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Futuristic Children of Monsters - Lore



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These are the mothers paired with the Fathers. It is entirely possible that neither parent is aware of the existence of the children. That is, the genetic samples may have been removed and combined without the knowledge of the parents.

Phantom aka Erik Giovanni (1909)
Mai Bhago (circa 1705) - Sikh warrior Mata Bhag Kaur, more commonly known as Mai Bhago, led 40 Sikhs — former army deserters — during the Battle of Muktsar in Punjab, a state in northern India. They fought against soldiers of the Mughal Empire, a Muslim dynasty ruling states extending across India and Afghanistan.

Dr Henry Jekyll aka Mr Edward Hyde (1886)
Khutulun (1260 – 1306) - great-great-granddaughter of Ghengis Khan, but her reputation emerged from her own strength and prowess as a wrestler, archer and horsewoman. The so-called "wrestler princess" grew rich from her triumphs in public wrestling competitions, where she beat every man that she faced. But she enjoyed equal success on the battlefield, fighting alongside her father to defend the steppes of western Mongolia and Kazakhstan against Kublai Khan, the Mongol leader who successfully invaded China.

Capt. Nemo (aka Prince Dakkar of India) (1870)
Rani Velu Nachiyar (1730 – 1796) - grew up in the Ramnad Kingdom in South India, where she learned as a child to use weapons, practice martial arts, shoot a bow and fight while on horseback. She is said to be the first military leader to use a "human bomb" in warfare — one of her female followers purportedly covered herself in oil and set herself on fire to trigger an explosion in stores of British ammunition

Dr Moreau (1896)
Tomoe Gozen (circa 1157 – 1247) - Legendary female samurai, described as a skilled archer who fought for the general Kiso Yoshinaka; she wore heavy armor and carried an oversized sword and a large bow, and when Yoshinaka was attacked and mortally wounded she defended him fiercely, grappling with a rival samurai and lopping off his head. She was a fearless rider, whom neither the fiercest horse nor the roughest ground could dismay, and so dexterously did she handle sword and bow that she was a match for 1,000 warriors, fit to meet either god or devil.

Prof James Moriarty (1893)
Boudicca (circa first century A.D.) - led the Iceni people, a tribe of eastern Britain, in an uprising against interlopers. Described as a "treacherous lionness" who "butchered the governors who had been left to give fuller voice and strength to the endeavours of Roman rule."

Dr Victor Frankenstein (1818)
Fu Hao (died 1200 B.C.) - The earliest known female general of the Shang Dynasty, she lived about 3,000 years ago during China's Bronze Age. She was not only the first known female military leader, she was the most successful and powerful military leader of her time, male or female. She was awarded land from the territories that she conquered and became an active politician and spiritual leader, both of which were unusual roles for women at the time.
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