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Fandom Children of Abraxas

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LETO: This is unfortunate...
LETO: I wonder if it because of Jill's presence in the Furthest Ring as opposed to being in the Medium
LETO: And for so long...
LETO: Let us not waste anymore time...
LETO: It pains me to see the world like this

=> Leto: Ascend

You fly upwards to the final gate, hoping it will take you near her denizen.

LETO: Did you get a chance to explore your powers?
LETO: I messed around with mine and...
LETO: I teleported bread from my kitchen to my room!!
LETO: That is quite the distance as you know, so I am happy!
LJ: I think I will need more practice and experience before I can do much more.


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JEAN: uh, not really?
JEAN: i guess when i was fighting yaldabaoth that woulda been a good time for it
JEAN: but i just didn't really.....think about it?
JEAN: joan mentioned something about getting cooler powers as we go
JEAN: and ascend to higher god tiers, which is kinda bullshit
JEAN: since like, figures we still aren't done with leveling up bullshit now
JEAN: it's frustrating as hell
JEAN: and that's cool
JEAN: i guess you can like, summon nearby objects now, which is cool
JEAN: maybe i can summon....shadows? edgy as hell if true

You and she ascend to the SEVENTH GATE as a pair, looking to find the denizen's palace of this land.
=> Missing

Eibon Commoriom

You can be depressed in pants.
=-> Kids: Ascend.

Beyond the SEVENTH and FINAL GATE of LOnA#, you find a SPRAWLING GOTHIC CITY, devoid of pretty much everything.

Standing tall in the CITY SQUARE, a GRAND CATHEDRAL lies in wait, bearing a symbol of TWO WINGS, which you have since learned is the mark of the HOPEBOUND.

=-> Kids: Enter.

You enter the DENIZEN'S PALACE.

There doesn't seem to be much of anything here, besides a DOWNWARDS TUNNEL with a DESTROYED WOODEN ELEVATOR beside it. You decide to FLY down.

Beyond the EXPANDED ELEVATOR SHAFT lies a MASSIVE STONE DOOR, much like each of your own denizen's used. You open the door.

=-> ?!

There is nothing here.

No DENIZEN, no TREASURE, not even the GRIST HORDE of the place.

Where did they go?


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=> Leto: Oh no

LETO: Uh oh
LETO: This isn't good...
LETO: Do you think it could have been that thing that originally killed me?

You shudder at the thought, holding your elbows as waves of fear rush over you from the memory.

LETO: But we should look around more....

You fidget with your hands, glancing over at Jean as your eyes wander around the large empty room.

Even if it doesn't reach at this moment, you decide to send a quick message to Seth.

LJ: It isn't here
LJ: There isn't anything here actually
LJ: We'll look around some more but...

Continuing to examine the room, your shoulders eventually sag and you return to Jean.


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JEAN: yeah, you're pretty damn right
JEAN: this place is like, bananas abandoned
JEAN: what the fuck......
JEAN: i thought getting her data back would restore her planet? or something?
JEAN: but it still feels just as barren as i thought it would if we flew there
JEAN: this is real fuckin' bad
JEAN: well......shit
JEAN: i guess we'll have to go somewhere else, try and find a way to battle monsters and figure out what to do with this
JEAN: no good sitting around here with less than 24 hours

You wander with Leto, eventually hovering your way about the place as you try to lead the two of your out the caverns and elsewhere so Seth can contact you again.
=> Mysteries upon mysteries

Eibon Commoriom

You can be depressed in pants.
=-> Kids: Leave.

You exit the DENIZEN'S PALACE and return to the surface.

Once your connection is stable again, a message that was sent earlier finally reaches LETO.

LJ: It isn't here

LJ: There isn't anything here actually
LJ: We'll look around some more but...
-- This message was sent by libelousLaevinus [LL] 16 MINUTES AGO --
LL: There's a chance they aren't there anymore

LL: If that's the case they are somewhere on the planet
LL: Denizen's are too big to use the gates, and none can fly to my knowledge
LL: I'll see you in a couple hours

LL: Goodnight


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=> Leto: Check message

You check the message, nodding as you read it before repeating it off to Jean.

LETO: In that case, we should go and look around the land
LETO: It is sad to see it like this...
LETO: But I'm sure the denizen couldn't have gone far!

