eventually thrown off a cliff where he was caught by a glorious steed, who swiftly brought him to Thessaly.

In Thessaly, word of him being the son of Apollo spread quickly, and to meet the standards people held for his father, he trained with a bow, and bragged of his amazing conquests in war, despite him never having fought before. With the want to meet others' expectations and his will to help everyone he meets, Clover keeps himself reliable, confident, and most importantly - cool as ice.

Divine weapon: Bow of Chivalry/Quiver of Prowess - A bow of unstoppable strength that can be summoned and a quiver of unending arrows imbued with the heat and power of the sun.

Animal companion: A Pegasus on a chariot that can be whistled for at any time. It has no special traits other than being a Pegasus, but Clover uses it to get high up and rain arrows on enemies from above.

Other: Nobody is too far gone and everyone is worth saving.


Name: Alistina Brews
Godly parent: Athena
Age: 21
Personality: Ali comes off as a carefree girl who couldn’t give a damn about the rules. Always a positive force within a group of people, easy to get along with, and casual flirt. The perfect mixture of a high end party animal and a relaxed person with a cool attitude.

Though in all truth, Ali’s highly calculating. The way she comes off to people is mostly an act. Not because she’s a bad person, she just knows it’s the best way to influence others. Ali believes the best form of leadership is through example. Being confrontational or heartless in an approach to lead isn’t her way of doing things. She prefers to attract people with a display of good character and make them desire to follow her stride.

Dating orientation: Bisexual

Bio: Ali was honestly living a pretty great life before Thessaly. Sure she didn’t have parents, friends, or pets, but that never bothered her. Ali had literature at her side, it taught her about the world, about the gods, and the importance of social skills. Though eventually, the literature she had at hand ( that she tottaalllyy didn’t steal ), became far too mundane. That being said, it was time to use her intelligence to branch out! Over the course of her journey, Ali realized she was the child of Athena, it was the only logical conclusion. The facts lined up and the obvious ability she had made it a no brainer. Her ability always granted Ali the ability to sense the flaws in logic, structures, and strategy. She could see the best course of action regarding those topics as well.

This ability guided Ali on the logical path towards Thessaly. Where she’s been staying since she was 10. Though honestly, she’s already bored of the place. Ali’s bored of all the books there that she’s read a thousand times over. She’s tired of the same predictable conversations with everyone there. Lastly she’s tired of the same predictable evil plots made by Hades. Even her animal bores her because everything it did was predictable, so she released it. She’s become less bombastic and more…indifferent.

Divine weapon: Ali’s weapon is a shield that has no use until she charges a stack on it. Each flaw, weakness, or inconsistency that Ali points out, gives her a stack. This stack allows the shield to block one thing and one thing only no matter what it is. When it’s out of stacks, it’s useless.

Animal companion: She released her animal companion, it was a cat.


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Name: Adustus
Godly parent: Hephaestus

Age: 23

Personality: Adustus is a slacker by nature. He maintains a carefree attitude with a laid-back lifestyle about everything even when it comes to smithing. Though he never lets it affect the quality of his work. It is one of his few passions. He’s rarely ever on bad terms with anyone and always decides to make friends with the people he meets.
Dating orientation: He likes girls but he won’t be the one to go out and put effort into making a relationship.

Bio: Adustus was already an orphan working in a smiths shop when he found out about his godly bloodline. He was working on a sword and couldn’t get the fire to stay hot enough when he tripped and plunged his hands into the flames. When he pulled his hand out of the surprisingly comfortable flames he laughed like a mad man thinking he was going insane. It wasn’t until a long conversation with his mentor that he fully understood the situation. That was when he started his journey to Thessaly, he was 11. Upon arrival he was pushed into working. It was bothersome but he felt like he actually fit in somewhere.

Divine weapon: His two hammers in the picture. They give him the ability to perfectly and precisely control the amount of force he uses.

Animal companion: A black and white ferret that likes to sleep on his shoulders.

Other: He is severely behind on almost every project. Not because he doesn’t want to do them. There is simply too much and he has to prioritize the war effort.


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Name: Aiko (Love - Last name was given to themselves in reference to their mother.)
Godly parent: Aphrodite
Age: 19
- Sly
- Vain
- Jovial
- Calm
- Arbitrary
- Whimsical
- Self-indulgent
- Secretive
- Curious
- Observant
(Has a deep admirations for their mother.)
Dating orientation: Pansexual

Bio: Aiko was raised by a Guardian ever since they were young, their Guardian however served a Courtier for a Duchess court, and later Aiko became a playmate for the Duchesses young daughter. One day when he was playing with the Duchesses daughter he had noticed how different she acted near him at first he didn't think much of it, that was until everyone started to look at them with admiration and they were able to get away with a lot of things with barely even a slap on the wrist as punishment. Once their guardian found out about it, they began to explain their origins, then giving them a gift that they were sure their mother would of wanted them to have. After that conversation they began planning their journey to Thessaly at the age of 12, gaining themselves their pet Tiger Piff along the Journey there. After arriving they quickly became infatuated with the place, and was able to quickly settle in
though they focused mostly on their appearance, power and forging a relationship with their mother.

Weapon: The Wakizashi in the picture above, isn't really a divine weapon.

Animal Companion:
Giant White Tiger: Piff
Dove: Voh
Hummingbird: Hue

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Name: Demetra
Godly parent: Demiter
Age: 15
Personality: With Demetra working as a slave before she came to Thessaly she suffers from small amounts of ptsd which makes her unstable in some situations, also stemming from her slave background she is always willing to work and puts herself out there. Demetra can appear calm as stable as long as she is near some form of nature, she loves to work and near nature. She is a social butterfly and doesn’t like violence.
Dating orientation: Pan
Bio: Demetra was born into slavery at a large farm, at first she was used to help clean the house and prepare food until 8 when she was doing her normal chores she walked by a dying plant that belonged to her masters mistress, Demetra stopped and got water for it as she pored water into the small plant her master witnessed the plant seeming magically come back to life, after that day they regarded to her as having a green thumb and she was sent to work with her father out on the feild. She worked there until she was 13, when she turned 13 one of her masters friends came by and saw her working he regarded her as one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen asking her master to bring her in, he promptly did so and after an evening of drinking and eating the friend begged Demetras master to sell her to him. He offered a hefty amount of money so the master gave in sending her out to her but to say goodbye to her father. After that she was handed over to the friend and they started to his manner. Before they got their he tried to undress her, she was scared for her life when she refused causing him to lose his temper, he went at her with a dagger when a white moose ran out from the trees stomping on him, Demetra clambered onto the moose as he took them to Thessaly.
Once on Thessaly Chiron told her about her parentage. Demetra became a social butterfly wanting to meet everyone. She was often rejected because even though she wanted friends she wasn’t the greatest at socializing, she enjoyed talking to the satyrs even though they didn’t particularly like talking to her but they tolerated it. Demetra doesn’t like violence and would often try to skip training all together and on the days that she did go she would barely participate, getting her in trouble a lot.
Demetra found a small tabby cat when she was out caring for Tt, she took him in as a pet and named him Nome, now you barely see them apart. Nome became sort of a comfort animal whilst Theïkós became a fighting animal.
Divine weapon: N/A
Animal companion: White Moose named Theïkós meaning divine, or nicknamed as Tt, orange tabby named Nome.
Other: Demetra hates being called young insisting she could do just about anything the older demigods could do.
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