LJ: Sleep well brother : )

=> Leto: Fly over the world

Taking Jean's hand so he'll follow you as you fly upwards and over the land

LETO: C'mon!!
LETO: We'll find them together in no time! : D


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JEAN: uh....
JEAN: wouldn't it be smarter if we split up?
JEAN: like, i took one hemisphere....you took the other?
JEAN: i mean like, in the interest of time and all, due
JEAN: not to say i don't wanna go on a whole creepy ass hollow grimdark world adventure with you

You do fly with them for a good bit before you say this though. As your eyes seem to be well and captivated by the scenery. It's so.....grim.
=> Agent, Pt. 2

Eibon Commoriom

You can be depressed in pants.
=-> Kids: Fly.

You fly up and above the CITY.

It's so quiet here. Well, except for the LOUD SCREECHING coming from above you... Wait.

=-> Look up.

HURTLING at breakneck speeds, the WINGED MONSTROSITY that may have once been a CARAPACIAN descends upon you, blade drawn.

=-> Strife!


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LETO: Oh that's true
LETO: I don't really wanna be alone right now, though...
LETO: I can't get over the fact that...that I died. I died twice, Jean. This dumb game expects us to act like nothing happened!
LETO: But we did! And it isn't fair! And...I wish we had more time to process that, you know? What if I have to die again? I-I don't know if I can face that! I feel like- hey do you hear something



You brandish your parasol, moving in front of Jean and acting as a shield for the prince!


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JEAN: word, you're right
JEAN: it would kind of suck to be alone while god knows what is roaming around
JEAN: what? i don't hear anything?

=-> Jean: be protec, and attac

You lunge forward grabbing Leto and pushing her aside as you go for a punch SQUARE to the monsters stupid fucking second jaw.
=> Strife with the Slayer

Eibon Commoriom

You can be depressed in pants.
=-> Agent: Strife!

You bring your blade down upon the marked children, but you are met with the PINK GIRL'S PARASOL AEGIS, reflecting the attack as the BLUE BOY rushes from behind and strikes you in your abdomen. Recoiling, and then screeching, You vanish in a flash of GREEN ELECTRICITY.

The noise returns however as you REAPPEAR BEHIND the two using the powers bestowed upon you.

=-> Agent: Dream.

You tap into your DARKEST WHISPERINGS, attempting to SWAY the two.

The GIRL is immune to the PSYCHIC NOISE, but the BOY pauses for a brief moment, telling you that you got through.


=-> Be Jean.

You have just had a voice in the back of your head tell you to KILL LETO.

You aren't going to do that, you decide.


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=> Leto: ?

LETO: Jean?
LETO: What's wrong?

You move back in front of him, parasol still brandished as Jean paused, eyes locked on your foe. In one swift motion, you launch the parasol at the creature hopefully to stun it and so you can return your attention to Jean.

LETO: It didn't hurt you? Did it?


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=-> Jean: anger

Wow! For a moment there, it seemed as though your impulses were being clouded! Luckily for you, your white hot rage guards you from such nasty impulses!

You charge at the beast. Preparing to choke it with the string of your Yo-Yo as the rage fueled from the very idea that this creature tried to even make you THINK about hurting your best friend fuels your actions.
=> Red Miles

Eibon Commoriom

You can be depressed in pants.
=-> Agent: Obfuscate yourself beyond the folds of space.

You attempt to NOT BE ANYWHERE as the PARASOL flies toward you, but there is INTERFERENCE in that particular ability. You take the brunt of the shielding instrument, and you try to BE SOMEWHERE ELSE -a feat you can do handily- before the other kids attacks you as well.

=-> Agent: Be somewhere else.

You esnconse yourself in VERDANT POWER as you slip BETWEEN and folds of reality, reappearing FAR ABOVE the encroaching malefactors. You raise your hand that bears the source of your power, the RING OF ORBS TWOFOLD, and unleash your FINAL ATTACK.

No one can escape the...

=-> Red Miles.

CRIMSON TENDRILS OF DEATH sprout from your limb and spread through the sky of the EMPTY PLANET. You take a moment to detach the RED MILES from your being before teleporting somewhere out of the reach of your flushed attack.

=-> Meanwhile, back to the kids...

The RED MILES have begun spreading and EVISCERATING anything in LOnA# it touches, leaving CRACKS IN THE GROUND. You probably shouldn't touch them.


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=> Leto: what

the fuck are those things?

LETO: We need to leave
LETO: At least where we are right now!
LETO: Run!
LETO: Fly? Let's leave! Gotta go!

You fly in the opposite direction of the RED MILES, grabbing Jean's hand and forcing him to abscond with you.

LJ: Seth
LJ: We've got a problem
LJ: Someone attacked us

LJ: Um..
LJ: I know we haven't really spoken before
LJ: But did you ever encounter an agent who could send out an attack that's red and scary and destroys what seems like everything?
LJ: I'm Leto by the way!
LJ: I think they also did something to Jean
LJ: He paused for a second and seemed mad about something
LJ: But that's beside the point
LJ: Did you ever run into anything like that?
LJ: Sorry to trouble you...



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Uh. What the fuck is that?

You turn around seeing the encroaching hordes of crimson anguish surge and seethe around you. Like a thousand snakes destroying the world and turning everything nothing.

Nothing. Oh....yeah, nothing. You focus, maybe some void powers could help? You dont have time to answer Leto right now. Not while youre flying away AND trying to do some kind of VOIDEY THING.
=> Do the voidy thing

Eibon Commoriom

You can be depressed in pants.
=-> Jean: Do the voidy thing.

Jean does a VOIDY THING.

The PRINCE OF VOID and the KNIGHT OF SPACE flee from the DEMISE that chases them, only to be caught in it's SCARLET WEB. Cornered on all sides, the PRINCE OF VOID attempts to tap into their latent abilities, summoning forth the POWERS OF NOTHINGNESS.

The two disappear.


The RED MILES spend the next few minutes RAVAGING THE PLANET before dying down.

Shortly after they finally disperse, the PRINCE and the KNIGHT reemerge, returning from their STATE OF NONEXISTENCE.

They have ESCAPED THE RED MILES by NOT BEING ANYWHERE for about 4 minutes.


-- emphaticBlanketeer [EB] is away from their computer! --

-- libelousLaevinus [LL] is asleep! --


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LETO: Jean!!
LETO: What the hell was that!!!
LETO: That was so cool!!!
LETO: And it seems like those...red things seem to be gone
LETO: For now
LETO: EB and Seth aren't responding to me right now...
LETO: Do you think we should keep looking? Or is it took risky?
LETO: I don't want you to get hurt.

You look down at your gloves again, hoping for a message from either but to no avail. Well, maybe Joel will answer...

LJ: Hey
LJ: Did you guys ever run into an agent who could use a freaky red tendrils attack
LJ: We just got attacked : (
LJ: Jean saved us though!!
LJ: But...do you know who they are?


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=-> Jean: marvel

You marvel for a bit at your newfound powers. Going nonexistent in both time and space for a bit sure was helpful. But it certainly didn't do much about the red miles surrounding the two of you. Or, the red miles that used to be there. You sigh, leaning forward and looking around.

JEAN: uh......yeah
JEAN: that was pretty weird huh
JEAN: the miles.....sure are.....what the fuck
JEAN: wait, you can't get ahold of Joan? shit.....uh.....fuck.....

You are realizing that you are beginning to waste colossal amount of time and attempt to contact LILY.


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LJ: Oh boy
LJ: Well, it's good to have a name to put to his face
LJ: He got in our way though, Jean had to do a void-y thing to get us away
LJ: Do you have any tips on how to deal with him? We still need to find something here so we can't leave just yet...

LETO: Well...
LETO: You did a void-y thing
LETO: Maybe I could...
LETO: Do a space-y thing
LETO: And teleport us to where the Denizen is!

=> Leto: Try to do the space-y thing


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JL: just did a voidey thing
JL: encountered the archangent of derse
JL: probably supercharged on the queens ring
JL: i punched him
JL: so yknow, wild

JEAN: i dont think it works like that?
JEAN: but ok???
=> the house swich places

Eibon Commoriom

You can be depressed in pants.
=-> Leto: Do the spacey thing.

JS: this doesn't make sense...
JS: your jack shouldn't have the queen's ring at this point.
JS: i don't know how they would've gotten it.
JS: they should still be filing papers on derse.

SS: were also dealing with a jack situation rn.
SS: note to self,

SS: dont give dude ring.

You attempt to SLIP BETWEEN the FOLDS OF REALITY, focusing on taking JEAN wih you.

You swap places with Jean.


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LETO: Well
LETO: That didn't work
LETO: It was worth a shot!
LETO: I guess we should just keep looking?
LETO: I don't think we can leave without the stuff from Jill's denizen...
LETO: If you think we should go, though, I'll trust you

LJ: Hm
LJ: Well um
LJ: Our Prospit got kind of
LJ: Messed with? The chain got broken...so it fell into the battlefield
LJ: Could that have something to do with it?

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